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School Class Pictures

Colson School
Colson School 

Porch left to right ---Aggie Smith, Vira Brown, Mary Sawyer, Louella Sawyer, Canoreilla Cunningham, Mr. Brown Teacher
2nd Row--Ed Dodd, Boss Sawyer, W. A. Chapman, Barney Howard, Joe Patten,
3rd  Row--Ouida Wheeler Patten, Jose Wheeler Sawyer, Etta Smith, Rilla Howard, Ruth Pace Spencer, Rozelia Moore, Emma Lee Moore, Essie Moore, L Dodd
Bottom Row--Sid Moore, Zoll Rabun, Voll Moore, Rob Smith (laying down) Herman Pace
Squatting down--J T Chapman, Children, Buddie and Minnie Mae Chapman

    A Special thanks to the Lees, the Spencers, Bobby Bayles, and Gwendolyn S Smith for the photos and identifying the people they knew.

Rocky Branch School, unknown year
Rocky Branch School
The teacher in the picture of Rocky Branch School is Lola Johnson Pace, grandmother of Kenneth M Pace

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