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School Class Pictures

Colson School
Colson School 

Porch left to right ---Aggie Smith, Vira Brown, Mary Sawyer, Louella Sawyer, Canoreilla Cunningham, Mr. Brown Teacher
2nd Row--Ed Dodd, Boss Sawyer, W. A. Chapman, Barney Howard, Joe Patten,
3rd  Row--Ouida Wheeler Patten, Jose Wheeler Sawyer, Etta Smith, Rilla Howard, Ruth Pace Spencer, Rozelia Moore, Emma Lee Moore, Essie Moore, L Dodd
Bottom Row--Sid Moore, Zoll Rabun, Voll Moore, Rob Smith (laying down) Herman Pace
Squatting down--J T Chapman, Children, Buddie and Minnie Mae Chapman

    A Special thanks to the Lees, the Spencers, Bobby Bayles, and Gwendolyn S Smith for the photos and identifying the people they knew.

Rocky Branch School, unknown year
Rocky Branch School

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