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Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer of the United States

State, Territories, Counties, Cities, Towns & Post Offices


Transcribed by Jeana Gallagher and Sandy Stutzman
for the exclusive use of Genealogy Trails

PT is post town; PV is post village; PO is post office, PB is post borough, CH is court house, T is town

Washington Territory

Is Situated north of Oregon territory, of which it formerly constituted a part, and consists of that portion of the latter territory south of 49° north latitude, and north of the middle of the main channel of the Columbia river, from its mouth to where it is crossed by the forty-sixth parallel of north latitude, near Fort Walla Walla, and thence following that parallel to the summit of the Rocky mountains.  Its superficial area is about 140,000 square miles.  Its physical aspect, climate, resources &c, are similar to those of Oregon territory, and are fully detailed under that head.  It was erected into a separate territory by act of Congress, 02 Mar 1853.  The law of Congress organizing the territory authorized the reservation of two sections of land in every township for the support of common schools.  All laws, Congressional or territorial, in force in Oregon territory, are to remain in force in Washington territory until they shall be repealed or amended by future legislation.

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