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Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer of the United States

State, Territories, Counties, Cities, Towns & Post Offices


Transcribed by Jeana Gallagher and Sandy Stutzman
for the exclusive use of Genealogy Trails

PT is post town; PV is post village; PO is post office, PB is post borough, CH is court house, T is town

Name What Place State Pop Other
Quahaw County   Quahaw Co MO   Situated in Missouri. Seat of justice, Crawford Seminary.
Quaker Bottom PO Lawrence Co OH   123 ms. S. of Columbus; from W. 400 ms.
Quaker Hill PO Pawling's Twp, Dutchess Co NY   92 ms. S. of Albany; from W. 304 ms.
Quaker Springs PO Saratoga Twp, Saratoga Co NY   32 ms. N. of Albany; from W. 402 ms.
Quaker Street PO Duanesburgh Twp, Schenectady Co NY    
Quakertown PV Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ   31 ms. N. W. of Trenton; from W. 191 ms.
Quakertown PV Richland Twp, Bucks Co PA   101 ms. E. of Harrisburgh; from W. 174 ms.
Quallatown PV Haywood Co NC   326 ms. W. of Raleigh; from W. 556 ms.
Quantico PV Somerset Co MD   93 ms. S. E. of Annapolis; from W. 133 ms.
Quarryville PO Lancaster Co PA    
Quarryville PO Tolland Co CT    
Quartyburgh PO Mariposa Co CA    
Quasqueton PO Buchanan Co IA    
Quay PO Claiborne Parish LA   367 ms. N. W. of New Orleans; from W. 1,237 ms.
Queechy Village PV Hartford Twp, Windsor Co VT   57 ms. S. of Montpelier; from W. 487 ms. Situated at the falls of Queechy river.
Queen Anne County   Queen Anne Co MD Pop. in 1810, 16,648; in 1820, 14,952; in 1830, 14,396; in 1840, 12,633; in 1850, 14,414. Situated on the east boundary of Maryland, with Chester river and Chesapeake bay on the northwest. Area, 400 square miles. Seat of justice, Centreville.
Queen Anne PO Prince George's Co MD    
Queen's County   Queen's Co NY Pop. in 1810, 30,324; in 1820, 21,519; in 1830, 22,276; in 1840, 30,324; in 1850, 36,853. Situated in the southeast part of New York, on Long Island, with the Atlantic ocean on the south, Long Island sound on the north, and East river on the northwest. Area, 396 square miles. Face of the country, undulating and hilly, and on the north toward the Atlantic, level; soil, productive.
Queensborough PV Anderson Dist SC   113 ms. N. W. of Columbia; from W. 529 ms.
Queensbury PT Warren Co NY   57 ms. N. of Albany; from W. 429 ms. Watered by Wood creek and Hudson river.
Queensdale PV Robeson Co NC   110 ms. S. W. of Raleigh; from W. 406 ms.
Queenstown PV Queen Anne Co MD   26 ms. E. of Annapolis; from W. 66 ms. Watered by Chester bay.
Queensville PO Jennings Co IN    
Quemahoning T Somerset Co PA    
Quercus Grove PO Switzerland Co IN   102 ms. S. E. of Indianapolis; from W. 538 ms.
Quiet Dell PO Harrison Co VA    
Quillinsville PO Scott Co VA   351 ms. W. of Richmond; from W. 419 ms.
Quincy PT Norfolk Co MA Pop. in 1830, 2,192; in 1840, 3,486; in 1850, 5,017. 9 ms. S. of Boston; from W. 449 ms. Watered by Neponset river, and Boston bay. Celebrated for its entensive quarries of sienite, as the birth-place of the Presidents Adams, and for the first railroad constructed in the United States. At the north part of the town is a bold promontory called Quantum, a pleasant summer resort.
Quincy PT Franklin Co PA   57 ms. S. W. of Harrisburgh; from W. 83 ms.
Quincy PV Miami Twp, Logan Co OH   68 ms. N. W. of Columbus; from W. 462 ms.
Quincy PT Branch Co MI 1,111 104 ms. S. W. of Detroit; from W. 552 ms.
Quincy CH, PV Gadsden Co FL   Seat of justice of Gadsden co., Flor., 23 ms. N. of Tallahassee; from W. 873 ms. Watered by Attapulgus creek.
Quincy PV Monroe Co MS   181 ms. N. E. of Jackson; from W. 912 ms.
Quincy PO Wachita Co AR    
Quincy CH, PV Adams Co IL 6,911 Seat of justice of Adams co., Ill., 104 ms. W. of Springfield; from W. 884 ms. Watered by Mississippi river.
Quincy PV Gibson Co TN   144 ms. W. of Nashville; from W. 827 ms.
Quincy PO Hickory Co MO    
Quito PO Polk Co IL    
Quinebaugh PO Windham Co CT    
Quinfield PO Muscogee Co GA    
Quinn's Mills PO Clinton Co OH    
Quitman PV Clarke Co MS   Seat of justice of Clarke co., Miss., 140 ms. E. of Jackson; from W. 951 ms. Watered by Chickasawha river.
Quitman PO Benton Co AL    
Quitman PO Van Buren Co AR    
Quitman PO Wood Co TX    
Quito PO Talbot Co GA    
Quiver PO Mason Co IL    
Quogue PV Southampton Twp, Suffolk Co, Long Island NY   235 ms. S. E. of Albany; from W. 335 ms. Watered by Shinnecock bay.
Quonochontaug PO Washington Co RI    

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