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Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer of the United States

State, Territories, Counties, Cities, Towns & Post Offices


Transcribed by Jeana Gallagher and Sandy Stutzman for the exclusive use of Genealogy Trails

PT is post town; PV is post village; PO is post office, PB is post borough, CH is court house, T is town

Nebraska Territory

Lies between the summit of the Rocky mountains on the west, and the states of Missouri and Iowa on the east, the parallel of 43° north latitude on the north, and the territory of New Mexico and the parallel of 36°30' north latitude on the south. An act for the organization of this territory passed the house of representatives, in Feb 1853, but failed to be acted on in the senate.  It includes a part of the land set apart for the Indians, and the act provides that their rights shall not be affected by the organization, without their consent.

Nebraska Territory

1850 Counties 

County Description Area in sq miles Courts held at Pop in 1850
Clackman no description blank blank blank

1850 Towns

Name What County Pop Other
Delaware PO Indian    
Fort Kearney PO Indian    

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