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Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer

New Albany Daily Ledger, July 27 1854

The number of languages spoken in the world amounts to 8,064 - 587 in Europe, 896 In Asia, 276 in Africa, and 1,264 In America.

The Inhabitants of the globe profess more then 1,000 different religions.

The number of men is about equal to the number of women.

The average of human life is about 28 years - One-quarter die previous to the age of 7 years; one-half before reaching 17; and those who pass this age enjoy a felicity which is refused to one-half the human species.

To every 1,000 persons 100 years of life; to every 100 only 6 reach the age of 65; and not more than 1 in 500 lives to 80 years of age.

There are on earth 1,000,000,000 inhabitants; and of these 333,333,333 die every year; 91,334 every day; 3,780 every hour; and 60 every minute and 1 every second.

These losses are about balanced by an equal number of births.

The married are longer-lived than the single, and, above all, those who observe a sober and industrious conduct.

Tall men live longer than short ones.

Woman have more chances of life in their favor, previous to being fifty years of age, than men have, but fewer afterwards.

The number of marriages is in proportion of 75 to every 1,000 individuals.

Marriages are more frequent after the equinoxes - that is during the months of June and December.

Those born In the Spring are generally more robust than others.

Births and deaths are more frequent by night than by day.

The number of men capable of bearing arms is calculated at one fourth of the population



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