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People in the News in 1860

Source: "The Illinois State Democrat", Wednesday May 23, 1860
Submitted by Candi Horton



Springfield, May 18th, 1860.

Ages of our Public Men

President Buchanan was 68 years old on the 15th day of November, 1859.

Vice-President Breckinridge was 39 years old on the 19th day of January 1860.

Abraham Lincoln is in his 51st year.

Simon Cameron is in his 60th year.

Stephen A. Douglas was 46 years old on the 24th of April last.

Lewis Gass is nearly 87 years old.

Caleb Cushing is in his 60th year.

Hewell Cobb was 45 years old o n the 7th of September.

Wm. H. Seward is in his 60th year.

Franklin Pierce is about 54 years old.

Robert Field Stockton is 49 years old.

John C. Fremont was 50 years old on the 6th of January last.

John Bell is 62 years old.

John J. Crittenden was 73 years old in September.

Alexander H. Stephens was 57 years old last February.

Jas. L. Orr was 47 years old on the 12th of May.

Jesse D. Bright is in his 47th year.

Augustus C. Dodge is about 47 years old.

James Shields is about 65 years old.

Isaac Toucey is 61 years old.

Henry A. Wise is in the 43rd year of his age.

Robert M. T. Hunter is nearly 70 years old.

Robert Toombs will be 50 years old on the 7th of July next.

John M. Reed is nearly 61 years old.

Daniel S. Dickinson is 56 years of age.

Horatio Seymour is about 50 years of age.

John E. Wool is about 55 years of age.

John Slidell is in the 56th year of his age.

Nathaniel P. Banks was 48 years old in January last.

The Public Men Thirty Years Ago.
Of the members of the United States Senate in 1830, only five are now living:
Peleg Sprague, of Maine; Theodore Frelinghuysen, of New Jersey; Littleton W. Tazewell and John Tyler, of Virginia; and Benjamin Ruggles, of Ohio.

Of the members of the federal house of representatives in 1830, but two are living from Massachusetts—Edward Everett and George Grennell, jr.; from New York, only three; from Ohio, William Stanberry, of Newark, Samuel F Vinton, now of Washington City, and Elisha Whittlesey, of Canfield. Of the other states only here and there one “still lives.”

Mr. Thomas Corwin was elected in 1830, and there is no member of the House with him now who was with him at his first congressional term. He is alone. But he represents the same district, and was elected in 1858 by the sons and grandsons of the pioneers who elected him in 1830.

Of the members of the federal government in 1830, Mr. Van Buren, who was Secretary of state, and Mr. Samuel D. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury, are the only ones now living.




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