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Summary of the Notable Events of 1875

(Source: Deseret News, Feb 10, 1875, Transcribed by Tammy Rudder)

Resume of accounts, received by telegraph, of fires, deaths by accident and violence, disasters at sea, etc., during January:

1. The residence of Mr. Lynn destroyed by fire, at Bolivia, Pa.
2. Fire at Pomona, Mich.; loss $130,000.
3. The house of Mr. Lee, Lee Co., Miss., burned.
4. Considerable property destroyed by fire at Fort Russel, W.T.
5. Fire at Baltimore, Ind.; loss $85,000.
6. Fire at Orangeburg, S.C.; loss $00,00
7. State tobacco warehouse burned at Baltimore; loss $350,000.
   Fire at Treasure City, white Pine, Nev.; loss $40,000.
8. Fire at Honesdale, Pa.; loss $100,000.
   Mill burned at Niagados, N.B.
9. The Western Hotel burned, at Sacramento, Cal.
11. Fire at Terribone, Quebec; loss $100,000.
   Paper mills burned at Dalton, Mass; loss $100,000.
12. Fire at New York; loss $100,000.
   Fire at Kenosha, Wis.; loss $30,00 to $50,000.
   Fire at Dayton, O.; loss $75,000.
13. Fire at Galena, Ills.; loss $125,000.
14. Fire at Rutland, Vt.; loss $200,000.
   Fire at Rawlins, W.T., destroyed the dwelling and furniture of Mr. Studd.
15. Fire at Utica, N.Y.; loss $45,000.
16. Fire at Pawtucket, R.I.; loss $140,000.
17. Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum, at Oakland, Cal., destroyed by fire.
19. Fire in New York City; loss $25,000.
20. Fire in San Francisco; loss about $30,000.
22. Fire at St. Louis; loss $27,000.
23. Fire at Athol, Mass.; loss $25,000.
   Fire at Pekin, Ills.; loss $80,00.
   Fire at Hunter's Point, N.Y.; loss $60,000.
   Fire at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; loss $30,000.
   Fire at Oswego, Wis.; loss $30,000.
24. Church burned at Hartford, Ct.; loss $150,000.
25. Farm house of Pierce Dulude burned at Butcherville, Canada.
   Considerable damage by fire, in the Navy Department building, at Washington, D.C.
   Fire near Montreal, Canada; loss $50,000.
26. Fire at Boston; loss $35,000.
28. Fire at Millburn, N.J.; loss $40,000.
29. Fire at Springfield, Mass.; loss $60,000.
   The Beaufort, Canada, female lunatic asylum burned.
30. A mill burned at Manayunk, Pa.
31. Fire at Stratford, Ont.; loss $145,000.
   Fire at Elmira, N.Y.; loss $40,000.

1. Miss Lynn and Edward Mason burned to death at Bolivia, Pa
   Three men killed by a mob, at Pryor's Creek, Indian Territory.
2. Mr. R. Lee, his wife and two children and a little negro boy, burned to death, in Lee Co., Miss.
4. One or two soldiers killed during a fire at Fort Russel, W.T.
   A man killed by a boiler explosion at Warehans, Mass.
5. Ninety men reported killed by a colliery explosion at Rotherham, England.
6. Several of the crew of the bark Ascension drowned.
7. Mail agent burned to death in an accident on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad.
   Several persons killed by the explosion of the Rand Rock Powder Works, N.J.
8. Two children burned to death at Nigados, N.B.
   A school girl fatally frozen at Omaha.
9. John Hogan frozen to death at Chicago.
   Mrs. Wisgar and child killed while crossing the railroad track at Beverly, N.Y.
   Three men burned to death at Sacramento, Cal.
   A little girl name Ostler killed at Nephi, Juab Co., U.T.
10. Twenty persons lost at sea with the steamer Kathleen Mary.
11. Four men, named Renfrey, Trenberth and Cox, killed by a snowslide in Honeycomb Gulch,    Little Cottonwood Canyon, U.T.
   Mr. Fred Reitz, a German, murdered in Chicago.
   Four men frozen to death at Helena, Ma.
12. Twenty-six persons lost in the Bay of Biscay, with the steamer Cortes.
13. Four men drowned at Omaha while crossing the river with their teams on ice.
   One person fatally injured in an accident on the Fort Wayne railroad.
14. Twenty persons lost at sea with the schooner Bride.
   The crew of the cutter Lapwing massacred by savages on Santa Cruz island.
15. Twenty persons lost at sea with the steamer Alice.
   A man and his three children fatally frozen at Niagara, Ont.
   Two negroes killed by a rough, near Clinton, La.
16. Four men killed by a nitroglycerine explosion, in North river, N.Y.
   Four men killed by an explosion of blasting powder on Black Tom Island, near Jersey City.
   Albert Stickney killed by a snowslide in Summit canyon, U.T.
17. John O'Brien, nine years old, killed while ringing a bell in a New Orleans Catholic church.
   One Ullery, guilty of a horrible crime, hung by a mob at Arbana, O.
19. Six persons killed at a fire in New York.
   Six persons killed by a snowslide at Alta, U.T.
   Three lives reported lost by flood at Marysville, Cal.
20. A man named Simon Johnson killed on the Utah Central, near Kaysville, U.T.
   Six men killed by a snowslide in Big Cottonwood canyon, U.T.
21. Twenty-eight Chinese wood cutters killed by a snowslide in the mountains near Genoa, Nev.
   Five men killed by a boiler explosion at Todmorden, Yorkshire, England.
22. Six persons lost with the steamer Mongol.
   Mrs. Emerson, a young married woman, murdered at Bradford, Vt.
   Eight persons lost at sea with the bark Aurora.
23. Jas. Keegan fatally stabbed in a Chicago saloon.
   W.A. Weeks, assistant secretary of State, of La., killed at New Orleans.
   Herman Grippe murdered at Cuminsville, O.
   Wm. Rochester shot and killed at Lancaster, Ky.
24. James Myers suicide by throwing himself under a railway train at Collinsville, O.
25. Mrs. Dulude and her eight children burned to death at Butcherville, Canada.
26. Charles Larsen killed on the railway at Ogden, U.T.
Two men, named Wallwork and Cartwright, fatally shot at Emmets burg, Mont.
29. A fireman killed by an accident on the Erie railroad.
   Three inmates of the Beaufort, Canada, female lunatic asylum, burned to death.
31. Mrs. Fellowes, of Boston, Mass., fatally burned.

6. Bark Ascension lost.
7. The steamer Reform sunk by a collision in San Francisco Bay.
10. The steamer Kathleen Mary lost at sea.
11. News received of the burning at sea of the British bark Willie T. Thompson.
   News received of the loss at sea of the ship John Bright.
12. Steamer Cortes lost in the Bay of Biscay.
14. The British schooner Bride lost at sea.
   The cutter Lapwing attacked and sunk by savages at Santa Cruz Island.
   Ship City of London stranded at Carrsore Point, Ireland.
17. The British ship Respigadera on fire and scuttled at San Francisco.
22. Steamer Mongol lost at sea, twenty miles from Hong Kong.
   Bark Aurora lost at sea.
23. The steamship Mediator wrecked on Barnegate shoals.
25. Immense damage to shipping by a storm on the British coast.

3. Deaths from famine daily reported in Asia Minor.
   Garibaldi declined to receive a pension from the Italian parliament.
4. The Tilton-Beecher trail commenced, in the Brooklyn City court.
   Organization of Louisiana legislature interfered with by U.S. military forces.
   Ledru Rollin buried in Paris.
   New opera house opened at Paris; cost two hundred and fifty million francs in construction.
8. Mercury 28 below zero at Des-moines, Iowa, 31 below at Laramie City.
9. Mercury 22 below zero at Chicago.
   Trial of Vasquez, the California bandit and murderer, concluded with a verdict of guilty.
12. The Emperor of China died.
13. Special Presidential message on Louisiana affairs sent to Congress.
   Thermometer 44 below zero at Virginia, Ma.
   Mercury and proof spirits froze at Helena, Ma.
15. Gladstone resigned as the leader of the British liberals.
16. The thermometer at Rawlins, W.T., had stood for five days at 40 below zero.
18. U.S. military ejected Sheriff Flanagan from office at Vicksburg, Miss.
19. Great damage by rain and flood in various parts of California.
21. Report made by the committee on elections of the U.S. House of Representatives, to expel the    Utah Delegate, because, as alleged, he is a practical polygamist.
24. Heavy shock of earthquake in Butte, Plumas and Sierra Counties, Cal.
   The people of Rome gave an enthusiastic reception to Garibaldi.
   The King of the Sandwich Islands received a delegation of the citizens of Salt Lake, at Ogden.
26. Ex-President Andrew Johnson elected U.S. Senator from Tennessee.
   Archbishop of Cashel, Ireland, died.
27. The lowlands around Paris, France, inundated by an overflow of the Seine.
29. A deadlock in the U.S. House of Representatives over the Civil Rights Bill; a continuous session of over 46 hours and no legislation. Session adjourned at 10.25 a.m. this morning.
   Building dedicated in Boston, Mass., to the memory of Paine, the noted freethinker.



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