Genealogy Trails



Summary of the Notable Events of 1894

Chronological Record of Accidents, Fire Disasters, Commercial Troubles,
Miscellaneous Events, Important Conventions and the Work of the Grim Destroyer.

Source: Columbus (Georgia) Daily Enquirer, 1 Jan 1895.
Transcribed For Genealogy Trails by Diane Lamoureux Ciba

1. Obituary: Dr. D. B. Cheney, an old Baptist minister of Chicago, in that city; aged 74.
2. Obituary: Col. Floyd Clarkson, well known G. A. R. veteran, in New York; aged 63. Orlando B. Potter, prominent in New York circles, in New York; aged 71. William P. Earle, an old New York hotel keeper, in New York; aged 82.
Miscellaneous: Theodore Walton, "the plunger," made an assignment in New York.
3. Fires: An $850,000 fire in Toledo, which destroyed the Chamber of Commerce, 2 elevators, a museum and a wholesale drug store. Drug house of Hinchmann & Sons burned in Detroit; loss, $100,000
4. Obituary: Harry Kennedy, song writer and ventriloquist, in Brooklyn. Elizabeth Peabody, pioneer in education and reform, in Boston; aged 89.
5. Fire: A granite block in Worcester, Mass, damaged; loss, $140,000.
Collision between troops and rioters in Sicily; 40 rioters killed.
Obituary: Benton J. Hall, a well known Iowa lawyer, at Burlington, Ia.; aged 59.
6. Fires: The cyclorama of Gettysburg burned at Niagara Falls. The Albany theater, burned at Albany; loss, $125,000.
Obituary: Dr. Clinton Cavendish, English traveler and scientist, at San Antonio, Tex.; aged 58.
8. Fire: Chicago World's fair buildings; loss about $1,000,000.
9. Obituary: Rev. Father Patrick Corrigan, a prominent Romanist, at Hoboken, N.J., aged 58.
10. Fire: Factory of the Starr Manufacturing company, at Richmond, Ind., totally destroyed by fire: loss, $250,000.
Obituary: Rear Admiral Donald McNeil Fairfax, U.S.N., retired, at Hagerstown, Md.; aged 70. Frank Rolles, well known as an author and secretary of Harvard university, in Boston.
11. Obituary: Mrs. William M. Thackeray, widow of the novelist, at Leigh, England; aged 75.
13. Fires: Tinkham's woolen mills at Harrisonville, R.I., burned; loss $480,000. Three blocks burned at Ipswich, Mass.; loss, $100,000.
British troops defeated 4,000 Sofas in Sierra Leone; 250 Sofas killed.
14. Fire: The "Syndicate block," Minneapolis, damaged $118,000 by fire.
Disaster: 6 sailors of the Dutch steamer Amsterdam drowned while attempting to rescue the crew of a sinking schooner in the Atlantic.
15. Disaster: In a telescoping collision on the D. L. and W. at Hackensack meadows, N. J., 11 persons were killed, 80 injured.
17. Obituary: Gen. William H. Forney, a Confederate veteran, superintendent of Gettysburg battlefield, at Anniston, Ala.; aged 71.
18. Obituary. George Bartlett Prescott, author and electrician, in New York; aged 64.
19. Obituary: John Haley Spears, an associate of Lincoln, at Jacksonville; aged 90. Ex-Governor William Gaston of Massachusetts, in Boston, aged 74.
20. Obituary: Helen A. Shafer, president of Wellesley college, at Wellesley, Mass.; aged 54. Eugene Nus, French dramatist, in Paris, aged 78. Ex-Governor William Gilpin of Colorado, at Denver; aged 81. Gen. Emile Mellinet, a French veteran of the wars of the first and second empires, at Nantes; aged 96.
22. Obituary: Constance Fenimore Woolson, Fenimore Cooper's grandniece, at Nice, Italy; aged 46.
23. Fire: Purdue university, Lafayette, Ind., almost destroyed by fire; loss $180,000.
Obituary: Laura Schirmer Mapleson, the singer, in New York; aged 32.
Twenty-fourth annual convention of the national board of trade in Washington.
24. Fire: The Sherman oil and cotton mill at Sherman, Tex., burned; loss $100,000.
Obituary: D.W. Irwin, a prominent business man of Chicago, in that city; aged 64.
25. Fire: Residence of Senator Palmer at Springfield, Ills., destroyed.
Miscellaneous: Timbuktu entered by French troops. Corbett defeated Mitchell for the world's championship at Jacksonville.
27. Obituary: Rosina Vokes, actress, in Torquay, England; aged 40.
28. Fire: $500,000 fire at Bath, Me., which destroyed a hotel, 3 banks and several stores.
Obituary: Cavelier, celebrated French sculptor, in Paris; aged 80.

2. The famous war corvet Kearsarge wrecked on Roncador reef.
3. Fires: In Omaha 2 stores, a Catholic church and a schoolhouse destroyed; loss, $350,000. Wilmington, Del., the Brandywine mill burned; loss, $150,000.
Obituary: Ann Hathaway, the actress, in Indianapolis; aged 66. George W. Childs, proprietor of the Philadelphia Ledger, in Philadelphia; aged 65.
4. Obituary: Morton S. Wilkinson, ex-United States senator from Minnesota, in Wells, Minn.; aged 75.
5. Obituary: L. Schofield, pioneer manufacturer of iron rails in south at Chattanooga; aged 80. Harry Watkins, actor and playwright, in New York city.
6. Fire: At Dublin, Tex., a cotton compress burned; loss $150,000.
Obituary: Gen. Jacob Ammen, a prominent Union veteran, at Yorkland, O.; aged 88. Dr. Theodore Billroth, distinguished German surgeon, near Vienna; aged 65.
7. Fires: 17 stores and offices burned at Montgomery, Mo., loss $120,000. At Pine Ridge agency, S. D., the Ogalalla Indian school building destroyed; loss, $60,000.
8. Obituary: R. M. Ballantyne, English writer of stories of adventure, at Rome; aged 69. J.G. Weaver, popular landlord of Newport and New York, in New York city. Dr. Gustave Leipnitz, a well known character on the coast, in San Francisco; aged 83. Col. John R. Baylor, a Texan pioneer and noted Indian fighter, near San Antonio; aged 72.
9. Fire: 2 tobacco factories burned at Henderson, Ky.,; loss, $200,000.
Obituary: Maxime du Camp, a noted French author, at Paris; aged 74.
10. Obituary: Abraham Gottlieb, well known architectural and bridge engineer, in Chicago; aged 56. Vicar General Thomas A. Casey, a wealthy and charitable priest, at Erie, Pa.
11. Fires: Wapa-Koneta, O. T., $100,000 worth of business property. Colt's firearms factory near Hartford damaged to the extent of $250,000. At Duluth the board of trade building was burned; loss, $94,000.
Destructive storm in Mississippi and Louisiana.
Obituary: Gen. L.B. Northrup, a prominent ex-Confederate, at Baltimore; aged 82.
12. A blizzard of rain and snow prevailed from New England to Nebraska.
13. Fires: The Bath Iron works at Bath, Me., damaged to the extent of $150,000. 2 hotels burned and the new courthouse damaged at San Antonio, Tex.; loss, $100,000.
Disaster: A cavein at the Gaylord mine, Plymouth, Pa., imprisoned 13 miners in a gangway.
Obituary: Homer Ramsdell, ex-president of the New York and Erie railroad, at Newburg, N.Y.; aged 88. Hans von Bulow, the celebrated pianist, at Cairo, Egypt; aged 64.
14. Obituary: Gen. Edward Hincks, a civil war veteran, at Cambridge, Mass. Mrs. Myra Bradwell, editor of The Legal News and the first woman lawyer in Illinois, in Chicago; aged 63.
Temperature 40 degrees below zero at Fort Fairfield, Me.
15. Fires: Oneonta, N.Y., the state normal school; loss, about $300,000. A dry-goods store and several tenements burned in Columbus, O.; loss, $240,000.
Obituary: Col. Jonathan Drake Stevenson, a prominent Californian, in San Francisco; aged 94.
16. Fires: A wholesale drug house burned in Detroit; loss, $150,000. Knoxville, main building and annex of Knoxville college.
Disaster: Boilers of the new German cruiser Brandenburg exploded at Kiel; 41 killed.
17. Obituary: R. W. English, a personal associate of Lincoln, at Kansas City; aged 83.
18. Fires: At Ottawa, Stewart's stables of valuable trotters burned; loss, $300,000. Warren, O., the Griswold Linseed Oil company lost a mill plant valued at $300,000.
Obituary: William T. Stansbury, a printer on the Baltimore Sun since 1837, in Baltimore; aged 78.
19. Obituary: Joseph Keppler, famous cartoonist and one of the founders owners of Puck, in New York city; aged 56. Miss anna Ella Carroll of Maryland, who claimed to be the originator of Grant's Donelson campaign, at Washington; aged 73. Sivari, Italian violist, at Genoa; aged 79.
John Y. McKane, the corrupt "boss" of Gravesend, N.Y., sentenced to 6 years in state's prison.
20. Obituary: Lieut. Horatio Crane, an old Boston militiaman, in Boston; aged 94.
21. Fire: At Quincy, Ills., business portion of the city damaged to the extent of $175,000.
Obituary: Louis Wistar, wealthy Philadelphian, at Atlantic City; aged 66.
A hazing freak at Cornell university caused the death of a colored cook and the serious illness of several students.
22. Disaster: 6 miners killed by an explosion at Blossburg, N.M.
Obituary: Dr. William B. Lapham, well known Maine historian and geologist, at August, Me., aged 66.
24. Fire: 20 buildings burned at McDonald, PA; loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Dr. Martin Luther, physician prominent in Pennsylvania, at Reading; aged 68. Col. John M. Huger, a distinguished southerner and ex-Confederate, in New York city; aged 85.
25. Obituary: Steele Mackaye, actor, teacher and playwright, at Timpas, Colo.; aged 52.
26. Fires: Peeble's sanitarium, San Antonio, Tex. Bazaar of Davis Bros., in San Francisco, loss, $120,000.
Obituary: Mrs. Mandelbaum, the notorious New York "fence," at Hamilton, Ont., where she was hiding from justice.

1. Fires: Alum Springs hotel, near Danville, Ky.; loss, $100,000. Henry's Opera House block, at North Baltimore, O.: loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Ex-Gov. John G. Downey of California, at Los Angeles; aged 67. Dr. Frederick William Poole, D.D., eminent librarian of Boston and compiler of a valuable index to periodical literature, at Evanston, Ills.; aged 73.
2. Obituary: Gen. Jubal A. Early, a prominent ex-Confederate, at Lynchburg, Va.; aged 78.
Martial law declared in West Virginia on account of a strikers' riot at Eagle.
3. Fire: At Shreveport, La., wholesale drug house; loss, $125,000.
Obituary: Mary Morris Husband, a noted volunteer nurse in the Union army, at Washington; aged 73.
Lord Roseberry appointed premier of England.
4. Obituary: James Montgomery Bailey, "the Danbury News Man," humorist, author and editor, at Danbury, Conn.; aged 53.
5. Fire: Deadwood, S.D., nearly destroyed; loss, $125,000.
8. Obituary: Benjamin Bunker, editor of the Kennebec Democrat, at Waterville, Me.; aged 54.
10. Fire: The Lansing Lumber company, at Clara, Mich.; loss, $175,000.
Miscellaneous: Morse & Smith, produce commission merchants of Boston and Cedar Rapids, Ia.; made an assignment; estimated liabilities, $210,000; assets, $65,000.
11. Obituary: Rev. A.T. Wood, a prominent Presbyterian, at Omaha, aged 77.
12. Miscellaneous: Da Gama, the insurgent admiral of Brazil, surrendered with all his followers. Lake navigation opened at Chicago, the earliest on record.
14. Obituary: John T. Ford, the well known theatrical manager, at Baltimore; aged 65.
15. Obituary: Capt. Frank E. Brownell, the avenger of Col. Ellsworth, in Washington.
Regular troops called out to prevent a political riot in Denver.
16. Fire: Mobile; loss, $200,000.
17. Fires: Gloucester, Mass., block of stores; loss, $125,000. Lawrence, Mass., brewery; loss, $125,000.
Martha J. Fuller, a stenographer and typerwriter, mysteriously murdered in the office of her employer in New York city.
18. Fire: Denver, union depot destroyed; loss, $300,000.
Disaster: 10 persons killed and 50 injured in a tornado at Longview and Emory, Tex.
19. Obituary: Commodore William D. Whiting, U.S.N., retired, in New York city; aged 71.
20. Fire: Business property worth $150,000 destroyed at Fort Worth, Tex.
Obituary: Louis Kossuth, the Hungarian patriot, at Turin, aged 92. Professor Isaac T. Goodnow, a prominent Kansas pioneer and educator, at Manhattan, Kan.; aged 80.
Miscellaneous: Gen. Neal Dow, the Prohibition advocate, celebrated his ninetieth birthday. Tornado in Texas; 20 deaths.
22. Fire: Denver: loss, $125,000.
23. Fire: A lumber plant, creosote works, 80 dwellings and a schooner burned at Money Point, a suburb of Norfolk; loss, $300,000.
25. Obituary: George Ticknor Curtis, an authority and writer on constitutional law, in New York city; aged 82.
26. Obituary: Gen. Alfred Holt Colquitt, senator from Georgia and a prominent ex-Confederate, in Washington; aged 70. Commander Verney Lovett Cameron, the noted African traveler, in England; aged 50.
27. Obituary: E.W. Hudson, a well known journalist, formerly managing editor of the New York Herald, at Woburn, Mass.
30. Fire: The busness portion of the town of Barry, Ills., destroyed; loss, $200,000.
Obituary: Jane P. Austen, the novelist, in Boston, aged 63.

1. Obituary: Maj. le Caron, the notorious British spy upon Irishmen in America, in London. Dr. Charles Edouard Brown Sequard, the eminent French physician, discoverer of the "elixir of life," in Paris; aged 75.
2. Personal: Patrick Walsh, editor of the Augusta Chronicle, was appointed United States senator from Georgia in place of Gen. Colquitt, deceased.
3. Fire: Clothing house, Rochester; loss, $175,000.
4. Disaster: 6 men killed during a riot in the Connellsville coke regions in Pennsylvania.
6. Obituary: Virgil Whitcomb, a famous old time landlord in New York, in Brooklyn; aged 82.
7. Disaster: 10 killed and many injured by the explosion of a fireworks factory at Petersburg, Va.
Obituary: Richard Wister, noted millionaire, in Philadelphia; aged 65. Ben King, the Chicago poet and humorist, at Bowling Green, Ky.
8. Disaster: 7 deaths by the collapse of a tenement, Memphis.
Obituary: John Graham, the celebrated criminal lawyer, in New York city; aged 73.
9. Fire: the Davidson hotel and theater in Milwaukee; 9 deaths; loss, $225,000.
Disasters: Severe gale and snowstorm on the New England coast. The bark Belmont, from Boston, wrecked on Peak Hill bars, Mass.; 6 sailors drowned.
10. Fires: Scranton, Pa., the Frothingham arcade, occupied with stores and offices; loss, $80,000. Manion's livery stable, with 130 horses and 150 carriages, in Baltimore; loss, $400,000; 1 death.
Disaster: Wreck of the schooners Albert W. Smith and Kate Markee on the New Jersey coast; 16 sailors drowned.
Snowfall in central Pennsylvania, the heaviest since 1862.
12. Fire: The American Glucose works and other property, Buffalo; loss $1,200,000; 12 workmen killed.
13. Obituary: David Dudley Field, the eminent lawyer, in New York city; aged 80. Right Rev. Horatio Southgate, the first Episcopal missionary in Turkey, at Astoria, N.Y.; aged 82. Gen. Joseph Brevard Kershaw, a brilliant Conferedate soldier and later a distinguished lawyer and judge, at Camden, S.C.; aged 74.
14. Fire: 24 buildings burned in Santa Cruz, Cal; loss $233,000.
Obituary: Gen. Henry Warner Slocum, a distinguished Union veteran, in Brooklyn; aged 87. Senator Zebulon B. Vance of North Carolina, in Washington; aged 64.
The Pollard-Breckinridge suit decided in favor of the plaintiff; damages awarded, $15,000.
15. The Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary in New York city.
16. Obituary: Count Adolphe Frederick von Schack, wealthy art collector and author. Gen. Oliver Lathrop Shepherd, U.S.A. retired, a civil war veteran, in New York city; aged 81.
17. Fire: Burnham (Pa.) Iron and Steel works; loss, $150,000.
Disaster: The famous Brazilian insurgent warship Aquidaban sunk by a government torpedo boat.
Obituary: Henry S. Ives, the "rapid" financier, at Asheville, N.C.
18. Fire: The City Electric Power company of Sacramento destroyed; loss, $(illegible).
Miscellaneous: The dispensary law of South Carolina declared unconstitutional. The Charles L. Webster Publishing company, of which Mark Twain was the principal owner, assigned in New York.
19. Personal: Ex-Gov. Thomas J. Jarvis was appointed United States senator from North Carolina to succeed Senator Vance, deceased.
20. Fire: The National Linseed Oil works, St. Louis; loss, $(illegible).
Disaster: Fatal and destructive earthquake in Greece.
21. Obituary: William B. Daniels, ex-governor of Idaho, at Tacoma; aged 76. James W. Throckmorton, ex-governor of Texas, at McKinney; aged 70.
22. Obituary: Jesse B. Selignman, the New York banker, at Coronado Beach, Cal.
25. Obituary: Gen. R. S. Granger, U.S.A., retired, in Washington; aged 81.
Reunion of United Confederate veterans at Birmingham, Ala.
26. Fires: The village of Townsend, Vt., nearly destroyed. The Colorado Smelter at Butte, Mon., destroyed; loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Nathaniel Springer Berry, war governor of New Hampshire, at Bristol, N.H.; aged 98.
27. Fire: Gasport (N.Y.) business portion destroyed.
28. Fire: The famous old St. Charles hotel, in New Orleans, destroyed; loss, $500,000.
Disaster: An earthquake destroyed 2 towns in Venezuela; heavy loss of life and property.
29. Fire: A business block destroyed at Winchester, Va.; loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Francis B. Stockbridge, United States senator from Michigan, in Chicago; aged 68. Maj. Joseph Kirkland, a well known veteran and author, in Chicago; aged 64.
30. Fire: Ashland, Wis., the Vaughn Library building; loss, $120,000.
Obituary: Frank Hatton, editor of the Washington Post, in Washington; aged 43.
Landslide at St. Alban, near Quebec, turned the St. Anne river into a new bed and destroyed property amounting to $500,000.

1. Obituary: George W. Abell, proprietor of the Baltimore Sun, in Baltimore.
Miscellaneous: Coxey's "commonwealers" entered Washington, and the leaders were expelled from the capitol grounds. The fourth annual meeting of the National Association of Military Surgeons opened in Washington. The ninth annual convention of the National League of American Musicians opened in Baltimore.
2. Fires: The Kenwood felt mill at Albany; loss, $250,000. An enormous sawmill plant at Maurillon, France; loss, $1,250,000.
Obituary: Col. A.B. Steinburger, formerly prominent in Samoan and Hawaiian affairs, at Dorchester, Mass.; aged 54.
Serious rioting by the unemployed in Cleveland.
4. Fire: A million dollar fire in Dublin.
5. A destructive storm of wind, hail and lightning in southern Minnesota.
Obituary: John Jay, ex-minister to Austria, in New York city; aged 77.
6. Fire: The William N. Whitely Reaper and Mower works, at Muncie, Ind.; loss, $245,000.
Destructive storm in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia; also in central New York.
Obituary: Gen. Theophile Adrien Ferren, a French veteran of the Crimean, Algerian and Franco-Prussian wars, in Paris; aged 64. John Hapgood Maynard, a prominent resident of Manchester, N.H.; aged 90.
7. Obituary: Frances Elizabeth Barrow, "Aunt Fanny," popular author and writer for children, in New York city; aged 82. William P. Sayles, the third richest man in Rhode Island, at Pawtucket; aged 69.
8. Obituary: Leon Labbe, noted French surgeon, in Paris. Thomas C. Latto, well known Scotch-American poet, in Brooklyn; aged 76.
9. Obituary: Gen. Matthew M. Trumbull, a Union veteran, in Chicago; aged 98.
10. Fire: The town of Norway, Me., destroyed; loss, $280,000.
12. Fire: The Akron Varnish company, at Akron, O.; loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Sewell E. Jewell, a noted abolitionist, in Haverill, Mass.; aged 83.
13. Rev. Dr. Talmage's new Tabernacle and the Hotel Regent adjoining destroyed; losses, over $1,000,000.
Disaster: 4 Harvard students drowned in Boston harbor by the capsizing of a catboat.
14. Obituary: A.C. Hunt, ex-governor of Colorado, at Tenallytown, near Washington; aged 65. Louis Clovis Bonaparte, grand-nephew of the first Napoleon, in London; aged 35. Professor Henry Morley, English lecturer and writer, in London; aged 72.
15. Fire: 12 acres of territory burned over in Boston; nearly 200 buildings destroyed; loss, about $1,000,000.
Sporting: Dr. Rice won the Brooklyn Handicap.
16. Fire: Coal and lumber yards burned at Pawtucket, R.I.; loss, $500,000.
Obituary: Chauncey Shaffer, a well known lawyer, in New York city; aged 75. Rev. Dr. Edward Bright, editor of The Examiner, in New York city; aged 86. Consul General W. H. Edwards of the United States, in Berlin.
17. Miscellaneous: Storms destroyed property valued at $1,000,000 in Ohio, Michigan and states westward. The one hundredth and sixth general assembly of the Presbyterian church met in Saratoga. The southern Presbyterian general assembly met at Nashville.
18. Fire: Hillsboro, O., Hillsboro college; loss, $50,000
A fierce storm on Lake Michigan; heavy loss of life among sailors.
19. Obituary: Andrew J. Graham, author of the Graham system of shorthand, at Orange, N.J.; aged 64.
20. Fire: Several millinery, lace and trimming establishments destroyed in Philadelphia; loss, $350,000.
Miscellaneous: The middle Atlantic coast swept by a terrible storm. Floods in the Schuylkill and Susquehanna rivers.
Obituary: Edmund Yates, English author and journalist, in London; aged 63.
21. Obituary: Gen. Phil Cooke, a distinguished Confederate veteran, in Atlanta; aged 77.
22. Fire: The residence of E.B. Haskell, one of the proprietors of the Boston Herald, at Auburndale; loss, $100,000.
Sporting: Fourth American whist congress opened in Philadelphia.
23. Sporting: Lord Rosebery's Ladas won the English Newmarket.
25. Obituary: Dr. Alexander Kohut, a distinguished rabbi and famous oriental scholar, in New York city; aged 52. Charles Deforest Fredericks, one of the pioneers of photography, in New York city; aged 71.
26. Obituary: Rev. Dr. Jerome Allen, a well know educator, in Brooklyn; aged 64.
28. The eightieth anniversary of the American Baptist Missionary union at Saratoga.
29. Mordecai L. Hopkins, an old Chicago Journalist, in Chicago.
30. Fire: 2 acres of icehouses and other property destroyed at Arlington, Mass.; loss over $100,000.
Disaster: Several deaths in a wreck on the Wisconsin Central at Mayville, Wis.
Confederate soldiers and sailors' monument unveiled at Richmond.

1. World's conference of the Y.M.C.A. opened in London.
2. Fire: Machinery plant, Minneapolis; loss, $130,00.
3. Fires: 15 shops and stores and 20 houses at Ottumwa, Ia.; loss, $225,000; 2 deaths. Laconia (N.H.) car works; loss, $100,000.
4. Miscellaneous: 5 children at a Catholic home near Tarrytown, N.Y., were fatally poisoned by eating a plant mistaken for flagroot. The Dominion line steamer Texas, from Montreal for Bristol, wrecked off Newfoundland; loss, $400,000. A windstorm wrecked several houses and stores in Tacoma; 6 persons buried under the debris.
Obituary: Ex-Governor Charles Callis Van Zandt, at Bershire, Mass. G. W. Wilson, capitalist and inventor of the sewing machine, at San Jose, Cal.
5. The fifty-fifth annual convention of the American Medical association opened in San Francisco.
6. Miscellaneous: Striking miners at Wesley, Ills., used dynamite in an attack on a mining plant; 8 deaths and many injured. Riotous miners applied the torch to property on the Monongahela, Pa. Lord Rosebery's colt Ladas won the English Derby. The nineteenth annual convention of the Association of American Nursery met at Niagara, N.Y. The fifty-fifth annual convention of the American Medical Association opened in San Francisco. The thirty-fourth annual session of the Brewers' association of the United States began at Syracuse. Fiftieth anniversary of the Y.M.C.A. celebrated by a jubilee in London.
7. Disaster: 15 Coxeyites from Denver drowned while attempting to cross Platte river in frail boats.
Obituary: Professor William Dwight Whitney, eminent philologist of Yale college, in New Haven,; aged 67. Ex-Gov. Rodman M. Price of New Jersey, a pioneer of California, at Hazelwood, N.J.; aged 78.
Miscellaneous: The sixth annual congress of the Scotch-Irish Society of America began at Des Moines. The sixth annual convention of the Boot and Shoe Workers' International union met in Boston. The triennial general council of the Reformed Episcopal church opened at Chicago. Muley Hassan, sultan of Marocco, died suddenly at the age of 55; rumors of foul play.
9. Fire: Dubuque (Ia.) lumber mills and (illegible)
Obituary: Cyrus W. Field, son of the cable projector, in New York city; aged 37.
10. Disasters: 4 deaths in a rowboat accident at Brewsters, N.Y. 5 deaths by the capsizing of a boat in Vermillion, O.
Obituary: Professor David Burnet Scott of the College of the City of New York, in New York city; aged 72.
Miscellaneous: Fatal collision between strikers and deputies at Lamont, Pa. Miss Lois Tritton, the last slave sold on New Haven green, died in New Haven; aged 95.
Fire: Kansas City, two agricultural warehouses; loss, $300,000.
12. Obituary: Commodore John Rodgers, U.S.N., retired, at Oakland, Pa.; aged 71.
13. Fire: 300 buildings destroyed at Panama; loss, $3,000,000.
Obituary: Duncan McIntyre, well known Canadian railway man, in Montreal. Rev. E.C. Robinson, professor in the University of Chicago and formerly president of Browne university, in Boston; aged 79.
14. Fire: 3 buildings burned in the "paper district" of New York; loss, $250,000.
Obituary: John Duke Coleridge, lord chief justice of England, in London; aged 78.
Sporting: Miss Helen Helwig won the ladies' championship of America at Philadelphia.
16. Fire: The abattoir of the Central stockyards of Jersey City; loss, $1,500,000.
17. Obituary: Judge William Walter Phelps, business man and diplomat, at Englewood, N.J.; aged 55. "King Pharaoh," chief of the Montauk Indians, at Franklinville, Suffolk county, N.Y.; aged 87. Commodore John N. Easley, U.S.A., retired, in Washington; aged 75. Alfred Kappes, N.A., a strong painter of figures, in Yonkers; aged 43.
Sporting: Cornell crew defeated the University of Pennsylvania on the upper Delaware by 12 ¼ seconds.
18. Obituary: William Hart, N.A., a well known painter, at Mount Vernon, N.Y.; aged 72.
20. Disaster: 50 men walled in by flames and smoke in a burning mine near Birmingham, Ala.; 4 deaths.
The twenty-eighth annual convention of civil engineers opened at Niagara Falls.
21. Obituary: Professor Herbert Tuttle of Cornell university, at Ithaca; aged 47. George A. Stewart, a prominent yacht designer, in Boston.
Sporting: Ramapo won the Surburban Handicap, Brooklyn.
22. Obituary: Archbishop Tache, a pioneer missionary of Manitoba, at Winnipeg; aged 71.
23. Disaster: An explosion of fire damp in the Albion colliery, Wales, caused the death of 251 persons.
Obituary: Mme. Marietta Alboni, famous contralto in Paris; aged 70. Alfred Post Burbank, reader and actor, in New York city; aged 48.
Sporting: Rey el Santa Anita won the American Derby at Chicago.
24. Disasters: The city hall and other buildings were wrecked by a windstorm at Brazil, Ind. Fishing tug sank off Atlantic Highlands, N.J.; nearly 50 drowned.
25. Peronsal: Emma Juch, the prima donna, married in New York city to District Attorney Wellman.
27. Disaster: Minnesota and South Dakota swept by a windstorm; 10 deaths, many injured.
28. Obituary: Rear Admiral William Greenville Temple, U.S.N., a veteran of the Mexican and civil wars, in Washington; aged 70.
29. Sporting: Yale defeated Harvard in the annual boat race, New London.
30. Obituary: William G. Green, a well known banker and railroad man and lifelong friend of Lincoln, at Tullula, Ills.

2. Fire: The mill of the Vermont Marble company at Proctor, Vt.; loss, $100,000.
3. Beginning of the National Music Teachers' association at Saratoga.
4. Fires: Judson, Mass., 22 buildings destroyed; loss, $500,000. Conestoga Center, Pa., tobacco warehouse; loss, $165,000. 34 buildings burned at Edwards, N.Y.; loss, $62,000.
Obituary: Ex-Gov. Edwin B. Winans of Michigan, in Hamburg.
Personal: Lord Randolph Churchill and Lady Churchill arrived at New York from Queenstown.
5. Fire: The 6 large buildings surrounding the court of honor at the World's fair destroyed.
Obituary: Sir Austin Henry Layard, the explorer, in London; aged 77.
6. Disaster: Rioting and incendiarism on the outskirts of Chicago.
Obituary: Gen. Daniel Macaulay, a Union veteran, at Gamoapa, Nicaragua.
8. Collision between mob and United States troops at Hammond, Ind.
10. Collision between rioters and regulars at Ladd, Ills.; 2 rioters killed.
11. Disaster: Fatal earthquake shocks at Constantinople; 200 people killed.
Obituary: Gen. J.B. Fry, U.S.A., retired, at Newport, R.I.; aged 67.
12. Fires: Edon, O., 72 buildings; loss, $175,000. Rahway (N.J.) fertilizer works; loss, $500,000.
Christian Endeavor convention opened at Cleveland.
13. Obituary: George R. Graham, founder of Graham's Magazine, at Orange, N.J.; aged 81.
14. Obituary: Jules Emil Saintin, noted painter, in Paris; aged 65.
The new United States cruiser Minneapolis broke the record for cruisers by averaging over 23 knots an hour on her trial trip.
16. Disaster: 4 United States soldiers killed and several wounded by the accidental explosion of ammunition in Chicago.
18. Obituary: Leconte de Lisle, French poet, in Paris; aged 76.
19. Fire: Business portion of El Paso, Ills., destroyed; loss $250,000.
Obituary: William H. Garfield, pioneer Boston agent for the New York daily papers, in Boston; aged 84.
20. Fire: Minneapolis Central Market block; loss, $500,000.
Obituary: E.L.G. Steele, California capitalist, in Oakland.
21. Fire: Birmingham, Ala., Caldwell hotel and other property; losses, over $500,000.
Obituary: Mrs. J. Dundas Lippincott, a prominent Philadelphian, at Bar Harbor. Frederick Ferdinand Low, ex-governor of California and ex-minister to China, at San Francisco; aged 68. Chief James R. Godefray, last surviving chief of the Miami tribe of Indians, at Fort Wayne.
22. Obituary: Thaddeus Davids, pioneer in sealing wax and wafer manufacturer, at New Rochelle, aged 86.
25. Fire: The Knox Express company and Adams Express company stables burned in Washington; loss over $700,000; 8 firemen killed and over 200 horses burned.
Obituary: Rev. Dr. J.B. McCullough, well known Methodist preacher and editor, at Chester Heights camp, Pa.; aged 71.
26. Fire: Box factory, Norton, Mass.; loss, $150,000.
Disaster: Superintendent Addison G. Mason of the Lehigh Valley collieries and Foreman William Wilson of the Exeter colliery killed in a cage accident at Pittston, Pa.
Obituary: Gen. Alfred J. Pleasonton, distinguished Union cavalry leader, in Philadelphia; aged 86.
27. Fires: 20 business places at Celina, O., destroyed; loss, $150,000. The town of Phillips, Wis., wiped out by a forest fire, leaving 8,000 people homeless; loss $1,250,000; about 20 persons lost their lives.
28. Fires: 60 buildings and business concerns destroyed at Belle Plain, Ia.; loss, $450,000. Oil tank works burned at Fort Wayne; loss, $100,000. Oshkosh, Wis., lumber yard and several buildings; loss, $150,000. 17 buildings at Brooklyn, Ia.; loss, $125,000.
Obituary: james Mulligan of Blaine "Mulligan letter" notoriety, in Boston. Cardinal Ledochowski, an old and determined enemy of Bismarck, at Lucerne; aged 71.
29. Obituary: John A. McDougall, a once famous artist and friend of Poe, Willis, Irving and others, at Newark, N.J.; aged 87. Archduke William Francis Charles of Austria, in Vienna.
30. Fires: 18 business houses and 2 residences destroyed at Eagle Grove, Ia.; loss, $70,000. $500,000 worth of lumber and other property destroyed at Minneapolis. Cooper, Tex., Mayo college; loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Walter Pater, eminent English essayist, at Oxford; aged 85.

1. Fire: $3,000,000 worth of property in the lumber district of Chicago.
Obituary: Joseph Holt, formerly a cabinet officer and judge advocate, general under President Lincoln, at Washington; aged 87.
Miscellaneous: Japan declared war upon China. The twenty-fourth annual convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Society of American opened at St. Paul.
2. Fires: The business center of Lamoure, N.D., destroyed; loss, $200,000. 2 firemen killed and 9 injured in the burning of a spinning mill in Philadelphia. Allen's Opera House, Jamestown, N.Y.; loss $150,000.
3. Fires: Business portion of Marion, Ia.; loss $(illegible) The business district of (illegible) destroyed; loss, $(illegible). A fire in the business section of Farmer City, Ills.; loss, $80,000.
Obituary: George Inness, noted American landscape painter, in Scotland; aged 60.
6. Fires: A bridge and other property at St. Paul; loss, $120,000. 20 business houses and three residences at Adair, Ia.
Obituary: Ex-Gove. Austin Blair, Michigan's "war governor," at Jackson; aged 76. Dr. J. O. Long, professor of church history at Crozer seminary, Chester, Pa., at Charlotteville, Va.; aged 60. Henry E. Insley, one of the pioneer photographers of America, in Rockland county, N.Y.; aged 89.
7. Fire: Pueblo, Colo., grocery warehouse; loss, $250,000.
Obituary: Auguste Nicolas Cain, famous French sculptor of animals in Paris; aged 72.
The National Association of Dentists began its annual session at Fort Monroe.
8. Fire: Stryker's pottery at San Jose, Cal.; loss, nearly $100,000.
Obituary: Joseph P. Wightman, an early settler at Burlington, Ia., in Chicago; aged 94.
9. Fires: Pigeon, a small town in Elk county, Pa., destroyed. Gifford, Ills., wiped out. Minneapolis, the Coliseum: loss, $85,000.
The heaviest hailstorm in the history of Revere, Mass., prevailed, causing great destruction of garden crops and window glass. Stones fell measuring ¾ of an inch to 1¼ inches in diameter.
Disaster: 12 passengers burned to death and 9 severely injured in a trestle wreck on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific near Lincoln, Neb.
14. Obituary: John Quincy Adams, son of Charles Francis Adams and grandson of President Adams, at Quincy, Mass; aged 61.
17. Fire: The Hawley silk mills at Port Jervis, N.Y., destroyed; loss, $500,000.
Obituary: Charles Robinson, the first governor elected by the Free State party of Kansas, at Lawrence; aged 76. John P. Ray, a prominent New England manufacturer and steel railway capitalist; aged 74.
18. Obituary: Col. John Arkins, editor of The Rocky Mountain News, at Denver; aged 52. George Parkes, a well known actor, at the Edwin Forrest home. Burton C. Cook, lawyer and statesman of Illinois, at Evanston; aged 75.
21. Fire: Drug plant and wholesale grocery destroyed at Memphis; loss, $400,000.
22. Fire: Two blocks destroyed at Bowling Green, Ky.; loss, $150,000.
Obituary: Stephen K. Fowler, a well known financier of New York and New Orleans, at Bedford, Mass.; aged 67.
23. Obituary: Judge Norman L. Freeman, the oldest court reporter in the United States, at Springfield, Ills.
24. Disaster: Mining catastrophe at Franklin, Wash.; 57 miners suffocated.
Obituary: Amzi Benedict Davenport, an old and influential citizen of Brooklyn, in Brooklyn; aged 73.
25. Obituary: John Newell, president of the Lake Shore railroad, at Youngstown, O.; aged 64.
Sporting: The Butterflies won the Futurity, Brooklyn.
26. Obituary: Mrs. Celia Thaxter, poet, at isle of Shoals; aged 58.
Political: The new tariff bill became a law, at midnight without the signature of the president.
28. Obituary: Benson J. Sherwood, one of the best known stage carpenters in this country, at Amityville, N.Y.; aged 54. Hon. W.C. Howells, father of the novelist, in Jefferson, O.; aged 88. Simon Stevens, a prominent lawyer in New York city, formerly of Pennsylvania and Washington, in New York; aged 60.
29. Fire: The town of Ellston, Mon., destroyed; loss, $100,00.

1. Obituary: Gen. National P. Banks, a distinguished Union soldier, at Waltham, Mass.; aged 78. Samuel J. Kirkwood, Iowa's "war" governer, at Des Moines; aged 81.
2. Fire: The towns of Hinckley, Pokegama and Mission Creek destroyed by forest fires; over 450 lives lost and many injured.
3. Obituary: Josiah Parsons Cooke, Harvard's great chemist, at Newport, R.I.; aged 67.
4. Obituary: James M. Adsit, a veteran banker of Chicago, in that city; aged 85.
5. Obituary: Gen. George Stoneman, ex-governor of California and at one time chief of cavalry in the army of the Potomac, at Buffalo; aged 72.
6. Obituary: Gen. Henry Eugene Davies, a Union veteran, in New York city; aged 59,
8. Obituary: The Count of Paris, head of the French royal family, in London; aged 56.
9. Fire: The business portion of Kitsop, Wash.; destroyed; loss, $50,000.
Obituary: Gen. P. S. Levin, a Union veteran, in Toledo; aged 72.
10. Fire: 47 buildings at Dalton, O., destroyed by incendiaries; loss, $250.00.
11. Obituary: Joseph S. Cone, a noted California pioneer, at Red Bluff; aged 72.
13. Battle at Ping-Yang, Korea; rout of the Chinese army, 20,000 strong.
14. Obituary: Read Admiral Edward Y. McCauley, U.S.N., retired, at Jamestown, R.I.; aged 67.
15. Fire: Scranton, Pa.; loss, $250,000.
17. Fires: Fatal fire at the Stumph mattress factory, Washington: 7 killed, many injured.
Miscellaneous: The Royal Order of Scotland held its annual meeting at Boston. Naval battle in the Yalu river won by the Japanese.
20. Obituary Jean Baptist Rossi, celebrated Italian archaeologist, at Rome; aged 72. Mme. Fursch-Madi, a noted dramatic soprano, who created the title role of "Aida," at Mount Bethel, N.J.; aged 47.
22. Fires: Several mills burned at St. Louis; loss, $200,000.
23. Obituary: Gen. Willard Slocum, a Union veteran, at Ashland, O.; aged 74.
24. Obituary: Gen. Thomas Seir Cummigns, noted American artist, last surviving founder of the National Academy of Design; aged 90.
25. Fire: 2 hotels and 8 stores burned at Cape Vincent, N.Y.; loss, $150,000.
26. Obituary: Launt Thompson, noted American sculptor, at Middletown, N.Y.; aged 61.

3. Tornado at Little Rock: 4 deaths and $100,000 in property destroyed.
Obituary: Prof. David Swing, noted college professor and minister, in Chicago; aged 64.
5. Fires: Fatal fire in Detroit; 6 deaths. A $100,000 fire in Nashville. 20 houses burned at Buchanan, W.Va.; loss, $80,000.
Obituary: Prof. Vincenza Botta, well known linguist, in New York city; aged 72.
7. Obituary: Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, in Boston; aged 85. Andrew G. Curtin, war governor of Pennsylvania, at Bellefonte; aged 77.
10. Disaster: 2 tenements wrecked by a storm in New York city; 9 deaths.
Obituary: Sir John Dugdale Astley, famous sportsman, in London; aged 66. Dr. Robert C. Moon, noted "blind philanthropist," at Brighton, England; aged 75. Marmaduke Watson, noted educator, at Newton, Pa.; aged 81.
11. Disaster: 27 boilers exploded at the Henry Clay colliery, Shamokin, Pa,; 5 men killed and 6 injured.
13. Fire: The Morse-Coe shoe factory burned at Omaha; loss, $125,000.
16. Fire: The R.C. infirmary and several business buildings burned at Houston; 2 deaths; financial loss, $50,000.
17. Fire: The village of Latham, Ills., suffered the fifth extensive blaze in 5 years; loss, $40,000.
20. Obituary: James Anthony Froude, the historian, in London; aged 76.
21. Obituary: Ex-Mayor Monroe Heath of Chicago, at Asheville, N.C.; aged 56. Ex-Gov. Joseph Dorset Bedle of New Jersey, in New York city; aged 63.
25. Obituary: Mary A. Woodbridge, secretary of the W.C.T.U., in Chicago. Commodore William E. Hopkins, U.S.N., retired, in San Francisco; aged 73.
26. Obituary: Rev. Alexander Herberton, prominent Presbyterian minister in Philadelphia; aged 89. Gen. Amos Beckwith, U.S.A., retired, at St. Louis; aged 69.
27. Obituary: Hon. David Wills, organizer of the National cemetery at Gettysburg, in that town; aged 68.
29. Fire: Pittsburg, Porter's wholesale millinery establishment; loss, $250,000.

1. Obituary: Czar Alexander III of Russia; aged 49.
2. Fire: Lachute, Que., Wilson's paper mill; loss $295,000.
3. Fire: The Indiana Medical college and Scottish Rite hall burned in Indianapolis; loss $175,000.
Obituary: Duncan H. Campbell, noted inventor in shoe machinery, at Pawtucket, R.I.; aged 86.
4. Fires: St. Louis, storm of the Singer Manufacturing company; 8 firemen killed. San Francisco, wholesale grocery burned; loss $200,000.
6. Obituary: Philip Gilbert Hamerton, the well known English artist and critic, in Paris; aged 60.
8. Miscellaneous: Maj. Gen. O.O. Howard, U.S.A., placed on the retired list. The Texas "Cotton Palace" fair opened at Waco.
9. Financial: Schulenberg & Boeckler, St. Louis lumber dealers, assigned; assets, $600,000; liabilities unknown.
10. Fire: Business portion of Frederick, S.D., nearly destroyed; loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Theodore R. Davis, war artist of Harper's Weekly, at Asbury Park, N.J.; aged 54.
11. Fire: the Arlington inn, Fort Worth, Tex., destroyed; loss, $125,000.
12. 20,000 bales of cotton burned on a wharf at New Orleans; loss, $750,000.
14. Fire: total destruction of Sheffield, Ia.; Loss, $100,000.
Obituary: Charles E. Strong, a prominent newspaper man of Chicago, in that city; aged 48.
15. Fire: $400,000 worth of property burned by incendiary fires at Winnipeg.
Obituary: Henry Keney, a prominent merchant of Hartford, in that city; aged 88.
16. The twenty-first annual convention W.C.T.U. opened in Cleveland.
17. Fires: In the lace district of Nottingham, England; loss $700,000. Columbus, Ky., 21 buildings; loss, $75,000.
Obituary: Rev. Dr. James McCosh, president of Princeton college from 1868 to 1888, at Princeton, N.J.; aged 83. Rev. W.G.T. Shedd, theological teacher and writer, in New York city; aged 74. Robert Charles Winthrop, in Boston; aged 85.
18. Fire: Total destruction of phosphate works at Macon, Ga.; loss, $150,000.
Obituary: Thomas D. Gilbert, a prominent citizen and pioneer of Michigan, at Grand Rapids; aged 78.
20. Fire: Savannah, Mo.; business portion nearly destroyed; loss, $80,000.
Obituary: Anton Grigorievich Rubinstein, the Russian pianist and composer, at St. Petersburg; aged 64.
21. Obituary: C.S. Kauffman, one of the oldest iron masters of Pennsylvania, at Columbia; aged 68.
22. Fires: 9 buildings burned at Shriner, Tex.; loss, $100,000.
Port Arthur taken by the Japanese.
Obituary: William T. Walters, a prominent Baltimorean and well known art collector, in Baltimore; aged 76. Gen. William Harvey Gibson, at Tiffin, O.; aged 72.
24. Fire: Springfield, Ills.; an armory, livery stable and other property; loss, $125,000.
Miscellaneous: Yale defeated Harvard in the annual football game at Springfield.
25. Fire: 81 dwellings and all the stores at Marion, N.C., destroyed; loss, $125,000.
26. Personal: Czar Nicolas II of Russia married at St. Petersburg to Princess Alix of Hess-Darmstadt.
The seventh annual session of the Transmississippi congress opened at St. Louis.
27. Obituary: Princess Bismarck, wife of the German ex-chancellor.
Fire: The business part of Athens, Ga., destroyed; loss, $150,000.
28. Schooner Gracie Benson cut down in Boston harbor by the steamer Reading; 6 sailors drowned.
29. Miscellaneous: Pennsylvania defeated Harvard at football in Philadelphia.
30. Obituary: Joseph Emerson Brown, ex-governor of Georgia and ex-United States senator, at Atlanta; aged 73.

1. Obituary: Rev. Dr. Henry Storrs, a prominent Presbyterian minister, at Orange, N.J.; aged 67.
Fire: The Charity hospital burned at Birmingham, Ala.
Sporting: Yale defeated Princeton at football in New York; score, 24 to 0.
Personal: John Burns, member of parliament and representative of amalgamated labor in England, arrived in New York city.
4. Obituary: Leon Abbett, ex-governor of New Jersey, in Jersey City; aged 58. Victoria Vokes, the last of the famous Vokes family, in England. Oden Bowie, ex-governor of Maryland, at Bowie, Md.; aged 68.
Fires: 6 story building gutted in New York; loss, $150,000. In Omaha, the exposition building, a theater and the First Baptist church destroyed; loss, $90,000.
Miscellaneous, Senator Vest introduced a resolution providing for a cloture. The schooner Clara Simpson run down on Long Island sound by the British steamer Dorinn; 3 of the crew drowned. 80 pounds of dynamite exploded at Hull, Que.; 5 men killed and several wounded.
5. The magnificent new Reichstag building in Berlin opened with elaborate ceremonies.
9. 300th anniversary of the birth of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, celebrated in Europe and America.
10. Annual convention of the American Federation of Labor opened in Denver.
12. Annual convention of the National Civil Service Reform league met in Chicago.



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