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Great Hurricane in Alabama
April 13, 1822

Gettysburg Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
May 22 1822

Great Hurricane in Alabama
Huntsville, (Alab.) April 19

On the night of the 13th instant our County was visted by one of the most awful and destructive hurricanes which was ever experienced. It passed within about three miles of this place, from S. W. to N. E., destroying fences, houses, orchards and forests, in its course. Nothing resisted it – every habitation by which it passed was prostrated with the ground – in many instances not one log of a building was left upon another. Such scenes of distress as have been produced by this awful visitation, have never been witnessed in this part of the county.

In some instances almost every member of large families has limbs broken, or is in some other way seriously wounded. But β€œin the midst of judgment there is mercy,” we have not heard certainly of the loss of a life in any instance. Rumors have reached town of the death of several from the wounds they received, but these rumors have, hitherto, in all instances, proved unfounded.

It is utterly beyond our ability, to paint the distressing situation of the sufferers in language calculated to give our readers a knowledge of half the truth. In one instance a large log house was prostrated to the ground, in which there were fifteen persons, all of these are more or less injured, some an arm, and others a leg and an arm broken. The attempt to particularize the injury which has been sustained by difference individuals, would be totally useless; it would require more space than every column of our paper would afford.

The storm appears to have extended its greatest violence about a mile in width; we have heard of its ravages for about twenty-five miles to the S. W. and nearly fifty to the N. W. -- Alabamian

[Submitted by Nancy Piper]

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