Genealogy Trails

Union Prisoners at Richmond 1861

Source: The New York Times; Published September 25, 1861
Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by: C. Davis



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The following list, which has been arranged with great care, gives the names of our prisoners now at Richmond, and the nature of the wounds of __________ under surgical treatment. While it is probable that the list is not perfectly accurate, it doubtles [sic] contains fewer errors and omissions than any yet published. To the kind thoughtfulness of the surgeons who have recently returned from captivity, the friends of those who were left behind are indebted for the valuable information here given, and we here append their names: Alfred Power, Surgeon, and W. H. Wilson, Assistant Surgeon, New-York Second Regiment; Washington A. Connelly, Volunteer Surgeon; Andrew McLetcher, Surgeon, New-York Seventy-ninth; James Harris, Surgeon, Second Rhode Island; R. A. Goodenough, Assistant Surgeon, Brooklyn Fourteenth; and C. W. Le Boutillier, Minnesota First:

Co. G-Wm. H. Severance.
Co. H-A. G. Cleaves, H. M. Blaisdell.
Co. B-Privates W. F. Griffin, C. S. Morris, W. J. Devereaux, J. D. Perkins, J. W. King.
Co. C-Privates J. F. Spaulding, E. P. Hanscomb, Jas. F. Davis, Jr.
Co. D-Privates L. R. Haskell, T. H. Palmer, G. W. Lord, R. Emory.
Co. E-Private H. L. Perkins.
Co. G-Privates J. M. Clewley, J. A. Bailey, H. Block, Ben. Frazer, Jr., A. Fenton.
Co. H-Privates H. H. Scribner, O- F. Millett, O. Dillingham, D. B. Mason, S. Hurd.
Co. J-Privates Ed. McTaggert, James Banks.
Co. K-Private S. D. Gates.
Co. F-John Coney.
Not Classified-John Reed.

John Coy, strained ankle by spent cannon call; Dennis Mahoney, bullet in the left hand and side.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. D-J. C. Gilman, private.
Co. E-Henry L. Perkins, private.
Co. F-Francis Hall, private, died Aug. 4; John W. Withaus, private.
At Hospital No. II.
Co. H-David B. Mason.
J.C. Gilmon, (company not stated,) left thigh.

Co. B-Sergeant Charles C. Drew, T. H. Welsh, John Jones.
Co. C-John Sawyer.
Co. E-A. H. Sprague.
Co. F-Sergeant Morrison, Robert Chapman.
Co. G-Howard Crosby, Joseph Morgan, C. Henrickson.
Co. H-George W. Pillsbury, Albert Foss, Martin Foss, W. L. Taber, F. W. Mirrow.
Co. I-C. H. Brerdin.
Not classified-John F. Goodwin.
Joseph Crassey, musket-ball through the neck and shoulder; Corporal Stephen Russell, right leg broke by bullet; L. Ballard, bullet through right leg; Augustus Crosby, bullet in left side; Horace Hunter, not stated; Albert C. Ballard, not stated.

Hospital Department-C. F. Perry.
Co. A-E. W. Ellis, Sanford Sylvester, George W. Sylvester.
Co. D-Horace H. Haskell, J. S. Gray, H. B. Storey.
Co. H-H. B. Washburn, Joseph Trimm, Miles Jackson.
Co. I-George W. Dwelley.
Co. E-A. Robinson, F. W. Hall, W. M. Packard.
Co. C-C. H. Brookings.
Not classified-J. Marston, Jonathan Wright.
H. A. Cotagin, bullet through left fore arm and side; E. G. Barlow, left fore arm broke by bullet; Crosby R. Brookings, slight wound; J. A. Sparhawk, bullet through face and neck; Lieut. Charles H. Burd, buck shot in head; Chas. O. Fernold, right arm amputated; H. B. Washburne, slight wound; Roscoe Trevett, bullet through fore arm; Dennis Cannon, shell wound in shoulder; Nathaniel B. Gowan, bullet through right leg and fore arm; Arthur D. Matthews.

Co. A-John Rogers.
Co. D-Lawrence Hassett, John Willis, Jack Connelly, E. R. Blundell.
Co. H-Horace Pratt, Peter Horan, H. M. Stinson, R. B. Kendall, H. W. White.
Co. J-W. B. Robertson.
Co. F-John Logan, Adams Johnson.
Co. G-E. C. Oovell.
Co. K-Ezra Goodwin.
Co. E-W. S. Robinson.
Not designated-H. Q. Buzzell.
Driver-Michael Kelly.
Crawford Dunn, cannon shot in elbow; arm amputated.
Co. K-D. B. Wood.

Co. D-Henry H. Emerson, Sergeant Jacob Hall, A. D. Leathers, A. F. Kidder, Christie Jones, Henry West.
Co. I-Moses L. Eastman, N. B. Robinson, A. L. Hall, Reuben F. Stevens.
Co. B-Corporal Thomas E. Baker, C. H. Perry, G. H. Clay, Henry Moore, W. Holden, Charles S. Cowper, George C. Emerson, John L. Fitz, Wells C. Haines.
Co. C-John Davis, Frank K. Tucker, Frank F. Wetherbee, John Barker, Daniel Martin, T. A. Emerson, John A. Barker, Joseph Burleigh.
Co. E-Fifer J. R. Morse, L. W. Coldbath, Charles Chase.
Co. F-G. E. Dow, Clark Stevens.
Co. G-John H. Barry, _____ Bowman.
Co. H-Heman Allen, Galen Grout, Samuel Joy, W. H. Walker, Woodbury Lord, Henry Tibbetts, Samuel M. Jay.
Co. K-George Sawyer, Jr., Oliver L. Allen, Chas. Ridge, C. J. Marshall.
Co. A-John T. Wheeler, John L. Rice, D. I. Brooks, Charles Sebastian, G. H. Whitman, D. S. Jayneth, George Heaton.
Simeon M. Heath, pistol-shot through left leg; W. F. Oxford, bullet through right thigh; Nelson Howard, bullet through left knee; Frank F. Weatherbee, shell wound in leg; Wells C. Haynes, right thigh broke by bullet; W. H. Walker, bullet through left side; Moses L. Eastman, bullet through left thigh; Oliver L. Allen, slight wounds; Henry H. Emerson, trampled by cavalry; Henry West, spent cannon-ball, left hip; Woodbury Lord, bullet through right leg; Josiah Burleigh, bullet through forearm; Charles H. Chase, shell wound in right thigh; Henry H. Bowman, cannon-shot, left leg amputated; John L. Rice, bullet through left lung; Clark Stevens, bullet through right hip; Henry Tibbets, bullet and buckshot through left hand; G. S. Heaton, bullet through left foot; Daniel A. Brooks, Company A; Franklin Tucker, Company C.

Co. A-Wm. E. Murphy.
Co. B-Warren Gifford, H. L. Brackenreed.
Co. C-Albert L. Groves, P. A. Streeter, Joseph R. Wheeler.
Co. D-D. K. Stickney, P. Flaherty, J. Murray.
Co. E-G. A. Martin.
Co. F-B. Taylor.
Co. H-Alonzo W. Paris.
Co. I-G. K. Lewis.
Co. K-Edgar E. Grinnell.

John Cowing, bullet through ankle; Jeremiah Bolton, right thigh; John Leonard, left arm broken by bullet; R. M. Pratt, bullet in elbow, arm amputated; Elisha L. Kables, not stated; Andrew J. Noyes, right thigh broke by bullet.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. C-Ed. Gilson, not stated.

Co. A-J. R. Heyward.
Wounded at St. Mark's.
Co. G-Privates Richard Rowe, heel; Thomas Parker, right arm.
Co. H-Geo. W. Gray, hip.

Co. E-Privates Isaac Alexander, and Lyman Adams.
No wounded reported.

T. V. Donovan, musician.

Co. D-Samuel A. Cote, Henry T. Briggs.
Co. G-W. C. Bates, Cyrus Hosmer, Sydney Rice, Henry Wheeler, Edward Wheeler.
Co. H-W. Shanley.
Co. K-Chas. T. Childs, Samuel Chandler.
Co. B-F. L. Tibbetts.
Co. C-Edward Porter (Forter?).
Co. F-E. B. Williams.
James H. Griggs, bullet through left elbow; E. J. Williams, bullet through left arm.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. H-Henry A. Angier, private.
Co. K-S. E. Chandler, private; Conover A. Babcock, private; Stephen O'Hara, face.

Co. G-W. K. Edgar, F. L. Clark
Co. D-Michael Hughes, John Kilroy, John McCarthy, Silas Ingram.
Co. E-Robert Thornton, J. D. Birch, George W. Dorr, Joseph Carroll, Daniel Lewis, J. W. B. Lipman, Daniel Blanchett, T. V. Denavin.
Co. F-Howard J. Stone, Joseph French.
Co. H-Edwin Foster, C. R. T. Knowlton.
Co. C-W. W. Whitcomb, F. Hebrerer.
Not classified-Hugh Miller.
John McGlinn, right arm amputated; John Carroll, right arm broken by bullet; Sergeant R. T. Warner, bullet through right thigh; Daniel Lewis, bullet through left shoulder; Daniel Blanchard, slight wound; James Kilduff, bullet through left chest; Albert C. Farmer, bullet through right knee; Marcus Connant, pistol shot in head; James Sheridan, ankle broke by bullet; Ferdinand Haberer, bullet through right forearm; Albert E. Farmer, bullet through thigh; James Rigby, shell wound in shoulder; Edwin Foster, bullet through left foot.
Co. A-Thomas Burden, First Lieutenant, died Aug. 15.
Co. F-William Edds, E. Hayes, privates; Leonard Gordon, Captain; Jas. N. Clark, in right hip; Wm. F. Letcher, in left leg; Ed. Hayes, left leg fractured.

Co. A.-Private Amos M. Bowen.
Co. B-Private D. W. Barnes.
Co. C-T. D. Smith.
Co. G-James Seamans, Edward Holmes, Joseph Pollard.
Co. K-S. B. Simmons.
Not classified-Zachariah Jacob.
Alfred Waldron, bullet through left thigh.
Joseph Pollard, slight wounds.
John A. Clark, bullet in right thigh.
T. W. King, bullet in thigh.
Albert T. Shurtleff, arm amputated.
Albert Penno, not stated.
Andrew J. White, not stated.

Co. F-Sergeant L. T. Rodgers and private Albert F. Smith.
Co. K-Privates John McCabe and S. W. Graves.
Second Battery-Wagon-Master George A. Stetson.
Isaac C. Rodman, bullet through right thigh; James McCabe, bullet through right thigh; Charles Bean, bullet in head; Timothy C. Sullivan, right hand amputated; John Barry, bullet through left hip; ______ Hines, bullet through right leg; John Clark, bullet through left hip; Francis C. Greene, left leg broke by bullet; Hugh Healy, bullet through right thigh; Charles W. Farnum, bullet through both thighs; Danl. G. Shipper, bullet through left thigh; Henry L. Jacques, bullet through left lung; Oliver S. Mattison, bullet through right leg; Wm. J. Crossley, bullet through left thigh; Mich. Monahan, bullet through right thigh; J. B. Burt, bullet through left thigh and neck; Joseph C. Barnes, bullet through right knee and left ankle; Isaac N. Cobb, bullet through hip; Joshua W. Brown, bullet in right knee; E. C. Rounds, bullet through left hip; Lathrop A. Besse, bullet through left knee; William W. Aborn, bullet through neck; Alonzo Bradford, bullet through left thigh; Thomas W. May, bullet through left leg; Esick B. Smith, not stated; Joseph Brooks, canister wound in back; Lamax King; Frank Jeffers, in right leg.
Second Battery-James A. Goldsmith.

Co. B-N. Sanger.
Co. H-Private Henry Judson.
Co. E-J. N. Jennings, Alfred W. Haddinett.
No wounded.

Co. A-Corporal Wm. E. Rich,
Co. B-Corporal John Jennings.
Co. C-Charles A. Murray.
Co. E-Martin Harvey.
Co. F-S. A. Cooper.
Co. H-John McManus, E. C. Lamb.
Co. K-James McCawley.

Co. E-Private Mark Killbrid, W. R. Moulton.
Co. F-J. D. Gilmore, Joseph Paight.
Co. H-W. Schleim.
Co. I-A. L. Benedict, A. E. Bronson.
Co. K-James Kennedy, Charles E. Galpin.
Co. A-E. S. Blue.
Not Classified-George O'Brien, George Weed.
John L. Francher, shell wound on the right leg.

Co. G-Sergeant Wm. A. Tucker, James McTiernan, George W. Isham, Albert Hopkins.
Co. A-Mark L. Mount, Patrick McGovern, Alex. Foley, F. H. Kenney, Wm. Kerr, John McFarland, George Donaldson, Daniel McCurdy, John Reynolds, John Monroe, Jacob Blauvelt, Robert Earl.
Co. F-Patrick McCormick, James McFarland, Robert Tate, James Murphy.
Co. F-John Maguire, Charles Vanderhoof.
Co. C-Andrew Morrow.
Co. H-Lawrence Farley, Paul Garneux.
Co. B-Wm. Fawcett, H. W. Stroud, Wm. Laport, A. M. Howard.
Howitzer Corps-John Paxson, Leon Lavares, Thomas Mullery.
Wounded-At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. D-Lewis H. Donatt, Orderly Sergeant.
Co. H-George Buckman, private.
Co. I-Wm. Savage, John Crigian, privates.
Co. B-H. Donett, First Sergeant-left arm amputated.

Co. A-Martin Ritchie.
Martin Ritchie, right arm broken by bullet.

Co. B-Privates Robert H. Shafto, Geo. G. Nellis, and E. Pinto.
Co. E-W. A. Greene.
Co. C-R. Linen.
Color Bearer- __________ Blonk.
Robert Linen, musket-ball through thigh; Charles Venable, musket-ball through elbow; Wm. A. Green, slightly wounded; O. H. Swift, bullet through elbow; John Clune, left thigh and right arm by bullet; James H. Denny, slight wound.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Alfred A. Whitehouse, A. D. Whitehouse, right arm amputated.

Co. I-Private Calvin Gerard.
Co. C-Wm. G. Bishop.
(The remainder of the prisoners of the regiment have been transferred to Castle Pinckney.)
Thomas Carroll, musket ball through right hand; Fred. Totsling, musket ball through left thigh; John B. Miller, bullet through right side; Wm. Heath, pistol shot in face; Sergt. J. M. Snary, bullet through right thigh; Henry P. Hale, bullet through head; Patrick Finn, left arm broken by bullet; Edward Lyons, bullet through left thigh; James H. Murry, bullet through right leg; William Hymns, bullet through both thighs; Moritz Steubel, bullet through left ankle; William Grivan, bullet through left foot; John Hopkins, bullet through right thigh; Patrick Connolly, slight wound; James McGlynn, bullet through left thigh; W. W. Braglon, bullet through right breast; William F. Wilson, bullet through hip and thigh; Sergeant John Campbell, bullet through right foot; Gilbert H. Brower, bullet in mouth; Ira Wilson, bullet through right shoulder; Henry Smith, not stated; Henry P. Hale, not stated.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. A-Henry Harrison.
Co. B-John F. McGrath, Robt. Burns.
Co. D-Edward A. Pour, died Aug. 27; John Farlow, Geo. R. Smith, G. Fosdich.
Co. J-Lewis H. Metcalf, Francis M. Wilkins.
Co. F-James B. Rogers.
Co. H-Robert Cunningham.
Co. I-Solomon Tyack, David Small.
Co. H-Wm. H. Clark, V. M. Fink, died July 31. James P. Rogers, G. McCown; Frank Wilkins, left leg; L. H. Metcalf, left leg amputated; John Farlow, head and left side; Wm. H. Clark, right thigh; Wm. Noll, left foot badly wounded; Robert Brown, head and hip; John Dunn, left leg.

Co. D-Private Frederick Darby.
Co. I-F. N. Dugan.
Co. K-Wm. Johnson.

Co. F-John Reando, D. B. Aldridge, John Ballinstine; Henry Bilby, A. W. Pepper, H. J. Garbitt.
Co. D-John J. Brown, John M. Eldridge.
Co. H-Geo. Piggott, Wm. Piggott, Charles Vidder, Peter Kelly.
Co. K-Almond Raymond, Wm. Kelly.
Sergeant James Baird, shell wound in ankle; John Stermer, bullet through right foot; Geo. W. Bulby, left arm broke by bullet; John Williams, not stated; Frederick Warmer, right leg amputated; James Kelly, slight wound, right leg; J. B. Nichols, not stated; John Williams, not stated.
St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. C-Philip Nant, private.
Co. F-John Reando, private; Michael Connors (company not known,) left arm; Philip Nant, (company not known,) left leg amputated.

Co. A-Privates John Mack, James Keating.
Co. B-Privates William Dakin, William Blydenburgh, Robert Bold.
Co. C-Privates John H. Weise, William Dewitt, Henry N. Steward, Frank A. Howland, A. Wolstencroft.
Co. D-Sergeant Henry Holmes; privates John H. Warner, Isaac H. De Groff, F. J. Bearns, Geo. W. Divenger, A. Tickner, G. W. Bennett and Wm. Williamson.
Co. E-Privates Alfred Copley, Patrick McManus, Malcome Stone, Charles E. Davenport, George H. Rodgers.
Co. F-Privates Robert Adams, Wm. H. Baldwin, H. Montanus.
Co. G-Corporal Wm. Stewart; privates Sidney Burr, Edward Degan, Thomas Graham.
Co. H-Privates Frank W. Richmond, Wm. McCanley, John Jelly, George Bliss.
Co. I-Simeon Richardson.
Augustus Thierry, bullet through both legs; Henry Jokes, arm fractured by bullet; Jacob Dietz, bullet through hip; Francis Lowery, fracture of left leg by bullet; Stiles Middleton, bullet through right thigh; Simeon H. Richardson, bullet through right thigh; C. A. Ten Eyck, bullet through muscle of abdomen; Charles R. Prescott, right thigh amputated; Joseph A. Cambell, left thigh broken by bullet; James H. McClung, slight wound; Thomas McClusky, bullet through muscles of back; Lester T. Wiggans, bullet through right thigh; Michael Kelly, bullet through knee; W. L. Mansfield, bullet through ankle; John Bradley, right arm fractured by bullet; Henry D. Baldwin, bullet through chest; John Gillen, shell wound on head; W. H. Van Horn, bullet through wrist; Joseph Warfing, bullet through left leg; James Murray, bullet through left hip and hand; Malcolm Stone, slight Wound; Henry Montanus, slight wounds.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. C-Jos. McHenry, private; Jos. E. Darrow, private.
Co. D-Wm. Revere, private.
Co. E-Alfred Copley, private.
Co. G-John McGunnigle, private, died Aug. 10.
Co. I-Felix Cescadden, died Sept. 14.
F. Hardiman, left arm; Jos. Darrow, hip; Jos. McHenry.

Co. A-Henry B. Stall, John Chamberlain.
Co. B-Abram Crosier, C. B. Potter.
Co. H-Chester C. Shaw.
Co. K-Hugh McKinley.
John W. Browning, slight wound.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Chester C. Shaw, Corporal.

Samuel Tobias.

Co. E-Sergeant John H. Jenks.
Co. H-Private Walter Hart.
No wounded.

Co. E-Sergeant Wm. H. Merrill, J. T. Clague, Mitchell Magitrick.
Co. H-C. H. Hunt, John R. Stout, William Aplin, H. P. Boyd.
Co. K-John M. Simmons, H. S. Wells, Charles Nash, Orson Jewett, J. Mudge, Volney Mudge, Chas. Dwinelle, J. C. Fowler, Jacob Tucker, H. Vandresser, Chas. W. Tibbitts.
Co. C-E. M. Davis, George W. Dunn, W. Barnes, C. F. Yeuney, George Butler, W. Van Alstyne, Ford Fanning, John Boyden.
Co. D-C. W. Platt, C. B. Fairchild, Wm. F. Trail, John Slogan, James McCauley.
Co. G-G. Agard, A. H. Hunt, T. J. Briggs, Wm. Hall, John Merritt.
Co. I-J. H. Reading.
Co. F-Leonard Corby, E. H. Warner, E. M. Watrous, A. Gerrig.
Co. A-John Chamberlain.
Co. B-A. H. Crowell.
Charles W. Platt, slightly wounded; Solomon Ward, left hand shattered by shot; Joseph Butler, musket-ball through neck and shoulder; John Metzer, musket-ball in wrist and hip; Edwin Bond, bullet through right leg; Wm. Welch, canister-shot through mouth; George Marshall Anderson, shell wound in left ankle; Charles W. Berry, slight wound; Wm. Hanlon, right leg amputated; Theodore Yates, canister wound in right thigh; J. R. Johnson, left thigh broke by bullet; Sergt. J. G. Willman, right leg fractured by bullet; W. P. Sampson, bullet through right foot; S. A. McKune, bullet through right hip and muscles of abdomen; Ely Barrett, bullet through body; John W. Bishop, bullet through left thigh; Henry S. Wells, slight wound.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. A.-Thomas Smith.
Co. D.-James Coon.
Co. E.-Sergt. W. H. Merrill.
Co. F-Leonard Crosby.
Co. G-John Merritt.
Co. H-Charles H. Hunt.
Co. I-Laurence Powers, J. O. Andrews.
Co. K-Delos Curtis, died July 27.
Co. not stated-Charles Demorest, left leg; J. S. Oliver, right foot.
Co. E-William Welch, Julius A. Crandell, Wm. Milehan.

Co. G-G. H. Alberts. No wounded.

Co. B-Louis H. Williams, Lewis Leonard, Alfred C. Bowers.
Co. I-Sergt. W. E. Straight, Edward Chevallier, Edwin Close, J. C. Smith, Byron, Sweeza, John Jackson, William Phalon, F. V. Hamilton.
Co. K-James McCormick, Patrick Waters.
Co. F-Joseph B. Shephard, Henry Hilliard.
Co. C-Shemmelpfence, Joseph Meyers, Adolphus Keller, Samuel Schaublin, Adolphus Ahr, Albert Scharf.
Co. G-Thomas Casserly, Thomas Kerr.
Co. H-William Todd, George P. Boutwell, Hugh F. Dunnigan.
Co. D-Martin Donohoe, Lewis Walsrode.
Co. E-John Kelsey.
Edwin Close, canister-shot in hip; Sylvanus Green, bullet through right arm; Benjamin Taylor, right arm broke by bullet; Hen. Van Narum, shell wound in face; Theodore V. Hamilton, bullet through right ankle; Hugh F. Dunnigan, bullet through right hand and ankle; Jacob Shemelpefang, bullet through left hip; Joseph Meyer, bullet through left elbow; Patrick Waters, bullet in head; Andrew Klaila, bullet in right shoulder; Albert Scharf, bullet through left arm and side; William Fielding, bullet through left hip; Albert Sharp, slight wound; Anthony Welder, bullet through right thigh; Ferdinand Kelly, bullet through right thigh; Calvin I. C. Gould, slight wound.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Joseph D. Potter, Major.
Co. B.-James H. Hart, Lewis W. Williams.
Co. C.-John Hirt.
Co. G.-Thomas S. Hamblin, First Lieutenant; Edward Sweeney.
Co. I-M. E. Straight, Orderly Sergeant; J. V. Harley, private.
Co. K-James A. Coburn, private; Wesley Sumner, private.
Hospital No. 2, Ward No. 3.
Co. G-Patrick McGinn, steward; Henry Hege, Charles Radiger.
Company not stated-John Gumberton, Jas. Hart.

Co. F.-Privates James Kane, Richard Dunn, Owen Donahue.
Co. A.-Thomas Brown, John Gaffney, Thomas Montgomery.
Co. B.-John C. McNeill, John Nugent, Wm. Moore, James Maginnis, Wm. Joyce.
Co. C.-Patrick Loyne, William Nedley, Patrick Blake.
Co. D.-Michael Coleman, George McCune, Jeremiah Costigan.
Co. E.-Robert H. Fitchett, Owen Duffy.
Co. G.-Thomas Dunbar, Stephen Connor, Michael Brennan, James M. Rorty.
Co. H.-Edward Magrath.
Co. I.-John H. Brown, Jeremiah Sullivan, George M. Disney, Charles King.
Co. K.-Sergeant Wm. Donohue, James Kane, Dan'l Cassidy.
Engineer Corps.-Thomas Maguire, James Gaynor, Edward Sweeney, John Cotter, Richard Flynn.
Color Sergeant.-John Murphy.
Michael Brennan, right leg fractured by bullet; John Moran, bullet through left leg; Edward Shaughnessy, bullet through right forearm; Owen Donoghue, bullet in right breast; Peter Kelly, bullet through hip and thigh; Dennis Shorter, bullet through chest; John Jackson, bullet through left leg; Thos. Montgomery, bullet through neck; John Benjamin Bate, bullet through left knee; Patrick Brennan, bullet in head; Peter Murphy, right thigh broke by bullet; Michael Keating, bullet through left foot; Patrick McGill, bullet through right foot; John McTague, bullet through left leg; Thomas Hughes, bullet through right arm and side.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Engineer Corps-John Hussey, private.
Co. A.-Bernard Reynolds, private; Jeremiah Peters, private.
Co. B.-Luke Doyle, private.
Co. E.-John Fitzgerald, private; Bernard Quinn, private; Wm. Powers, private died Aug. 2.
Co. F.-James Mulaney, Corporal, died Aug. 10; Dominick O'Malley, private; James Kane, private.
Co. G.-Thos. McNichol, private; Henry D. Higgins, private, died Aug. 7.
Co. H.-Thomas Herbert, private; Jas. McGrath, private.
Co. I.-Thos. Madigan, private, died Aug. 21; John Vaughan, private, died July 2.
At Hospital No. 2.
Robert Burns, John Donnelly, side and left leg; Thos. McMichol, through lungs; John Fitzgerald, right leg; Dom. O'Malley, left thigh; Thos. Herbert, left leg.

Co. F-Private D. W. Whitaker, J. C. Stamler, J. H. Sanes.
Co. A-Edwin Cole, Charles Witpen.
Co. B-Edward Hennison.
Co. G-Enoch Tompkins.
Co. E-C. A. Pavey, J. P. Imley, J. W. Dickens.
Co. H-G. W. Smith.
In Hospital.
Co. C-R. D. Tompkins.
Co. G-Thomas Daisy.
Bushrod E. Vaughn, wounded in the face; Jacob C. Stamler; finger amputated; A. W. Whittaker, bullet through left leg; Thomas C. Deasy, spent common shot in groin; Wm. P. Demarest, arm fractured by shell; Charles A. Pavie, bullet through the thigh; J. W. Bowers, slight wound; Alfred A. Hyde, bullet through right shoulder; George W. Green, left arm broken by bullet; John W. R. Mould, bullet in left shoulder; Wm. M. Smith, right leg amputated.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. B-T. E. Worcester, Sergeant.
Co. G-Enoch Tompkins, private; Henry Rockefellow, Orderly Sergeant.

Co. A-Thomas H. Lowe, Wm. Gage.
Co. I-Anthony J. Carrigan.
Co. B-H. C. Burke.
Co. K-George Morse.
The remainder of the prisoners of this regimen [sic] have been sent to Castle Pinckney.
Samuel McCartney, musket ball in left thigh; Wm. Fawcett, bullet through left elbow; Thomas H. Armstrong, slight wound; James Scott, slight wound; Charles Macavey, bullet through left hip; Stephen Crymble, spent ball, left thigh; Robert Perry, bullet through left side; James Colgan, bullet through right fore arm; Wm. Stevenson, bullet in head; Monroe Prick(Brink?); bullet in head and right thigh; A. C. H. Webster, bullet in left thigh; Edmund Weatherall, bullet in head; Wm. Mitchell, bullet through left hand; John McClerry, two bullets through both hips and thighs; John Johnson, bullet through left side; James F. Carlisle, right leg fractured by bullet; James Langland, bullet through left lower jaw; Charles L. Burns, bullet through left side; Joseph Guildersleeve, right arm amputated; Peter Thomson, three fingers, right hand shot away.
At St. Mark's.
Co. A-Thos. H. Lowe, private.
Co. B-David Donahoe, private. Died, Aug. 1.
Co. C-David A. Thompson, private.
Co. F-John Padbury, Sergeant; John I. Lucas, private; Andrew Paul, Corporal, died Aug. 11.
Co. G-John Potter, private.
Co. H-Robert T. Shillinghaw, Captain; John McKenzie, Orderly Sergeant; Edward J. Evans, shoulder and left arm; John Padbury, Sergeant, left shoulder; John Potter, left shoulder; David Thompson, body.

Co. H-Daniel Rogers. No wounded.

Not Classified-John Burritt. No wounded.

Wagonmaster, N. F. Palmer.
Hospital Steward, Ira Tripp. No wounded.

Co. I-Wilson P. Palmer. No wounded.

Co. I-Charles Carroll.
_____ Rosenbrantz.

Co. E-James McLaughlin, George Wise.
Co. F-A. Spader.
Co. I-J. Morris.
Not classified-Christian Hunt, William Sergeant, Kane Kowrtzky.
Co. E-Haskell F. Proctor, private.

Co. I-Paul Neumiller.

Co. A-Privates Theodore Burt, John Baudle, Carlos Burroughs, Myron Whaley, Richard Waldson, Andrew Scoville, Corporal Frank Williams.
Co. B-Privates James McCabe, George W. Williams, Samuel Boyl; George Robinson, waiter John Rafferty.
Co. C-Sergeants E. R. Stiles, W. W. Parmenter, E. W. Morey; Corporal I. F. Mack; privates William Biggs, F. Bodle (Bodie?); J. M. Burns, H. D. Claghorn, E. T. Curtis, J. M. Finch, A. Hubbell, A. M. Halbert, S. B. Kingsbury, E. C. Newton, J. S. Noble, A. Osborn, A. Parker, E. C. Root, W. H. Scott, D. H. Thompson, L. V. Tuttle, Leroy Warren, W. W. Wheeler, E. R. Smith, Harry Wood, Fife Major; S. T. Gill, Fifer; Horace Hunton, Drummer.
Co. D-Privates Charles Carroll, Benj. Jenkins, A. Dodge; N. K. Hubbard, Corporal; privates J. A. Rubicon, John Shelby, John Smith, A. E. Smith, P. H. Smith.
Co. E-Privates, James Butler, R. W. Blakesley, L. M. Blakesley, W. F. Bartlett, John Barks, Wm. Cherry, Geo. Downing, John Haun, John Sheltus, Geo. Sweet, Francis Stilwell, Wm. Gibbs, Zebet Fox; Sergeant Frank Wilcoxson.
Co. G-Corporal A. C. Logan; Privates Lemuel Bolls, Michal Hetlic.
Co. H-Corporal E. C. Palmer; Private J. N. Mohler.
Co. I-Privates James Johnson, D. H. Johnson, Charles Basine, James Snider, Fredy Larkins, Nicholas Fredenburg, G. W. V. Thompson, Morgan Lewellyn,
Co. K-Sergeant Adolph Kohlman; Privates Henry Ackerman, Simeon Beihl, Englebert Tendy, Gostav Gruevwold, Charles Haskell, Thobias Hatfeg, John Miller, Christian Detniger, Solomon Reney, John Schmidt, Charles Stahl, Julius Wolf, Ant. Gitzeman; Servant, Adam Schwartz.
Wounded, at Hospital No. 2.
Co. C-Lucius Tuttle, R. W. Blakely.

Co. G-James Stewart.

Co. H-J. Tram.
Co. F-G. B. Shaffer.

Co. C-Rueben Thomas, private.

Not Classified.
Charles Ingalls, Wm. Moore

Co. A-A. Benson.
Co. C-James Livingston.
Wm. Thornton, musket ball through left hand; Thos. S. Montgomery, bullet through right hand; C. S. Chapman, bullet through right leg; Frank A. Pease, slight wound; Hiram F. Lane, bullet through chest; Charles A. Brinkerhoff, bullet through body; Charles Kaufmann, ball through right forearm.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. A-Chas. Ingles, private; Wm. A. Cunningham, private, died Aug. 6.
Co. B-D. J. Briggs, private.
Co. C-D. M. Holmes, private.
Co. F-Joseph Hubbell, private; Emiel Sheppard, private.
Co. G-Peter Tuple, private, died Aug. 4.
Co. K-John Reich, private; George Parker, private, died Aug. 27.
At Hospital No. 2.
D. J. Briggs, right leg amputated below the knee; Emiel Sheppard, not stated; D. Morey Holmes, right ankle; W. H. H. Smith, not stated.

Co. C-David Strong, Fritz Reghter, Daniel O'Brien, John House, George Best, W. S. Taylor, _____ McSkinnen.
Co. F-Wm. H. Upham, A. Henry.
Co. E-Prosper Stimson, S. D. Pitcher, W. H. Marden.
Co. K-Sergeant A. B. Gaskill, S. K. Hagadorn.
Co. D-Hugh Murray, J. S. Bell, John Jones, Andrew Bean, William McRea, Orville Wilcox, John Bell, J. Southard, Fred. Maine, J. Silman, John Hamilton, dead.
Co. A-Nathan Heath, Robert Welch, E. C. Marsh. Drummer-Henry Rhode.
Co. B-J. M. Hawkins, G. F. Marshall, John Donovan, Robert Burns, Joseph Frame, S. P. Jackson, John Knoblock, dead.
Co. H-D. C. Holdridge.
Co. I-J. Gregory, George Dilly, W. Smith, F. Brune.
Not Classified-Horace Stroud, W. N. Owens, E. L. Reed.
David Strong, bullet through left lung; Sylvester D. Pitcher, shell-wound in left knee; Prosper Simpson, bullet through both shoulders; W. H. Upham, bullet through left shoulder; E. S. Best, bullet through both thighs; John House, bullet through left thigh; George A. Beck, bullet through left leg; F. Reikler, bullet through left side; Wm. McRae, slight wounds; Andrew J. Curtis, bullet through left thigh; J. S. Bell, slight wound; John Hoback, bullet through right thigh.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
Co. B-Privates S. P. Jackson, John Donovan, Auton Knoblauch, died Aug. 7.
Co. C-Second Lieut. William Booth, Corporal Belknap Fuguo, died Aug. 19.
Co. D-Privates Fred. H. Maine, Orand Wilcox.
Co. E-Second Lieut. John P. Erskin, Private Lotridge Fergusson, died Sept. 8.
Co. F-Privates J. Anderson, F. M. Lacy.
Co. G-Privates, John P. Christie, died Aug. 11; Daniel Crane.
Co. H-Privates, E. L. Reed, E. R. Reed.
Co. I-Private Wm. A. Owens.
Co. K-Private W. N. Mudin.
At Hospital No. 2.
C. C. Marsh, L. J. Perry, J. A. McIntosh, right thigh; Daniel Crane, (Co. G.) let [sic] arm; Jas. W. Anderson, left leg.

Co. A-W. H. H. Dooley, W. Schneider, W. Becer or Baker, Keefer.
Co. C-Charles J. Clark, Eugene Wilmer, C. Smith, H. William.
Co. F-Lieut. Welch, Charles W. Merritt, Henry Burgtof, Hans Halstead, J. W. Imeson, C. H. Hubbs, John Barrow, Frederick E. Miller, C. Mills.
Co. H-John White, Michael Yawman, Christian Bitka, A. J. Young, John Closer, Newton Brown.
Co. K-J. S. Eaton, J. D. Durfee, C. E. Lincoln, E. Remore.
Co. D-O. S. King, Theodore Brown.
Co. G-James Russel.
Co. I-Mark Kenney.
Co. E-Oscar Sears.
Not Classified-Eugene Wilmer, Oscar Noyes, Frederick A. Braun.
James R. McNally, fracture lower jaw by bullet; James E. Russell, musket-ball through left shoulder; O. S. King, slight wound; Mark M. Kenney, slight wound; John Barron, musket-ball through right shoulder; W. G. Randolph, bullet through chest and forearm; John O. Milne, bullet in chest, right forearm broken; Charles G. Tanner, bullet in right knee; Dennis Crandel, bullet in right foot; C. C. Marr, bullet in right lung; Wm. Potter, bullet in right shoulder; F. A. Braun, bullet in right foot; George Maddock, bullet through right forearm; J. B. Halstead, left fingers shot away, and amputated; J. T. Sallee, fracture of clavicle by bullet; W. J. Conley, bullet through left foot; J. L. Twitchell, three bullets in left hip; Henry Kroner, bullet through right leg; Henry A. Hubert, or Hubbard, bullet through left shoulder; Ernst Tresger, bullet through right shoulder; Joseph P. Garrison, bullet through left hip and pelvis; Chauncy Squire, not stated; Richmond Richardson, bullet through right arm; John B. Meggens, bullet through left shoulder; Newton Brown, bullet through right arm and lung; Sergeant Harris, bullet through left shoulder; ______ Alderson, bullet through right lung; James Rawley, bullet through right hip; ____________ Ladd, bullet through stomach; J. Mosbinger, flesh wound in right side; E. Dresher, musket-ball through right shoulder; Levi Emery, musket-ball through hand; J. Barrows, musket-ball through shoulder; Sergeant H. C. Wright, musket-ball through left thigh; Charles Coombs, musket-ball through muscles of both thighs; J. M. Lee, musket-ball through right thigh; David Schonly, fracture of left leg, amputated.

Co. B-Chas. W. Reif, private.
Co. K-Wm. Staltankamp, private; Christian Neubrant, private.
Co. F-Jacob Bietsleman, private.


Co. C-J. V. Williams.

Co. I-John Langdon.
Hermann Vuorgthanden, bullet through left leg; John Langdon, slight wound.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
George Gray, private, right thigh fractured.

Co. D-John Dillon.
Co. E-William Desman, Henry Brown, Charles Brown, John Baur, George Hepp, Gotlieb Haller, Michael Nilan, Geo. Williams, Henry Hotcher. Musician-Thomas Maguire.
Not Classified-Augustus Shurtz.
George Robby, right foot amputated.

Co. A-Alex. Campbell.
Sergeant Stephen Kane, artillery ball through body.

Co. E-Alfred W. Burnham.

Co. C-James J. Cassidy.
Co. F-Edwin Tottersall.
Co. K-Edwin Smith.

Co. K-John Connell, John C. Bunch.
John Connell, musket ball through right hip.

John Butler, cannister [sic] shot through foot; Thomas Wynn, bullet through thigh.


Co. D-Richard Murphy.
Co. H-A. Buchanan, Patrick Murphy, Neil McLaughlin, Mark White.
Co. K-Patrick Burke.
Not Classified-C. H. Havens, Lewis Richmond.
Wm. R. Brannan, bullet through leg; Mark White, slight wound; Francis Pflasterer, bullet through right leg; John McPhillips, bullet through right leg.
At St. Mark's Hospital.
J. Ford Kent, Second Lieutenant; Wm. Dickinson, Adjutant; Chas. H. Evans, private Co. B.

James Cunningham, Michael Collingham.


Co. D-Garrett Steiner.
Co. B-Genet Steiner, Josiah T. Hougton.
Not Designated.
J. Slemens, Henry Clark, M. Cannon, J. Lane, W. Bradford, A. J. Wood, G. Hunt, J. Hessler, E. Foley, H. McCoy, J. Cook.

Daniel Hall, Daniel Fox, Rufus Ashley, Calvin Cobb.


Carl Nieman, New-York City; John Hurdley, Illinois; Thomas Cooper, D. C.; W. H. Garges, Fairfax County, Va.; R. E. Garges, Fairfax County, Va.; A. S. Tennison, Fairfax County, Va.
J. L. Saunders, seaman.
Edward Taylor, Cincinnati; _________ Rheilmann, not stated.



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