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Deceased Prisoners of War

August 1 to November 1861
Source: The Richmond Enquirer; Published December 1, 1861

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Published: December 1, 1861
From the Richmond Enquirer, Nov. 20.

The following is a correct list of all the prisoners of war who have a died in the several Confederate States prisons in this city from August 1 to Friday last:

W.M. Smith, New-York Seventy-first;
Albert Penott, First Rhode Island;
A.T. White, do;
W.F. Oxford Second New-Hampshire;
E.N. Kables, Second Vermont;
T.B. Smith, Second Rhode Island;
John Williams, Thirteenth New-York;
John Bradley, Fourteenth New-York;
H.P. Hale, Eleventh New-York;
T.B. Nichols, Thirteenth New-York;
Horace Hunter, Third Maine;
Henry Smith, Eleventh New-York;
A.E. Farmer, Eleventh Massachusetts;
T.P. Garrison, First Minnesota;
Charles McAvoy, Seventy-ninth New-York;
A. Jacques, Second Rhode Island;
T.N. Cobb, do.;
T.F. Salle, First Minnesota;
Charles R. Prescott, Fourteenth New-York;
John B. Miller, Eleventh New-York;
T.A. Campbell, Fourteenth New-York;
Stephen Russell, Third Maine;
Charles H. Chase, Second New-Hampshire;
John Spring, Second Vermont;
T.R. Johnson, Twenty-seventh New-York;
S. Weld, Eleventh Massachusetts;
Benjamin T. Bate, (Engineer,) Sixty-ninth New-York;
Francis Loresy, Fourteenth New-York;
Charles Durand, Twelfth New-York;
John Hamilton, Second Wisconsin;
E.M. Thomas, First Minnesota;
John Leonard, Second Vermont;
A.H. Brown, Third Maine;
A.B. Bailey, Second New-Hampsihre;
A.M. Hunt, Twenty-seventh New-York;
Charles McDonald, Seventy-ninth New-York.
T.A. Zettle, Fifteenth Pennsylvania;
N.C. Buck, Seventy-ninth New-York, (shot);
S. Tobias, Nineteenth New-York;
P. Murray, Eighth United States;
Isaas Rodman, Second Rhode Island;
C.H. Evans, Second United States;
S.B. Garven, Fourth Maine;
W.C. Haynes, Second New-Hampshire;
Charles E. Trowbridge, Second Wisconsin;
T.H. McClung, Fourteenth New-York;
James Jones, citizen, Greenbriar County, Virginia;
C. Huson, Jr., citizen, Rochester, New-York;
G.M. Andrews, Twenty-seventh New-York;
George W. Anderson, Fourth Maine;
Simeon Gerald, citizen, Boone County, Va.;
David S. Brooks, Second New-Hampshire;
J. Cunningham, Eighth United States;
G.M. Clenby, Second Maine;
P.F. Slack, First Connecticut;
E.L. Reed, Second Wisconsin;
J. Truxall, Twenty-fifth Ohio;
Richard Gleason, Eleventh New-York, (shot);
Dan. Yeager, Fifteenth Pennsylvania;
J.D. Durffee, First Minnesota;
Jacob Dietz, Fourteenth New-York;
J.C. Gilman Second Maine;
Henry C. Sarvis, citizen, Hardy County, Va.;
Charles W. Tibbitts, Twenty-seventh New-York;
Wm. Walcup, citizen, Virginia;
George Farland, do Joel Sites, citizen, Hardy County, Va.

Total, 67.

The two prisoners referred to above as having been shot, were fired upon and killed at different periods by the guards, while engaged in violating well-known rules of the prison. All of the deceased prisoners, with the exception of Mr. MUSON, who was buried in Holywood Cemetry, were interred in a burial ground specially appropriated to that purpose by the Confederate States Government.

[Source: The Richmond Enquirer; Published December 1,1861 - Sub by K.Torp]




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