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The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , March 11, 1812
The following is the opinion of the President on the proceedings of the court martial held at Frederick.

General Wilkinson
I have examined and considered the foregoing proceedings of the general court martial at Frederick town for the trial of Brig. James Wilkinson – and although I have observed in those proceedings, with regret, that there are instances in the conduct of the court, as well as of the officer on trial which are evidently and justly objectionable, his acquittal of the several charges exhibited against him is approved and his sword restored to him.
James Madison - February 14, 1812

The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , June 3, 1812
Gen. Wilkinson left this place on Saturday morning last, for New Orleans to resume the command of the troops on the Mississippi. – Nat. Int.

The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , May 6 1812
The honorable William H. Crawford of Georgia in consequence of the death of General Clinton, exercises the duties, will receive the salary of Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate. – Ib

The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , JULY 8, 1812
Colonel Burr – once so celebrated for his talents, and latterly so much talked of for his sufferings, lately arrived in Newburyport from France and England and passed through Boston on his way to N. York.

The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , JULY 29, 1812
Aaron Burr has opened an Office as Attorney and Counselor at Law, at No. 9, Nassan street, New York.

The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , August 12, 1812
Hagerstown, August 4, 1812
Passed through this place on Thursday last, on a visit to the seat of government, twenty seven Indians, under the protection of Gen. Clarke. They consisted of several Osages, from the Missouri, Foxes and Siouxs from the Mississippi. The Osages area said to be the most numerous tribe of Indians and to have 1500 warriors.

The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), November 4, 1812
Plattsburgh, Oct. 16.
General Orms, with Col. Martindale’s regiment of Vermont detached militia arrived in this place on Wednesday last.

Capt. Baker, late of the north-western army, who returned on parole, passed through town on his way to Quebec, with clothing and money for those unfortunate but brave fellows who were surrendered prisoners of war at Detroit


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