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War of 1812

Copied From the Original in the Departments of State.
Contributed by Miss Isabel Smith of the Library. Navy Department
Source: The National Genealogical Society Quarterly April 1915 Vol. VI No 1
Transcribed by a Friend of Free Genealogy


The Privateer Brig General Armstrong
Captain S.C. Reid, Commander
Which fought a most thrilling battle in the harbor of Fayal

Her crew consisted of 90 men, including officers. She was commanded by Samuel Chester Reid. Captain Reid and his officers and his men received the thanks of Congress for the intrepid valor in thus gloriously maintaining the honor of the American flag. In addition, Congress voted him a gold sword.

Captain Reid was not only known as the valorous commander of the Armstrong, but he designed the present form of the United States flag as adopted by Congress in 1818 and which was first hoisted on the Capitol on April 13, of that year.

The battle of the Armstrong, or as it has been characterized "The Thermopylae of the Ocean" was fought at Fayal, one of the Azores or Western Islands belonging to Portugal.

Captain Reid reached Fayal at noon on the 26th day of September, and ran into the bay of the town of Da Horta. Captain Reid had gone ashore to make arrangements with the American Consul Mr. John B. Dabney, for fresh supplies and water. About sundown the British Brig of War Carnation have in sight followed by the frigate Rosa and ship of the line Plantagenet. The squadron was on its way to join Cochran's fleet at Jamaica. That evening a desperate battle ensued, resulting in a victory for the Americans, they having defeated an overwhelming force.

The Long Tom, the gun that did such wonderful work on the Armstrong, was presented to the United States by the Portuguese Government and arrived in New York on the ship Vega on April 18, 1893, and was sent to the Chicago Exhibition. It is now in the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

Samuel C. Reid.
William Forbes
Frederick A. Worth
Alex. O. Williams
Robert Johnson
Benjamin Starks
John Brosnaham
Robert E. Allyn
Thomas Parsons
Peter Tyson
Eliphalet Sheffield
James Davis
Peter Johnson
John Adams
John Campbell
William H. Watson
William Fleming
Elisha Kemfield
Ebenezer Peck
Benjamin Penny
John Blight
John Neilson
William Aikin
Henry Deming
William Whetmore
William Bishop
William Mack-
John T. Brown
Isaac Post
John Tolavan
Levi L. Ring
Barzilla Hammond
John Hall
Alexander Fitch
Phillip Mayo
Pelham Cole
John Smith
Joseph Hill
Silvanus Rider
Hugh Smith
James Hadley
James Hubbard
John Penn
Antoni Lamaree
James Clark
Isaac Wendel
Amasa Smith
James Benson
Luther Roath
Riny Mallery
William Kemble
John Harrison
John Thompson
John C. Bowne
William Castle
Daniel Whetmore
George Green
George Smith
Peter De Joy
Elijah Blake
John Barnard
Pouncey Cockron
Nicholas Scolston
Joseph Matts
James Cole
William Blany
James Ocean
Cornelius Flocker
Barton Cloyd
John Ives
John James
William Bushfield.
Clement Hoggins
Elisha Hammond
Robert Trobridge
James Coffin
Alvy Grannis
John Blossom
Edward Thompson
Thomas Ramage
Enoch Stillman
Isaac Seaman
Richard Payne
Michael Maybee
Charles Wiseman
Absalom Parsons
John Oliver
John Antony
William Ross
William Rogers

I, the undersigned, hereby certify and declare that the foregoing Muster Roll was made out and written under my inspection by Robert E. Allyn, Captain's Clerk and Captain of Marines on board the Brig, General Armstrong; and that it is a full and correct list of the names of all persons who were on board the said Brig at the time she sailed from New York last, which was on the 9th of September, 1814. Affirmed before me this

9th day of Sept., 1840.
Rich'd Reed,
Com'r of Deeds.
New York, September 9, 1840.
Sam'l C. Reid.



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