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FIGHTING FOR OFFICE – Chickasaws Defeated in an Election Contest, Resorts to Arms

At a recent election held in the Chickasaw Nation for sheriff, WILLIS and CHARLES BROWN and NOAH MCGUILL claimed to have been duly elected. Their claims were ignored by the legislature. It seems that they were unwilling to abide by the decisions and gathered their followers at Tishomingo, the capitol of the nation, to enforce their claims. Last Tuesday morning Governor Mosely issued orders to all sheriffs, constables and deputies through the nation to report to him at once with arms. When the officers gathered around the house 200 armed men, headed by McGuill and the Brown brothers, rushed from adjoining houses and a fierce fight followed, in which six men were killed and eight wounded.

The names of the dead and wounded could not be ascertained, owing to the great excitement which prevailed. Governor Mosely and his official retinue escaped by rushing to houses on the outskirts of town. Mosely has called a special session of the legislature to take action. Tishomingo is now in a terrible state of excitement and the white people are fleeing.
[Hamilton News Press, Marion county, AL - April 25, 1895 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney]



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