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Greenville Treaty (?)
We learn from Vincennes, Indiana Territory, that about the middle of last month, (August) the Delaware Tribe relinquished to the United States, all their claim to the extensive tract of country which lies between the Ohio, Wabash, and the road leading from Post Vincennes, to the Great Falls of Ohio. It fronts the Ohio, about 300 miles, and its acquirements by the United States, is of immense value, as it will facilitate the establishment of extensive settlements on White river, the Wabash and the Mississippi; great part of it is first rate land, plentifully watered, and abundantly supplied with good timber.[The Sprig of Liberty, Gettysburg, PA - September 21 1804 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

We lately stated on information from the Indiana territory that the
Delaware Tribe of Indians had ceded to the United States, all the country between the Ohio and Wabash rivers, as high up as the road leading from Vincenes to Louisville. We are now informed that the title of the U.S. was incomplete by the relinquishment of the Delawares, as the Piankashaws who were the original proprietors of the country, had refused to admit the right of the Delawares to sell it. It appears that the latter, who are emigrants from the shores of the Chesapeake and the Delaware bays, went to that country about 35 years ago, and the Piankashaws offered to divide with them their land upon condition of uniting with them against their mortal enemies the Chikasaws, with whom they at that time waged a bloody and unsuccessful war. The Piankashaws on the contrary assert, that the Delawares were only to have the use of the country to live and hunt upon in conjunction with themselves, but that they had no right to sell it. The dispute however, has been happily adjusted, and a treaty was signed on the 27th of August last, by governor Harrison, as commissioner on the part of the United States, and the chiefs of the Piankashaw tribe, by which the whole right of the latter to the above described country is vested in the United States. [The Sprig of Liberty, Gettysburg, PA - October 5 1804, Submitted by Nancy Piper]



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