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Quentin Roosevelt

Quentin Roosevelt
Quentin Roosevelt
95th Aero Squadron, France 1917

Paris, July 17. -- Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt, youngest son of the former president, has been killed in an airplane fight, the semi-official Havas News Agency announces. His machine fell into the enemy lines.
Lieut. Roosevelt was last seen in combat on Sunday morning with two enemy airplanes about 10 miles inside the German lines in the Chateau Thierry region. He started out with a patrol of 13 American machines. They encountered seven German machines, and were chasing them back, when two of them turned on Lieut. Roosevelt.
Quentin Roosevelt in April, 1917, joined the Canadian aviation corps to train for service in the American army. He was commissioned last fall, and in the present spring drive began active service with the American air forces on the French front. On July 3 he took part in an aerial battle between American and German machines in the Marne region, and a few days later, on July 10, it was announced that he had brought down his first German airplane in a fight north of Chateau Thierry.
["The Covington Leader", Thursday, July 18, 1918 - RB - Sub. by a FoFG]
NOTE: Quentin's body was exhumed and moved to the World War II American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, France, in 1955. He is buried next to his brother Brigadier General "Ted" Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who had died of a heart attack in France in 1944, shortly after leading his troops in landings on Utah Beach on D-Day as Assistant 4th Infantry Division Commander (an act which would earn him the Medal of Honor). Quentin's original gravestone is now currently on display at Sagamore Hill. The German-made basswood cross that marked Quentin's original gravesite is on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton Ohio. [source: wikipedia]




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