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Oldest Revolutionary War Pensionsers

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Four Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers are kept by Uncle Sam
November 15 1901
There are four widows and five daughters of Revolutionary soldiers on the pension rolls of the United States. Of the widows, the oldest is 88 and the youngest 85. Two of the daughters of Revolutionary soldiers are residents of Pennsylvania, the first Susannah Chadwick, aged 86, residing at Emporia
(Emporium), Cameron county (PA) and the second, Sarah C. Hurlbutt, aged 83, at Little Marsh, Tioga county (PA). The oldest of these pensioners is Hannah N. Barrett of Boston, aged 101 and the youngest Rhoda A. Thompson, aged 80, of Woodbury, Conn. Both the latter are daughters of soldiers who fought in the Revolution. The last survivor of the war of the Revolution Daniel F. Bakeman, died in Freedom, Cattaraugus county, N.Y., April 5, 1869, aged 109 years, 6 months and 8 days. The Revolutionary war ended in 1783 or 118 years ago. Should the widows and children of the Civil war attain the years of those of the struggle for independence there will be Civil war pensioners at late as 1983. If the last survivor of the Civil war lives to the age of Daniel F. Bakeman, the last survivor of the Revolutionary war, the active pension list for the war for the Union will not be ended until 1951.

The only surviving pensioned soldier of the war of 1812 is Hiram Cronk, of Ava, Oneida county NY. Mr. Crock is 101 years old. There are, however, 1,527 pensioned widows of the war of 1812. There are 7,368 survivors of the soldiers who served in the war with Mexico, which ended in 1848 and, in addition, there are 8,109 pensioned widows of such soldiers, making a total of 13,677 who are receiving government bounty on account of the Mexican war, ended 53 years ago. The list is decreasing, however, nearly 900 having died during the last fiscal year.

Source: "The Courier" (Connellsville, Pennsylvania) November 15 1901
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