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Slave Biographies and Documents

Michael Shiner
: (1805 - 1880) Slave, Freeman and Entrepreneur [located on our Washington, D.C. website]
Harriet Beans - Certificate of Freedom
Enoch George Bell - Manumission & Biography
Slave Owner Margaret Catherine Barber's Petition for Compensation May 22, 1862

Many more biographies and documents contributed by John Sharp on our Washington DC website including:

COOK Family - Bill of Sale John Davidson to Alethia "Lethe" Browning Tanner
DOYNES, Betsey - Manumission Document
HOLLAND, Phebe & Elleanor - Affidavit of Freedom
JONES, Edwin - Manumission Document
LIVERPOOL, Hezekiah - Affidavit of Freedom
LIVERPOOL, Moses - Certificate of Freedom
LIVERPOOL, Moses - Manumission Document
MUSE, Charlotte - Bill of Sale & Manumission Documents
OAKLEY, William - Manumission Document
SIMMS, Betsey - Certificate of Freedom
SMALLWOOD, Mary - Affidavit of Freedom
TANNER, Alethia "Lethe" Browning - Manumission Document including Biography & Will



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