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The General Society of the Cincinnati is a historic association in the United States and France with limited and strict membership requirements. Membership was limited to officers who served in the Continental Army and Navy and also included officers of the French Army and Navy who met the same requirements. Membership was passed down to the eldest son, after the death of the original member. The criteria were to have been an officer in the Continental Army or Navy for a period of three years, an officer who died or was killed in the line of duty, or an officer serving until the close of the war.

The Society is named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, who left his farm to accept a term as Roman Consul and then subsequently for a short time as Magister Populi, thereby assuming near-total control of Rome to meet a war emergency. When the battle was won, he returned control to the Senate and went back to plowing his fields. The Society's motto reflects that ethic: Omnia relinquit servare rempublicam - He abandons everything to serve the Republic. They set the three purposes of the Society, which are referred to as the "Immutable Principles":

To preserve the right so dearly won;
To promote continuing union between the states;
To assist members in need, or their widows and orphans.

George Washington was elected the first President General of the Society. He served from December 1783 until his death in 1799. The second President General was Alexander Hamilton. On June 19, 1783, the General Society of the Cincinnati adopted the Bald Eagle as its insignia.

The Society of the Cincinnati has always been considered the premiere lineage society in the United States. Its members include many of the most distinguished military leaders and civil servants in the history of the country, beginning with twenty-three of the fifty-four signers of the U.S. Constitution. The Society of The Cincinnati is the oldest continuous military society in North America.

Its current headquarters are the Anderson House, at 2118 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., which houses the Society's national headquarters, historic house museum, and research library on Embassy Row. 

society of the cincinnati eagle
Society of the Cincinnati eagle, drawing from B.J. Lossing's Pictoral Field Book of the Revolution


Source: Saffell, William Thomas Roberts;
Records of the Revolutionary War; 1858; New York, Pudney & Russell
Contributed by a Friend of Free Genealogy

The following is the Constitution of the Society of the Cincinnati, agreed upon at, the "Cantonment of the American Army, on Hudson River, May 13, 1783."

It having pleased the Supreme Governor of the Universe, in the disposition of human affairs, to cause the separation of the Colonies of North America from the domination of Great Britain, and after a bloody conflict of eight years, to establish them free, independent, and sovereign States, connected, by alliances founded on reciprocal advantages, with some of the greatest princes and powers of the earth.

To perpetuate, therefore, as well the remembrance of this vast event, as the mutual friendships which have been formed under the pressure of common danger, and in many instances cemented by the blood of the parties, the officers of the American army do hereby, in the most solemn manner, associate, constitute, and combine them selves into one SOCIETY OF FRIENDS, to endure as long as they shall endure, or any of their eldest male posterity, and in failure thereof, the collateral branches, who may be judged worthy of becoming its supporters and members.

The officers of the American army, having generally been taken from the citizens of America, possess high veneration for the character of that illustrious Roman, Lucius QUINTUS CINCINNATUS ; and being resolved to follow his example, by returning to their citizenship, they think they may, with propriety, denominate themselves THE SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI.

The following principles shall be immutable, and form the basis of the Society of the Cincinnati:

An incessant attention to preserve inviolate those exalted rights and liberties of human nature, for which they have fought and bled, and without which the high rank of a rational being is a curse in stead of a blessing.

An unalterable determination to promote and cherish, between the respective States, that union and national honor so essentially necessary to their happiness, and the future dignity of the American empire.

To render permanent the cordial affection subsisting among the officers. This spirit will dictate brotherly kindness in all things, and particularly extend to the most substantial acts of beneficence, according to the ability of the Society, towards those officers and their families who unfortunately may be under the necessity of receiving it.

The General Society will, for the sake of frequent communications, be divided into State Societies, and those again into such districts as shall be directed by the State Society.

The societies of the districts to meet as often as shall be agreed upon by the State Society ; those of the State on the fourth day of July annually, or oftener, if they shall find it expedient; and the General Society on the first Monday in May annually, so long as they shall deem it necessary, and afterwards, at least once in every three years.

At each meeting the principles of the institution will be fully considered, and the best measures to promote them adopted.

The State Societies will consist of all the members resident in each State respectively ; and any member removing from one State to another, is to be considered, in all respects, as belonging to the Society of the State in which he shall actually reside.

The State Societies to have a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and assistant treasurer, to be chosen annually by a majority of votes, at the State meeting.

Each State shall write annually, or oftener, if necessary, a circular letter to the other State Societies, noting whatever they may think worthy of observation, respecting the good of the Society, or the general union of the States, and giving information of the officers chosen for the current year. Copies of these letters shall be  regularly transmitted to the secretary-general of the Society, who will record them in a book to be assigned for that purpose.

The State Society will regulate every thing respecting itself and the societies of the districts, consistent with the general maxims of the Cincinnati; judge of the qualifications of the members who may be proposed ; and expel any member who, by conduct inconsistent with a gentleman and a man of honor, or by an opposition to the interests of the community in general, or the Society in particular, may render himself unworthy to continue a member.

In order to form funds which may be respectable, and assist the unfortunate, each officer shall deliver to the treasurer of the State Society one month s pay, which shall remain forever to the use of  the State Society ; the interest only of which, if necessary, to be appropriated to the relief of the unfortunate.

Donations may be made by persons not of the Society, and by members of the Society, for the express purpose of forming permanent funds for the use of the State Society ; and the interest of these donations appropriated in the same manner as that of the month's pay.

Moneys, at the pleasure of each member, may be subscribed in the societies of the districts, or the State societies, for the relief of the unfortunate members, or their widows and orphans, to be appropriated by the State Society only.

The meeting of the General Society shall consist of its officers, and a representation from each State Society, in number not exceeding five, whose expenses shall be borne by their respective State Societies.

In the general meeting, the president, vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and assistant treasurer-general, shall be chosen, to serve until the next meeting.

The circular letters which have been written by the respective State Societies to each other, and their particular laws, shall be read and considered, and all measures concerted which may conduce to the general intendment of the Society.

It is probable that some persons may make donations to the General Society, for the purpose of establishing funds for the further comfort of the unfortunate ; in which case such donations must be placed "in the hands of the treasurer-general, the interest only of which is to be disposed of, if necessary, by the general meeting.

All the officers of the American army, as well those who have resigned with honor, after three years service in the capacity of officers, or who have been deranged by the resolutions of Congress, upon the several reforms of the army, as those who shall have continued to the end of the war, have the right to become parties in this institution ; provided that they subscribe one month's pay, and sign their names to the general rules, in their respective State societies, those who are present with the army immediately, and others within six months after the army shall be disbanded, extra ordinary cases excepted. The rank, time of service, resolutions of Congress by which they have been deranged, and place of residence, must be added to each name ; and as a testimony of affection to the memory and the offspring of such officers as have died in the service, their eldest male branches shall have the same right of becoming members as the children of the actual members of the Society.

Those officers who are foreigners, not resident in any of the States, will have their names enrolled by the secretary -general, and are to be considered as members in the societies of any of the States in which they may happen to be.

And as there are, and will at all times be, men in the respective States, eminent for their abilities and patriotism, whose views may be directed to the same laudable objects with those of the Cincinnati, it shall be a rule to admit such characters as honorary members of the Society, for their own lives only : Provided always, that the number of honorary members in each State does not exceed a ratio of one to four of the officers or their descendants.

Each State Society shall obtain a list of its members, and, at the first annual meeting, the State secretary shall have engrossed, on parchment, two copies of the institution of the Society, which every member present shall sign ; and the secretary shall endeavor to procure the signature of every absent member ; one of those lists to be transmitted to the secretary-general, to be kept in the archives of the Society, and the other to remain in the hands of the State secretary. From the State lists, the secretary .general must make out, at the first general meeting, a complete list of the whole Society, with a copy of which he will furnish each State secretary.

The Society shall have an Order, by which its members shall be known and distinguished, which shall be a medal, of gold, of a proper size to receive the emblems, and suspended by a deep-blue ribbon, two inches wide, edged with white, descriptive of the union of America and France, viz. :

The principal figure, CINCINNATUS ; three senators presenting him with a sword and other military ensigns: on a field in the back ground his wife standing at the door of their cottage; near it a plough and implements of husbandry. Round the whole, Omnia reliquit servare Rempu Uicam. On the reverse : Sun rising ; a city with open gates, and vessels entering the port; Fame crowning Cincinnatus with a wreath, inscribed Virtutis Prcemium. Below, Hands joined, supporting a Heart, with the motto, Esto Perpetua.Round the whole, Societas Cincinnatorum Instituta, A. D. 1783.

The Society, deeply impressed with a sense of the generous assistance this country has received from France, and desirous of perpetuating the friendships which have been formed and so happily subsisted between the officers of the allied forces, in the prosecution of the war, direct, that the President-general transmit, as soon as may be, to each of the characters hereafter named, a medal containing the order of the Society, viz. :

His Excellency the Chevalier De La Luzerne, Minister Plenipotentiary ;
His Excellency the Sieur Gerard, late Minister Plenipotentiary ;
Their Excellencies the Count D Estaing,
the Count De Grasse,
the Count De Barras,
the Chevalier De Touches,
Admirals and Commanders in the Navy ;
His Excellency the Count De Rochambeau, Commander-in-Chief ;
And the Generals and Colonels of his army, and acquaint them
that the Society does themselves the honor to consider them as members. Resolved. That a copy of the foregoing institution be given to the senior officer of each State Line, and that the officers of the respective State Lines sign their names to the same, in the manner and form following ; viz.,

We, the subscribers, officers of the American army, do hereby voluntarily become parties to the foregoing institution, and do bind ourselves to observe, and be governed by, the principles therein contained. For the performance whereof we do solemnly pledge to each other our sacred honor. ...................................................................
Done in the Cantonment on Hudson River, in the year 1783.

General Heath, General Baron De Steuben, and General Knox, were appointed to wait on His Excellency General Washington, with a copy of the Institution, and request him to honor the Society by placing his name at the head of it.


The following are the names of the different officers of the General Society from its formation, with the dates of their election :






George Washington, 1783
Alexander Hamilton, 1800
Charles C. Pinckney, 1805
Thomas Pinckney, 1825
Aaron Ogden,  1829
Morgan Lewis, 1839
William Popham, 1844
Henry A. S. Dearborn, 1848

Horatio Gates, 1784.
Thomas Mifflin, 1787.
Charles C. Pinckney, 1800
Henry Knox, 1805
J. Brooks, 1811
Aaron Ogden, 1825
Morgan Lewis, 1829
William Schute, 1839
Horace Binney, 1844
Hamilton Fish, 1848

Henry Knox, 1783
William Jackson, 1800
Alexander W. Johnston, 1829

Otho H. Williams, 1784
George Turner, 1787
William McPherson, 1790
Nathan Dorsey, 1800
Thomas McEwen, 1829

Alexander McDougall, 1783
William McPherson, 1800
Allen McLane, 1825
John Markland, 1832
Joseph W. Scott, 1838

The following form of subscribing to the State Societies was adopted in 1783, and following it we will give the names of the original members in some of the State Societies, viz. :


"To JOHN PIERCE, ESQ., Paymaster Gen. to the army of the United States.

SIR : Please pay to_____________ , Treasurer for the State of __________ Association of the Cincinnati, or his order,
one month s pay of our several grades respectively, and deduct the same from the balance  which shall be found due to us
on the final liquidation of our accounts ; for which this shall be your warrant."


Jonas Addoms, Lieutenant, 2d Regiment, New York Artillery.
Peter Anspach, Lieutenant, 2d Regiment, New York Artillery.
Aaron Aorson, Captain, 1st Regiment New York.
Josiah Bagley, Lieutenant, 1st Regiment New York.
John Bard, Captain, 2nd Regiment, Georgia.
Sebastian Bauman, Major, 2d Regiment, New York Artillery.
Jerrick Beekman, Lieutenant, 2d Regiment, New York Artillery
William Belknap, Lieutenant, Livingston's Regiment.
Walter Bicker, Captain, Patton's Regiment.
Leonard Bleeker, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
James Bradford, Lieutenant and Adjutant, New York Artillery.
James Brewster, Captain-lieutenant, do. do.
David Brooks, Assistant Clothier-general.
Joseph Browne, Surgeon, 7th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Robert Burnett, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Jonathan Burrall, Deputy Paymaster-general.
Caleb Brewster, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Aaron Burr, Lieutenant-colonel, Malcom's Regiment, New York.
Duncan Campbell, Lieutenant-colonel, Livingston's Regiment, New York.
John Cape, Lieutenant, 1st Regiment, New Jersey.
Nehemiah Carpenter, Ensign, New York Artillery.
James Chrystie, Captain, 2d Pennsylvania Regiment.
Matthew Clarkson, Major.
James Clinton, Brigadier-general.
George Clinton, Honorary Member.
Alexander Clinton, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Christopher Codwise, Lieutenant, do. do.
Robert Cochran, Lieutenant-colonel, 2d Regiment, New York.
John Cochran, Director of Hospital.
William Colbreath, Lieutenant and Quartermaster, 2d Regiment, N. Y.
Michael Connolly, Lieutenant, 2d Regiment, New York.
John Conway, Lieutenant-colonel, 1st Regiment, N. J.
Samuel Cooper, Lieutenant, Crane's Artillery.
Andrew Cragie, Surgeon, General Hospital.
John D. Crimshier, Paymaster, Lamb's New York Artillery.
Ebenezer Crosby, Surgeon, Washington s Life Guards.
Henry Cunningham, New York Artillery.
James Davidson, Commissary, Hospital Department.
Henry Demler, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Daniel Denniston, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
George J. Denniston, Lieutenant, 3rd New York Regiment.
Pierre Regnier De Rousse, Lieutenant-colonel, 2nd Regiment, New York.
Simeon De Witt, Geographer.
Samuel Dodge, Lieutenant, 2nd Regiment, New York.
Samuel Dodge, Ensign, do. do.
John Doughty, Captain, New York Artillery.
Henry Dubois, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Edward Dunscomb, Captain, 4th New York Regiment.
Baron Charles D Aurier, French officer.
John Elliott, Surgeon's Mate, 1st Regiment, New York.
Andrew English, Captain-lieutenant, 1st Massachusetts Regiment.
James Fairlie, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment, arid Aid-de-Camp to Major-general Baron Steuben.
Ephraim Fenno, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery
Nicholas Fish, Major and Brigade Inspector, New York.
George Fleming, Captain, New York Artillery.
John Fondy, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
Duoy Fondy, 1st New York Regiment. 
Joseph Foote, Lieutenant, 1st Massachusetts Regiment.
Theodocius Fowler, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Joseph Frelick, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment.
John Furman, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
John Gano, Brigade Chaplain, New York.
David Gano, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Peter Gansevoort, Colonel, 3rd New York Regiment.
Benjamin Gilbert, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
James Giles, Lieutenant, 2nd Regiment New York Artillery.
Aquilla Giles, Lieutenant-colonel and Aid-de-Camp.
John Graham, Major, 1st New York Regiment.
Charles Graham, Captain, New York Line.
Stephen Graham, Hospital Mate.
Silas Gray, Captain, 4th New York Regiment.
John W. Greaton, Captain, Massachusetts Line.
John Green, Naval Captain.
James Gregg, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
James Grier, Lieutenant-colonel, Pennsylvania Line.
John Grier, Lieutenant, 6th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Isaac Guion, Captain-lieutenant, Lamb s Artillery.
Hoysted Hacker, Naval Captain.
Mordecai Hale, Surgeon's Mate.
Jonathan Hullctt, Captain, 2nd Regiment, New York.
Luther Halsey, Captain, New Jersey Line.
Alexander Hamilton, Lieutenant-colonel and Aid-de-Camp.
Abijah Hammond, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
John F. Hamtramck, Captain, 2nd Regiment, New York.
Francis Hanmer, Lieutenant, 5th New York Regiment.
Abraham Hardensburg, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
Joseph Hardy, Captain of Marines.
Samuel Hay, Lieutenant-colonel, New York Line.
Nathaniel Henry, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment.
Benjamin Herring, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
Abel Holden, Captain, 6th Massachusetts Regiment.
Bazaleel Howe, Lieutenant, New Hampshire Line.
Isaac Hubbell, Captain-lieutenant and Paymaster, N. Y. Artillery.
James Miles Hughes, Captain, Malcom's Regiment, and Aid-de-Camp to General Gates.
Thomas Hunt, Lieutenant, 4th New York Regiment.
Christopher Button, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 2nd N. Y. Regiment.
Ephraim Hunt, Lieutenant, 4th Massachusetts Regiment.
Abraham Hyatt, Lieutenant, New York Line.
Thomas T. Jackson, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Cornelius T. Jansen, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
James Johnston, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment.
Robert Johnson, Physician, General Hospital.
John Keese, Assistant Deputy Quartermaster-general.
Jacob Kemper, Captain-lieutenant, Stevens Artillery.
Daniel Hemper, Deputy Clothier-general.
John Lamb, Colonel, 2d Regiment Artillery.
Garret Lansing, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
John Lawrence, Judge-advocate-general.
Nathaniel Lawrence, Lieutenant, 2nd North Carolina Regiment.
Jonathan Lawrence, Captain of Sappers and Miners.
George Leycraft, Lieutenant, Lamb's Artillery.
William Leycraft, Lieutenant, Lamb's Artillery. .
Benjamin Ledyard, Major, New York Line.
Isaac Ledyard, Surgeon's Mate.
Morgan Lewis, Colonel and Quartermaster-general.
Brokolst Livingston, Lieutenant-colonel.
Henry B. Livingston, Colonel, 4th New York Regiment.
Samuel Logan, Major, 5th New York Regiment.
Lebbcus Loomis, Lieutenant and Adjutant, Col. Swift's Conn.
Henry E. Lutterloh, Colonel, New York Line.
Abraham Leggett, Lieutenant, 5th New York Regiment.
Alexander McDougall, Major-general.
Renald S. Mc Dongall, Major and Aid-de-Camp.
Charles McKnight, Surgeon.
Daniel McLane, Lieutenant, Massachusetts Line.
Thomas Machin, Captain, 2nd Regiment, New York.
Peter Magee, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
Samuel Mansfield, Captain of Artillery.
John Marsh, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
Elihu Marshall, Captain, New York Line.
Daniel Menema, Surgeon, 2nd New York Regiment.
Andrew Moodie, Captain, Lamb s Artillery.
Joseph Morrell, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
William W. Morris, Lieutenant, 2d Regiment, Artillery.
Ebenezer Macomber, Captain, Rhode Island Line.
Peter Nestell, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Charles Newkirk, Captain-lieutenant, 2nd Regiment, New York.
James Nicholson, Naval Captain.
Daniel Niven, Captain of Engineers.
William North, Captain, Mass. Line, and Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Steuben.
Nathaniel Norton, Captain, New York Line.
Daniel Parker, Captain- Lieutenant, Crane s Artillery.
Charles Parsons, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
Henry Pawling, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Samuel T. Pell, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Robert Pemberton, Captain, Connecticut Regiment.
Nathaniel Pendleton, Capt., Va. Line, and Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Greene.
William Peters, Ensign, 2nd New York Regiment.
Richard Platt, Major and Aid-de-Camp.
William Popham, Captain and Aid-de-Camp.
Henry Pray, Captain, 1st Massachusetts Regiment.
William Price, Lieutenant, Massachusetts Artillery.
Abner Prior, Surgeon's Mate, 2nd New York Regiment.
Thomas Randall, Captain of Artillery.
John Reed, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Jacob Reed, Captain, New York Artillery.
John R. B. Rogers, Surgeon, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Wilhelmus Ryckman, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
Baron De Steuben, Major-general.
John Sandford, Captain, Spencer s Connecticut Regiment.
Derick Schuyler, Ensign, 2nd New York Regiment.
Philip Schuyler, Major-general.
William Scudder, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
John Shaw, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Israel Smith, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
William S. Smith, Lieutenant-colonel.
Isaac Smith, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Ephraim Snow, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
John Stagg, Lieutenant, Spencer's Regiment.
John Stake, Lieutenant of Light Dragoons.
Jehosaphat Starr, Ensign, Colonel Webb s Regiment.
Gerard Stediford, Lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Ebenezer Stevens, Lieutenant-colonel, New York Artillery.
James Stewart, Captain, New York Line.
William Strachan, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Caleb Swan, Ensign, Massachusetts Line.
Bernardus Swartwout, Ensign, 2nd New York Regiment.
Cornelius Swartwout, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Caleb Sweet, Surgeon, 1st New York Regiment.
George Sytez, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
William Stewart, Captain, Hazen's Regiment.
Ebenezer Storer, Lieutenant and Paymaster, Brewer's Regiment.
Silas Talbott, Lieutenant-colonel, Pennsylvania Line.
Samuel Tallmadge, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment.
William Tapp, Lieutenant, 3rd New York Regiment.
Peter Taulman, Captain-lieutenant, Sappers and Miners.
John C. Ten Broeck, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
Adam Ten Broeck, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
Alexander Thompson, Lieutenant New York Artillery.
Henry Tiebout, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
Thomas Tillotson, Physician and Surgeon-general.
William Torrey, Lieutenant, Massachusetts Line.
Robert Troup, Lieutenant-colonel and Aid-de-Camp.
John Trumbull, Colonel and Deputy Adjutant-general,
Thomas Turner, Captain, Massachusetts Line.
John F. Vacher, Surgeon, New York Line.
Philip Van Courtlandt, Colonel, 2nd New York Regiment.
Cornelius Van Dyck, Lieutenant-colonel, 1st New York Regiment.
Henry Vandeburg, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Bartholomew Vandeburg, Ensign, 2nd New York Regiment.
John Van Dyck, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Rudolph Van Hovenburgh, Lieutenant, 2d New York Regiment.
David Van Home, Captain Pennsylvania Line.
Jeremiah Van Rennselaer, Lieutenant and Paymaster, 1st N. Y. Regt.
Goosse Van Schaick, Colonel, 1st New York Regiment.
Garret Van Wagenen, Surgeon, 8th Pennsylvania Regiment
Tunis Van Wagenan, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment.
Richard Varick, Lieutenant-colonel and Deputy Mus. Mr. General.
Veter Vosborough, Captain, Livingston s Regiment.
Nicholas Van Rennselaer, Lieutenant, 1st New York Regiment.
John Waldron, Captain-lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Benjamin Walker, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Jedediah Waterman, Ensign, 8th Massachusetts Regiment.
James Walson, Captain, New York Line,
Samuel B. Webb, Colonel, 3rd Connecticut Regiment.
Charles F. Weisenfels, Lieutenant, 2nd New York Regiment.
Frederick Weisenfels, Lieutenant-colonel, New York Line.
Jacob H. Wendell, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 1st New York Regiment.
John H. Wendell, Captain, 1st New York Regiment.
Michael Wetzell, Lieutenant, New York Artillery.
Andrew White, Lieutenant, 2nd Regiment, New York.
Anthony Walton White, Colonel, 1st Regiment Light Dragoons.
Murinus Willett, Lieutenant-colonel, 5th New York Regiment.
Robert Wilson, Ensign, 1st New York Regiment.
Jacob Wright, Captain, 2nd New York Regiment.
Ephraim Woodruff, Lieutenant, do.
Peter Woodward, Lieutenant, Connecticut Line.


John Armstrong, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Thos. Wylis, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery Artificers.
Francis White, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
James McLean, Lieutenant of Invalids.
Sam. Doty, Captain-lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
W. Ferguson, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.
David Zeigler, Captain.
F. Mentges, Lieutenant-colonel and Inspector, Southern Army.
J. Pratt, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Richd. Fullerton, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 1st Penn. Regiment.
Geo. Bush, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Strieker, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment
Erkuries Beatty, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment
Wm. Moore, Lieutenant, 1st Regiment Dragoons.
Robt. McConnell, Captain-lieutenant of Artillery.
Jab. Weitzel, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Wm. Wilson, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
James Armstrong, Captain, Lee's Legion.
Jno. Bankson, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
J. McFarlane, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jno. Markland, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jno. Bush, Captain, 3d Pennsylvania Regiment.
Thos. Doyle, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jos. Harmar, Lieutenant-colonel, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
R. Allison, Surgeon's Mate, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Andrew. Lytle, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
T. Seely, Captain, 2d Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Doyle, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jas. F. McPherson, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
William Magaw, Surgeon, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Anty. Wayne, Brigadier-general, Pennsylvania Line.
William McHatton, Captain of Invalids.
C. De Marcellin, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Le Koy, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Le Chevalier De Lambert, Lieutenant  of Artillery.
H. Henly, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Andrew Henderson, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Joseph Ashton, Captain-lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Edward Speer, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Robt. McMordie, Chaplain, 1st Pennsylvania Brigade.
John Stoy, Captain-lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Walter Stewart, Colonel, and Inspector of Northern Army.
Enos Reeves, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
James Morris Jones, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jno. McDowell, Surgeon, Pennsylvania Line.
E. Edwards, Major, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment.
P. Peres, Surgeon, German Regiment.
Andrew Porter, Lieutenant-colonel, Com  Pennsylvania Regt. Artillery.
Francis Nichols, Lieutenant-colonel.
Francis Proctor, Major of Artillery.
William Murrin, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Hen. D. Purcell, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Andy. Walker, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Stewart Herbert, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment. 
J. Mackinney, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Francis Johnston, Colonel, Pennsylvania.
Ja: Chrystie, Captain, 2d Pennsylvania Regiment.
Henry Bicker, Captain, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Wilder Bevins, Lieutenant.
Benj. Lodge, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Thomas Dungan, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
T. Robinson, Lieutenant-colonel, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jas. Gamble, Lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Henry Piercy, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Alexander. Parker, Captain, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment..
Jas. Chambers, Colonel, Pennsylvania.
Matthew Maus, Surgeon, Invalid Regiment.
Fredrick. Vernon, Major, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
J. Grier, Major, 3d Pennsylvania Regiment.
John B. Webster, Captain-lieutenant.
J. Moore, Major, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
A. G. Claypoole, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Daniel Brodhead, Colonel, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Matthew McConnell, Captain of Invalids.
James Glentworth, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
J. Stake, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
W. Van Lear, Captain, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
T. B. Bowen, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
W. Macpherson, Major.
David. S. Franks, Major.
Jesse Crosley, Captain-lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Jno. Strieker, Captain-lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Artillery.
Stephen Moylan, Colonel, 4th Regiment Light Dragoons.
Zebn. Pike, Captain, 4th Regiment Light Dragoons.
John Davis, Captain.
Isaac Craig, Major, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Stephen Bayard, Lieutenant-colonel, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
W. Finney, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
S. Montgomery, Captain, 3d Pennsylvania Regiment.
John E. B. Rogers, Surgeon, 3d Pennsylvania Regiment.
Wm. McCurdy, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jno. Reily, Captain, Invalid Regiment, Pennsylvania.
Thos. Proctor, Colonel, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Chas. Turnbull, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.
James Lloyd, Captain-lieutenant, Artillery.
James Hamilton, Major, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Ph. Liebery, Captain of Invalids.
Jean Aug. De Florat, Captain, and Assistant Engineer.
Jno. Wigton, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Harper, Lieutenant, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Christie, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Benj. Bartholomew, Captain, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Samaul. A. McCoffrey, Surgeon, Pennsylvania Artillery Artificers.
John Jordan, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery Artificers.
Isaac Van Home, Captain, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Js. Campbell, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jno. McClelan, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
J. McCullam, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Beading Beatty, Surgeon, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Wm. Sproat, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Eichd. Butler, Colonel, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Isaac B. Dunn, Major, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
W. McDowell, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Edw. Crawford, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Eose, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Wm. Martin, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.
John Marshall, Captain, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jas. Parr, Major.
C. North, Lieutenant-colonel, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
 Ln. Davis, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
 Francis Murray, Lieutenant-colonel.
Wm. Kogers, Chaplain, 3rd Pennsylvania Brigade.
James R. Reid, Major.
John Patterson, Captain.
John Van Court, Lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Jno. Stotesbury, Captain.
Jas. Pettigrew, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Peter Smith, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Armstrong, jr., Major.
Edmund Bourke, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
T. Boude, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
George Stevenson, Hospital Mate.
Robt. Parker, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Jas. McMichael, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Levi Griffith, Lieutenant, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
James Montgomery, Captain.
Thomas Douglas, Captain of Artillery.
Barnabas Binney, Hospital Surgeon.
Thos. Bond, jr., Purveyor.
Edward. Hand, Major-general.
T. Campbell, Captain.
Wm. Lusk,  Captain..
George North, Lieutenant.
Andw. Irvine, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Nevill, Colonel, 4th Virginia Regiment.
John Boyd, Captain-lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jacob Mytinger, Lieutenant, Von Heer's Cavalry.
Jno. Michon, Lieutenant, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Robt. Sample, Captain, 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Alex. Benstead, Lieutenant, 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Wm. Henderson, Captain, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Robert Wilkin, Captain, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Adm. Hubley, jr., Lieutenant-colonel, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Worsley Ernes, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Nat. Irish, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery Artificers.
Thomas M. McCalla, Surgeon, 4th Regiment Light Dragoons.
Ezekiel Howell, Lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Robt. Coltman, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery. 
John Bryce, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.  
Matthew McGuire, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.  
Robert McGaw, Colonel, 6th Pennsylvania Regiment.
James G. Heron, Captain, Hazen s Regiment.
Wm. Sade, Captain, 11th Penn. Regiment, and Assistant Geographer.
Wm. Wilkins, Captain of Invalids.
James Gilchrist, Lieutenant, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Thos. McIntire, Captain.
Blackall Wm. Ball, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
John Humphrey, Lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment.
William Power, Captain of Artillery.
James Smith, Captain-lieutenant, Pennsylvania Artillery.
L. Keene, Captain, 3d Pennsylvania Regiment, and Aid-de-Camp.
A. St. Clair, Major-general.
Jer. Jackson, Captain.
Job Vernon, Captain. .
Eobert Patton, Captain. .
Sam L Smith, Captain. .
Robt Martin, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Philippe Avabing, Lieutenant of Dragoons.
John Craig, Captain of do.
Ber d Kibley, Captain, German Regiment.
James Davidson, Surgeon, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
J. Talbott, Major, 6th Pennsylvania Regiment. 
George Tudor, Major, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment. .
Sam l Bryson, Lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment. .
Wm. Price, Captain, German Regiment.
Jonah Hallett, Lieutenant, Partizan Legion.
Wm. Williams, Captain of Invalids.
Philip Shrawder, Captain, German Regiment.
Samuel Talbott, Captain, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Barthol ? Von Heer, Major, Light Dragoons.
Sam L Reed, Lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
Gabriel Peterson, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Daniel St. Clair, Lieutenant, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment
John Weidman, Lieutenant, German Regiment.
William McMurray, Captain of Sappers and Miners.
Jeremiah Freeman, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Hugh Martin, Surgeon, 8th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Joseph L, Finley, Captain, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
Jno. Nice, Captain. 6th Pennsylvania Regiment. 
Will. Mackey, Captain. 9th Pennsylvania Regiment. .
John Hughes, Lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment..
J. B. Tilden, Lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Richard Hampton, Colonel.
J. Simonds, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery
Jacob Bower, Captain, Pennsylvania Artillery 

W. Smallwood, Major-general.
M. Gist, Brigadier-general.
O. H. Williams, Brigadier-general.
N. Ramsey, Lieutenant-colonel.
John Eccleston, Major.
Joshua Barney, Captain, Navy.
John Nicholson, Captain, Navy..
H. Hardman, Major.
John Davidson, Major.
William D. Beall, Major.
William Brown, Major.
John Cotes, Captain.
Kichard Dorsey, Captain.
David Morrow, Surgeon,
Ezekiel Hayne, do.
Thomas Boyd, Lieutenant.
Samuel Morrow, Surgeon.
James Armstrong, Chaplain.
Thomas Mason, Captain.
Samuel McPherson, Captain.
Henry Baldwin, Lieutenant.
James Broceo, Lieutenant.
J. Hamilton, Captain.
William Campbell, Captain.
George Hamilton, Captain.
John L. Elbert, Surgeon,
N. Ricketts, Lieutenant
David Hopkins, Captain,
Basil Burgess, Lieutenant.
Thomas Price, Lieutenant.
James Smith, Captain,
Jonathan Morria.
Edward Hall, Lieutenant.
Isaac Eawlings, Lieutenant.
Edward OJdham, Captain,
William Reily, Captain.
John Kilty, Captain.
John Jordan, Captain.
Perry Benson, Captain,
Lloyd Beall, Captain.
Abraham Lamar, Captain,
Michael Boyer, Captain.
John J. Jacobs, Lieutenant.
Edward Dyer, Captain.
Philip Reed, Captain.
Samuel Hanson, Lieutenant.
Arthur Harris, Lieutenant.
Samuel B. Beall, Lieutenant.
Edward Spurrier, Captain.
James Peale, Captain.
J. Brevitt, Lieutenant.
William Pendergast, Lieutenant.
Thomas Rouse, Lieutenant.
William Kilty, Surgeon.
Francis Revelly, Captain.
Thomas Bealty, Lieutenant.
Mark MePherson, Lieutenant.
Henry Gaither, Captain.
John Sears, Lieutenant.
Christopher Richmond, Captain.
Edward Compton, Lieutenant.
Jno. H. Stone, Colonel.
Samuel F. Keene, Surgeon's Mate.
John Sprigg Belt, Captain.
Samuel Smith, Lieutenant-colonel.
John Gunby, Colonel.
James Craike, Physician.
John Hughes, Captain.
Benjamin Price, Captain,
James Bruff, Captain.
William Bruce, Captain.
Elisha Harrison, Surgeons Mate.
A. Tannehill, Captain.
J. D. Carey, Lieutenant.
James Mann, Surgeon.
John Gassaway. Captain.
Thomas A. Dyson, Lieutenant.
Henry Clements, Lieutenant,
Samuel Edrniston, Lieutenant.
John T. Lowe, Lieutenant.
William Smoote, Lieutenant,
Elihu Hall, Lieutenant.
Malachi Bonham, Lieutenant.
Hezekiah Ford, Lieutenant.
Gerard Wood, Surgeon's Mate.
Henry H. Chapman, Lieutenant.
Isaac Hanson, Lieutenant.
Benjamin Fickle, Lieutenant.
R. Anderson, Captain.
John Smith, Captain.
James W. Gray, Captain,
John Mitchell, Captain.
Nathan Wright, Lieutenant.
William Goldsborough, do,
Walter Muse, Captain.
James Baques, Lieutenant.
Clement Skerrett, Lieutenant.
Henry Gassaway, Lieutenant.
Bobert Gerry, Lieutenant.
Edward Pratt, Captain.
Horatio Clagett, Captain.
John Swan, Major.
James M. Lingan, Captain.
Eezin Davis, Captain.
James McFadon, Lieutenant.
Mountjoy Bailey, Captain.
Paul Bentalou, Captain.
John Carlisle, Major.
E. McAllister, Captain.
John Gale, Major.
Eichard Waters, Captain.
Moses Eawlings, Colonel.
George Handy, Captain.
John Trueman, Lieutenant.
Gassaway Watkins, Captain.
Joseph Smith, Captain.
Levin Denwood, Surgeon.
Alexander Trueman, Captain.
Joseph Cross, Lieutenant.
John Smith, Captain.
James Somerville, Captain.
Eobert Denny, Lieutenant.
James G. Heron, Captain.
Daniel Jennifer, Surgeon.
John E. Howard, Colonel.
J. C. Hall, do.
E. Pindell, Surgeon.
J. Sellman, Major.
Tench Tilghman, Lieutenant-colonel.
Levin Winder, do.
Walter Warfield, Surgeon.
Thomas Woolford, Lieut. Col.
Benjamin Brooks, Major.
Thomas Lansdale, do.
L. W. Williams, Captain.
James Ewing, Captain.
Eichard Chiderson, Captain.
James Winchester, Captain.
Samuel T. Wright, Captain.
G. Winchester, Lieutenant.
D. Luckett, Lieutenant.
Osborn Williams, Lieutenant.
John Lynn, Lieutenant.
Joshua Eutledge, Lieutenant.
Philip Hill, Lieutenant
P. Fitzhugh, Captain.
Nathan Wright, Lieutenant.
John Lynch, Major.



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