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Samuel Brown
Died at Portage Lake, July 18th, Samuel Brown, aged 66 years.
Source: The Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fair Field Maine, Aug. 5, 1863

Maggie Callahan
Melrose Mass, Dec. 24
Mrs. Sidney Howe and her servant Maggie Callahan, were burned to death this afternoon.  The servant was shaking down the kitchen stove, when a live coal fell on her dress.  In a moment her clothing was ablaze.  Her screams attracted Mrs. Howe, who seized some clothing and attempted to extinguish the flames.  Mrs. Howes clothes caught fire and she ran to the door to call assistance, falling insensible in the doorway.  Chief Engineer Lynde and several other men happended to be near there and rushed in and extinguished the flames.

Miss Callahan was terribly burned and died at the hospital an hour later.  She was 27 years old and her parents lived at Houlton Maine.  Mrs. Howes died about four hours later without regaining consciousness.  She was 26 years old and leaves a husband and two children.    She was well known in church and society circles.  Miss Callahans remains will be sent to Houlton.
Source: Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor Maine, Dec. 25, 1894

Shepard Cary
Death of Hon. Shepard Cary.  The Times announces the death of Hon. Shepard Cary, one of the most prominent business men of Aroostook County.  Mr. Cary was formerly known as a distinguished Democratic politician and had a large circle of acquanintance throughout the State.
Source: Republican Journal, Belfast Maine, Aug. 17, 1866

Andrew J. Chadwick
of Eddington, who was in the employ of E.S. Coe of Bangor, asscaler of lumber, died at thehouseof J.W. Bolton, of Frenchville, twelve miles below Fort Kent, last Tuessday evening.  He was sick only two or three days.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, Jan. 28, 1875

Chase and Sanders
Froze to Death, Boston, Nov. 21
Two men, named Chase and Sanders, of Perham, Aroostook County, Maine, were froze to death last week.  They started to go through the woods three miles and were found dead two days after.
Source: Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI, Nov. 23, 1875

Edwin G. Coburn
Died, in Westfield, on Saturday last, Edwin G., son of Thomas G. and Philema Coburn aged 6 years and 4 months.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fair Field, ME., Aug. 19th 1863

Mr. Franklin L. Cushman
in Houlton, 8th inst., Mr. Franklin L. Cushman, formerly of this city, aged 25 years.
Source: Republican Journal, Belfast Maine, Aug. 21, 1863

Captain Moses Drew
of New Limerick, died last Wednesday, 6th,aged 75 years 11 months.  The deceased came to Aroostook County from the town of Limerick, York county, fifty years ago and settled in what is now New Limerick, where he has since resided.  He was extensively known as a prominent citizen of the town and noted for his hospitality and generous disposition.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, June 14, 1877

Mrs. Farewell
of No. 5, Aroostook Co. fell into the fire in a fit and was burned to death.
Source: Republican Journal, Belfast Maine, Feb. 7, 1862

Samuel Folsom
Died in Ashland, July 14th, Samuel Folsom, aged about 70 years.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fairfield Maine, Aug. 5, 1863

Ezra Foster
Saturday morning Ezra Foster, a respectable farmer of Monticello, Aroostook county, aged 65 years, was found dead with his head in a spring of water near the house.  Mr. Foster was for a year or two insane.  On Friday he came home from a barn raising and told his wife that the neighbors had planned to hang him.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland ME, Nov. 6,1873

Josiah Gellerson:
formerly a well known citizen of Aroostook County, was shot and instantly killed recently in Washington Territory, while striving to seperate two men who were fighting.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME., Aug.9,1875

Samual Gooch:
 In Houlton, 16th inst., Samuel Gooch, Esq., Counsellor at Law, and Register of Probate for the County of Aroostook, aged 52.
(source: Maine Cultivator and Hallowell Gazette (Hallowell, ME) Saturday, April 27, 1844; transcribed by FoFG mz )

 Robert W. Gray
Sergt. Robert W. Gray, who went to Houlton in 1828 with the 2d U.S. Infantry, and has remained there ever since in a military capacity, died on Sunday last of apoplexy, aged 64.  
  (Source: Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, ME) Wednesday, December 31, 1862; transcribed by FoFG mz )

Benjamin Franklin Garvey
Mr. B.F. Garvey was born in Houlton, Aroostook County Maine, August 1, 1838 and died in LeRoy, Minn., August 13, 1905 aged 67 years and 12 days.  Mr. Garvey was one of a family of nine children, four of which survive him, two brothers and two sisters.  He came with his father's family to Minneapolis in 1855, where the remainder of the family continued to reside, he coming to LeRoy in 1869, where he became, and continued to be, one of its most highly respected citizens to the day of his death.  Mr. Garvey was married to Mrs. Phoebe C. Woodbury, Jan. 1st, 1874.  He was a model husband, a most obliging neighbor, a constant and reliable friend.  He was straight forward in all his dealings, quiet and firm and could always be depended upon to be on the right side of every question in the community that touched the welfare and best interests of his neighbors and fellowmen.  He was not only a good moral man, but a Christian.  He was among the first volunteers in the Indian outbreak and served his country well.  The widow survives to mourn the loss of a beloved companion.  Our community has lost one of its most respected and trusted citizens.
[Source: Mower County Transcript, Lansing Minn., August 16, 1905]

John Hanson
In a fight near Presque Isle, Maine, Monday morning, John Swanback shot John Hanson in the throat and Hanson shot Swanback in the arms.  Hanson died in a few minutes.
Source: Lancaster Daily Intelligencer, Lancaster, PA, Jul. 24, 1883

Albert M. Heald
Died at Caribou, Maine, May 21, 1881, Albert M. Heald; age, about fifty years.
Source: Arkansas City Weekly Traveler, Arkansas City, Jun 15, 1881

Ann Hill
Died, In Maysville, July 16th, of Dyptheria, Ann, daughter of S. Hill, aged 12 years.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fairfield, Me, Aug. 5, 1863

Andrew Horton
of Chopachet, Aroostook county, got on a spree and in order to sober him, his wife destroyed his rum bottle.  The next day, his daughter when he called for his liquor, carried him by mistake a bottle of bed bug poison, of which he drank and died.
Source: Republican Journal, Belfast Maine, Friday August 17, 1860

Joseph Houlton
In Houlton, 12th ult, Joseph Houlton, Esq. in the 74th year of his age.
(Source: Age (Augusta, ME) Wednesday, October 10, 1832; transcribed by FoFG mz )

Frank Jordan
a conductor on the Central Pacific Railroad, died in San Francisco Tuesday of injuries received last week.  He was a native of Aroostook county, Maine.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland ME, April 6, 1871

S. B. Kneeland, a prominent citizen of Easton, died suddenly the first of the week.
Source: The Star Herald, (Presque Isle, Maine), January 16, 1890, page 3, (Community History Archive, Advantage Preservation), submitted by Robin Line

Iredell Lamson
Killed, at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1st, Iredell Lamson, of Co. H., 20th Me Regiment, son of Nathaniel and Martha Lampson of Presq Isle, aged 20 years, 3 months.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fairfield, ME., Aug. 5, 1863

Thomas Addis Emmet McClusky
Thomas Addis Emmet McClusky died of consumption 28th ult, at Houlton, aged 20 years. We think he was the last surveyor of the family of the late Col. McClusky. He was educated at the College of the Holy Cross, at Worcester, and was a refined and amiable young man. When the war broke out he
enlisted and during its progress became 1st Lieutenant. He left the army on account of physical disability.
(Source: Daily Eastern Argus (Portland, ME) Friday, May 15, 1863; transcribed by FoFG mz )

Col. McClusky, of Houlton, (formerly of the Maine 15th,) died of fever, near Nicaraugua, Central America, on the 16th of January. He left Havana on the 26th of October, in company with Charles S. Crosby, Esq., of Bangor, for the purpose, as stated, of going into the lumbering business in Central  America.
(Source: Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, ME) Tuesday, March 31, 1863; transcribed by FoFG mz)

A. Morrison
Died, in Houlton 10th inst., Miss A. Morrison, aged 25 years.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fair Field, ME, Aug. 19th 1863

Col. Thos. Nickerson
The Aroostook Times says Col. Thos. Nickerson of Linneus, whos death was announced last week at the advanced age of 75 years, was formerly a resident of Charleston, Penobscot county.  He came to Aroostook about thirty years since, and has always been an active and influential citizen.  In 1849 he was member of Gov. Hubbard's Council.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, Jan. 8, 1872

Thomas Metcalf:
Thomas Metcalf, aged 12 years was shot at OxBow, Aroostook county, in October.  The boy was visiting relatives there and was gunning in a pasture.  His revolver was accidentally discharged as he was climbing a fence, the ball entering his lung.  Death was almost instantaneous.
[source: Daily Kennebec Journal, December 14, 1903 edition]

Henry Petletier
A frenchman named Henry Petletier in the employ of Matthias Cyr, was instanly killed by the flling of a tree in the woods on Saturday, 16yh inst.
Source Portland Daily Press, Portland ME, Jan. 28, 1875

Daniel Porter
of Mapleton, aged about 70, dropped dead on Thursday evening last.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, January5, 1871

Frances Putnam
In Houlton Plantation, on the 6th ult. Miss Frances Putnam, daughter of Joshua Putnam, Esq. aged 26 years.
(Source: Bangor Weekly Register (Bangor, ME) Tuesday, February 3, 1829; transcribed by FoFG mz )

Mrs. Climena M. Putnam
Boulder, April 8, 1904
Mrs. Climena M. Putnam, probably the oldest person in this county, died Monday in Jefferson City.  She was 92 years and 6 months old, and had spent nearly 35 years of her life at Jefferson City.  She was born in Aroostook County, Maine, and was a pioneer of three western states, Minnesota, California and Montana.
Source: The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, Montana, April 9, 1904.

Israel Smith
A young man by the name of Israel Smith, of Blaine, about 25years of age, was drowned in the Aroostook Falls on Wednesday of last week.  He was on George W. Collins' drive and was at work on a jam of lumber that had formed on the "Pangburn" rocks in the Falls.  When the jam broke Mr. Smith was carried over it with the falls. His body had not been recovered.
Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, June 1, 1876

Mrs. Mary E. Smith
Mrs. Mary E., wife of James Smith of Castle Hill, died very suddenly Nov. 30th, aged 19 years.
(Source: Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, Dec. 9, 1876)

The Hon. J.D.Teague
A telegram was received this morning announcing the death of Hon. J.D. Teague at his home in Caribou, Maine, of heart failure. He was the father of Mrs. R.A. Burch and Mrs. A.E. Wilson of this city, of R.H. Teague of Ellsworth, and of M.D. Teague, formerly cashier of the First National Bank of this place.  He was seventy four years old, and had just been elected to the Maine legislature for the fifth time as a Republican.
Source: Salina Daily Republican Journal, Salina, KS, oct. 15, 1896

Died, in this town of diptheria, May 6, Lorana, aged 9 yrs; May 9th Elvira, aged 8 years; May 18th Serena aged 2 yrs 6 mos., July 26th Susan Wirt, aged 9 mos, children of James and Mary Ann Thorncraft.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fair Field, Me., Aug. 19th 1863

Horace White
of Houlton, who was badly injured a few weeks since by being thrown from a load of lumber, died last Thursday night.
Source, Portland Daily Press, Portland, ME, November24,1874

Geo. W. Wilson
Died at Mars Hill, July 10th of Dyptheria, Geo. W. Wilson of Presque Isle, aged 18 years.
Source: Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fair Field, ME., Aug. 5, 1863


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