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Aroostook County is a county located in the U.S. state of Maine. In 2000, its population was 73,938. It is the largest county in the state. Its seat is Houlton.  In land area, Aroostook County is the largest U.S. county east of the Mississippi River. Among residents of Maine, it is often referred to simply as "the County."
As Maine's northernmost county, its northernmost town, Estcourt Station, is therefore also the northernmost town of New England and of the continental U.S. east of the Great Lakes.
Aroostook County is known for its potato crops, as well as its French culture. In the northernmost region of the county, which borders Madawaska County, New Brunswick, a majority of residents are bilingual. In some communities, it is difficult to find employment for those who do not speak both English and French. Employers such as pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and post offices encounter this most frequently. The county is a hub for wind power, with so much being produced that the county will soon have excess to sell once it connects to the New England Power Grid.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 6,829 square miles (17,686 kmē), of which, 6,672 square miles (17,279 kmē) of it is land and 157 square miles (407 kmē) of it (2.30%) is water. Aroostook County is about the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.
Central Aroostook
Northwest Aroostook
South Aroostook
Square Lake
Indian reservations
Aroostook Band of Mi'kmaq Indians Reservation, located in Presque Isle, Maine
Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians Reservation, located in Houlton, Maine
National protected area
Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge
Some of the territory in this county was part of the land dispute that led to the "Aroostook War."
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