November 2015
Biographies: Herbert T. Powers,Wilbert L. Bartlett,Herbert W. Trafton,
Church: Fort Fairfield Regular Baptist Church
News: Miscellaneous: the Rev. Mr. Bumpus

September 2015
Biographies: Albion P. Wellington,Laforest Towle,James R. Thurlough,Frederick Powers,William Houghton,Thomas Flannery
Benoni F. Durgin,Joseph Nichols,John Dorsey,Joseph Finland

July 2015
News/Misc.: E.S.F. Nickerson and Frank C. Nickerson, J.C. Hamilton, Messrs. Sawin & Teague,
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Baptist church struck by lightening, Mr. Curran
Deaths: Capt. Moses Drew
Biographies: Dr. E.C. Decker, Dr. A.D. Sawyer, Dr. J.M. Bell

May, 2015
Deaths: Josiah Gellerson, Daniel Porter, Ezra Foster
News/MIscellaneous: Simpson Family

April 2015:
News Misc.: Col. Gerald E. Williams

March 2015:
News/Accidents, Tragedies: Mrs. Hughes, C.H. Tibbets, Amos Kimball, Guilford Harris, Walter Dockendorf, Hiram Berry
Deaths: Israel Smith, Andrew Chadwick, Henry Petletier, Horace White,
News/Reunions and Parties: Hoyt family picnic
Businessmen of Caribou: Hanson and Piltz
Cities: Houlton City Directory 1900 the A's are completed

February 2015
Cemeteries: Blaine Cemetery; Maud Caldwell, Charles J. Caldwell, submitted by Rita Sittig,

January 2015:
Businesses and Business Men of Caribou:  Mrs. A.L. Ireland, Dr. Barker, W.C. Spaulding
Church Baptisims Houlton Maine 1818 : Names mentioned: Rice, Broadstreet, Cook, Warner, Wormwood, Putnam, Houlton, Hanley, Parks, Packard
News/Visiting: Della Ward, Collins, Fletcher, Thomas
News/Accidents and Tragedies: R.L. Pitcher Starch Factory
Business Men of Caribou: Hanson and Piltz