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Abbott Cemetery 443717N 0681529W Hancock
Alley Cemetery 442443N 0682414W Newbury Neck
Amherst Cemetery 445016N 0682240W Hopkins Pond
Aurora Cemetery 445038N 0681957W Amherst
Back Ridge Cemetery 443252N 0684029W Orland
Bay Cemetery 442753N 0684230W Penobscot
Bayview Cemetery 442427N 0682743W Newbury Neck
Bayview Cemetery 443532N 0681256W Sullivan
Beech Hill Cemetery 444030N 0682527W Beech Hill Pond
Bernard Cemetery 441457N 0682128W Bass Harbor
Birch Grove Cemetery 443321N 0683301W Branch Lake
Birch Tree Cemetery 443055N 0680843W Sullivan
Birch Tree Cemetery 443054N 0680845W Sullivan
Blaisdell Cemetery 443210N 0681439W Sullivan
Blue Hill Cemetery Southwest Harbor
Bragdon Cemetery 442921N 0680954W Bar Harbor
Bridges Cemetery 442843N 0684352W Penobscot
Brookside Cemetery 442141N 0682014W Southwest Harbor
Buck Cemetery 443411N 0684706W Bucksport
Buck Cemetery 443430N 0684750W Bucksport
Camp Stream Cemetery 442348N 0684039W Penobscot
Carters Point Cemetery 441716N 0683759W Sargentville
Castine Cemetery 442344N 0684742W Castine
Center Cemetery 441905N 0682423W Bartlett Island
Central Cemetery 444132N 0683824W Brewer Lake
Condon Cemetery 442148N 0684439W Sargentville
Corea Cemetery 442436N 0675918W Petit Manan Point
Crimmins Cemetery 444126N 0681438W Molasses Pond
Cunningham Ridge Cemetery 442959N 0683508W Blue Hill
Curtis Cemetery 442451N 0683049W Blue Hill
Doyle Cemetery 443026N 0680918W Sullivan
Dyer Cemetery 443012N 0680854W Sullivan
Early Settlers Cemetery 442447N 0683539W Blue Hill.
East Franklin Cemetery 443420N 0681144W Sullivan
East Lamoine Cemetery 442807N 0681913W Salsbury Cove
Eastern Cemetery 444309N 0683707W Green Lake
Eaton Cemetery 441307N 0684927W North Haven East
Evergreen Cemetery 441958N 0684813W Cape Rosier
Evergreen Cemetery 443804N 0684644W Hampden
Evergreen Cemetery 443430N 0684336W Orland
Flye Cemetery 441715N 0682353W Bartlett Island
Forest Cemetery 440935N 0684053W Deer Isle
Forest Hill Cemetery 441533N 0683851W Sargentville
Forest Hill Cemetery 442845N 0682036W Salsbury Cove
Forest Hill Cemetery 441840N 0681652W Southwest Harbor
Forest Home Cemetery 441842N 0683959W Sargentville
Freethy Cemetery 441515N 0683231W Brooklin
Front Ridge Cemetery 443234N 0684111W Orland
Frost Cemetery 444525N 0682359W Hopkins Pond
Goose Cove Cemetery 442612N 0682404W Newbury Neck
Gordon Cemetery 443156N 0681418W Sullivan
Granite Cemetery 443833N 0683837W Brewer Lake
Gray Cemetery 442410N 0682452W Newbury Neck
Grays Hill Cemetery 441755N 0684339W Sargentville
Great Pond Cemetery 445645N 0681655W Great Pond
Greenwood Cemetery 441125N 0683741W Deer Isle
Greenwood Cemetery 443808N 0682605W Beech Hill Pond
Gross Point Cemetery 443321N 0684521W Bucksport
Hadley Cemetery 444847N 0682309W Hopkins Pond
Hall Cemetery 442948N 0680736W Bar Harbor
Hardy Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Haskell Cemetery 442516N 0682749W Newbury Neck
Haynes Cemetery 442459N 0682401W Newbury Neck
Higgins Cemetery 442258N 0682139W Salsbury Cove
Hillcrest Cemetery 443047N 0681332W Sullivan
Hillcrest Cemetery 442737N 0680410W Winter Harbor
Hillrest Cemetery 441535N 0682310W Bartlett Island
Hillside Cemetery     N. Penobscot
Hillside Cemetery 442523N 0681506W Salsbury Cove
Hillside Cemetery 443048N 0683043W Branch Lake
Hillside Cemetery 442553N 0680614W Winter Harbor
Hillside Cemetery 444328N 0681956W Eastbrook
Hilton Cemetery 443000N 0683502W Blue Hill
Hodgdon Cemetery 441914N 0682412W Bartlett Island
Hutchins Cemetery 442817N 0684421W Penobscot
Indian Bar Cemetery 442218N 0684711W Cape Rosier
Jackson Cemetery 445927N 0682355W The Horseback
Jordan Cemetery 443114N 0682502W Ellsworth
Juniper Cemetery 443515N 0682527W Ellsworth
Kimball Cemetery 441724N 0681713W Southwest Harbor
Lakeview Cemetery 442047N 0684115W Sargentville
Langley Cemetery 441810N 0682458W Bartlett Island
Leach Cemetery 442859N 0684411W Penobscot
Leland Cemetery 442709N 0682203W Salsbury Cove
Long Island Cemetery 441941N 0683114W Brooklin
McFarland Hill Cemetery 443203N 0682129W Hancock
Meeting House Cemetery 442314N 0681225W Bar Harbor
Moore Cemetery 442710N 0682540W Newbury Neck
Morgan Bay Cemetery 442726N 0682811W Newbury Neck
Mount Adams Cemetery 441323N 0684009W Deer Isle
Mount Ephraim Cemetery 441805N 0683417W Brooklin
Mount Height Cemetery 441559N 0681932W Southwest Harbor
Mount Rest Cemetery 442341N 0684309W Penobscot
Mountain View Cemetery 442344N 0681957W Salsbury Cove
Mountain View Cemetery 442639N 0683739W Penobscot
Murch Cemetery 442426N 0682448W Newbury Neck
Murphy Hill Cemetery 441647N 0682412W Bartlett Island
Nicolin Cemetery 443711N 0683144W Branch Lake
North Ellsworth Cemetery 443710N 0683147W Branch Lake
Norwood Cemetery 441504N 0682238W Bartlett Island
Oak Grove Cemetery 443433N 0684446W Orland
Old Birchland Cemetery 441904N 0683408W Brooklin
Old Burying Ground Cemetery 443237N 0682530W Ellsworth
Paine Cemetery 442434N 0681750W Salsbury Cove
Parker Cemetery 444133N 0684002W Brewer Lake
Penny Cemetery 444646N 0682219W Amherst
Perry Cemetery 442700N 0684359W Penobscot
Pine Grove Cemetery 442058N 0683514W Brooklin
Pomroy Cemetery 441538N 0682358W Bartlett Island
Pretty Marsh Cemetery 442026N 0682402W Bartlett Island
Pyles Cemetery 444332N 0682533W Beech Hill Pond
Quinn Cemetery 441245N 0684630W North Haven East
Reach Cemetery 441507N 0683725W Brooklin
Remick Cemetery 443012N 0682504W Ellsworth
Riverside Cemetery 443159N 0681502W Hancock
Riverview Cemetery 443902N 0684934W Hampden
Robbins Cemetery 441719N 0682418W Bartlett Island
Rural Cemetery 441856N 0683627W Brooklin
Rural Cemetery 441855N 0683633W Brooklin
Salisbury Cemetery 442553N 0681648W Salsbury Cove
Salter Cemetery 443135N 0681212W Sullivan
Seaside Cemetery 442448N 0683451W Blue Hill
Shorey Cemetery
Silver Lake Cemetery 443514N 0684730W Bucksport
Simpson Cemetery 443035N 0680956W Sullivan
South Penobscot Cemetery 442715N 0684204W Penobscot
South Surry Cemetery 442726N 0682810W Newbury Neck
Sumner Cemetery 443035N 0681000W Sullivan
Sunnyside Cemetery 443849N 0681537W Eastbrook
The Graveyard 442320N 0680816W Bar Harbor
Union Cemetery 441554N 0681835W Southwest Harbor
Union Cemetery 444041N 0683822W Brewer Lake
Village Cemetery 442949N 0682900W Newbury Neck
Village Cemetery 443330N 0684736W Bucksport
West Brooksville Cemetery 442340N 0684526W Castine
West Surry Cemetery 443133N 0683635W Branch Lake
Westcott Cemetery 442612N 0684245W Penobscot
Whitman Cemetery 443103N 0684550W Bucksport
Whitman Cemetery 443041N 0684650W Bucksport
Whittenmore Cemetery 442826N 0682517W Newbury Neck
Williams Cemetery 443753N 0681608W Eastbrook
Witherspoon Cemetery 441342N 0684720W North Haven East
Wood Cemetery 442148N 0684439W Sargentville
Woodbine Cemetery 443310N 0682342W Ellsworth
York Hill Cemetery 443107N 0681141W Sullivan


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