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Androscoggin County
Oxford County
Feb. 2017
Court: Civil Commissions for Rumford Me.
Miscellaneous: Rumford Land Transfers
Aroostook County
Feb. 2017
Census-1850 Mortality Schedule for Belfast Academy Grant and Framingham Academy Grant
Penobscot County
February 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Richard Zein and William Eddy, transcribed and submitted by GT Transcription Team member Robin Line
Biographies: John King
History: Doctors of Old Town

January 2017:
History: Fires in Gorham Maine, 1745-1844

March 2017:
History: Fires in Gorham Maine update 1845-1860
Piscataquis County
January 2017
History-County Lawyers
News: Accidents and Tragedies: Henry L. Brockway' Willard Littlefield
News-Crimes: Lebroke the robber

March 2017
History-County Officers from incorporation to 1880
Franklin County
January 2017
Millitary: Boys in Blue, names mentioned Albanus Quint and William Lawry Quint
News-Community: E.G. Blake
News- Accidents and Tragedies: Major Cutts, Mrs. Sarah Biggs, Kannaday

March 2017

Millitary: Boys in Blue, names mentioned Edwin A.R. Rackliff, Elbridge Rackliff and John O. Rackliff
Family: Bios for Benjamin Burgess family and William Burns family
Sagadahoc County
Feb. 2017
Military- Roster of Bath Volunteers in the Spanish War
Hancock County
January 2017
News-Miscellaneous: Robbins Family submitted by Robin Line

News-Deaths: Lucille Pulitzer,transcribed by GT Team Robin Line
Biographies: Joseph Perkins
History- Weather records that were maintained by Dr. Stevens 1832-1871
Somerset County
January 2017
Military-Sketches of Revolutionary Soldiers from Skowhegan updated to include Nimrod Hinds, Stephen Holman, Robert Hood
History- Somerset County Attorney's for Norridgewock and Bloomfield


News-Anniversaries, Reunions: Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hilton celebrate 50th anniversary
News-Deaths: A. Gilman
News-Miscellaneous: Hight vs. Ware, Breach of Promise Case
Kennebec County
January 2017
News-Miscellaneous: Augusta L. Smith; Frank O. Bond; Col. Thomas Lambard
Military-Soldiers and Sailors from Wayne Maine in the Civil War
News-Community: Miss Lorenzo Hayes, transcribed by GT Transcription member Robin Line

March 2017
Family Page created with brief sketches of family genealogies:
Reuben Kidder, Capt. John Clarke and Abijah Smith
Waldo County
Feb. 2017
Miltary:  Sketches of deceased soldier from Belfast in the Civil War has been updated to include the following surnames:Johnson, Haire, Hall, Harriman, Haugh and Hinds
Death- Newspaper Notices: Capt. Daniel Panno; Capt. Albert McKeen and Nathan H. Coombs
Knox County
Feb. 2017
Newspapers-Trains, Accidents and Tragedies: Sallie Peters freezes to death; Mr. Thomas Davis
Newspapers-Anniversaries and Reunions: Capt. David and Mrs. Nancy B. Lermond Celebrate Golden Anniversaries
Washington County
Feb. 2017
News-Accidents & Tragedies: Mrs. Deluce dwelling burns; Sheriff Smith; Thomas Orr
News-Tidbits: Otis Huckins
Biography- Mrs. Clara H. Nash, 1st woman admitted to the Bar in New England
History-Libraries-Porter Memorial Library
Lincoln County
January 2017
Military: Civil War Soldiers of Boothbay updated to include the following surnames: Pinkham, Preble, Perkins, Patterson, Reed, Stewart, Spofford, Spinney, Sherman, Smith, Shaw, Seavey, Sargent
Deaths: N.N. Pike, transcribed by Robin Line GT Transcription Team Member

March 2017
Military: Civil War Soldiers of Boothbay completed and online names added: Wylie, Winslow, Willey, Wheeler, Weston, Welch, Webster, Webber, Tibbetts
York County
January 2017
Marriages: Marriage Returns 1771-1794, page one completed and online

Biographies: Dr. Roscoe G. Dennett
News-Fires, Accidents, Tragedies: Big Fire in Kennebunk
News-Visiting and Gossip- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smiley; Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Nicholls


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