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Androscoggin County
April 2018
Family Pages:
Columbus P. Hosley
Edward L. Grant
Frank H. Herrick
Arthur W. Hobbs
Silas Harvey

February 2018
News-Community: Mrs. Jeannette Hammond,Gen. Clark's grist mill; Lewiston hunters looking for huge panther; Mr. Rideouts horse disrupts Haymarket Square
News-Accidents & Tragedies: Carville's Soap factory burns; Dennis Creeden breaks arm; baggage car in Grand Trunk yard burns
News-Court: Ruggles vs Landers
Obituaries- Captain Turner; Col. Wm Newell
Oxford County
Feb 2018
Military- Korean War Casualties
Aroostook County
April 2018
News-Accidents and Tragedies
A.W. Stratton
Peter Moran
WWII Casualties A-I

February 2018
Census- 1850 Masardis Mortality Schedule
News-Miscellaneous- Hard winter of 1881, names mentioned: Stevens, Fenlason, Eaton, Keddle; Mrs. Nickerson's Oleander bush; A.M. Dudley,honey production
News-Anniversaries, Reunions & Parties: Mrs. J.A. Spaulding celebrates 80th birthday
News-Fires, Accidents & Tragedies: Benj. Packard's wheel wright shop burns
Penobscot County
April 2018
News: Miscellaneous: Joshua Moody
News-Marriages: Grant-McKenney; Wilson-Martin
News-Anniversaries & Parties: Mr. Pullen gives dance
News-Deaths- Col. John B. Parke

February 2018
News-Miscellaneous: Mrs. Hoskins, submitted by Sally H.
News-Death Notices: John Hay
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Capt. and Mrs. Wm. Dole celebrate 50th wedding anniversary in 1881; Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Cole celebrate 15th anniversary
News-Accidents & Tragedies- 1881 Ambrose Merrill; J. Frank Wilson
Marriage-Miscellaneous- Leighton-Chadbourne
News-Miscellaneous: Rev. G. Douglass has rooster disaster;
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Charles Dustram; Nellie Ray Vose breaks leg""
News-Crime: The frenchman, Duclos, found drowned

Census: 1860 Mortality Schedules for the towns of Sebago and Baldwin
Piscataquis County
March 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties

January 2018
News-Accidents & Tragedies
Chester Warren commits suicide
Mrs. H.L. Brockway has painful accident
Deer poacher at Doughty Ponds in Monson
News-Death Notices
Mrs. Mary Rice and Mrs. Lovica Cummings
Franklin County
March 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties

Military: Boys in Blue: Benjamin Tibbetts and Benjamin F. Tibbetts
News-Weather: Snow collapes roof of husking sheds
News-Community: Wm. Tarbox's valuable Jersey heifer; C.H. Watson, Toothpicks come from Franklin County trees
News-Fires, Accident & Calamities: Frank Wyman
News-Death Notices: J.R. Taylor found dead in barn
Sagadahoc County
February 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties
Hancock County
Military-Korean War Casualties

News-Accidents, Fires & Tragedies
Mr. Rufus Grays house burns
Eaton boy dies after school fight
Frank Lynam
Mrs. Parker Spofford's cello
House in North Castine built by Capt. Thatcher Avery and/or John Perkins, Esq. known as Avery's Inn
Somerset County
March 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties

January 2018
Biographies-James Hall
Mr. Small's grip stolen
News-Accidents and Tragedies
Messrs. A.H and C.E. Duren
Kennebec County
March 2018
Military- Korean War Casualties

January 2018
Capt. Waterhouse killed in train accident. Greely children die of diptheria
News-Accidents & Tragedies:
John Hastings horse killed;
Ora Kelley scalds legs with boiling water
Boynton home burns, nothing saved
Chas. Eldridge falls from ladder
Bert Simpson accdentally shoots finger
Walter Getchall helps stranger
News-Sick List
Erysipelas epidimic in Augusta
Superintendent Harlow
Edward Hanks is tossed from locomotive
Waldo County
February 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties
Knox County
February 2018
News-Accidents & Tragedies: Tillson's wind-mill broken
Military- Korean War Casualties
Washington County
February 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties
Lincoln County
March 2018
Military: Korean War Casualties
News-Deaths: John Clayton, submitted by Robin Line

January 2018
Biographies: Conrad Heyer, Dr. Benjamin Brown
News-Accidents & Tragedies
Orrin Paul dies from injuries
News-Anniversaries, Reunions & Parties
McNear family reunion and birthday party
Nettie Wolfe, 12 yrs. old dies while playing on pond
Mrs. Foyler weaves over 500 yards of carpet
York County
April 2018
Congregational Church
Private Cemetery near Wells Branch Maine
Private Cemetery Alewive, near Kennebunk Maine

March 2018
Military-Korean War Casualties

January 2018
News-Accidents & Tragedies:
James E. Bennett missing;
William P. Boynton committed suicide;
Annie Emery
Crawford Griffin
News-Death Notices
Capt. Samuel Gray
Josiah Paul


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