Miscellaneous Marriages.

Black, Cleophas and Phebe Fitch, 24 October, 1838, Gardiner, Maine

Black, Daniel and Miranda A. Palmer, 9 May, 1852, Gardiner, Maine

Black, Daniel and Augusta Odley, 22 December, 1863, Gardiner, Maine

Black, Elizabeth and John R. Hodgkins, 23 January, 1848, Gardiner, Maine

Black, George K. and Maude L. Shepard, 25 November, 1891, Gardiner, Maine

Black, Josiah and Mary Patch, April, 1784, York Co., Maine

Black, Jotham F. and Nancy H. Russell, 28 November, 1827, Cumberland, Maine

Black, Martha L.E. and Stephen D. Kirk, 10 April, 1858, Augusta, Maine

Black, Richard and Mary Miles, 31 March, 1757, York Co., Maine

Black, Sarah and George Patch, 10 March, 1782, York Co., Maine

Clemons, Annette and Llewelyn A. Wadsworth, 12 August, 1868, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Bartlett and Cassandra Lord, 3 November, 1836, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Eli and Imogene Wadsworth, 8 August, 1869, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Eli P. and Ruth Hanscomb, 6 March, 1804, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Hannah and Lemuel Hood, 1780, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Jacob and Phebe Coffin, 11 May, 1790, Gorham, Maine

Clemons, Jane I. and Samuel Wentworth, 20 March, 1845

Clemens, Jeremiah and Betsy Conant, 21 April, 1811, Westbrook, Maine

Clemmons, John and Margaret McLellan, 6 February, 1789, Gorham, Maine

Clemons, John and Martha Thomas, 17 November, 1814, Standish, Maine

Clemons, John L. and Joanna H. Richardson, 22 August, 1806, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Lafayette and Lizzie Plummer, 7 July, 1825, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Laurinda and Nathan Winslow, 16 December, 1810, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Lydia H. and Charles Dyer, 14 October, 1844, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Lydia H. and Nathan Winslow, October, 1867, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, Sudrick and Lucy Richardson, 18 April, 1833, Hiram, Maine

Clemons, William H. And Eliza J. Smith, 19 April, 1857, Parsonfield, Maine

Lincoln, Mrs. Annie and George M. Atwood, 21 January, 1862, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Anstress W. and Joseph Robinson, Jr., 19 June, 1837, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, A. W. and Bettie A. Harmon, 16 June, 1866, Pittston, Maine

Lincoln, Mrs. Celia D. and Ebenezer S. Byram, 8 November, 1840, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Charles M. and Annie P. Fisher, 28 December, 1892, Bath, Maine

Lincoln, David J. and Harriet L. Chandler, 4 December, 1891, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Edwin S. and Lizzie E. Gordon, 5 September, 1891, Farmington, Maine

Lincoln, Eliza Ann and Benjamin Dow, 10 October, 1835, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Elizabeth and Nathan Stevens, 7 December, 1765, Gorham, Maine

Lincoln, Elizabeth B. and George F. Talbott, 1851, Dennysville, Maine

Lincoln, Eunice B. and Joseph AB. Walton, 25 July, 1829, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Jacob and Sarah Clark, 12 March, 1792, Eastport, Maine

Lincoln, Jacob and Bethia Talbot, 13 December, 1800, Freeport, Maine

Lincoln, Joseph R. and Angeline Maxcy, 1 January, 1859, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Lucy and Silas Nye, 17 July, 1796, Orrington, Maine

Lincoln, Lydia A. and Charles E. Peavey, 24 December, 1880, Gardiner, Maine

Lincoln, Permalia and Joel Chandler, 4 October, 1795, Freeport, Maine

Lincoln, Ruth and George Lewis, 14 December, 1799, Gorham, Maine

Lincoln, Robert and Elizabeth Lilly, 24 February, 1807, Woolwich, Maine

Moody, Annie and Benjamin Rand, 14 October, 1804, Standish, Maine

Moody, Elizabeth and Fairfield Wyman, 12 January, 1815, Nobleboro, Maine

Moody, Hannah and William Wyman, 30 December, 1813, Nobleboro, Maine

Moody, Nancy and Robert Clary, 26 August, 1813, Nobleboro, Maine

Moody, Olive and Joshua Benner, 14 January, 1813, Nobleboro, Maine

Moody, Rhoda and Reuben Fogg, Jr., 12 December, 1769, Scarboro, Maine

Moody, Temperance and Timothy Parcher, 27 December, 1764, Scarborough, Maine

Weaver, Grace K. and Herbert J. Page, 9 May, 1891 , Gardiner, Maine

Winchester, Elizabeth, widow, and John Card, 16 January, 1683, York, Maine

Winchester, Mary and Thomas Card, 26 July, 1694, York, Maine

[Source: "Genealogy: A Journal of American Ancestry", Volumes 6-7,
1916-1917; Edited by William Montgomery Clemens, 1916-1917 ]

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