request for military division,1838.

State of Maine

In Council  June 25th, 1838

The Standing Committee on Military Affairs, to which was referred the petition of Samuel F. Hersey and others, officers in the sixth Regiment of the First Brigade in the third Division, praying for alterations in the limits of Companies, and the organization of new ones, having examined the subject, Report, that the petition is approved by the commanding officers of said Brigade and Division, and the Committee are of opinion, that the prayer thereof, ought to be granted.

            They therefore recommend that the Governor and Commander in Chief be advised to issue an order to issue, whereby the H Company in said Regiment, located in the Towns of Lee and Springfield, shall be divided, and the limits of said H Company shall be so far altered as to embrace only the town of Lee; an that a new company shall be organized in the towns of Springfield and township number six [Carroll] in the second range of townships north of the Bingham Penobscot Purchase, and the bounds of said new company shall embrace said towns of Springfield and township number six. And also that the G Company in said Regiment, located in the towns of Passadumkeag and Burlington, shall be divided, and the limits of said G Company shall be altered as to embrace only the town of Passadumkeag; and that a new Company shall be organized in the towns of Burlington and Lowell and the two mile strip (so called) south of Lowell [Page Mill Settlement], and the bounds of said new Company shall embrace said towns of Burlington and Lowell and said two mile strip. And further, that the D Company in said Regiment, located in the towns of Howland, Edinburg and Maxfield, shall be divided, and the limits of  said D Company shall be so far altered as to embrace the towns of Howland and Edinburg only; and that a new company shall be organized in the town of Maxfield and in the Whitney half township (so called), and the bounds of said new Company shall embrace said towns of Maxfield and said Whitney half-township.

            Which is respectfully submitted.

                                    B.W. Hinchly

In Council   June 25, 1838

Read and accepted by the Committee and by the Governor Approved.


                                                Saml P. Benson, Secretary of State.

*                                  *                                  *

To the Honorable the Governor & Council of the State of Maine

Your petitioners would respectfully represent that for the further organization of the Sixth Regiment First Brigade and Third Division, the following alterations be made to wit: That the H Company of Infantry in the Towns of Lee & Springfield be divided and a company of Infantry be organized in the Towns of Springfield and Township number six in the second range of Townships north of the Bingham Purchase and further that the G Company in the Towns of Passadumkeag and Burlington be divided and a Company of Infantry be organized in the Towns of Burlington, Lowell and the two mile strip so-called south of the Town of Lowell and furthermore that the D Company in the Towns of Howland, Edinburgh and Maxfield be divided and a Company of Infantry be organized in the Towns of Maxfield and the Whitney half-township so called and as in duty bound will ever pray


24th May 1838

                                    Saml Hersey Col. Elect of the 6th Regmt 1st Brigade and 3 Div

                                    Aaron Haynes  Lieut. Col elect of the 6 Reg

                                    Theodore Taylor Maj. Elect of the 6th Div.

            Approved by B Gen John Williams Brig. Genl 1st Brigd 3d Division

            Approved Isaac Hodsdon  Maj Genl 3d Diiv

*                      *                      *

I was presiding Officer at the organization of the militia in the Towns of Lee & Springfield. Thee are men enough liable to do military duty in said town for two large companies. At the day of Election there where eighty eight men from Springfield present. Enclosed is a petition praying that a company of Infantry may be organized in the Town of Springfield & I think the petition ought to be granted.

24 April 1838                                     Saml F Herey

For Gen. J Williams

                                                                        Capt Samuel F Hersey is the commanding officer of the sixth regiment first Brigade and Division

26th Apr 38                                                     Isaac Hodsdon  Major Genl

Bangor  April 25th 1838

Approved by John William  Brig  Genl

                                                1 Brig  3d Division

*                      *                      *

The object of the petitioners is to divide the company of local militia composed of the troops of the towns of Lee & Springfield in the sixth regiment of the first Brigade & third Division and that a new company of local Infantry be formed embracing all those liable to the performance of military duty who reside within the town of Springfield and that the said company be attached to and become a part of the said sixth regt and I approve their petition.

April 26th 1838                                               Isaac Hodsdon           Major Genl

                                                                                                3rd Division

P.S. No officer has been commission to command the company in Lee & Springfield

Wm Pope Recd April 27, 1838

Petition of Horatio Barrett al et for div. Of H Com. Infantry 6  3

In Committee May 24, 1838 Refd to Com On Milt

Attest Saml Busan  Sec of State

*                                  *                                  *

 To the Honorable the Governor and Council of the State of Maine

            Your Petitioners would respectfully represent that at the organization of the militia of the Towns of Lee and Springfield, there  appeared to be upwards of one hundred and eighty eight solders, eighty four of whom belonging in Springfield. We therefore, soldiers duly enrolled in said militia and Citizens of Springfield, respectfully request that we may be cut off from Lee and be organized separately as a company of Militia and as in duty bound will always pray.

Horatio Barrett                                  Bial H Scribner

A.G. Barrett                                       Charles L Doe

Joseh Gould                                       Wm. B. Merrill

Wm A[O]lmster                                 Charles Merrill

Jonathan Chase                                  Elias Breck

A. B. Shaw                                        Wm. Douglass Jr.

Clement D. [Lowe or Lewis]              Benj Ridlon

[?Melihes] Lewis                                Henry Black

J. C. Chamberlain                              Aaron A Carsley

James Butterfield                               Nathaniel Kimball

James M Baldwin                               [?C luis] Hathorn

                                                         Nathaniel Gould

Reulen Tucker                                   {?} Averill

John Thompson                                 Cyrus W McKenney

R. H. Merrill                                      Allen Warren

Phineas Scribner                                Miles S Scribner

R. T. Starbird                                    George Carsley

John Woodard                                   L. J. R. Crocker

                                                         John P. Johnson

William Cushman                               Moses Tewksbury

Luther Walker                                   Isaac McKenny

Jeremiah Higgins                               Mark Carsley

William Trask                                   Shepherd [?ronsey]

Wm Warren                                     Ebenezer Warren

Samuel Rowe                                   Charles Grave

John S Weeks                                  John Schumway

James McKeen

*                                  *                                  *

Township NO. 6 East of Springfield                       September 13th 1838

Penobscot County State of Maine

To the Hon Governor and Council at their session holden at the council chamber in Augusta the second week in October next.

We the undersigned inhabitants of the above named  Township have been called upon by the superior officers of the Lincoln Regiment to organize with the town of Springfield [?leb] a company of Militia which under the present existing circumstances we deem very improper and inexpedient. Therefore it is our earnest prayer and desire to be excluded from doing military duty. The following are the reasons why we deem it improper and inexpedient. Finally the township is very thinly settled and abut about fourteen or sixteen persons which will be liable to do military service and their situated in the most remote manner in the town through which we have not one rod of road excepting what we call winter roads through the woods. [?Paths] [?formed] by individuals for their convenience and can be traveled only in the day time and on foot secondly. The town of Springfield unanimously [  ] they have  full company without us ( and do not want us-crossed out) and do not want us to act as soldiers in the militia in their company. Thirdly we are situated thinly and are without horses or carriages for conveyance besides ours [illegible] our poverty is extreme. Fourthly, not a single individual in the above mentioned township had any knowledge of the petition of Springfield addressing your honorable body for power to organize the above mentioned company and neither of the officers of the regiment know the situation of us nor the trouble or expense of the performance of military duty. Again we repeat this is the situation of your soldiers in the above mentioned township.

Therefore your petitioners pray your honourable body to exclude us from doing military duty and as in duty bound will ever pray.

Ekekiel Brown                                    Rufus H Merrill

Homer Gates                                      Horatio Barrett

Abner Wade Jr                                   Samuel [?Graves]

John Getchell

Charles Brown

Horace Brown

Moses W. Larrabee

Stephen Dow

William Coffin

Augustus W  Lothrop

Silas A Lindsay

Hubbard Champney

John A Larrabee

*                                  *                                  *

            To His Excellency Edward Kent: Governor of Maine and the Hon. Executive Council

            There having been recently organized a company of Infantry in the Towns of Passadumkeag and Burlington, your petitioners would beg leave to state that half township No I which is incorporated in 1837 by the name of Huntsville and in 1838 changed to that of Lowell lies directly between Passadumkeag and Burlington and by reference to Greenliefs map of Maine, it will be found that Passadumkeag, formerly Township No 1 on the mouth of the Passadumkeag Stream and Lowell or half township No 1 lies east of Passadumkeag and Burlington or township No 2 in the same direction. The inhabitants of Burlington therefore have to travel from 14 to 18 miles passing through Lowell to the principal Settlement in Passadumkeag. And as Lowell is not included within the limits of any company of Infantry now organized your petitioners would pray that orders may be issued for the organization of a company of Infantry composed of  inhabitants of Burlington, Lowell and Page Mill Settlement, about one mile south of Lowell in the County of Hancock and as in duty bound will ever pray,

Burlington  18 April 1838

(of Burlington)                                                            (not of Burlington)

Amzi Libby                                                                Alanson Houghton

Everett Richardson                                                    Wm Folsom

George W Taylor                                                      Enoch P[?aob]y

Samuel C. Page                                                        Alfred Miller

James H Emery

Jonathan Page 2d

Philip Page

Luther C Woodman

Abraham Sibley

Nathl Shorey

[one name illegible]

Jabez Bradbury

David Shorey

James Page

Thomas Hurd

{?Andrew Woodman]

Dean Page

John Page

Norman Page

Joseph Mayberry

Thomas Page

Alfred Lovett

Isreal Lovett

Jere. Page

Isaac Hanson

Wm Hanson

F Constigan

Wm Costigan

Wm Batchelder

Jonathan Fogg

Ichabod L Withan

Andrew Bradbury

Jere, Folsom

Isaac Brown

Joseph Cate

E. Miller

*                                  *                                  *

Passadumkeag  June 12, 1838

Dear Sir

            Enclosed of [ ] the petition for the division of companies in the 6th Regiment it has been presented to the commanding officers of each of the companies which we wish to have divided, Capt Wm S Lee of D Company refuses to sign it and says he think his comp ought not to be divided. He says there is only sixty one privates within the limits of his company that are liable to do military duty and he has ascertained the number of soldiers in the Whitney half township and there is but five that are liable to do duty. And as this is the case, I (for one)shall not urge the matter to have that company divided.

                                                Your obedient Sert    Aaron Haynes

A.B. Thompson, Adj Gen.

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