Somerset County Maine





Athearn Cemetery 444706N 0695444W Madison West
Athens Cemetery 445538N 0694003W Athens
Blunt Cemetery 444520N 0694023W Skowhegan
Chadborne Cemetery 445952N 0693256W Harmony
Covell Cemetery 444032N 0694057W Hinckley
Dore Hill Cemetery 445914N 0693733W Athens
East Ridge Cemetery 445121N 0693905W Skowhegan
Emery Cemetery 444937N 0695624W Madison West
Emery Hill Cemetery 443621N 0693546W Fairfield
Evergreens Cemetery 445556N 0695020W Solon
Fairview Cemetery 444610N 0693317W Canaan
Fern-Dale Cemetery 445906N 0692206W Corinna
Flagstaff Cemetery 451322N 0701211W Little Bigelow Mountain
Forest Hill Cemetery 444812N 0695211W Madison East
Forest Hill Cemetery 444815N 0695212W Madison East
Frederic Cemetery 444426N 0695829W Mercer
Friend Cemetery 443822N 0694047W Hinckley
Fuller Corner Cemetery 445039N 0692833W Pittsfield
Gould Cemetery 443955N 0694849W Norridgewock
Greenleaf Cemetery 444132N 0695751W Mercer
Hampshire Hill Cemetery 443748N 0695552W Mercer
Jewett Cemetery 445325N 0694732W Solon
Jordan Cemetery 445350N 0693306W Harmony
Kinsman Cemetery 445403N 0694156W Athens
Klondike Cemetery 450016N 0693636W Wellington
Lado Cemetery 443746N 0695400W Mercer
Land of Rest Cemetery 444536N 0695141W Madison East
Leighton Cemetery 445851N 0693535W Harmony
Libby Cemetery 445756N 0693336W Harmony
Locke Cemetery 444358N 0695844W Mercer
Longley Cemetery 444551N 0694818W Madison East
Lords Hill Cemetery 445725N 0693745W Athens
Maplewood Cemetery 443541N 0693602W Fairfield
Memorial Garden Cemetery 450123N 0692742W Cambridge
Morse Cemetery 444801N 0694823W Madison East
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 450139N 0692758W Cambridge
Mount Rest Cemetery 445536N 0693958W Athens
Nevins Cemetery 445035N 0693103W Canaan
Niles Burial Grounds
North Cemetery 444619N 0694326W Skowhegan
North Road Cemetery 445901N 0693436W Harmony
Old Oak Cemetery 444312N 0694722W Norridgewock
Old Point Cemetery 444747N 0695253W Madison West
Pierce Cemetery 445825N 0695143W Solon
Pine Grove Cemetery 445204N 0692647W Pittsfield
Pooler Cemetery 444426N 0693620W Clinton
Pooler Cemetery 445004N 0692422W Pittsfield
Richards Cemetery 445040N 0693636W Canaan
Saint Josephs Cemetery 454025N 0694711W Brassua Lake East
Saint Josephs Cemetery 454025N 0694705W Brassua Lake East
Saul Cemetery 444300N 0693318W Clinton
Slab City Cemetery 444911N 0693211W Canaan
South Cemetery 444523N 0694314W Skowhegan
Sunset Cemetery 445145N 0695331W Madison West
Sunset View Cemetery 444219N 0694903W Norridgewock
Tozier Cemetery 443729N 0693946W Waterville
Union Cemetery 450404N 0695318W Bingham
Village Cemetery 445100N 0692201W Newport
Warren Hill Cemetery 445206N 0692409W Pittsfield
West Pittsfield Cemetery 444743N 0692902W Pittsfield
West Ripley Cemetery 445917N 0692556W Hartland
Whitehouse Cemetery 443632N 0694850W Rome
Wing Cemetery 445729N 0692650W Hartland


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