2016 Updates for the State of Maine

Androscoggin County
Intentions of Marriage for Leeds 1830-1839
Biographies: Albert Valentine, Capt. Jacob Dwinal
DeathNotices: Beatrice Sanborn; Cromwell Hunton, John Hunton, Lua E. Hunton and Herbert Hunton; Anson Herrick
News/Community: Capt. David Hinkley, age 102  votes
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Thomas Palmer
News/Crimes: George Knight in prison 42 years; Vincent J. Sylvia, Luther J. Verrill
News/ Miscellaneous: Capt. Magloire Cots; Thomas Francis
Newspaper/Sicklist: Small pox in Mechanic Falls, submitted by Bonnie T.
Military: Militia information for Livermore, page created for the War of 1812 with the men from Leeds who served
History: Page created for Secret Societies and info added for the Leeds Grange
Military:  Information regarding the Second and Third Infantry Regiments from Androscoggin County
Family page created for Merrill Family
Military: War of 1812 soldiers from Greene
News-Accidents and Tragedies: T.B. Thorne; W.H. Clondman; Thomas Nelligan
News-Weather: 1875 Ice in Oct.
News-Sicklist: Dr. W. S. Wright very feeble
News-Community: Mr. Charles Pettingill is safe!

Aroostook County
Deaths: Mrs. Farewell;Hon. Shepard Cary
News/Accidents/Calamities:J. Bolier
Census: 1850 Mortality Schedules, Page One
Deaths, Albert Heald, Hon. J.D. Teague; John Hanson killed
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Homer L. Kinney; Cyr Family, Ashland Manufacturing fire
News/Marriages: Keiper-Stackhouse
News/Visiting: Mr. and Mrs. Willis B. Hall
News/Misc.: Mr. Whitcomb shoots five bull moose
Marriages: Thomas-Nagelhout, submitted by Jim Dezotell
Census:  1850 Mortality Schedules page two
Death Notices: Mrs. Climena M. Putnam
Obituaries: W.H. Estey, Alice Reynolds-Veal
Miscellaneous: Created a page for Business Men of Fort Fairfield, with the following  sketches for John T. Bridges,  Wilbert Bartlett,
Biographies: Luther Cary and J.B. Robbins
Deaths: Maggie Callahan burned to death; Chase and Sanders frozen to death; Andrew Horton; Mr. Franklin L. Cushman
News/Crimes: G.A. Hayden and Thomas Hubbard murdered
News/Marriage: Carey-Dodge;
News/Miscellaneous: Hon. John McCluskey
History: Fort Fairfield Firsts
News: Comings and Goings: Albert Sampson
News: Fires, Accidents, Five of Joseph Smarts children burned to death


News/Miscellaneous: Joshua Woodbury; Miss Florence Adams
News/ Calamities: Harry Lang
News/Crimes: Thomas Pennel, Jr.
News/Deaths: Mr. George Small's  son
Cemeteries: Calvary Cemetery Military Burials
Families:  Family pages created for Dawes; Daniel Edwards,  Benjamin Edwards
Military: War of 1812/ Soldiers of Otisfield
Newspapers/Miscellaneous: Bowdoin College Summary for 1876, submitted by Bonnie T.
Families: Family page created for Hobbs,
Military: Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion from Otisfield
Military: Pensioner Abstract for Thomas Brackett, transcribed by GT Transcription Team
Cemeteries: Forest City Military Burials
Family page created for Haskell family
History: Otisfield Tidbits, has transcribed old letters, etc.

Military: Civil War Boys in Blue from Industy Maine C-D
Biographies, Charles M. Richards
Military: Boys in Blue from Industry Maine, E-F-G, surnames mentioned: Gilmore, Gerry, Frost, Folsom, Follett, Fish, Emery, Elder, Edwards
Military: Boys in Blue from Industry Maine, surnames mentioned: Luce, Lewis, Johnson, Howes and Haskell 
Marriage Notice: John Patterson-Veronica Roche
Biographies: John Austin
Deaths: Death Information for the year 1896 for Avon, Me, Wilton, Me. and Greenvale Plantation.  Transcribed by GT Transcription Team...Thank You
Military:  Boys in Blue from Industry Maine M-N, surnames mentioned: Norton, Nash, Morse, Mitchell, Miller, Merry, Maines
Military: Boys in Blue from Industry Maine, Oliver Norton, James Pinkham, Samuel Pinkham, Wellington Pinkham, Wilder Pratt and Charles Prince.

News/Accidents: Reuben Moore's daughter, Capt. John Johnson, Benjamin Richardson; Parody, McGiver, Woodworth, McDonald and Ross
News/Crimes: Deborah Gilbert
News/Deaths: Hon. H.D. Coombs; Leslie Payne
News/Community: The mysterious laundry in the town of Penobscot!!
History: Notes on settlers of Brooksville
Military: Civil War Soldiers of Islesboro
Census: First Settlers of Deer Isle
History: Vessels and Men lost at Sea from Deer Isle Maine
Cities/Towns: First Settlers of Ellsworth Maine
News-Accidents and Tragedies:Mrs. T.C. Wiley
News-Deaths: Mrs. Mary Crawford, submitted by Nancy Piper
Mrs. F.H. Merrill
Miscellaneous: Shipbuilders of Goldsboro Maine
News-Miscellaneous:Mrs. Frye
Newspaper Death Notices: General James G. Blunt
Newspaper-Military News-Revolutionary War: William Hutchngs, one hundred year old survivor.
Obituaries: Walter S. Hastings
Obituaries: Mrs. John (Abigail) Wells

News/Deaths: Richard M. Jones; Abel Smiley; Robert L. Keith
News/Crimes: Nathaniel Frost; Mrs. Newell Tuck found strangled;
News/ Miscellaneous: Anna Louise Carey, opera star; Elijah Lovejoy monument
Obituary: Mrs. Sarah S. Butterfield; Fanny Cummings Earl
Newspaper Articles/Accidents and Calamaties: Samuel Porter, Galen Reynolds, George M. Robinson, Widow of Dr. Robert Cony , Mrs. Hatch
Newspaper Articles: Miscellaneous News: Hallowell Scientific Academy; Juvenile Temperance Workers
Thank You Bonnie T for your contributions!!
Military: Waterville soldiers in the Aroostook War
News/Deaths: Matilda Abbie Monroe, Freeman Rowe, Walter Gross, Mary L. Ayer
News/Gossip and Visiting: Mrs. Thomas Dowling, Miss Monica Baker, Miss Maxine Margeson
Births: Mansir; Perkins; Bell
News/Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Marcia Chase celebrates 12th birthday
News/Sicklist: Miss Thelma Rollins
History: Ships and Shipmasters

News/ Accidents:Sabin Lord's daughter;B.H. Quinlan;R.H. Mitchell's barn
News/Misc.Capt. Geo. Weber;Messrs. Lane & Libby
Newspaper Death Notices:Dr. John Delaski
Deaths: Gen. Tillson
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Williams child saved from drowning
Birth dates for residents of Appleton: Surnames mentioned: Grinnell, Glidden, Grover, Gushee, Gould, Grant and Graham
Obituaries: Capt. N. L. Packard, Justin Wenworth
Newspaper Death Notice: Judson M. Kallock
Military: Militia Officers from the town of Warren Maine, approximately 100 names listed!!
Town Officers for Warren Maine 1777-1850
Military: 1863 Enlistments for Camden Maine
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Clifton Thompson
Biographies: Henry Starrett
Births: Birth Dates for the Residents of Appleton: Surnames mentioned: Hatch Harriman, Hills, Hannon, Hart, Hawkes, Heal, Hall, Hanley, Harding

News/Accidents and Tragedies: Leonard L. Gray feared drowned in California; Wiscasset fire destroys half of town; George W. Weeks ice house
Obituaries: Mrs. J.W. Wellcome; Maria Rind Gray
News/Tidbits: Mrs. George W. Shaw's quilt
News/Crimes: Joseph Teat
Intentions of Marriage for Boothbay 1810 to 1820
Military: Civil War Soldiers from Boothbay, A through H transcribed and online
Military: Civil War Soldiers from Boothbay I-O transcribed and online
Families: Daniel Sawyer; Faithful Singer;

News-Accidents and Tragedies
Mrs. Colby works to save Schooner Nellie Star
History: Ships and Shipmasters; surnames mentioned: Askins, Auld, Beath, Harris, Campbell, Curtis, Fullerton, Borland

News/Accidents:Mrs. Eben Q. Fessenden;Mr. S.S. Henry
News/Community: 1874-Rev. Wm. Jordan;Norway Cemetery;The Oxford County Teachers Institute
Obituaries;Annie Laurie Towle
Military: Revolutionary Soldiers of Bethel
Biographies: Two biographies transcribed for Edwin Ellis, M.D. Thank You Nina Kramer and Sandra Wright
Military: Rumford, Me. soldiers of 1812
Deaths: Rumford Deaths for 1840, 1841, 1842 from the records of the Congregational Church.
Military: Bethel Rifle Guards
Deaths Rumford Deaths updated to include the years  1843,1844,1845,1846,1847,1848 from the records of the Congregational Church
News-Miscellaneous:Mrs. Lovering; measles in Buckfield
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Deacon Leonard Grover; Mr. Leander G. Grover
Deaths: Mr. John Styles; Wm. F. Kendall; Hon. Luther C. Carter
Rumford deaths for 1849,1850,1851,1852 along with deaths of individual that were handwritten by Rev. John Elliot.

Deaths: Samuel Bradley, Infant Peter W. Ayer, Infant Carlson
News/Crimes: Joshua Ellis and wife
News/ Accidents: 1875, Mrs. Golden's girls; 1850 Sarah Wyman,
News/Sicklist: Joseph Broadway; Mrs. Mary Barker
Military: Lee Maine/Civil War Data
Military: Lee Maine/ Mexican War Data
Marriages: Garland Maines First Marriages
Church: Members who joined the Branch Church in 1888, 1890,1891
Schools: Lee Academy Graduates for 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887,
Church: Division of Ministerial Funds in Garland Maine, with a list of male members of each church
Schools: Lee Academy Graduates for 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891,1893

Deaths: Miss Clementine R. Snow
Obits: Lyle E. Doore, submitted by Jim Dezotell
Births: Sangerville Births, Surnames mentioned: Spooner, Drake, Proctor, Jackman, Knowlton, Pettengill
Births: Sangerville Births:
Parsons, Bullard, Roberts, Flanders, Douty, Galusha, Fowler, Clifford, Wade, Thompson, Oaks
Military: Foxcraft Civil War Enlistments
History: Early merchants, lawyers and physicians of Dover and Foxcroft
Miscellaneous: Anecdotes and Stories

News/Gossip and Visiting: Frank Copeland; Joseph Jenks
News/Ships, Schooners and Sea Men: Schooners: Almond Bird, C.S. Bailey, Mary Jane.  Ships: The Virginia, The Scotia, The Caledonia, The Screamer
News/Anniversaries/Parties, etc: Capt. Rufus Drummond, Capt. Thomas M. Reed
News/Miscellaneous: Dr. A.K. Gilmore
Deaths: Geo. Donnell
Tax Lists and Voters: 1808 Voters from Bowdoinham
Military: Civil War: Brief sketches of deceased soldiers of Bowdoinham.
History: The History of the Bath Fire Department
News-deaths: Mr. John Wharff; George Goddard
History-Lodges: 1879 Officers of Beacon Lodge No. 182
News-Miscellaneous: Mr. Elbridge Randall
Military: Captain Ebenezer Hatch Company of Militia in the War of 1812

News/Accidents and Tragedies: Miss Annie Lancey, injured in carriage accident; George Palmer drowned; Annie Lord breaks her arm;
Military: Revolutionary Soldiers of Skowhegan: Amos Baker, James Bigelow, William Blackden, John Boies, Benoni Burrill, Humphrey Burrill, Nathaniel Burrill, Noah Burrill
Military Revolutionary Soldiers of Skowhegan:  Added the following sketches for: Ebeneazer Dean, Jonathan Davis, Jacob Doyen, Eleazer Coburn
Newspaper/Deaths: Mr. and Mrs. James Pierce
Newspaper/Weather: Snow in March
Newspaper/Miscellaneous: Mrs. Albert Case, Capt. W.H. Cabot, Lodge of Patrons of Husbandry, Lumbermen Report
Thank You to Bonnie T for her submissions!!
Military Revolutionary Soldiers of Skowhegan: Added the following sketches for: Benjamin Eaton, John Emery, Joseph Emery, Levi Emery
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Quincy Bigelow's son; Bryant Roundy's small daughter scalded; Mr. Blackwell commits suicide
News/Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Mr. and Mrs. James M. Walker
News/ Miscellaneous: Mr. Thomas Howard
News/Deaths: Mr. Jessie Thing
Military: Revolutionary Soldiers of Skowhegan:  Sketches for Joshua Goodridge, Samuel Emery, Edward Hartwell, Daniel Herrin

News/Accidents and Tragedies:Christianna Follett;John Whitcomb child
Marriage Notices:John Harvey-C. Bartlett;B.F. Dyer-Mrs. P. C. Dod;O. Brown-Martha Upham ; Boardman-Heal;Treat-Jarvis
Death Notices:Helen M. Hilton;Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson;Jonathan P. Hardy;Capt. John Small, Jr.
Death Notices: William M. Larrabee
History: Ships and Shipbuilding in Stockton Springs, a list of ships, the builder, the captain and the year they were built.
May 2016:
Military: Brief sketches of deceased soldiers from Belfast in the Civil War, names include, Burgess, Allyn, Burgin, Bucklin, Brown, Brier, Blodgett, Brackett, Black, Carter, Clark, Crosby, Collins
July 2016:
Military:  Sketches of deceased soldiers from Belfast in the Civil War has been updated to include the following surnames:Ellis, Emerson, Emmons, Eastman, Dyer, Dow, Dickerson and Dean
September 2016:
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Darling Cilly injured;Jos. Browns  year old son,Jeff Hall's son
News-Crimes:A.G. Jewett horse and carriage stolen; Wm. Elwell orchard raided;
News-Miscellaneous:David Dyer's vessels
Deaths-Miscellaneous: Richard Kimball suicides;Capt. A.B. Mathews;Capt. Alonzo Houston
November 2016
Miltary:  Sketches of deceased soldier from Belfast in the Civil War has been updated to include the following surnames:  Guptill; Greer; Glidden; Gilman; Giles; Gilbreth; Gardiner;Gay and Forbes

News/Deaths: Rufus Mitchell; Sears boy; Martin Grant's daughter;Edmund Lincoln
News/Tidbits: Mr. Benjamin Shattuck's cranberry loss; Warren Smith;
News/ Accidents and Calamaties: Schooner Lucy Wentworth
Family Pages created for the following: Thompson; Todd, Townsend, Upton, Waite, Whitney, Whidden, Wentworth and Watson
Military: Roster of 1st Maine Heavy Artillery from Eastport
Miscellaneous: Original Members of the Eastport Female Benevolent Society
Military: 1st Veterans Regiment from Eastport
News-Accidents, Tragedies: John Chistlewoods barn burns; Warren Averill and Aaron Averill's homes burn
News-Crimes: Horace Small; Wm. McConough
News-Tidbits: O. E. Todd; Harrison Hume
News-Death: Chas. Tobey
Military: Captain O'Briens Militia Company, 1794

News/Crimes: Daniel Wadlough
News/Death Notices: John Harris; James McGuire; Miss Hannah Wilson; Rev. E.P. Ladd
News/Accidents/Tragedies: Rufus Emery
News/Sicklist: Mr. Asa Wells
News/Miscellaneous: Cyrus Baker
Military: War of 1812 Soldiers from Sanford
Newspapers/Death Notices: Mr. Amos Allen, submitted by Bonnie T.
Newspaper/Miscellaneous: Tuesday's Gale, submitted by Bonnie T
History:  Sanford Maine Physicians
Marriages:  Intentions of Marriages and Bill of Marriages for the Town of Pepperellborough for the year 1796
Marriages: Updated the Intentions of Marriages and Bill of Marriages for the Town of Pepperellborough to include the year 1797.
News/Death Notices: Abel M. Bryant
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Asa Hersom
Marriage: Updated Intentions of Marriage to include 1798.

2015 Updates for the State of Maine

Androscoggin County
Marriages: Intentions of Marriage for Leeds 1820-1829
Biographies: Cadawallader Washburn, submitted by M.K. Krogman

Marriages: Intentions of Marriages for Leeds 1811-1819
Family Pages: William Fish, Adoniram J. Lane, Russell Linscott
History: Professional Men of Leeds
Military: Men from Littleborough who fought in the Revolutionary War
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Accident at E.F. Packard & Co., Wheeler child

News/Sicklist: Senator Rounds
News/Miscellaneous:  Lewiston Horse Races, G.C. Eastman, Mr. H.D. Hall, Judge Walton
News/Weather: Storm of 1876, names mentioned, Wheeler, Rose, Talbot and Beal
Marriages:  Intentions of Marriage for Leeds 1801-1810
Family: Family Genealogy pages created for: Elwin E. Addition, Fred L. Addition, James E. Bates, Averson Bates, Horace L. Campbell, Nathan W. Coffin, Benjamin Dunham, Solomon Dyer, Aubrey W. Edgecombe,
News/Accidents and Tragedies: L. Lewis, Geo. Gould, Rev. C. C. Mason, Edgar O. Pierce, Hodgdon Child
News/ Crimes: Thomas Jewell and Lucy Perry
News/ Sicklist: Jean Danforth
Cities and Towns:Heads of Families in the Early Part of the 19th Century, Leeds
News/Death Notices: Ovide Laplante and Nocholas Doyle, submitted by J.Detzoll
News/Miscellaneous: Alice May Douglass and the Lewiston Loan and Building Assoc., submitted by J. Detzoll

Biographies: Herbert T. Powers,Wilbert L. Bartlett,Herbert W. Trafton,
Church: Fort Fairfield Regular Baptist Church
News: Miscellaneous: the Rev. Mr. Bumpus
Biographies: Albion P. Wellington, Laforest Towle, James R. Thurlough
Frederick Powers, William Houghton, Thomas Flannery, Benoni F. Durgin
Joseph Nichols, John Dorsey, Joseph Finland

News/Misc.: E.S.F. Nickerson and Frank C. Nickerson, J.C. Hamilton, Messrs. Sawin & Teague,
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Baptist church struck by lightening, Mr. Curran
Deaths: Capt. Moses Drew
Biographies: Dr. E.C. Decker, Dr. A.D. Sawyer, Dr. J.M. Bell
Deaths: Josiah Gellerson, Daniel Porter, Ezra Foster
News/MIscellaneous: Simpson Family

Col. Williams, submitted by K. Seeman
News/Accidents, Tragedies: Mrs. Hughes, C.H. Tibbets, Amos Kimball, Guilford Harris, Walter Dockendorf, Hiram Berry
Deaths: Israel Smith, Andrew Chadwick, Henry Petletier, Horace White,
News/Reunions and Parties: Hoyt family picnic
Businessmen of Caribou: Hanson and Piltz
Cities: Houlton City Directory 1900 the A's are completed
Cemeteries: Blaine Cemetery; Maud Caldwell, Charles J. Caldwell, submitted by Rita Sittig,
January 2015:
Businesses and Business Men of Caribou:  Mrs. A.L. Ireland, Dr. Barker, W.C. Spaulding
Church Baptisims Houlton Maine 1818 : Names mentioned: Rice, Broadstreet, Cook, Warner, Wormwood, Putnam, Houlton, Hanley, Parks, Packard
News/Visiting: Della Ward, Collins, Fletcher, Thomas
News/Accidents and Tragedies: R.L. Pitcher Starch Factory
Military: Soldiers of the Revolution from the town of Windham
Miscellaneous: Extracts from the diaries of Sarah Knight, Samuel Knight and Dr. Horace Barrows
Deaths: Otisfield Suicides
Family Pages: Abbott and Gammon
Cemeteries: Eastern Cemetery list of Military burials
Biographies: Honorable Jacob Abbot; Rev.John S.C. Abbott; Captain Nehmiah Curtis; Col. Andrew Dennison
News/Crimes: Frederick G. Orr
News/Accidents, Calamaties: Martin Eaton,Thomas Wooley son
Military: Soldiers of the Revolutionary War:  Town of Harpswell, Town of Harrison, Town of Bridgton, Town of Casco, Town of Freeport, Town of Gray, Town of New Gloucester,
Miscellaneous:  Vessels of North Yarmouth
Military: Boys in Blue from Industry Maine
Cities: Officials of Farmington, 1910
Schools: College graduates from Farmington
Schools: Brief sketches of Principals and teachers, names listed:Kelsey, Gage, Rounds, Purington,Smith, Johnson,Packard
Military/ Revolutionary War: Captain Daniel Beede's Company, which served in the detachment at Waterville, Me., in 1814
Marriages: Marriages solomnized by Cornelius Norton, Jr. for the town of Industry 1807-1819
News/Accidents/Tragedies: Warren Weeks, N.J. Phillips, Seth Norcross
Biographies: Henry V.Chamberlain, Robert Goodenow, John L. Cutler, Joshua Randall, Simeon H. Lowell, Dr. Aaron Stoyell, Dr. Theophilus Hopkins,Dr. Samuel Guild, Dr. Thomas Dawes Blake
Miscellaneous:  Farmington Lawyers in 1885
Miscellaneous: Farmington Miscellaneous Incidents by year 1776-1800
Military: Civil War Soldiers of Penobscot
Military: Civil War Soldiers of Castine
History: Origins of Names of Places, Brooksville
Deaths: Gravestone Inscriptions, Brooksville
Military: Revolutionary War Men of Brooksville.
Military: War of 1812 Men of Brooksville
News: Accidents and Tragedies:  Schooner Emma Jane, Robert Gerry, Elliott Jordan, 2d, Mr. Tracy
News/Anniversarys and parties: Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Gross, 50th wedding anniversary
Biographies: Elias Morey, Jr.; John Finney; Cushing Stewart; Seth Kempton, Alexander Kiff
Miscellaneous: Ships and Sailors: George Tapley,  Robert Tapley, Abram Tapley, Jerome Tapley, John Tapley, Thomas Tapley, William Tapley
Miscellaneous:  Residents of Brooksville over Seventy in 1935
Biographies: Joseph Remick, John Cook, Rev. Bryant Lennan, John Valentine, Kimball Herrick
News/ Marriages: Anderson-Buck
News/Deaths: Captain Henry Gilley, C.H. Cottle, Mrs. S.B. Dole, Mr. Green West
News/Sick List: Mrs. Abbott
News/Parties/Anniversaries:  Mrs. Malcolm Long
Vessels Lost at Sea: Schooner Lyman M. Law

Marriages: Intentions of Marriage for Wayne, Maine 1832-
Military: Civil War Roll of Honor Waterville Maine
Marriages: Intentions of Marriage for Wayne, Maine 1823-1831
Newspaper/Deaths: Jedidiab Morrill, Benjamin Hodges
Newspaper/ Anniversaries, Reunions, Parties: John Covill family,
Newspaper/Crimes: Otis Haskell and Seward Packard
News/Accident/Tragedies: Mr. George Phillips, Mrs. Abagail Sanford/William Jackson
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Daniel Herring
Newspaper/Marriages: Stover/Allen.
Biographies: John Canwell, Ebenezer Handy
Military: Soldiers in the War of 1812 from Unity Maine
Military: Revolutionary Soldiers from Unity Maine
Marriages: Intentions of Marriage for Wayne, Maine 1815-1822

Date of Birth of 1903 Residents of Appleton E-F
Surnames mentioned: Esancy, Erskine, Edgecomb, Fish, Fowles,
Fogg, Fuller, Fletcher, Flanders
Date of Birth of 1903 Residents of Appleton A-D completed.   Surnnames mentioned:
Dow, Day, Dixon, Daniels, Davis, Dunton, Dyer, Davidson, Coose, Clark, Clarry, Calph,Cummings, Cunningham, Collins, Counce, Chaples, Collamore, Conant, Currier, Carleton, Carkin,Burkett, Boynton, Bartlett, Burkett, Blake, Boggs, Bills, Butler, Bryant, Brown, Bean,Alden, Arrington, Annis, Ames

History: Licenses granted to residents on St. Georges River,
Licenses granted to Citizens of Warren to 1820,
Licenses granted by the Selectment of Warren from 1821
History: Licenses granted to residents on St. Georges River,
Licenses granted to Citizens of Warren to 1820,
Licenses granted by the Selectment of Warren from 1821
Newspaper/deaths: Capt. Henderson
Newspaper/deaths: Samuel Allen
News/Miscellaneous: James Morton
Deaths of Prominent Citizens:Hanson Andrews, Jeremiah C. Cushing, J.K. Norwood
News/ Community: Augusta O. Robinson, Kalloch family
News/Accidents and Calamaties: Capt. Achorns daughter, Joe Thompson
News/Crimes: Captain Moody, Charles D. Raynes
Deaths: Capt. Orin P. Mitchell
Census: Matinicus Island Heads of Households 1790-1840
Cities, Towns and Islands: Matinicus Island
Death of Prominent Citizens: David Withington, Capt. Henry J. Hemingway
Obituaries: Albert Sheperd, Mrs. Mary Adelia Jones, John H. Thorndike
News/Marriages: Marsh-McOrrison, Ordway-Robensen, Clapp-Thorndike
News/Visiting and Gossip:  Mrs. Laura Bickford Ritterbush, Mrs. A.V. Elmore
News/Deaths: Dr. P.R. Baker
Vessels of the Sea:  Schooner, Van Allens Boughton, Schooner Millie G. Bowne
Obituaries: Francis Cook, transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Marriages: Intentions of Marriage Boothbay 1800-1809
Church: Ministers for Sheepscot Maine
Marriages: Marriage Intentions for Boothbay 1790-1800
Deaths: Casualties of Boothbay Citizens
Newspaper/Death: Henry Boynton, submitted by J. Dezotell
Family Pages: Rollings, Rice, Latter, Lundy, Orchard, Mullins, Poole, Smithwick, Spurling and Stone
Marriages: Intentions of Marriage for Boothbay 1780-1790

Intentions of Marriage for Boothbay 1766-1779
Family Pages: Fullerton, Gould, Ingraham, Kent, Kelloch, Lamson (Lampson), Landerkin, Lang, Langard, Langdon,Lawson, Maguire (McGuire), Merrill, Moore, Morrison, Newbegin, Norwood, Piper, Pool, Rackliff
Families: George Dennis, John Francis Devine, Ansel Dinsmore,
Morrill M. Fuller,Eli Grover,
Military: Norway Maine Soldiers of the War of 1812
History: Physicians of Paris Maine:
Dr. Cyrus Hamlin, Dr. Croswell, Dr. Ebenezer Goss,
Dr. Cyprian Stevens, Dr. Dean, Dr. Chandler, Dr. Hanson
History: Anecdotes and Incidents of Early Paris Maine
Military: Revolutionary Soldiers of Paris Maine

Military: Revolutionary Soldiers of Buckfield Maine, [at least 100 names listed]
News/Accidents, Tragedies: Mr. Joseph Eaton
News/Accidents, Tragedies: Mrs. Elijah Brown
News/Crimes: Mrs. Frank Pottle
Family: Family Pages for the following:
James H. Aldrich, Sylvanus Akers, Elbridge G. Allen, Walter Anderson, Eben Bancroft, Robert Bangs, Benjamin G. Barrows, Thomas G. Barnard, Enoch Clement, Frederick Coburn, George Lesley, Joseph E. Long, William Nevers, Thomas Newcomb, Frank Oxnard, Charles A. Pride, Charles H. Sargent, Alfred Shattuck, Albert H. Stuart, Charles C. Tibbetts

Family: Family Pages Created for the following:
Allen, Atherton, Bailey,Baker,Barker,Billings,Carter, Cummings, Davis, Douglass, Ellsworth, Fairbanks, Gage, Haskell, Jones, Kilborn, Moore, Perkins,Perry,Pride

Church: Baptisms of The Lee Church 1888-1925
Military: A Brief Statement of Particulars of the Deaths
of the men Who Were Killed or Died in
the Service of Their Country from Garland Maine
Marriages: Caldwell-Pierce, submitted by J. Detzoll, thank you Jim.
Military: Civil War Information for Garland, including list of volunteers,
list of men who provided substitutes and a list of non residents assigned to Garland.
Births: Early Births of Old Town
Biographies: Moses Averill, James Temple, John Temple
News/Accidents Tragedies: Justus Hershey, John Clancy, Paddy Moran
Biographies: Leonard P French, Joseph C. French, Nathaniel Haynes, Jeremiah Perley, Robert Wyman
Census: 1776 Heads of Families
History: Members of Bangor Chamber of Commerce 1912-1913
Biographies: Peleg Chandler
Cities: Mattawamkeag
Newspaper/Death: Sookalikis, Wm. Ryder,
News/Accidents and Tragedies: J. Cochrane, C. Kirk, Patrick Deane,David Ames, Burpee, Charles Whittier, Henry Fiske
News/Crimes: Walter Chase

Sangerville Births: Ayer, Prince, Weymouth,Lewis, Masterman, Carleton
Shed, Brett, Brown, Robinson, Farnaham, Leathers
Sangerville Births, surnames mentioned: Thompson, Pollard,
Roby, Mitchell, Blair, McClanathan, Magoon, Hannybea, Ames,
Roberts, Oakes, Stearns, Spooner, Farnham
Military: Guilford Military History
Marriages: Sangerville 1815 to 1826
Schools: College graduates from Piscataquis County
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Eliphalet W. Bennett, Eliab Latham, Mrs. Lydia Martin, Alvin Herring, Asa Rowe, John T. Delano, Mr. H.W.F. Carter
Sangerville Births, surnames mentioned: Goss, Jewett, Hill, Carsley, Leathers, Holt, Atwood, Pettengill, Stevens, Ayer, Watson, Morgridge, Besse, Goff, Hinkley, Leland, Oaks, Ames, Sanders, Adams
Tax Lists: 1819 tax list for Sangerville
Cities: Town Officers Sangerville (Clerks, 1815-1914, Town Selectmen 1815-1914, Treasurers, 1815-1914).

Military: List of General, Field and Staff Officers from Bath
Military: Revolutionary Soldiers of Bowdoinham.  Names mentioned:
Hall, Coombs, Adams, Woodworth, Sedgley, Allen, Richardson, Sampson,
Patten, Parkus, Jack, Green, Maxwell, Purington, Temple, Stewart,
Bryant, Henry, Springer, Macomber
Newspaper/Deaths: J.H. Trevitt, submitted by J. Dezotell
Early Settlers of Topsham Maine [over 100 names listed]
News/Deaths: Dr. Cleveland Buck
News/Miscellaneous: Bible of Hannah Crooker
News/ Miscellaneous: Captain Shorey
News/Fires Accidents and Tragedies: James Tallman store, Coully boy
Biographies: Christopher Cushing, Sr., Jonathan Davis, David Trufant, John Peterson, Major Joshua Shaw, B. W. Hathorne, Charles Henry Morse, William L. White, Frederic Henry Low, Alfred D. Stetson
News/Crimes: Geo. Hamlin
News/ Miscellaneous: Clarence Warden, James Lemont, Col. James T. Patten and Capt. G. C. Goss, Capt. Dunkan, Eben Brackley, E.T. Mereen,

Cemeteries: Nequasset,Headstone Inscription for Asa Whitten, submitted by Judith Whiting Phelps Letchworth
Biographies: Susannah Shaw, Charles Clapp, Levi Peterson, David Stinson, Nicholas Loring Mitchell, John McDonald
Alexander Boardman, Dr. Ebenezer Emerson, Colonel Thomas S. Estabrook, Major William Frost
Schools:  The Educational History of Topsham, Topsham School Teachers

A Catalogue of those who have been connected with the  Congregational Church in Norridgewock from 1797 to 1849
Marriages: Marriages of Norridgewock 1840-1849
News/Accidents and Tragedies: John Whitman, Peter Gould,
John McGuire, Bangs, Kidder and Tobey, Captain Heald, Adaline Joy,
McKechnie, Hayden, Bigelow, Weston, Myrick, Brown
Marriages: Marriages of Norridgewock 1833-1839
Marriages: Marriages of Norridgewock 1827-1832
History:  Physicians of Norridgewock
Marriages: Marriages of Norridgewock 1816-1826
Church: Members of the Norridgewock Methodist Society 1849
Church: Members of the Norridgewock Baptist Church
Biographies: Ephiram Wood, Silas Wood, Peter Gilman, Deacon Solomon Bixby,
Newspaper/Crimes: Grand Jury Indictments for: Folsom, Brackett, Mullen, Bullis
Newspaper/Accidents, Tragedies:  Fred Tilton, Orin Whitcomb, Peasley, Allen Hurd
Newspaper/Deaths: Mrs. Tenney, Isaac Rowell
News/Weather; 1871 Freezing Temps
News/Sicklist: John H. Getchell
News/ Miscellaneous: Asa Taylor

Deaths: Deaths of the Citizens of Morrill, Maine 1796-1838
Death: Fatal Accidents, Suicides and Murders  in the town of Morrill Maine
Names mentioned:  Jordan, Brown, Knox, Merriam, Weymouth, Brailey, Cookson, Dolloff, Cross, Knowlton, Drew, Nash, Toothaker, Creasey, Higgins, Dailey, Nichols, Adams, Hatch, White, Murch, Greer, Wing, Heath and Hanson
Islesborough Maine, Gravestone Inscriptions from the Old burying grounds and Sherman's Point

Newspaper Deaths: Joseph Sanborn
Newspaper Accidents Tragedies, etc: George A. Pierce
Newspaper Accidents, Tragedies, etc. Mr. Howard
Belfast Maine Deaths 1875
Belfast Marriages for 1876
News/Misc: George E.Morang
Obituaries:Fred Miller, submitted by: LMC,Capt James Miller, submitted by: LMC,Mrs. Lilla M. Miller, submitted by: LMC
Deaths: Fatal Accidents from 1875-1900
History: Physicians of Belfast: Dr. J. Brooks, Dr. D.Flanders, Dr. J. Fletcher, Dr. J. Homer, Dr. H.Johnson, Dr. R.Moody, Dr. L. Pendleton, Dr. E.Small, Dr. A. Wheelock, D. Sylvester, Dr. F. Davis, Dr. A. Ellingwood, Dr. E. Gould, Dr. J. Ham, Dr. H. Huntington, Dr. H. Jewett, S.Johnson, Dr. G. Kilgore,Dr. A. Parsons,Dr. E. Stevens, Dr. J. Stevens,Jr., Dr. E.Wilson
Military: World War II Soldiers from Princeton
Military: Civil War Soldiers from Princeton
Military: World War I Soldiers from Princeton
Family Pages: Moore, Murchie, Pickens, Pike, Porter, Reading, Sawyer, Smith
Newspaper Crimes: James Bradford robbed
Newspaper Crimes: Warren Longmore
Newspaper Deaths: N.M. Gardiner
Newspaper/Deaths: Hon. George M. Chase, Mrs. Coats
Newspaper/Tidbits: Washington County Agriculture Society elects officers: names mentioned: Levi Fisher, George O. Lincoln, Hugh Porter, C.W. Hersey, Moses L. Wilder, Lucas W. Gardner, Thomas McCarlie, Leonard Fisher
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Sailor Broun, Mrs. Chadbourne, Dea. Eben Ramsdell, Stephen Andrews,
News/Anniversaries, Reunions Parties: Mr.and Mrs. Sanborn
Family Pages: Barnard, Boardman, Deming, Duren, Dyer, Eaton, Emerson, Gates, Grimmer, Hall, Hill, Hitchings, Kelley, Keene, Lee, Lindsay, Lowell, McAllister, Maxwell, Milberry
Evergreen Pine Hill E's and F's completed, Surnames include: Furbush, Frye, Frost, Freeman, Fields, Files, Fitzgerald, Fletcher, Folson, Ford, Foss, Foye, Fernald, Ferguson, Fall, Estey, Esterbrook, Emerson, Edney, Earl, Eaton, Edgerly
Evergreen Pine Hill C's and D's completed, Surnames include: Dustan, Durgin, Downs, Dow, Cowell, Cram, Cullen, Cummings, Daniels, Davidson, Davis, Day, Demeritt, Dillingham, Doane, Doe, Copp, Copeland, Cooper, Coffin, Colomy, Clements, Clark, Chick, Chesley, Carpenter, Castle, Caswell, Chapman, Chase, Chadbourne, Chadwick
Cemeteries: Evergreen PineHill, A's and B's completed, Sur-names mentioned: Abbott, Acerbe, Aldrich, Allard, Andrews, Arnold, Austin, Averill, Babb, Bailey, Barr, Bates, Batho, Bean, Beaumont, Berrick, Bickford, Blaisdell, Blake, Bryant, Bodge, Bodwell, Boyd, Bracy, Brackett, Bradeen, Bragdon, Bridges, Bodie, Brooks, Brown, Butler, Bumford, Bunker, Burgess, Butterworth, Byron
History: List of Sanford Lawyers
Biographies: Charles W. Smith
News: Miscellaneous: George Leland, Rev. Sanborn
News: Accidents and Tragedies: Jonathan K. Plaisted; Supply Cota
Biographies: Col. James Stone, Noah Emery, Caleb Emery
Cemeteries: Clark Cemetery, surnames mentioned: Whitehouse, Wentworth, Thompson, Tibbetts, Tebbetts, Staples,Simpson, Sellers, Ricker, Quint, Littlefield,  Hobbs, Ham, Hall, Grant, Gilpatrick, Clarke, Chadbourne, Andrews, Abbott
News/Crimes: Murder of Charles Brewster
News/Accidents and Tragedies: James Allen, Ezekiel Towle,
News/Death Notices: Mrs. Olivia F. Hayes, Mr. William Merrill, Joseph F. Carter
Sick List: Mrs. Mary Seavy
Military: Kennebunk during the Revolutionary times
Marriages: Hutton-Orcutt, submitted by J. Detzoll
State Updates;
Marriages: Miscellaneous Marriages Notices
Names mentioned: Black, Lincoln, Clemons, Winchester, Moody and Weaver
Military: WWI Newspaper Notices of Wounded and Casualties, submitted by Rose Stout

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