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Waldo County
Founded 1827
Its county seat is Belfast

Cities and Towns
* Belfast * Belmont * Brooks * Burnham * Frankfort
* Freedom * Islesboro * Jackson * Knox * Liberty
* Lincolnville * Monroe * Montville * Morrill * Northport
* Palermo * Prospect * Searsmont * Searsport
* Stockton Springs * Swanville * Thorndike * Troy
* Unity * Waldo * Winterport
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January 2016
News/Accidents and Tragedies:
Christianna Follett
John Whitcomb child
Marriage Notices:
John Harvey-C. Bartlett
B.F. Dyer-Mrs. P. C. Dod
O. Brown-Martha Upham
Death Notices:
Helen M. Hilton
Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson
Jonathan P. Hardy
Capt. John Small, Jr.

March 2016
Death Notices:
William M. Larrabee
History: Ships and Shipbuilding in Stockton Springs, a list of ships, the builder, the captain and the year they were built.

May 2016:
Military: Brief sketches of deceased soldiers from Belfast in the Civil War, names include, Burgess, Allyn, Burgin, Bucklin, Brown, Brier, Blodgett, Brackett, Black, Carter, Clark, Crosby, Collins

July 2016:
Military:  Sketches of deceased soldiers from Belfast in the Civil War has been updated to include the following surnames:Ellis, Emerson, Emmons, Eastman, Dyer, Dow, Dickerson and Dean

September 2016:
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Darling Cilly injured;  Jos. Browns  year old son, Jeff Hall's son
News-Crimes: A.G. Jewett horse and carriage stolen; Wm. Elwell orchard raided;
News-Miscellaneous: David Dyer's vessels
Deaths-Miscellaneous:  Richard Kimball suicides; Capt. A.B. Mathews
Capt. Alonzo Houston

November 2016
Miltary:  Sketches of deceased soldier from Belfast in the Civil War has been updated to include the following surnames:  Guptill; Greer; Glidden; Gilman; Giles; Gilbreth; Gardiner;Gay and Forbes

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