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Harford County, Maryland Churches
 Source: GNIS
Submitted by K. Torp


Latitude Longitude
Aberdeen Bible Church 393017N 0761029W
Ames Church 393159N 0762054W
Asbury United Methodist Church 393301N 0761606W
Ayers Chapel 393953N 0763233W
Baptist View Church   393604N 0762346W
Bel Air Church of the Nazarene 393420N 0762113W
Bel Air United Methodist Church 393213N 0762102W
Bethel Baptist Church 392838N 0762118W
Bethel Presbyterian Church 393649N 0763123W
Bible Baptist Church 393024N 0760944W
Bible Truth Apostolle Church of Deliverance 393023N 0760926W
Blessed Hope Baptist Church 392846N 0761239W
Broad Creek Church 393940N 0761705W
Calvary Baptist Church 393215N 0762044W
Calvary Church 393140N 0761546W
Calvary Church 393153N 0762100W
Cambria United Methodist Church 394229N 0762051W
Carsins Run Baptist Church 393214N 0761231W
Centre United Methodist Church 393510N 0762315W
Chesapeake Covenant Church 392445N 0762000W
Chestnut Grove Church 393859N 0762456W
Christ Fellowship Church   393131N 0762010W
Christ Our King Presbyterian Church 393059N 0761952W
Church of Christ 393056N 0761001W
Church of Jesus Christ 394210N 0762706W
Church of the Ascension 393848N 0761734W
Church of the Resurrection 392422N 0762147W
Churchville Presbyterian Church 393334N 0761510W
Clark Chapel 393612N 0761804W
Cokesbury United Methodist Church 392738N 0761636W
Conowingo Road Church of Christ   393548N 0761907W
Cranberry Church 392751N 0761222W
Darlington United Methodist Church 393816N 0761203W
Deer Creek Church 393645N 0762108W
Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church 393845N 0761218W
Dublin Missionary Baptist Church   393815N 0761446W
Dublin United Methodist Church 393857N 0761601W
East Chapel 392850N 0760734W
Ebenezer Church 393436N 0763000W
Edgewood Assembly of God Church 392552N 0761809W
Edgewood Baptist Church 392508N 0761741W
El Bethel Baptist Church 393848N 0761901W
Emmanuel Church 393222N 0762118W
Emmorton Baptist Church 392957N 0761936W
Encouraged Church   394210N 0761626W
Evangel Assembly of God Church 393209N 0761003W
Evangelical Methodist Church of Dublin 393941N 0761645W
Fairview Church 393450N 0762518W
Faith Baptist Church 392555N 0762125W
Fallston United Presbyterian Church 393012N 0762406W
Fellowship Church (historical) 394248N 0762708W
First Assembly of God Church 393313N 0760539W
First Baptist Church 393250N 0760537W
First Baptist Church of Aberdeen 393014N 0760909W
First Christian Church 393221N 0760549W
First Presbyterian Church 393220N 0762117W
Forest Ridge Baptist Church   393508N 0762402W
Franklin Church 394035N 0761339W
Friends Church 393033N 0762421W
Friends Meeting House (historical) 393807N 0761205W
Friendship Church 393131N 0762540W
Friendship Church 393440N 0762049W
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 393043N 0761939W
Good Shepherd United Presbyterian Church 392445N 0762118W
Good Will Church 393307N 0763022W
Grace Church 393814N 0761217W
Grace Reformed Episcopal Church 393243N 0760535W
Grace United Methodist Church 393035N 0760957W
Grandview Church 393144N 0762643W
Grandview Methodist Church 393140N 0762653W
Green Springs Church 393507N 0761217W
Grove Presbyterian Church 393026N 0760935W
Gunpowder Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) 392355N 0761741W
Harford Baptist Church    
Harmony Church 393622N 0761152W
Havre de Grace United Methodist Church 393250N 0760529W
Highland Presbyterian Church 394003N 0762243W
Highway Holiness Church 393017N 0761029W
Holy Communication Lutheran Church 393023N 0762412W
Holy Cross Church 393954N 0762427W
Holy Spirit Catholic Church 392439N 0762109W
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 393339N 0761448W
Hopewell Church 393446N 0761156W
Hosanna Church 393929N 0761224W
Jarrettsville United Methodist Church 393618N 0762829W
Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church 394209N 0762220W
John Wesley United Methodist Church 392442N 0762007W
Joppa Church of God 392559N 0762134W
Joppatowne Christian Church 392437N 0762012W
Lord of Life Lutheran Church 392531N 0761712W
Main Chapel 392857N 0760759W
Maple View Baptist Church 392812N 0762054W
McKendree Church (historical) 393735N 0763239W
Mount Calvary Church 393104N 0761134W
Mount Carmel Church 392937N 0761921W
Mount Carmel Church 393253N 0761821W
Mount Tabor Church 393511N 0761952W
Mount Vernon Church 394138N 0761802W
Mount Zion Baptist Church 393228N 0760532W
Mount Zion Church 393251N 0761828W
Mount Zion United Methodist Church 392802N 0762130W
Mountain Christian Church 392802N 0762219W
Nazarene Church 394257N 0762709W
New Covenant Church of God   393549N 0761912W
New Covenant Presbyterian Church 392923N 0761850W
New Hope Baptist Church 393211N 0762108W
New Life Fellowship Church of God 393036N 0760930W
Norrisville Seventh Day Adventist Church 394258N 0762912W
North Harford Baptist Church 393740N 0762804W
North Harford Church 393857N 0762625W
Oak Grove Church 393318N 0761719W
Old Brick Church 393413N 0762744W
Presbury Meeting House 392315N 0761821W
Presbyterian Church of Havre De Grace 393303N 0760536W
Providence Church 393224N 0762747W
Rock Run Church 393530N 0761009W
Rock Spring Church 393427N 0762315W
Saint Francis De Sales Church 392753N 0761706W
Saint Ignatius Church 393425N 0762118W
Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church 393259N 0760539W
Saint James Church 393350N 0760913W
Saint James Church 393815N 0762817W
Saint James Church 393840N 0761352W
Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church 393025N 0761013W
Saint Johns Episcopal Church 393252N 0760531W
Saint Margarets Roman Catholic Church 393226N 0762055W
Saint Marks Church 393031N 0762429W
Saint Marys Church 394129N 0762454W
Saint Marys Church 392916N 0761904W
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church 393239N 0761930W
Saint Matthews Memorial Church 393237N 0760535W
Saint Patricks Catholic Church 393252N 0760537W
Saint Pauls Church 394135N 0762837W
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church 393104N 0760953W
Salem Lutheran Church 393611N 0762914W
Sharon Church 393603N 0762346W
Smith Chapel 393311N 0761417W
Spesutie Church 392829N 0761214W
Tabernacle Church 394210N 0761626W
Tabernacle Church 393020N 0762319W
Temple Adas Shalom 393432N 0760904W
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 393425N 0761045W
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 392855N 0761848W
Thomas Run Methodist Church 393533N 0761734W
Towne Baptist Church 392522N 0762112W
Trinity Church 392622N 0762024W
Union Chapel Church 392846N 0762240W
Union Church 393110N 0760833W
Upper Crossroads Church 393203N 0762924W
Watters Church 393606N 0762628W
Way of Life Community Church   393214N 0762108W
Wesleyan Church 393323N 0761003W


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