Harford County, MD
Harford County Early Court Records


On petition of a number of citizens of the county the Court appointed Bennet Mathews, James Mathews and Jacob Bond, Jr., to view the road beginning at Lawrence Clark's old fields and leading from thence to Howard's ford on Winter's run. As many of the proceedings of the Court arc routine and there is so much of it, selections that may be thought interesting, will be made from the records of the next few years.

Ordinary (or tavern) licenses granted at August term,
Joseph Stiles—Sureties, Aquila Hall and Thomas Miller.
Nathaniel West—Sureties, Henry Wilson, Jr., and Wm. Downes.
John Jameson—Sureties, Buchanan Smith and Richard Cruzon.
Basil Smith—Sureties, John Durham and Bennet Matthews.
Robert Bonar—Sureties, James Ellison and John Hawthorn.
John Hawthorn—Sureties, John Blackburn and Robert Bonar.
John Kean—Sureties, Thomas Bond and Mordicai Amos.
John Rogers—Sureties, Aquila Hall and Jeremiah Sheredine.
Araminta Shaw—Sureties, Samuel Lee and Joseph Norris.
Thomas Smith—Sureties, James Horner and Richard Soward.
Robert Trimble—Sureties, William Downes and David Tait.
Stephen Hill—Sureties, James Preston and Nathan Scott.
Edward Robinson—Sureties, Charles Baker and Daniel McComas.
William Wells—Sureties, Samuel Jenkins and Jos. Norris.
Thomas Taylor—Sureties, John Beale Howard and Alex. Cowen.

At the November term, 1774, the following is a list of the grand jury, viz:
Freeborn Brown, Foreman.
Edmund Bull, Benjamin Scott, Thomas James, Joshua Durham, John McComas of Daniel, James Matthews, George Patterson, Richard Ruff, E. Carvil Tolley, William Downs, Andrew Wilson, Charles Baker, Richard Cruson, Francis Durben.
John Ross, Bailiff.

There was an appropriation of ten thousand pounds of tobacco to defray in part the expense of building a bridge over the Little Falls, and John Beale Howard and Robert Bishop were appointed managers.
The Court appoints Jacob Bond, Sr., Henry Wilson, Sr., Wm. Amos, Sr., and William Bull to view the road from the Hickory Tavern to Winter's Run at Howard's Ford, where the old road did formerly run by Thomas Smithson's, Samuel Durham's and Daniel Preston's.

(Source:  "History of Harford County, Maryland" ; Baltimore, Md. :1901 - Transcribed by K. Torp)

At the court which met at Bush March 23,
1779, the following justices were present:
Aquila Hall, Thomas Johnson, John Love, Ign. Wheeler, Samuel Groom Osborne and Aquila Paca. John Lee Gibson, clerk.

The following are the names of the grand jurors for that term of court, viz:
Joseph Brownly, Foreman.
Aquila Scott, John McComas,
Richard Robinson, William McCandley,
Hugh Bay, John Rutledge,
Richard Courson, John Hall Hughes,
Robt. Jeffrey, James Osborne,
Asael Hitchcock, Henry Warfield,
Joseph Ashton, Patrick Creaton,
Charles Taylor, Henry Vansickle.
Joseph Hartley, George Dillion, Bailiff.

At this term of court, Luther Martin, the distinquished Maryland lawyer, afterwards Attorney-General of the State, and one of the counsel for Aaron Burr at the impeachment trial at Richmond, appeared and was admitted to practice before the Harford County Court.

(Source:  "History of Harford County, Maryland" ; Baltimore, Md. :1901 - Transcribed by K. Torp)

At a county court of the said State held for Harford county at the courthouse, in said county, at Harford town, on the twenty-eighth day of March, seventeen hundred and eighty (
1780), before the worshipful justices of the same court, of whom were present Messrs. James Giles, Jas. Philips, John Love, William Smithson, Samuel Groom Osborne, Robt. Amoss, John Archer.

Grand jury:
Joseph Stiles,
Joseph Brownley,
Fras. Billingsley,
Daniel Norris,
Jas. Moore,
Robt. Creswell,
Daniel Bailess,
John Chancey,
John McComas,
Wm. Fisher,
John Cooley,
John Clark,
Arch Beaty,
John McAdoo,
Wm. Bradford,
John Stenson,
Michael Gilbert,
John Hay,
Gilbert Jones,
Joshua Brown,
George Dew.

(Source:  "History of Harford County, Maryland" ; Baltimore, Md. :1901 - Transcribed by K. Torp)



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