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Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840

Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service, Publ. 1841.
Transcribed by Amy West.

Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840
Alleghany Co    
1st Division    
Christian Smith 88 Christopher Smith
2nd Division    
Peter McMahon 86 Peter McMahon
Thomas Clinton 84 Thomas Clinton
James Skinner 85 James Skinner
William Groves 83 William Groves
George King 78 George King
Washington Co    
3rd District    
Peter Feighly,sen 86 Peter Feighly, sen
Polly Lewis 82 George Schryock
4th District    
Mark Coil 85 Marl Coil
Francis Krick 80 Francis Krick
5th District    
Anthony Belsor 88 George Hamilton
Frederick County    
3d District    
James Cochrane 77 James Cochrane
Laurence Everhart 86 Laurence Everhart
8th District    
George Oveiman 81 George Oveiman
9th District    
,John Montgomery, sen 80 John Montgomery, sen
10th District    
Peter Zollinger 84 Peter Zollinger
Carroll County    
4th District    
William Lynch 70 William Lynch
William Fanning 48 William Fanning
6th District    
Jacob Shennick 75  
Samuel Dewees 91  
Christian Snyder 84  
7th District    
David Cochrane 78 David Cochrane
Baltimore County    
1st district    
Thomas Crampton 80 Henry Chaney
Arthur McLane 79 John Moke
Thomas White 86 Charles White
2d District    
General John Armstrong 83 Horatio G. Armstrong
Anthony Pitsch 57 Anthony Pitsch
4th District    
Joseph Harper 94 Joseph Harper
5th District    
Joseph West 85 Joseph West
Harford County    
2d District    
Andrew Gorrell 50  
3d District    
William Wilgis 75 William Wilgis
Andrew McAdew 84 Andrew McAdew
4th District    
Jarrett Tracey 51 Jarrett Tracey
Thomas Schivengton 56  
William Slone 65  
Henry Long 45  
Nancy Long 86  
John Heaps 80  
5th District    
Archibald Heaps 88  
Montgomery County    
1st Division    
Giles Easton 80 Lewis easton
3d Division    
Francis Hutchinson 87 Samuel Thrift
Heister Pennefill 71 Asa Claggett
4th Division    
William Layman 87 Thomas Worthington
5th Division    
Mary Tailor 78  
Mary Watkins 81 Thomas watkins
Christian Miller 88 Christian Miller
Elizabeth Warfield 86 N.D. Warfield
Prince George's County    
4th Divison    
Martha Wall 78 Martha Wall
5th Division    
James Evans 56 Henry Martin
Richard Coe 87 Richard Coe
John Smith (colored) 71 Richard Taylor
Basil Hatton 80 Basil Hatton
St. Mary's County    
2d District    
George Dent 83 William Dent
Thomas Haywood 84 John A. Haywood
3d District    
William Matton 41 William S. L. Abell
Charles County    
3d District    
Adam Adams 80  
Anne Arundel County    
1st District    
Susan O'Harra 81 William O'Harra
James Davidson 79 James Davidson
2d District    
Richard Hall 97 Richard Cadle
3d District    
Richard Kelly 78 Sarah Stinchcomb
4th District    
Samuel Baldwin 82 Levi Baldwin
Deborah Randall 77 Alexander Randall
Rebecca Sewell 65 Rebecca Sewell
Henry Maynadier 81 Henry Maynadier
Sarah Windham 92 Eleanor Windham
Susan Brewer 81 Susan Brewer
Solomon Frazier 80 James Frazier
Ann Hollydeoke 99 Ann Hollydeoke
Cecil County    
1st District    
Thomas M. Forman 88 Thomas M. Forman
Stephen Shea 55 Sylvester Megee
2d District    
John McLean 84 John McLean
Kent county    
1st District    
John Humphries 85 L.M. Recaud
2d District    
Elijah Dailey 46 Benjamin Greenwood
Major James H. Gale 45 Major James H. Gale
Caroline County    
2d Division    
Stephen Phillips, sen 77 Stephen Phillips, sen
Talbot County    
1st District    
Solomon Barrott 76 Solomon Barrott
John Weyman 47 John Weyman
3d District    
Elisha Draper   Elisha Draper
Anna Maria Tilghman 86 Tench Tilghman
Queen Anne County    
1st District    
Jacob Jeffers 80 William Cornelius
5th District    
Nathan Allan 85 Nathan Allan
Somerset County    
1st Division    
Levin Willing 84 Levin Willing
3d Division    
John Purnell 85 Dryden Purnell
Dorchester County    
4th District    
Nehemiah Beckwith 76 Nehemiah Beckwith
Levin Frazier 86 Levin Frazier
Newmarket District    
William Merick 81 John Merick
8th District    
Aaron Vinson 78 Aaron Vinson
Worchester County    
Southern District    
Nancy Handy   Nancy Handy
Baltiimore City    
1st Ward    
Samuel Hutson 77 Ed. Cleary
George Rentzall 58 Sister Mary Olympia
3d Ward    
Evan Griffith 83 James Parkinson
4th Ward    
Henry Cook 82 Obed Pearce
5th Ward    
Mary Allen 75 Ann Allen
Elizabeth Bowen 79 Joseph Davenport
8th Ward    
Christopher Lambert 89 Christian Cook
Ann Elizabeth Lorentz 65 Ann E. Lorentz
Susanna Haney 83 Catharine Williams
9th Ward    
Laura Nicholson 35 Laura Nicholson
Catharine Kelty 64 Eliza Jones
10th Ward    
Elizabeth Phillips 68 James League
Richard Wells 82 John G. Dorcy
12th Ward    
Elizabeth Haupt 81 Elizabeth Haupt
Henrietta Frazier 79 Alexander Yearly

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