Maryland Genealogy Trails
Queen Anne's County
Wills and Probate Records

Stevens, John will 30 Dec 1749 probate 22 Mar 1749
wife Susannah (executor) 3 white servants
son John left stock
son James 25 lbs, by direction of Joseph Sudler
daughters Ann, Mary Ann & Susannah slaves
white servants Robert Elliott, Robert Mashall & Isbell Nicholson  
witnesses Joseph Sudler, Mary & Alexander Tolson  

Stevens, John
of Kent Island
will 26 Mar 1760 probate 18 Sep 1760
brother James land & father's gold ring
sister Mary Ann (executor) personal estate
sisters Susanna & Ann his clothes
unknown Lisby Sinnos one article of his clothing
witnesses William Kirby, Jean Davis & Elizabeth Smyth  

Stevens, Thomas Jr will 23 Sep 1773 probate 15 Nov 1773
wife Mary Watkins Stevens plantation purchased from Richard Bishop and all estate
executor William Keen, wife's father  
witnesses John & Nathan Slaughter, James Black, Thomas Goldsborough  


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