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 Rev. Alexander Adams
On the 14th (Sept 14 1879) inst. died the Rev. Alexander Adams in the 90th year of his age; he has been Rector of Stepney Parish, Somerset County, sixty-five years.
["MARYLAND GAZETTE", Annapolis, MD - reprinted in Maryland Historical Magazine, Vols 17-18, 1922 -- Sub. by K.T.]

Ball Brothers
FOUR boys, brothers, named Ball, were drowned while swimming in the Manokin river, near Princess Ann, Md., recently.
New Ulm Review., July 27, 1892
-- Contributed by Robin Line

E. M. Brooke
Crisfield, Maryland, December 28.—E. M. Brooke, of Marion, Somerset County, died of Bright’s disease early this morning, aged 45 years. He was born in Ohio, and came to this county when quite young. He was employed by the N. Y .P & N. Railroad Company as freight and passenger agent. He was also a prominent business man, being connected with several mercantile firms. He was a director of the Farmers’ Bank of Marion. He is survived by a widow and three children Charles A. Brooke, Aurclia Brooke and Winnie Brooke.
[Thursday, December 29, 1904 - Baltimore American (Baltimore, MD) Page: 5 - contributed by:  Frances Cooley]

C. A. Costing
Mail Carrier Drowned
C. A. Costing Lost While Crossing Smith’s Island, Near Crisfield
Crisfield, Maryland, January 20.—The body of Charles Arnold Costing, who was drowned Monday at Smith’s Island, has been recovered. Coating was a United States mail carrier between Rhodes Point and Tylerton.
He left Rhodes Point Monday morning in a small open gasoline boat, on his regular route to Tylerton. A heavy storm was raging at the time, but he arrived safely at Tylerton and, after transferring the mail, started back for Rhodes Point in the teeth of the storm. This was the last time Costing was seen alive.
Upon his failure to return home Monday night, the residents of “Rhodes Point grew anxious, and Tuesday morning searching parties were sent out. The inlets and drains around Smith’s Island were scoured and his body was finally found in Little Packy’s ditch, a drain about eight feet wide and six feet deep. His boat was found later on the marsh.
It is supposed that his engine broke down and the boat became unmanageable and drifted upon the beach. Costing is then believed to have started home across the marsh, and, in attempting to cross Little Packy’s ditch, was drowned.
Coating was 30 years old, a native of Opeqnin, Virginia. He came to Smith’s Island when a small boy. He served in Cuba during the Spanish-American war.
[Friday, January 21, 1916 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CLVII Issue: 57 Page: 3 - Contributed by:  Frances Cooley]

Colonel Thomas S. Hodson
Colonel Thomas S. Hodson Dies At Crisfield
Soldier, Lawyer and a Republican Leader for Years on the Eastern Shore
Special to The American
Crisfield, Maryland, September 29.—Colonel Thomas S. Hodson prominent for more than a half century in the public life of the Eastern Shore, died at his home in Crisfield this morning, after an illness of several months. Colonel Hodson was 83 years of age and was born in Dorchester County, but had made Somerset his home since the early life of Crisfield, more than half a century ago. He was the oldest member of the Somerset County bar and one of the oldest practicing attorneys in Maryland.
A veteran of the Civil War, Colonel Hudson served with distinction in the Union Army. He was a graduate of Princeton and practiced law in the courts of Somerset County and the State up until a few months ago, when his declining health compelled him to give up his active practice. Colonel Hudson was a Republican and was active for a half century in affairs of his party. He represented Somerset County in the Maryland Senate in the eighties, was three times a candidate for Congress, making the last run for the National Assembly of the Bull Moose ticket in 1914.
>Colonel Hudson’s entire career was as interwoven with the growth and development of Crisfield and Somerset County. For years he was the leading member of the local bar, the acknowledged head of the Republican party in Somerset. and identified with various business, professionals and social movements. He is survived by his wife and two sons (Colonel Clarence Hodson and Sherwood S. Hodson).
Funeral services will be held from St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church, near Crisfield, Friday Morning.
[Thursday, September 30, 1920 - Baltimore American (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CCXXVIII Issue: 1778 Page: 3 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

Mrs. John M. Holmes, Jr.
Mrs. John M. Holmes, Jr., 27 years old died yesterday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Tawes, of Crisfield, Maryland, after a prolonged illness. She was a graduate of Gouches College and her husband, who is now general secretary of the Young Men’s Christian Association in Greenville, North Carolina, was formerly secretary of the Young Men’s Christian Association of Johns Hopkins University and religious work secretary of the Central young Men’s Christian Association. Her father is a member of the board of managers of the House of Correction and former Collector of Customs at Crisfield. Besides her husband and parents she is survived by a son, John Holmes, and a sister, Miss Adeline Tawes, of Crisfield.
[Thursday, February 3, 1916 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) volume: CLVIII Issue: 68 Page: 7 - Contributed by: Franes Cooley]

Dr. Daniel W. Jones
Oldest Physician Dead
Dr. Daniel W. Jones, of Somerset, Succumbs at 95
Princess Anne, Maryland, November 12.—Dr. Daniel W. Jones, 95 years old, died at his home in Mount Vernon this morning. He was born February 22, 1823.
So far as known, Dr. Jones was the oldest person in Somerset County, and perhaps the oldest physician in Maryland. He was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and practiced until about 10 years ago. He was one of the leading physicians of Somerset County and for many years had a very extensive practice. As a young man he moved to Dames Quarter, in this county, about 1850, and was for a number of years the only practicing physician between Princess Anne and Deal Island. In 1880 he moved to his farm in Mount Vernon, and there for many years engaged extensively in the practice of his profession.
Dr. Jones was a Democrat and was in his early life very active in public affairs. He was for many years a communicant of Grace Protestant Episcopal Church at Mount Vernon.
Soon after moving to Dames Quarter he married Julia A Scott, daughter of late John D. Scott, of that community. Their married life had extended over more than 60 years. Mrs. Jones who is 85 years old, still surviving. Dr. Jones is also survived by two sons, W. Edgar Jones, a commission merchant of Baltimore, and Denwood A. Jones, of Mount Vernon.
Wednesday, November 13, 1918 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CLXIII Issue: 155 Page: 1 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

Mrs. Sarah A. Miles
Funeral of Mrs. Sarah A. Miles
Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun
Crisfield, Maryland, September 20.—Mrs. Sarah Anne Miles, whose death at Crisfield was announced in the Sun this morning, was buried today in St. Paul’s Churchyard, near Marion, in Somerset County. She was sixty five years of age, the widow of Samuel G. Miles, of Fauntleroy Plantation, in the Northern Neck of Virginia, and formerly a prosperous merchant of Baltimore during the war. He was a brother to Captains Southley F., John Thomas and Luther F. Miles, of Somerset County, Maryland and uncle to the ex-Congressman Joshua W. Miles.
Mrs. Miles was a daughter of Benjamin Lankford, of Somerset, and sister of Captain B. F. Lankford, president of the People’s Bank and president of the School Board of Somerset County. She leaves one child. Mrs. Thomas Sherwood Hodson, of Baltimore.
[Wednesday, September 21, 1898 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CXXIII Issue: 110 Page: 9 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

Frank C. Quinn, Jr.
Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun
Crisfield, Maryland, January 13.—Frank C. Quinn, Jr., editor of the Crisfield Times, died this afternoon at his home in Crisfield of consumption, aged 22 years. Mr. Quinn was born in Pocomoke City and came to Crisfield in 1891. He was well and popularly known throughout Somerset County and as a newspaper man was considered a hustler. About two years ago he married Miss Marion Horsey, daughter of Mrs. O. S. Horsey, of Crisfield, and is survived by a widow and one son. Mr. Quinn’s health broke down several months ago and he went to Asherville, North Carolina for a change of climate. His health improved while in Asherville, but upon return to Crisfield his condition became serious and his death was not entirely unexpected. He is the son of Mr. L. C. Quinn, editor of the Crisfield Times.
Interment will be made in the Methodist Protestant Cemetery at Pocomoke City, Monday.
[Saturday, January 14, 1905 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CXXXVI Issue: 59 Page: 8 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

William. S. Stone
The Late William S. Stone
His Remains Brought From Buffalo and Interred at Princess Anne – A grandson of Bishop Stone
Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun
Princess Anne, Maryland, April 24.—The remains of the late William S. Stone, who died in Buffalo, New York, on the 21st instant, were brought to Princess Anne Saturday afternoon and interred in St. Andrew’s Church Yard. Reverend Edward Benedict officiated. Thomas R. Stone, brother of the deceased, and his mother, Mrs. Thomas Stone, accompanied the remains from Buffalo. William S. Stone was born in Baltimore February 16, 1855. He graduated from St. John’s College, Annapolis, in 1874, and studied law with the honorable John W. Crisfield and attended the law school in Baltimore. He was admitted to the Somerset bar in 1876. Shortly after his admission to the bar Mr. Stone went West and located in St. Louis, and in 1881 was made attorney for the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway. He subsequently removed to Colorado, and remained one year, going from there to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and engaged in the practice of law until 1886, from which place he removed to Kansas City and remained until 1892, during which time he was acting vice-president for the Weatherford Mineral Wells and Northwestern Railway. In 1892 he removed to Buffalo, New York, and engaged in the practice of his profession with his brother, Thomas R. Stone. Mr. Stone was the son of the late Dr. Thomas Stone, of Somerset County, and a grandson of the late Right Reverend William Murray Stone, Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland.
Monday, April 25, 1898 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CXXII Issue: 137 Page: 10 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

Mrs. May Tull
Special to the American
Crisfield, Maryland, December 28.—Mrs. Mary Tull, aged 73 years, died at the home of Peter M. Tilghnian today of pneumonia. Mrs. Tull had made her home with the Tilghnain family for a number of years. She was a widow, her husband having been dead 16 years.
[Thursday, December 29, 1904 - Baltimore American (Baltimore, MD) Page: 5 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

Robert P. Whittington
Robert P. Whittington Dead
Crisfield, Maryland, August 3.—Robert Pl Whittington died at his home here last night. He was one of the largest land owners in Somerset County. He is survived by his widow and two sons, Elton and Rawdon Whittington.
[Wednesday, august 4, 1920 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CLXVII Issue: 59 Page: 8 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

James C. Woodland
James C. Woodland Dead
Crisfield Merchant Succumbs To Heart Trouble-Funeral Services Tomorrow Afternoon
Crisfield, Maryland, July 15.—James Christopher Woodland, one of Crisfields prominent merchants, died at his home on South Somerset Avenue Friday evening after an illness of several weeks. Prior to this illness Captain Woodland had been in failing health for more than a year. Death was immediately due to heart trouble. The deceased was 52 years of age.
Captain Woodland was a native of Virginia, and at an early age followed the sea, retiring about 15 years ago. During this time he had commanded several large vessels plying between New York and Baltimore and the West Indies and South America. After his retirement from the sea he entered the mercantile business in Crisfield and was very successful. He was a stanch member of Mount Pleasant Methodist Protestant Church. He was a leading Democrat of Somerset County, but had never held public office. He was very prominent in fraternal circles, being a member of the Masons, Elks, Knights of Pythias, Woodmen and other orders.
Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock at Mount Pleasant Church, conducted by the Reverend C. M. Elderdice, pastor of the Methodist Protestant a Church, assisted by Dr. F. T. Benson, editor of the Methodist Protestant.
The deceased is survived by a widow and two children—Roy and Agatha—and a brother—A. W. Woodland, of Crisfield—and one sister—Mrs. Josephine Vey, of Forest Park.
[Sunday, July 16, 1916 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: XVI Issue: 29 Page: 7 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

Captain John Stable
Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun
Deal’s Island, Maryland, June 7.—Captain John Stable, a native of Maine, but long a resident of Deal’s Island, Somerset County, Maryland died Thursday, the 3d inst.
[Wednesday, June 8, 1892 - Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CXI Issue: 20 Page: 6 - Contributed by: Frances Cooley]

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