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Talbot County, MD
Wills and Probate Documents



Jenkins, Elizabeth

will 09 Apr 1763 probate 08 Mar 1765
sons George, Matthew, Thomas & Walter  
daughters Hannah Stevens, Rachel Cary, Catherine, Margaret  
grand daughters Elizabeth & Hannah d/o Matthew  
grand daughter Elizabeth d/o Thomas  
witnesses Tristram Thomas, Rachel Jenkins & Rachel Pritchard  


Stevens, Charles

will 22 Jul 1726 probate 22 May 1728
son Charles part of 100a "Planter's Delight", part of 100a "Newman's Lott", 100a "Noble's Chance", 75a "Steven's His Addition", 8a "Charles His Lott"
daughter Mary 1/2 of "Providence and 20a on Tuckahoe creek
daughter Katherine 212a "Llewellins Ridge" east side of Tuckahoe creek
daughter Elizabeth residue at "Providence"
guardian of Katherine & Elizabeth Mary (sister) and Roger Clayland
witnesses James Barweek, John Pursell & Michaell Jeromes  


Stevens, Francis
of Kent Island

will 08 Nov 1704 probated 18 Apr 1705
son John (executor) 255a "Steven's Adventurre"
son Charles (executor) 150a "Little Ease" near Coxes Creek
son Francis 225a part of "Ten Stoomwells" near head of Wye river, he is to live w Benj Weeks til minority
daughters Mary & Sarah jointly 200a, part of "Common Garden" at head of Farly Creek in Cecil Co, MD
daughter Mary (eldest) to live with John Wells
daughter Sarah (youngest) to live with Edward Brown
witnesses John Joanes, Dennis Reney & Alexander Forbes  


Stevens, Sarah

will 18 Jun 1719 probate 21 Sep 1719
son John (executor), his wife & 4 grand daughters (no names)  
daughter Mrs Magdalen Maud 30 lbs
daughter Sarah Webb (executor) & her daughter Sarah  
grand son Thomas Stevens  
unknown Elizabeth Stevens widow of William 10 lbs
witnesses Henry King, John Mears & William Warner  


Stevens, Thomas

will 03 Apr 1685 probate 12 Mar 1686
brother Thomas Emerson 100a "Thomas Emerson's Pasture"
sister (just Emerson)  
cousins John & Warner Shewdle, Susanna Brown, Sarah Stevenson & John Clymor all to have personalty
uncle John Brown (executor)  
witnesses Jonathon Hawkins, Jonathon David, Thomas Willeasson & Joseph Clarke  


Stevens, William

will 08 Oct 1700 probate 17 Apr 1701
wife Sarah (executor) life interest in "Compton" & "Edmondson's Lower Cove", land on Fowling creek in Dorchester co, MD
son William 1/2 "Catling's Plaine" on Island creek, 1/3 land at port of Williamstad
son Samuel "Compton" & "Edmondson's Lower Cove",  1/3 land at port of Williamstad
son John residue "Catling's Plaine, 50a "Buckroe", 50a "Dawson's Fortune",  1/3 land at port of Williamstad
daughters Mary, Sarah & Magdalene jointly "Timerton"
witnesses Jonathon Mullikins, Alexander Boyce & Francis Chaplin  




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