Bristol County



Cemetery Name Town Contact*
Abel F. Pearce Family Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Abiel Richmond Lot Taunton 821-1021
Acushnet Cemetery Acushnet 995-3908
Allen's Neck Road Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
Almshouse (Schoolhouse) Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Almy Cemetery Westport 636-1003
Ancient Long Plain Cemetery Acushnet 998-3908
Appollos Clark Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Apponagansett Cemetery Dartmouth910-1800
Ariel Horton Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Arikim Pearce Family Burial Ground Rehoboth 252-6502
Asa Newcomb Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Assonet Burying Ground Assonet644-2203
Babbit Cemetery Norton285-0230
Baker (Colebrook) Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Bassett Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Beech Grove Cemetery Westport 636-1003
Berkley Cemetery Berkley 822-3348
Beth El Cemetery Fall River 324-2220
Bezer Lincoln Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Blake Cemetery Assonet 644-2203
Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery Fall River 821-1021
Bliss Burying Ground Rehoboth 252-6502
Bosworth Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Bosworth Cemetery Somerset 646-2818
Bosworth Family Burial Ground Rehoboth 252-6502
Braley Cemetery East Freetown 644-2203
Briggsville (Wilmarth-Titus) Burial Ground Attleboro 222-7525
Brook Street Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Buffington Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Burial Place Hill Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Burt, Crane, Gulliver & Walker Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Capt. Israel Nichols Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Capt. Jedediah Willis Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Carpenter Lot No. Attleboro 699-0108
Carruthers Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Case Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Caswell Cemetery Freetown 644-2203
Caswell & Fairbanks Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Caswell Street Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Cedar Knoll Cemetery East Taunton 821-1021
Cemetery at the Green Middleboro
Central Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Chace Cemetery Somerset 646-2818
Cold Brook Cemetery Acushnet 998-0215
Col. John Williams Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Coombs Family Burial Ground Attleboro 222-7525
Cooper Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Crane Avenue Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Cynthia Drake Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Dodge Island Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
Dr. Edward Dean Cemetery Easton 230-0530
East Freetown Cemetery East Freetown 644-2203
East Weir Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Elijah Copeland Graveyard Easton 230-0530
Eneas Round Yard (Capt. Mial Pierce Lot) Rehoboth 252-6502
Esek Pierce (Capt. Mial Pierce) Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Evergreen Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
Father Wilson Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Field Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
First Christian Church Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
Follett Family Burial Ground Attleboro 222-7525
Franklin Woodward Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Friend's (Harvey) Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Friend's (Old Quaker Cemetery) Burying Ground Acushnet 995-3908
Furnace Village Cemetery Easton 230-0530
George Fergusson Burying Ground Easton 230-0530
George Wilbur Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Goff and Wheeler Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Harvey Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Hathaway Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Hill Meadow Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
Hillside Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
Hiram Drown Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Hix Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Holy Cross Fathers and Brothers (Stonehill College)Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Horton Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Immaculate Conception Cemetery No. Easton 230-0530
Indian Burial Ground Attleboro 222-7525
Ingalls Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Isaac Lothrop Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Isaac Pierce Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Isaiah Hunt Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
James Gardiner Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
James Horton Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
John Selee Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Jonathan Horton Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Jonathan Wheeler Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Joseph Stillman Pierce Yard (Terrydiddle Cemetery) Rehoboth 252-6502
Joshua Pierce Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Judge Haile Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Kelton Family Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
King Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Knapp Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Lincoln Burying Ground 1 Taunton 821-1021
Lincoln Burying Ground 2 Taunton 821-1021
Long Plain Cemetery Acushnet 995-3908
Lovell Goff Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Lt. John Williams Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Macey Record Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Mann Family Cemetery N. Attleboro 699-0108
Mayflower Hill Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
McKenney-Elliott Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Medbury Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Millerd Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Mount Hope Cemetery Swansea 678-9389
Mount Hope Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
Mount Nemo Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Munroe Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Nasketucket Cemetery Fairhaven 979-4025
Nathan Pierce Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Nathan Slade Cemetery Somerset 646-2818
Neck-O-Land Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Nehemiah Howard Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Newcomb Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Newell Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
New Long Plain Cemetery Acushnet 995-3908
Nichols, Cole & Moulton Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
North Dartmouth Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
North Purchase Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
North Taunton Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Norton Center Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Norton Common Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Notre Dame Cemetery Fall River 672-4854
Nyes Lane Cemetery Acushnet 995-3908
Oak Grove Cemetery Fall River 672-4854
Oak Grove Cemetery New Bedford 979-1450
Oak Knoll (Briggs Corner, Conant) Cemetery No. Rehoboth 252-6502
Oak Knoll Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Oakland Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Oak Swamp (Greenwood Cemetery) Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Old Bay Road Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Old Burying Ground (Veteran's Cemetery) Easton 230-0530
Old Episcopal (St. Thomas) Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Old Fox Burying Ground Berkley 822-3348
Old Kirk (Second Parish Church Cemetery) Yard Attleboro 222-7525
Oliver Howard Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Orren N. Horton Family Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Otis Horton Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Otis J. Martin Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Padanaram Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
Padleford Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Paine Cemetery No. Attleboro 699-0108
Palmer's River Churchyard Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Peck Family Yard Reheboth 252-6502
Peckham Cemetery Acushnet 995-3908
Peck (Simmons) Burial Ground Attleboro 222-7525
Peleg Pierce Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Perez Packard Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Phillips Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Phillips Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Pierce & Morton Cemetery Freetown 644-2203
Pine Grove Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Pine Grove Cemetery New Bedford 979-1450
Pine Hill Cemetery East Taunton 821-1021
Plain Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Quaker Burial Grounds (Greenwood) Taunton 821-1021
Reed Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Richmond Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Riverside Cemetery Fairhaven 979-4025
Robinson Cemetery No. Attleboro 699-0102
Round Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Rural Cemetery New Bedford 979-1450
Sacred Heart Cemetery New Bedford 979-1450
Samuel T. Wheeler Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Sandy Hill Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Seth Pratt Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Shubael Wheeler and Horton Yard Rehoboth 252-6502
Silas Phillips Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Simmons Family Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Smith Neck Rd Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
Solomon Burial Yard Attleboro 222-7525
South Dartmouth Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
South Easton Cemetery So. Easton 230-0530
Springbrook Cemetery Mansfield 261-7345
Springbrook Cemetery No. Attleboro 699-0102
Staples Street Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Stevens Corner Cemetery Norton 285-0230
Stevens Corner (Hix) Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
St. Francis Cemetery Norton 285-0230
St. Francis Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
St. James Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
St. John's Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
St. John's Cemetery Dartmouth 910-1800
St. John's Cemetery New Bedford 979-1450
St. Mary's Cemetery Mansfield 261-7345
St. Mary's Cemetery New Bedford 979-1450
St. Mary's Cemetery No. Attleboro 699-0102
St. Patrick's Cemetery Fall River 324-2220
St. Patrick's Cemetery Somerset 646-2818
St. Stephen's Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
Tabor Cemetery Acushnet 995-3908
Tamerline Wheeler Horton Lot Rehoboth 252-6502
Thayer Family Burial Yard Attleboro 222-7525
Thomas Keith Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Thomas Manley Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Village Cemetery No. Easton 230-0530
Village Cemetery Rehoboth 252-6502
Walker Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Washington Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Washington Street Cemetery Easton 230-0530
Westville Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Wetherell Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
White Cemetery Freetown 644-2203
White Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
William Dean Cemetery Easton 230-0530
William L. Walker Cemetery Taunton 821-1021
Willis Burying Ground Taunton 821-1021
Woodcock Cemetery (Old North or Hatch's Burying Ground) North Attleboro 669-0102
Woodlawn Cemetery Attleboro 222-7525
Woodside Cemetery Fairhaven 979-4025

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