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Essex County
 Congregational Church in Marblehead
Congregational church in Marblehead

    Discovered by Europeans in 1692; the first who are known to have set foot in the county were Edward Harlie and Nicholas Hobson, who landed at Ipswich in 1611. The earliest settlers were the Cape Ann colonists, led by Roger Conant, in 1624. Endicott's colony arrived September 6, 1628. On May10, 1643, eight towns Salem, Lynn, Wenham, Ipswich, Rowley, Newbury, Gloucester, and Andover were set apart and incorporated as Essex County.

    Indian disturbances affected the inhabitants but little until the breaking out of King Philip's War; in which brave soldiers and good leaders from Essex County distinguished themselves at various points. Theirs were the troops so mercilessly slaughtered at "Bloody Brook," in Deerfield, a body of ninety picked, well-disciplined, courageous soldiers known as "the Flower of Essex," under Captain Lothrop, where they were surprised by a large body of Philip's savage warriors. 

    The history of this county is disfigured by the woeful delusion of witchcraft which raged here in the latter part of the 17th century; and which, originating in that part of Salem which is now included in Danvers, extended to neighboring towns, until not less than 20 persons had actually been executed, while 8 more had been condemned, 150 were in prison awaiting trial, and 200 others had been accused. It is acknowledged that most of those who suffered and many others of the accused were persons of excellent character. In consequence of the trials and the expenses, the rapacious confiscations, and the universal alarm, business was utterly prostrated, and hundreds impoverished. Long years of toil and sorrow elapsed before the county recovered fully from this terrible blow. During the Revolution, Essex County effectively sustained her part on the side of freedom and nationality. A Gazetteer of the State of Massachusetts  1890

Map of Essex County
County Map

Amesbury * Beverly * Gloucester * Haverhill * Lawrence * Lynn * Methuen * Newburyport * Peabody * Salem

Amesbury * Boxford * Danvers * Essex * Georgetown * Groveland * Hamilton * Ipswich * Lynnfield * Manchester-by-the-Sea * Marblehead * Merrimac * Middleton * Nahant * Newbury * North Andover * Rockport * Rowley * Salisbury * Saugus * Swampscott * Topsfield * Wenham * West Newbury

Annisquam * Ballardvale * Beverly Farms * Bradford * Byfield * Centerville * Clifton * Cove Harbor * Magnolia * Merrimacport * North Beverly * Plum Island * Ryall's Side * West Boxford

Census Designated Places
Andover * Boxford * Essex * Ipswich * Rockport * Rowley * Salisbury * Topsfield

County Seat: Salem and Lawrence
Founded: 1643
Square Miles: Total 828/Land 493/Water 336


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Probate/Wills: Notices: Moses Bartlett, Mary J. Combs, Harriet M. Jackman, Frances R. Rodigrass,
Taxes: for Newburyport and Rowley in 1838 and 1839

Obits: Jacob Chase, Mrs. Mary Hale, Mary C. Johnson, Abigail Marsh, Moses Pillsbury, Isaac Organ, John Wallace Hutchison

Bios: John Shea at Scranton, G. Von L. Meyer; FIRST SECRETARY OF UNITED STATES NAVY- George Cabot;
Census: 1850 Mortality for Gloucester, Topsfield, Middleton, Newburyport,
Marriage News: SMITH-McKEEN
News: Terrible Explosion-Six Firemen Killed; Noted Women Golfers in Championship Meet; Slavery in Massachusetts; Random Shots G.A.R.; Lead, copper, silver, gold discovered: Ingalls elected to Senate; Veritable pins used by the Salem witches on file in Clerks Office; Earthquake in Massachusetts; A CREDULOUS PLACE - WITCHCRAFT, SPIRITUAL RAPPINGS AND MORMONISM; Silver Mine yielding $1,000 daily; A complaint in ejectment has been filed by Mary A. Seaverus and George Seaverus; LEGAL NOTICES - MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE; Immense Fire Destroys whole of Haverhill; Why Miss Dodge, piquant contributor to the "Atlantic Monthly," calls herself "Gail Hamilton,"; Administrator's Notice - William I Burnham; MAPS AS POLITICAL ARGUMENTS; Constitution figurehead sawed off; Pauper elected to Legislature;  T.O. Wardwell ad; Double Alarm for Main Street Fire; Verdict of $400.53, The First Raid,
Obits: Thomas Thompson; John James Ingalls; Patrick J. Fenton, George A. Ainsworth,  Everett M. Swett, Ellen M. Towle,  Herbert F. Chase, Andrew J. Leighton, Caroline C. Leighton, Laforest Colburn,
Probate/Wills: Mrs. Searles' Will; Will of George Peabody; Probate - J.T. Bayley;
Towns: Sketches of Cities: Lawrence

Obits: Thomas Thompson

Census: 1850 Mortality for Andover, Boxford, Bradford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Lynn, Lynnfield, West Newbury
Directory: Rowley, City 1888 - submitted by Kim Torp
Essex County Firsts: First Steamboat, First Baptist Church, First Iron Foundery,
Newspapers: in Gloucester, Haverhill, Lynn,
Obits: Thomas Bowden, Caled Oakes, T. Clarke Oliver, Mrs. Mary Shaw, John W. Trendwell, Jospeh Very
Stories: Duston Family
Towns: The Cities and Villages - Grasshopper Plain, Groveland, Guinea, Hallsville, Hamilton, Haverhill, Hog Island, Hog Island Harbor, Lawrence, Line Brook, Linwood, Lynn, Lynnfield


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