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Sources:  GNIS
Lynn Cemetery data comes from "Inscriptions from the Old Burying Ground", 1886
Malden Cemetery data comes from the town's website

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Abbott St. Burial Ground     Beverly  
Academy Burying Ground     Andover aka Phillips Academy Cemetery
Ancient Burying Ground     Bradford  
Ancient Burying Ground     Essex aka Old Graveyard
Ancient Burying Ground     Groveland aka Riverview Cemetery
Ancient Cemetery     Gloucester aka Second Parish Cemetery
Ancient Cemetery     W. Boxford aka Brookside Cemetery
Ancient Graveyard     Boxford  
Ancient No. Beverly Cemetery     Beverly aka Old North Beverly Cemetery
Ancient West Parish Cemetery     Haverhill aka West Parish Cemetery
Annunciation Cemetery     Danvers aka St. Mary of the Annunciation Cemetery
Averill Family Cemetery     No. Andover  
Bartlett Cemetery     Amesbury  
Bayview Cemetery 424000N 0704004W Gloucester  
Beech Grove Cemetery 423904N 0703653W Rockport  
Beechbrook Cemetery 423710N 0704248W Gloucester.  
Belleville Cemetery 424922N 0705414W Newburyport see Queen Ann's Chapel Cemetery
Bellevue Cemetery 424235N 0711124W Lawrence  
Berry Farm Cemetery     No. Andover  
Beverly Center Cemetery     Beverly aka Central Cemetery
Beverly Farms Cemetery     Beverly  
Bnai Brith Cemetery 423240N 0705606W    
Boston Street Cemetery     Topsfield  
Boxford Village Cemetery     Boxford aka Village Cemetery
Bradford Burial Ground     Haverhill on Salem St.
Bray Cemetery     Gloucester  
Bridge Street Cemetery     Gloucester  
Bridge Street Cemetery     W. Newbury aka First Parish Burial Ground
Broad Street Cemetery     Salem  
Brookside Cemetery 424215N 0710315W W. Boxford  
Brown Private Burial Ground     W. Peabody  
Burying Ground of the First Settlers     Newbury located on High Rd / Route 1A
Burying Point Cemetery     Salem aka Charter Street Cemetery
Buxton Cemetery     Salem aka Goodale Cemetery
Byfield Cemetery     Byfield  
Byfield Parish Cemetery     Georgetown  
Calvary Cemetery 423733N 0703807W Gloucester  
Carleton St. Cemetery     Haverhill aka West Parish Cemetery.
Cawles Memorial Cemetery 424108N 0705023W Ipswich aka Highland Cemetery
Cedar Grove Cemetery 423036N 0705624W Peabody  
Central Cemetery 423307N 0705215W Beverly  
Centre Cemetery     Merrimac aka Church St. Cemetery
Chapel Cemetery     Andover aka Phillips Academy Cemetery
Charter St. Cemetery     Salem aka Burying Point Cemetery
Chelsea Cemetery 423238N 0705556W Peabody  
Cherry Hill Cemetery 423727N 0704050W Gloucester.  
Children of Israel Cemetery 424808N 0710200W Haverhill Middle Rd; 978-374-6925
Choate Cemetery 423956N 0704540W    
Christ Church Burying Ground     Andover  
Church Street Cemetery 425014N 0710014W Merrimac  
City Cemetery     Haverhill aka Haverhill City Cemetery
Clarks Cemetery     Gloucester  
Colby Burying Ground     Amesbury  
Colonial Burying Ground     Salisbury .
Conant St Cemetery     No. Beverly aka Old North Beverly Cemetery
Corner Cemetery     Amesbury  
Cove Hill Cemetery     Gloucester  
Cowles-Highland Cemetery     Ipswich aka Highland Cemetery
Crane Neck (Hill) Cemetery     W. Newbury  
Cummings Burial Ground     Topsfield  
Curtis-Very Cemetery     Peabody  
Danvers State Hospital Cemetery     Danvers  
Discalced Carmelite Monastery Cemetery     Danvers  
Dodge Row Cemetery     Beverly  
Dolliver Memorial Cemetery     Gloucester  
Douty Cemetery     Peabody  
Dungeon Rock     Lynn  
Eastern Burial Ground     Lynn aka Old East Burying Ground
Eleazer Lindsey Gravesite     Lynn  
Eli Upton Private Burial Ground     W. Peabody  
Elmwood Cemetery     Haverhill 96 Salem St; 978-374-8901
Elmwood Cemetery     Bradford  
Elmwood Cemetery     Methuen  
Emerson Cemetery     Peabody located at approximately 255 Washington Street
Emmanuel Memorial Park 423357N 0705913W    
Endicott Burial Ground     Danvers aka Endicott Family Cemetery or Endicott-Russell Cemetery
Essex County Lodge Cemetery     Lawrence  
Evergreen Cemetery     Newbury (Old Town)
Fairfield Family Cemetery     Wenham located on William Fairfield Dr., off Cherry St.
First Burial Ground 424611N 0705038W    
First Burying Ground 424108N 0710646W    
First Cemetery 425025N 0705123W Newbury located on High Rd / Route 1A
First Parish Burying Ground 424757N 0705113W    
Flint Burying Ground 423422N 0710143W Middleton Located on Boston St
Friends Quaker Cemetery     Amesbury no markers
Golgotha     Amesbury no markers
Goodale Cemetery 423358N 0705930W    
Gould family lot     Andover  
Green Street Cemetery 425022N 0705128W Marblehead Located on the corner of Elm, Cressey and Green Streets.
Greenlawn Cemetery 422542N 0705527W    
Greenlawn Cemetery 423157N 0705411W    
Greenwood Cemetery 424758N 0714838W    
Groveland/Riverview Cemetery     Groveland  
Hamilton Cemetery 423712N 0705058W Hamilton  
Harbor View Cemetery 423045N 0705153W    
Harmony Cemetery 424308N 0705928W    
Harmony Cemetery 424052N 0705921W    
Harmony Grove Cemetery 423136N 0705453W Salem  
Haverhill City Cemetery 424724N 0710545W    
High Street Cemetery 423651N 0704000W    
Highland Cemetery     Newburyport also known as New Hill Burying Ground
Highland Cemetery      

aka Immigrants Highland Annex Cemetery
Cemetery is located 1 mile north of downtown Ipswich., past Locust Grove Cemetery

Hilldale Cemetery 424720N 0710542W    
Hillside Cemetery 424708N 0710758W    
Holten Cemetery 423338N 0705713W    
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 424111N 0710756W    
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 424252N 0711110W    
Jenkins-Woodbridge family lot     Andover  
King-Hussey Cemetery     Peabody located on Summit St
Langsford Cemetery 424047N 0704018W    

Leslie Road Burial Ground

Linebrook Parish Burying Ground     Rowley There are no headstones here, just a memorial to the 100 people buried here.
Linwood Cemetery 424628N 0710355W Haverhill 41 John Ward Ave; over 16,000 burials
Linwood Cemetery        
Lithuanian Cemetery 424531N 0710412W    
Lithuanian Cemetery 424208N 0711348W    
Locust Grove Cemetery 424106N 0703850W    
Locust Grove Cemetery 424936N 0710000W    
Locust Grove Cemetery 424122N 0705048W    
Long Hill Cemetery 425023N 0705033W Salisbury  
Lower Corner Cemetery 425017N 0705858W    
Magnolia Cemetery 423500N 0704253W Gloucester  
Maple Hill Cemetery 423233N 0705555W    
Maplewood Cemetery 424935N 0705131W    
Merriam Cemetery     Middleton Located on South Main St
Merrimack Cemetery 424737N 0710025W    
Metcalf Rock Burial Ground     Rowley was a small-pox cemetery
Monumental Cemetery 423143N 0705526W    
Mount Adnah Cemetery 423935N 0704031W    
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 423637N 0703838W    
Mount Prospect Cemetery 425107N 0705515W    
Mount Vernon Cemetery 424200N 0710324W    
Newhall Cemetery     Lynnfield

aka Salem St. Cemetery, South Burying Ground, South Lynnfield Cemetery

New Light Cemetery     Lynn Located on Broad Street - (aka Friends Cemetery)
Newbury Neck Burying Ground     Newbury located at the beginning of Newbury Neck Road, off of High Rd / Route 1A
New Linebrook Cemetery     Ipswich

Located 6 miles west of downtown Ipswich, in the Linebrook Parrish section of Ipswich, near the Old Linebrook Cemetery and the Lesslie Road Cemetery

North Beverly Cemetery 423445N 0705348W    
North Parish Burying Ground     No. Andover The stones are among the oldest in America
Oak Grove Cemetery     Salem  
Oak Grove Cemetery     Gloucester  
Oak Hill Cemetery 423728N 0704016W    
Oak Hill Cemetery 424810N 0705219W    
Oakdale Cemetery     Middleton Located on Rte. 63, Maple St; scroll down on paged
Oakdale Cemetery        
Old Bridge Street Burying Ground 423704N 0704026W    
Old Burial Hill Cemetery 423040N 0705045W    
Old Burying Ground     Rowley  
Old Burying Ground     Lynnfield aka "Old West Burying Ground"
bounded northerly by Market Square, easterly by Elm Street, southerly by Ash street and westerly partly by South street
Old Burying Point     Salem aka Charter Street Cemetery
Old East Burying Ground 422806N 0705625W Lynnfield  
Old Fuller Burying Ground     Middleton Located on Mt. Vernon St
Old Linebrook Cemetery     Ipswich

6 miles west of downtown Ipswich, in the Linebrook Parish section of Ipswich.

Old North Burying Ground
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Oldest Cemetery in Ipswich. On Main Street at the intersection of High Street and Rt 133/1A

Old Settlers Cemetery 423436N 0705909W    
Old South Cemetery     Ipswich  
Old South Cemetery     Peabody aka Boston Street or Trask Cemetery
Old Town Cemetery 424558N 0705032W    
P.A. True Farm Cemetery     Salisbury located on Lafayette Road (Route 1)
Peabody Cemetery 423617N 0705919W    
Pine Grove Cemetery     Lynn Located on Boston Street begun July 24, 1850
Pine Hill Burying Ground     Topsfield located at 8 Haverhill Road Topsfield near the village center
Polish Cemetery 424151N 0711353W    
Porter/High St. Cemetery     Danvers  
Puritan Lawn Memorial Park 423137N 0710015W Peabody Lake St;
Queen Anne's Chapel Burying Ground     Newburyport also known as Belleville Cemetery
Rebecca Nurse Burying Ground     Danvers Located at the Nurse Homestead
Ridgewood Cemetery 424043N 0710612W No Andover Located on Salem St;
Riverside Cemetery 422737N 0710020W    
Riverview Cemetery 424610N 0710145W    
Rosedale Cemetery 423500N 0704556W    
Ross Memorial Park 423240N 0705933W    
Rowley Burial Ground 424247N 0705243W    
Sacred Heart Cemetery 424040N 0710943W Andover  
Saint Anthonys Cemetery 424213N 0711345W    
Saint Augustines Cemetery 423907N 0710858W Andover  
Saint Francis Cemetery 423926N 0711444W    
Saint James Cemetery 424711N 0710523W    
Saint Jeans Cemetery 422930N 0705727W Lynn  
Saint Josephs Cemetery     Haverhill  
Saint Josephs Cemetery       Located in Lynn on Boston street, consecrated Oct. 16, 1879
Saint Josephs Cemetery     Newburyport West  
Saint Marys Cemetery     Hull  
Saint Marys Cemetery     Salem  
Saint Marys Cemetery     Newburyport West  
Saint Marys Cemetery     Lynn Located in (or Lynnfield) on Lynnfield street, consecrated Oct. 16, 1879
Saint Marys Immaculate Conception Cemetery     Lawrence call 978-682-8181 for information; located at 29 Barker St
Saint Patricks Cemetery 424745N 0710712W    
Saint Peter's Church Cemetery     Salem on the corner of St. Peter Street and Brown Street
Saint Paul's Episcopal Cemetery     Newburyport located on High Street
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 424150N 0711400W    
Salem Street Cemetery     Lynnfield

aka Newhall Cemetery, South Burying Ground, South Lynnfield Cemetery

Salisbury Cemetery 425040N 0705443W    
Salisbury Plains Cemetery 425133N 0705418W    
Sandy Hill Burying Ground     Amesbury  
Sawyer's Hill Burying Ground 424912N 0705528W Newburyport located off of Curzon's Mill Road near Maudslay State Park
Searles Cemetery 424330N 0710955W    
Seaside Cemetery 424100N 0703853W    
Sons of Israel Cemetery 424044N 0711027W    
Sons of Jacob Cemetery 423402N 0705936W    
South Burying Ground     Lynnfield

aka Newhall Cemetery, Salem Street Cemetery, South Lynnfield Cemetery

South Church Burying Ground     Andover  
Southside Cemetery        
Southside Cemetery 423638N 0705810W    
Spring Grove Cemetery:  A-LM-Z BURIALS 423811N 0710842W Andover 124 Abbott Street, Andover, MA
Spring Street Cemetery 423815N 0704648W    
Sumner Station Cemetery 423751N 0704405W    
Swampscott Cemetery 422902N 0705443W    
Syrian Cemetery 424045N 0710932W    
Temple Bethel Cemetery 423235N 0705853W    
Temple Emanuel Cemetery 424040N 0710952W    
Tomb of the family of Rev. Elias Smith     Middleton Located on Mt. Vernon St
True Cemetery 425147N 0705225W    
Union Cemetery 424308N 0705843W    
Union Cemetery 423450N 0704619W    
Union Cemetery 425043N 0705552W    
Village Cemetery 423953N 0705951W    
Wadsworth Cemetery 423427N 0705653W Danvers  
Walnut Cemetery 424717N 0710214W    
Walnut Grove Cemetery     Danvers  
Walnut Hill Cemetery 424725N 0705833W    
Washington Cemetery 423622N 0704053W    
Waterside Cemetery 423041N 0705158W    
Wenham Cemetery 423553N 0705310W    
Wesleyan Cemetery 423805N 0704046W    
West Burying Ground     Lynnfield Main Street
located just past the Lynnfield Middle School
aka "Old Burying Ground"
aka Western Burying Ground
West Parish Garden Cemetery 423926N 0711004W Andover 129 Reservation Rd; 978-475-3902
Western Burial Ground     Lynn aka Main St or Old Burying Ground
Willow Cemetery 423101N 0710057W Reading  


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