Massachusetts Genealogy and History

Essex County Massachusetts

1850 Mortality Census
Essex Township


Transcribed by: J.S.

SCHEDULE 3: Persons who died during the year ending 1st of June, 1850         
Town: Essex
County: Essex
State: Massachusetts
Enumerated in June 1850.
Enumerator: Andrew Dodge
Remarks: Water generally good but in some parts of the town some what brackish. Soil western part of the town right gravelly loom eastern strong colage soil producing good day abundantly. Racks Sienite & Granite timber bark Ash Walnut & Pine natural fertilizers sea muck & salt mud in abundance and noted for its extensive marshes and clam banks.
Name of Every Person Who Died Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Cause Number of Days Ill
Moses Dodge 37 m

m Mass Jul laborer consumption C
Abigail Burnham 69 f

m Mass Aug
old age C
Lucy T Haskell 52 f

m Mass Sep
consumption C
Clarind S Norton 16 f

Mass Sep
consumption C
Lois Cogswell 40 f

m Mass Sep
consumption C
Judith Burnham 81 f

w Mass Sep
old age C
John H Lesidall 7 m

Mass Oct
dysentery 2 weeks
Henry Andrews
19 m

Mass Oct shoemaker erysipela 1 week
Elizabeth Godfrey 75 f

Mass Dec
old age C
Nathan Brown 36 m

m Mass Dec laborer disease of kidneys C
Henry A Perkins 1 m

Mass Sep
dysentery 10 days
Mary Andrews 74 f

Mass Oct
consumption C
Martha Gosten 66 f

m Mass Jan
lung fever 1 week
Eveline Burnham 21 f

Mass Mar
consumption C
Susan Burnham 1 f

Mass Mar
lung fever C
Emeline C Eveleth 1 f

Mass Mar
lung fever 1 week
Susan Burnham 75 f

m Mass May
old age C
Abigial Burnham 79 f

Mass May
old age C
Asa Burnham 75 m

m Mass May farmer disease of kidneys 3 mo


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