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Census: 1790 Andover (complete); Ipswich (complete);
News: Community: Horrid. Chandler Peavey attacked Hannah Leighton;
Obits: EUNICE M. EATON; ISABELLA B. CARRICK; JANE T. MAGOWIN; SALLY OSGOOD; SARAH WOOD; CHARLES L. COOK; TRISTRAIM NUTE; HARRIET B EDDY; HARRIET FOLSOM LEIGHTON; Alice S. Collins; Alice Cilley;  George Byram Blake;  Appia Brackett; Wm. H.H. Fernald; Eliza Freeman;  Daniel Thurston Plumer; Mary Ann Short;

Land Records: Real Estate Transfers 1922
News: Alec Tilton's Find; Former Resdient Honored - Dennis W. Quill; GEORGETOWN - Literary Club Meeting; Card of Thanks - Susan R. Sawyer; ROWLEY - Mechanices Election; Home Wedding - BAILEY-MORRILL; Officers of Indian Hill Council; Sunday School Officers; G.A.R. Officers;
Obits: Susan Jane Ross, Albert Currier 2d,

Probate/Wills: Notices: Moses Bartlett, Mary J. Combs, Harriet M. Jackman, Frances R. Rodigrass,
Taxes: for Newburyport and Rowley in 1838 and 1839

Obits: Jacob Chase, Mrs. Mary Hale, Mary C. Johnson, Abigail Marsh, Moses Pillsbury, Isaac Organ, John Wallace Hutchison

Bios: John Shea at Scranton, G. Von L. Meyer; FIRST SECRETARY OF UNITED STATES NAVY- George Cabot;
Census: 1850 Mortality for Gloucester, Topsfield, Middleton, Newburyport,
Marriage News: SMITH-McKEEN
News: Terrible Explosion-Six Firemen Killed; Noted Women Golfers in Championship Meet; Slavery in Massachusetts; Random Shots G.A.R.; Lead, copper, silver, gold discovered: Ingalls elected to Senate; Veritable pins used by the Salem witches on file in Clerks Office; Earthquake in Massachusetts; A CREDULOUS PLACE - WITCHCRAFT, SPIRITUAL RAPPINGS AND MORMONISM; Silver Mine yielding $1,000 daily; A complaint in ejectment has been filed by Mary A. Seaverus and George Seaverus; LEGAL NOTICES - MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE; Immense Fire Destroys whole of Haverhill; Why Miss Dodge, piquant contributor to the "Atlantic Monthly," calls herself "Gail Hamilton,"; Administrator's Notice - William I Burnham; MAPS AS POLITICAL ARGUMENTS; Constitution figurehead sawed off; Pauper elected to Legislature;  T.O. Wardwell ad; Double Alarm for Main Street Fire; Verdict of $400.53, The First Raid,
Obits: Thomas Thompson; John James Ingalls; Patrick J. Fenton, George A. Ainsworth,  Everett M. Swett, Ellen M. Towle,  Herbert F. Chase, Andrew J. Leighton, Caroline C. Leighton, Laforest Colburn,
Probate/Wills: Mrs. Searles' Will; Will of George Peabody; Probate - J.T. Bayley;
Towns: Sketches of Cities: Lawrence

Obits: Thomas Thompson

Census: 1850 Mortality for Andover, Boxford, Bradford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Lynn, Lynnfield, West Newbury
Directory: Rowley, City 1888 - submitted by Kim Torp
Essex County Firsts: First Steamboat, First Baptist Church, First Iron Foundery,
Newspapers: in Gloucester, Haverhill, Lynn,
Obits: Thomas Bowden, Caled Oakes, T. Clarke Oliver, Mrs. Mary Shaw, John W. Trendwell, Jospeh Very
Stories: Duston Family
Towns: The Cities and Villages - Grasshopper Plain, Groveland, Guinea, Hallsville, Hamilton, Haverhill, Hog Island, Hog Island Harbor, Lawrence, Line Brook, Linwood, Lynn, Lynnfield

Directory: Rowley, City 1888 - submitted by Kim Torp

Obit: Nichols
School: Haverhill High School Yearbook 1913
State Executions: List and stories about Sussanah Martin; Elizabeth How; Sarah Wild; Mary Parker; Alice Parker; Mary Eastley; Bridget, Bishop; Sarah Good; also, Valentine Ducat; John Stewart; Samuel Clisby; John Schidlofski; Silas Phelps; Clarence Richeson; Charles Trippi
Stories: The Felts - submitted by Ruthie Caudill; The Witchcraft of 1692
Towns: The Cities Towns and Villages -  Chebacco, Essex, Georgetown, Gloucester, Bass Rocks, Fernwood, Joppa, Lanesville

Obit: Nichols
School: Haverhill High School Yearbook 1913

Bios: John Bassett Alley, Giedeon Barstow, Rufus  Choate, Benjamin Williams Crowninshield, Jacob Crowinshield,  Joseph Dane, Nathan Dane, Robert Thompson Davis, James Henry Duncan, Samuel Holton,  Wiliam Shadrach Knox, Thomas Pickering, Leverett Saltonstall, Natianiel Silsbee, Moses Tyler Stevens, John Varnum
Churches: Beverly, Boxford, Bradford, Danvers,
Newspapers: Beverly
Towns: The Cities Towns and Villages -  Beverly, Boxford, Bradford, Byfield, Danvers,

New Host: Julie Schadek; additional search categories added
Churches: Amesbury, Andover, Ipswich, Rowley
County Records: more Essex County History
Directory: State Reform Schools, Ipswich Early Settlers 1633-1651
Historical Landmarks: National Protected Areas
Newspapers: Amesbury
Passsenger Lists: Schooner Betsy, Brig Betsy and Schooner Grace Darling - 1810-1811
Probate Records: Estate of George Abbot of Rowley
Research Help:
Towns: The Cities Towns and Villages - Amesbury, Andover, Annisquam, Ballardsvale, Ipswich, Rowley

Obit: Emma Louise (Babson) Kennison - contributed by Russell S. Hobbs
Death Notices: Samuel Allen, Elizabeth Colby

Marriage Notice: ROGERS-BOELLING
Military: Partial List of Revolutionary Soldiers
Obits: George W. Estes - Contributed by Robin Line
WWII Casualties List: - Transcribed by Peggy Thompson
Military News: Descendant of John Russell get Pension

Feb 2015:  Burials in Old North Burying Ground: A-G | H-L | M-Z; obit for DORSEY
Jan 2015:  1883 Pensioners on the Rolls
Oct 2014:  obit for WEBB
Aug 2014:  BALCH, BARTLETT, BRAMAN, BRIDGE, BRIDGES, CHASE, CARLISLE, Britton, Burrill, Dodge, Dummer, Goodwin, Jackman, Rogers, Warren, Webster, Smith, Snow, Tilton, Vivaun obituaries.  Bio for BARTLETT, LONGFELLOW, BARNEY;  marriage announcements; Murder of Joseph White
July 2014:  1851 Salem City Directory (under "Census")


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