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Genealogical & Personal Memoirs
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Prepared under the Editorial Supervision
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 Volume III.
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The name Hastings is of an illustrious family in history and is of Danish origin. In
one of the early incursions made by the Danes upon that part of England and Scotland
bordering upon the North Sea, a Danish chief made himself formidable to King Alfred the
Great, by landing a large body of men upon the coast.  He took possession of a portion
of Sussex and the castle and seaport were held by the family from the crown for many
generations and when William the Conqueror landed in England (1066) he found them in
possession. It is believed that they settled here as early as 871 A.D.
Henry, Lord Hastings, son of William D. Hastings, was the first of the family to enjoy
a peerage, he being a steward of King Henry II. They were allied by marriage to the Royal
families of Scotland and England and were allowed to wear the Arms of those countries and
of France, as one of the heirs of Plantagenet by marriage with the Princess Ida.
George, the third Lord Hastings, was, in 1529 created Earl of Huntington and married the
daughter of David, King of Scotland. The family of Hastings has enjoyed nineteen peer-
(I) We find that Thomas Hastings, on April 10, 1634, aged twenty nine and his wife,
Susanna, aged thirty four - on account of religious persecution, had sailed from the
old world (Ipswich, England) in the ship, "Elizabeth" and settled at Watertown, Mass.
then known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  He was admitted freeman May 6, 1635, was
a Selectman from 1638 to 1643 and 1650 to 1671, and Town Clerk from 1671 to 1677 and in
1680. He served as a Representative (to the General Court) in 1673 and for a long time
was a Deacon in the church.  His first wife died February 2, 1650 and he married (2)
April, 1651, Margaret Cheney, dau. of William & Martha Cheney of Roxbury, Mass. She was
the mother of all his children.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early
Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Includes Waltham and Weston - by Henry Bond, M.D., 
Boston, 1860. 

Thomas Hastings, aged 29, and wife Susanna, aged 25, embarked at Ipswich, England, April
10, 1634, on the ship. Elizabeth, William Andrews, Master and settled at Watertown. In
1635 or 1636, he "laid down" a lot at Dedham, but probably never resided there. He was
admitted freeman May 6, 1635; was Selectman many times between 1639 and 1680; Town Clerk,
1670 and 1671; Representative, 1673 and long held the office of Deacon.  His wife,
Susanna died February 2, 1650, s.p. and he m. (2) April, 1651 Margaret Cheney. According
to the Inventory, dated Sept. 9, 1685, real estate amounting to 421; he owned two farms
and not less than 15 other pieces of land. In his Will, dated March 12, 1682-3, proved
September 7, 1685, he gave his son Thomas only 5, saying, "I have been at great expense
to bring him up a scholar," and "I have given him above threescore pounds to begin the
world with."  To sons John, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Samuel and dau., Hepzibah Bond, he gave
each 40; to eldest dau., of his son Thomas Hastings 5; to 2nd daughter Hannah, 3. The
remainder to his wife Margaret.    
1. Thomas* Hastings b. July 1, 1652; died July 23, 1712. (Torrey, p.352 has his marriage
Oct. 10, 1672 to Anne Hawkes who died 1705.
*footnote: Thomas Hastings, Jr. had an illegitimate son Thomas Hastings b. August 1671
who lived successively with Deacon John Morse, William Hagar, Sr. and his son Samuel
Hagar until the age of 21 yrs. He m. May 31, 1693, Sarah Tarbell of Newton, Mass. where
he settled.  His Will, dated March 8, 1736-7, mentions wife Sarah, and dau. Sarah Pond
dau. Mary Dike, sons David (sole executor) Josiah and Ebenezer.
2. John Hastings b. Mar 1, 1653-4; died March 28, 1718.
3. William Hastings b. Aug 8, 1655; drowned August, 1669.
4. Joseph Hastings b. Sept 12, 1657; died October 7, 1695.
5. Benjamin Hastings b. Aug 9, 1659; m. Elizabeth Graves b. Mar 6, 1661-2; dau of Isaac
and Mary Graves of Hartford, Conn. and afterwards of Hatfield, Mass. and grand daughter
of Thomas Graves of Hartford and Hadley and who died at Hadley, Nov. 1662. He (Benjamin
Hastings) died at Hatfield Dec 18, 1711 and his son Benjamin Hadley died Feb 8, 1697.
6. Nathaniel Hastings b. Sept. 25, 1661; died Dec 25, 1694. His estate was administered
April 1, 1695 by his widow Mary and his brother, Samuel. Two children:
        1. Nathaniel Hastings bap. June 26, 1698 by Mr. Gibbs. He was a mariner,
           then bound out on a voyage and in his Will dated Dec 6, 1714 and proved
           April 1, 1717, mentions his mother, Mary and his brother, John.
        2. John Hastings bap. June 26, 1698.
7. Hepzibah Hastings b. Jan. 31, 1663-4; m. June 2, 1680, Deacon William Bond.
8. Samuel Hastings b. Mar 12, 1665-6; died 1723. John Nevinson, his was his guardian.
(Torrey, p.352 - has his marriage to Elizabeth Nevinson April 24, 1694 at Watertown.

Volume II.



John Hastings of Watertown, Mass., m. (1) Nov 2, 1702, Susanna Bemis.  She died Nov 15,
1703.  He m. (2) Jan 8, 1706/7, Sarah Fiske.  It is probable he moved to Lunenburg or that
vicinity about 1723.  Children:
1. Sarah Hastings b. Nov 8, 1707.
2. Susanna Hastings b. April 4, 1710  [see her marriage below to Lieut.  Moses Willard]
3. John Hastings b. Feb 4, 1711/12.
4. Nathaniel Hastings b. June 9, 1714; m. at Lunenburg, Mass., May 21, 1741, Lois Houghton
            1. John Hastings b. Oct 20, 1741.
            2. Lois Hastings b. May 17, 1743.
            3. Nathaniel Hastings b. May 28, 1745.
             4. Caleb Hastings b. Mar 31, 1749.
              5. David Hastings b. Mar 31, 1751.
               6. Elizabeth Hastings b. April 14, 1753.
                7. Nicholas Hastings b. June 30, 1755.
                8. Jonathan Hastings b. Aug 16, 1756, by his wife, Nancy had in Lunenburg,
                    son Christopher Hastings b. Feb 26, 1793.
                  9. Susanna Hastings b. Mar 11, 1759.
                 10. Samuel Hastings b. May 19, 1761.
                  11. Esther Hastings b. July 21, 1765;  m. July 8, 1788, Phineas Divol.
                  12. Eunice Hastings b. June 6, 1769; m. Mar 18, 1799,  Asael Divol.
5. Hannah Hastings b. Jan 24, 1716/17; m.  Aug 15, 1735, Daniel Farnsworth, both of
    Lunenburg.  [note that was David Farnsworth]
6. Eunice Hastings b. Sept 3, 1722; m. Dec 22, 1741, Stephen Farnsworth, both of Lunenburg.
7. Mary Hastings b. in Lunenburg July 6, 1731; m. July 20, 1748, Nicholas Dike, both of

Seth Hastings b. Aug 22, 1722, son of John Hastings, son of Nathaniel Hastings &
Mary (Nevinson) Hastings of Watertown.
Seth Hastings m. Hannah Soden dau. of Thomas Soden of Cambridge, Mass.  She was the
sister of Samuel Soden of Watertown.  Seth Hastings inherited his father's homestead.
His widow, Hannah m. (2) in 1779, Capt. William How.  She died August 28, 1817 aged
90 yrs.  
Tombstone inscription
"Here lies interred the remains of Mr. Seth Hastings, a noted and respectable
gentleman; whose benevolence extended to all, who departed this Life October 15,
1775, in the 54th year of his age.  Blessed are the dead, who die in the Lord; they
Rest from their labor, and their works follow them."
1.  Mary Hastings b. Sept 28, 1750.
2.  Thomas Hastings b. Nov 18, 1753; died in Cambridge, 1823.
3.  John Hastings b. Sept 13, 1759.
4.  Seth Hastings, Jr., b. April 5, 1762; grad. Harvard College, 1782; d. 1831;
    He settled in Mendon, Mass.; was a member of Congress.  He d. 1842.
5.  William Soden Hastings b. Nov 6, 1764; d. Jan 24, 1792, unm.
6.  Robert Hastings b. Oct 5, 1775; died aged 9 yrs.

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Source: Epitaphs From The Old Burying Ground
In Watertown, [Middlesex Co., MA]
Collected by William Thaddeus Harris, L. L. B.
With Notes by Edward Doubleday Harris
Boston, 1869

Here lyes Buried the Body of Mr. John HASTINGS; Who Departed this Life Sep't ye 13th A D. 1746 in ye 55th Year of His Age

Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Mary HASTINGS, Relict of Mr. John HASTINGS, Who Died Jul ye 1st A D. 1747, in ye 57th Year of Her Age

Sarah HASTINGS, Died Dec'br 29th, 1731, Aged about 11 Months
Asher HASTINGS Died Dec'br 3d, 1731 Aged 3 Years, 1 Mo & 12 D's
ye Children of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary HASTINGS

Here Lyes ye Body of Mr. Joseph HASTINGS, Who Dec'd Decem'br ye 25th 1723, Aged about 39 Years

Here Lyes ye Body of Mrs. Mary HASTINGS, Wife to Mr. Nathaniel HASTINGS; Who Died Octo'br ye 14th 1732, in ye 64th Year of her Age

Mary HASTINGS, Died Sep't 3rd 1739 Aged 5 Mo & 24 D's
Mary HASTINGS, Died Sep't 22nd 1728, Aged 1 Year, 7 Mo & 15 D's
The Children of Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Mary HASTINGS

Here Lyes the Body of Mr. Samuel HASTINGS; Who Dec'd July ye 24th 1723 in ye 57th Year of His Age

Here Lyes ye Body of M's Sarah HASTINGS, Wife to Mr. Samuel HASTINGS, Who Dec'd Jan'ry 26th 1724, Aged about 55 Years.

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth



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