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Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard, Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S. Nourse,
Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J. Coulter, Printer.
Part 16.      
                                      Part 1 - Marriages.
Marriages, Deaths and Births
Harvard - 1732 - 1800.
In the year 1890, Harvard appropriated fifty dollars to pay for copying the records of Births,
Deaths and Marriages to the year 1840. The work has been completed but the following lists
have been made without reference to this transcript.  Those of Marriages and Deaths copy the
order of entry and the spelling of names in the original registry.  The
various scribes are here made uniform.  The words "of Harvard" have been omitted, it being
understood that all are of this town unless otherwise noted.  Words in brackets give infor-
mation derived from other sources than the clerks' entries, or point to discrepancies between
church and town registers.
The clergyman's record of marriages usually has appended to each entry the fee received.
These are not here printed.
John Seccomb, during the early years of his ministry, generally had five shillings for each
couple joined by him, though some generous grooms gave him double that sum.
About 1750 the marriage fee became "one pound old tenor."  Towards the close of his pastorate
the entries were mostly "a dollar" or "half a dollar."  One one occasion he sets down in his
very plainest chirography a "pistareen."  Reverend Joseph Wheeler, from 1760, commonly records
"2.5s"  as the fee received. This was, of course, in depreciated currency. During the
Revolution, the usual fee was six shilings legal money.
Mr. Seccomb's record of deaths is probably the more complete, because at the time of his
coming to the pastoral duties, the custom had grown somewhat general in the country of in-
viting the minister to offer a prayer at the dwelling before the body was borne to the grave.
To the earlier New England, such ceremony would have seemed to favor Episcopalianism. The
classic but much abused custom of offering refreshments to the watchers over the corpse, and
to the visitors on the day of the funeral, was deemed obligatory even by the poorest family.
The death rate of 1778 surpassed that of every other year, the register noting forty-eight
funerals. Three fourths of the deaths were of young children, and nearly half of them were in
the month of September.
The list of births here given is a labored complilation from various records found scattered
through the early town books and elsewhere. For convenience of reference and to economize
space, the disorderly entries of the clerks have been arranged by families and alphabetically.
                         Marriages by Reverend John Seccomb.
1734.  May 9.           Samuel Rogers and Sarah Houghton.
1735.  Sept. 18.        John Wetherbee and Anna Houghton.
1735.  Oct. 16.         Joseph Blood and Rebecca Warner.
1736.  Jan. 8.          Abraham Rugg and Abigail Warner.
1737.  Jan. 17.         Nathan Warner and Dorothy Goodenough.
1737.  May 24.          Hezekiah Willard and Lydia Haskell.
1737.  June 23.         Ebenezer Taylor and Beulah Sawyer.
1737.  July 4.          Joshua Moore and Eliz. Sawyer.
1737.  July 22.         Josiah Butterfield and Hannah Farnsworth.
1738.  Jan. 13.         Wilson Rawson and Abigail Temple.
1738.  Feb. 23.         William Willard and Ellen Davis.
1738.  April 20.        Abraham Whitney and Sarah Whitney.
1738.  June 8.          Joseph Daby and Eliz. Nurse.
1739.  May 16.          Moses Sawyer and Ruth Robbins.
1739.  May 16.          Eleazar Robbins and Lydia Powers.
1739.  Nov. 29.         Tarbell Willard and Rachel Haskell.
1740.  May 13.          Benjamin Nurse and widow, Hannah Atherton.
1740.  June 11.         Phineas Fairbank and Sarah Stone.
1740.  Sept. 5.         Joshua Nurse and Mary Sampson.
1740.  Sept. 30.        Jonathan Sawyer Jun'r and Betty Whitney.
1741.  Mar. 5.          Phineas Wetherbee and Betty Whitney.
1741.  May 11.          Samuel Whitcomb and Submit Atherton.
1741.  June 25.         Justinian Holden and Ruth Sawyer.
1741.  Nov. 26.         William Bennet and Mary Atherton.
1742.  June 3.          Jonathan Beaman and widow, Deborah Farnsworth.
1742.  Nov. 11.         Joseph Fairbank and Mary Willard.
1742.  Dec. 29.         Jonathan Crouch Jun'r and Eliz. Worster.
1742.  Dec. 29.         Ebenezer Worster, Jun'r and Mary Crouch.
1743.  April 21.        Ephraim Robbins and Hannah Blanchard.
1743.  August 2.        Thomas Wheeler Jun'r and Mary Daby.
1743.  Oct. 19.         John Wood Jun'r and Lydia Davis.
1744.  April 6.         William Whitcomb and Hannah Daby.
1744.  April 6.         Isaac Stone and Kezia Pierce.
1744.  May 10.          Samuel Haskell and Sybil Willard.
1744.  May 28.          Simeon Farnsworth and Martha Hall.
1744.  August 7.        Joseph Whitney and Hannah Chandler.
1744.  Sept. 25.        Asa Harris and Eunice Kent.
1744.  Nov. 22.         John Peirce and Hannah Stone.
1744.  Nov. 22.         Daniel Page and Ruth Haskell.
1745.  Jan. 2.          William Farmer and Ruth Willard.
1745.  Oct. 29.         Robert Holland and Experience Atherton.
1745.  Oct. 29.         Ephraim Willard and Azubah Atherton.
1745.  Dec. 5.          Benjamin Willard and Hannah Goodfry.
1746.  April 2.         Abraham Willard and Mary Haskell.
1746.  May 1.           David Crouch and Mary Brown.
1746.  May 14.          John Farnsworth and Sarah Davis.
1746.  May 19.          Daniel Albert and Sarah Peirce.
1747.  Feb. 17.         John Wetherbee and Sarah Brown.
1747.  June 24.         Jonathan Cole and Sarah Holt.
1747.  Nov. 26.         Lemuel Willard and Hannah Haskell.
1748.  Oct. 12.         John Priest and Mary Fairbank.
1748.  Oct. 12.         Samuell Mead and Hannah Willard.
1749.  Mar. 2.          Phineas Brown and Anna Willard.
1749.  Mar 24.          Jonathan Farnsworth Jun'r and Rachel Nutting.
1749.  June 28.         John Warner, Jun'r and Phebe Whitney.
1749.  Nov. 16.         Samuell Haseltine and Amy Willard.
1749.  Nov. 16.         Caleb Whitney and Anise Church.
p.500                   History of Harvard, Massachusetts.
1750.  Jan. 4.          Joshua Harris and Rebeccah Mead.
1750.  Jan. 4.          Asa Houghton and Elizabeth Rand.
1750.  Jan. 17.         Nathaniel Warner and Rachel Sampson.
1750.  Jan. 14.         Benjamin Stow and Dorcas Stone.
1750.  Mar. 22.         Ebenezer Warner and Abigail Sampson.
1750.  June 20.         John Crouch and Hannah Brown.
1750.  Sept. 6.         John Frost and Mindwell Bigelow.
1750.  Sept. 13.        Jonas Whitney and Zebudah Davis.
1750.  Nov. 8.          John Nichols and Mercy Warner.
1751.  Feb. 7.          Nathan Brooks and Mary Bigelow.
1751.  May 1.           Jonathan Cole Jun'r and Edith Davis.
1751.  Nov. 28.         John Coolridge and Abigail Hale.
1751.  Dec. 3.          Jonathan Read Jun'r and Betty Farnsworth.
1752.  Jan. 9.          Ebenezer Houghton and Susannah Farnsworth.
1752.  Feb. 11.         Jonathan Hildreth and Phebe Davis.
1752.  Feb. 19.         Henry Willard Jun'r and Phebe Atherton.
1752.  Feb. 19.         Grover Scolly and Lois Atherton.
1752.  Feb. 20.         Uriah Holt and Anise Willard.
1752.  May 20.          Timothy Whitney and Alice Whitney.
1752.  June 24.         Aretas Houghton and Anna Rand.
1752.  Nov. 16.         Oliver Whitney and Abigail Hutchins.
1752.  Nov. 28.         John Davis and widow Hannah Johnson.
1753.  Jan 25.          Benjamin Bridge and Ann Haskell.
1753.  Feb 14.          Joseph Willard, Jun'r and Elizabeth Hapgood.
1753.  June 14.         Jonathan Simons and Judith Cole.
1754.  Jan. 9.          Josiah Davis and Elizabeth Willard.
1754.  Feb. 27.         Amos Stone and Adna Hale.
1754.  Aug. 8.          James Reed and Ann Con.
1754.  Dec. 3.          James Burt and Beulah Mead.
1755.  Feb. 12.         Samuell Corey and Sarah Chamberlain.
1755.  April 8.         Joseph Wetherbee and Hannah Forbush.
1755.  April 21.        Joseph Farnsworth and Hannah Flint.
1755.  Nov. 25.         David Whitney and Sarah Hill.
1755.  Dec. 16.         Samuell Harper and Mary Wheeler.
1756.  Feb. 18.         Manasseh Sawyer and Lydia Fairbank.
1756.  July 7.          Moses Whitney and Elizabeth Hutchins.
1756.  Dec. 9.          Samuel Corey and Dinah Fowler.
1757.  Mar. 9.          Clark Brown and Lucy Davis.
1757.  Mar. 31.         Adam Rand and Elizabeth Randal.
1757.  April 5.         Benjamin Hutchins and Lucy Davis.
1757.  May 4.           Ephraim Reed and Elizabeth Peirce.
1757.  May 11.          Daniel Albert and Rachel Warner.
1760.  Jan. 8.          Thomas Farwell and Sarah Davis.
1760.  Mar. 22.         John Wetherbee and Martha Harris.
1760.  April 23.        Amos Fairbank and Lucy Gates.
1760.  May 22.          Joseph Willoughby and Lois Ball.
1760.  Oct. 21.         Deliverance Davis and Dorothy Wood.
1760.  Nov. 20.         Moses Stickney and Sybil Farnsworth.
1760.  Dec. 9.          Caleb Sawyer and Relief Fairbank.
1761.  Feb. 4.          John Sawyer and Elizabeth Gates.
1761.  Feb. 11.         Timothy Kneeland and Moriah Stone.
1761.  April 23.        David Sampson and Lucy Warner.
1761.  May 21.          Jonathan Gates and Mary Shed.
1761.  May 21.          William Burt and Hannah Gates.
To be continued - Part 17 - History of Harvard, Mass., by Nourse - Marriages Recorded
at Harvard - Part 2. p. 501.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard,  Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S.
Nourse, Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J.  Coulter, Printer.
Part 16.
Marriages, Deaths and Births
Harvard - 1732 - 1800.
p. 501 
                                    Part 2 - Marriages.
1761. Nov. 26.  Peter Edes and Anna Haskel.
1761. Dec. 15.  Tilly White and Keturah Somes.
1762. Feb. 24.  John Wright and Elizabeth Houghton.
1762. Mar. 4.   John Conn and Ruth Davis.
1762. Mar. 8.   Nathaniel Willard and Elisabeth Haskel.
1762. April 21. Ebenezer Burges and Rachel Farnsworth.
1762. May 11.   Caleb Church and Tamer Warner.
1762. May 13.   Stephen Randal and Sarah Fairbank.
1762. June 2.   Solomon Sampson and Rebecca Blood.
1762. Sept. 30. Peter Willard and Mary Stone.
1763. Feb. 22.  Silas Rand and Sarah Farwell.
1763. Mar. 24.  Samuel Fellows and Mary Blodget.
1763. Sept. 26. Ephraim Davis and Sarah Farnsworth.
1763. Oct. 4.   Joseph Kneeland and Abigail Bigelow.
1763. Dec. 6.   Abel Farnsworth and Elizabeth McFarling.
1763. Dec. 15.  Josiah Haskell and Mary Gates.
1764. Jan. 25.  Deacon Joshua Whitney and the widow, R. Whitney.
1764. Feb. 16.  Isaac Gates and Submit Lawrence.
1764. Mar. 1.   Paul Fletcher and Abigail Willard.
1764. Mar. 29.  Charles Taylor and Mercy Starnes.
1764. Mar. 29.  Oliver Willard and Lucy Haskell.
1764. Sept. 6.  Thomas Daby and Mary Holt.
1765. Jan. 17.  John Daby and Sarah Hapgood.
1765. Jan. 31.  Ebenezer Nutting and Sybel Stickney.
1765. Jan. 31.  John Safford and Mehitable Farnsworth.
1765. Jan. 31.  James Haskell and Lydia Whitcomb.
1765. Feb 28.   Abel Davis and Martha Potter.
1765. Mar. 26.  Timothy Powers and Martha Sampson.
1765. April 11. Matthias Farnsworth and Mary Preston.
1765. Oct. 31.  Phineas Whitney and Keziah Farnsworth.
1765. Dec. 5.   William Farwell and Sybel Farwell.
1765. Dec. 16.  Aaron Whitney and Anna Lawrence.
1765. Dec 26.   Josiah Starnes and Abigail Emerson.
1766. Jan. 8.   Elijah Houghton and Mercy Whitney.
1766. Jan. 15.  James Whitcomb and Sarah Gates.
1766. Mar. 18.  James Little and Margaret Parkes.
1766. June 19.  John White Jun'r and Lydia Jeffs.
1766. Sept. 2.  Nehemiah Phillips and Patience Bennett.
1766. Sept. 25. Simeon Willard and Elizabeth Darby.
1766. Sept. 30. John Darby and Dinah Willard.
1766. Oct. 29.  Micah Stone and Elizabeth Lawrence.
1766. Dec. 24.  John Laiten and Lowis Worster.
1767. Jan. 1.   Silas Stone and Eunice Fairbank.
1767. Mar. 25.  Charles Bailey and Abigail Safford.
1767. Sept 17.  Samuel Cleland and Hannah Hale.
1768. Jan. 12.  Lemuel Farnsworth and Hannah Daby.
1768. Feb. 18.  Moses Richards and Ruth Willard.
1768. Mar. 23.  Jonathan Priest Houghton and Sarah Priest.
1768. May 3.    Thomas Park and Rosanna Conn.
1768. May 3.    Thomas Willard and Sarah Farwell.
1768. July 12.  Joseph Russell and Sarah Russell.
1768. July 25.  Ambrose Hale and Mercy Daby.
1769.  Nov. 16.  Josiah Willard and Eunice Farnsworth.
1769.  Nov. 16.  Nathaniel Whittemore and Martha Farnsworth.
1769.  Dec. 22.  Leonard Proctor of Westford and Mary Keep.
p.502                     HISTORY OF HARVARD.
1769.  Dec. 23.  Abel Whitcomb and Sarah Whitney.
1770.  Jany. 25. Joshua Holden and Huldah Samson.
1770.  Mar. 8.   Thomas Holt and Dina Corey.
1770.  Mar. 8.   Ezra Atherton and Ame Willard.
1770.  July 23.  Shadrach Hapgood Jun'r and Elizabeth Keep.
1770.  July 26.  Samuel Worster and Nancy Wizel.
1770.  July 29.  Simon Daby and Judith Symonds.
1770.  Aug. 29.  John Keley, Jun'r and Molly Park.
1770.  Sept. 11. Oliver Saunderson and Eliz. Wintworth.
1770.  Sept. 13. Nathan Night and Susannah Putnam.
1770.  Oct. 11.  Jonathan Crouch Jun'r and Dorithy Law.
1770.  Oct. 26.  Ephraim Barnard and Hannah Fairbank.
1770.  Dec. 4.   John Farwell and Lydia Taylor.
1770.  Dec. 4.   William Henry Jun'r and Mary Conn.
1770.  Dec. 6.   Daniel Zwear, Jun'r and Abigail Willard.
1770.  Dec. 6.   Samuell Haskell and Ruth Safford.
1771.  Jan. 31.  Ruben Wetherbee and Hannah Burges.
1771.  Feb. 14.  Phinehas Sawyer and Hannah Whitcombe.
1771.  Feb. 20.  George Leason and Betty Saunderson.
1771.  April 16. Joshua Kendal and Dorothy Warner.
1771.  Aug. 26.  John Meads and Sarah Whitney.
1771.  Aug. 27.  Samuel Willard and Molly Stearns.
1771.  Sept. 10. Jonathan Peirce and Anne Hyde.
1771.  Oct. 15.  Francis Wright and Anne Harper.
1771.  Nov. 12.  Titus Coburn and Peggy Whittemore.
1771.  Nov. 21.  Joseph Atherton Jun'r and Hannah Farnsworth.
1771.  Dec. 5.   Coleman Saunderson and Submit Adams.
1771.  Dec. 26.  Elijah Wilder, Jun'r and Eunice Safford.
1772.  Jan. 22.  Amos Lawrence and Sarah Witherbee.
1772.  Mar. 19.  John Priest ye 3rd and Hannah Stow.
1772.  Mar. 30.  Samuell Garfield and Sarah Cole.
1772.  May ___.  Israel Whitney and Hannah Mead.
1772.  May  25.  John Park and Rhoda Cooper.
1772.  May  25.  Jacob Whitney and Lois Hapgood.
1772.  Sept. 17. Levi Whitney and Sarah Lawrence.
1772.  Sept. __. ____ Eager and Dinah Sawyer.
1772.  Oct. 20.  Abner Sampson and Lucy Farnsworth.
1772.  Dec. 15.  Richard Whitney Jun'r and Mercy Willard.
1773.  Mar. 9.   John Farnsworth and Hannah White.
1773.  Mar. 15.  Samuel Finney and Sibel Wright.
1773.  Mar. 16.  Isaac Gibson, Jun'r and Lois Sampson.
1773.  July 15.  Edmund Farwell and Mary Russell.
1773.  July 19.  Aaron Hodgkins and Phebe Wentworth.
1773.  Aug. 26.  John Knight and Elizabeth Davis.
1773.  Oct. 20.  John Richards and Margret Conn.
1773.  Nov. 25.  David Farwell and Hannah Taylor.
1774.  Feb. 3.   Capt. Josiah Whitney and Sarah Dwelly.
1774.  Apr. 21.  Aaron Whitney and Sally Pollard.
1774.  Apr. 21.  Solomon Haskell and Betty Davies.
1774.  Apr. 26.  Ward Safford and Priscilla Randall.
1774.  Apr. 28.  Abel Whitcomb and Jemima Keep.
1774.  Apr. 28.  Daniel Witherbee and Mary Stone.
1774.  May 3.    Michael Sawtell and Sarah Fowler.
1774.  May 12.   Isaac Whitney and Lucy Mead.
1774.  May 17.   Samuel Cooper Jun'r and Sarah Willard.
1774.  July 3.   John Hall and Sarah Willard.
1774.  July 7.   Witherbee Whitney and Abigail Warner.
1774.  July 13.  James Willis and Molly Willard.
                      HARVARD MARRIAGES.
1774. Aug. 18.  Zacheriah Whitney and Elizabeth Witherbee.
1774. Oct. 6.   Simeon Turner and Anna Bridge.
1774. Oct. 13.  Benjamin Robins and Lydia Haild.
1774. Dec. 15.  Thomas Atherton and Betty Whitney.
1775. Jan. 3.   Reuben Whitney and Catherine Parkhurst.
1775. Mar. 22.  John Burges and Betty Witherbee.
1775. Mar. 30.  Elijah Willard and Mary Atherton.
1775. April 4.  Abraham Munroe and Lydia Hapgood.
1775. Oct. 25.  Oliver Gates, Jun'r and Patience Merriam.
1775. Nov. 19.  Joseph Chandler and Elizabeth Dopson.
1775. Dec. 5.   Prince Turner and Rebecca Keep.
1775. Dec. 19.  Thomas Chamberlain and Anna Brown.
1776. Jan. 30.  Josiah Whitney, Jun'r and Anna Scollay.
1776. Feb. 2.   Matthias Farnsworth and Azuba Farnsworth.
1776. Mar. 21.  Philemon Priest and Lois Hartwell.
1776. Apr. 10.  Moses Hale and Molly Farwell.
1776. Apr. 18.  Ebenezer Wood, Jun'r and Phebe Brooks.
1776. Apr. 23.  Reuben Garfield and Lydia Symonds.
1776. Apr. 23.  Aaron Warner and Mary Stow.
1776. Apr. 30.  Abraham Densmore & widow, Mindwell Wintworth.
1776. Aug. 7.   Samuel Barrett, Jun'r and Abigail Houghton.
1776. ______    Timothy Willard and Elizabeth Farnsworth.
1777. ______    Josiah Hartwell and Hannah Willard.
1777. ______    Willis Seccombe and Mary Brown.
1777. ______    Elisha Fullam and Elizabeth Knight.
1777. ______    David Crouch, Jun'r and Sarah Stearns.
1777. Apr. 16.  James Robins, Jun'r and Anna Warner.
1777. June 22.  Oliver Mead and Anna Whitney.
1783. Jan. 23.  Benjamin Hazzan and Elizabeth Gates.
1783. Mar. 11.  Jonathan Crouch, Jun'r and Anna Hill.
1783. Apr. 2.   Simeon Turner and Lucy Cox.
1783. May 1.    Reuben Conant and Lydia Dudley.
1783. May 15.   Samuel Barnard and Hannah Laughton.
1783. June 10.  Joseph Willard Jun'r and Susa Kingman.
1783. June 24.  Francis Farr and Sarah Laughton.
1783. June 26.  Jonathan Houghton and Rachel Hale.
1783. Sept. 10. Jacob Phelps of Marlboro and Prudy Dudley.
1783. Sept. 11. James Bowers and Lydia Sawyer.
1783. Oct. 7.   Phinehas Warner and widow, Elizabeth Willard.
1783. Dec. 30.  Edward Macklene and Sarah Parker.
1784. Jan. 22.  Phineas Whitcomb and Abigail Wethington of Stow.
1784. Feb. 25.  David Dickinson and Lydia Munroe.
1784. June 18.  Ezra Baker of Stoddard and Dorcas Whitney.
1784. June 22.  Elnathan Darbey and Lucy Chaffen of Acton.
1784. Nov. 25.  Joseph Parks of Groton and Alice Hamlen.
1784. Dec. 9.   Oliver Divol of Leominster and Abigail Hill.
1785. Jan. 2.   John Whitney and Hannah Atherton.
1785. Jan. 13.  Ebenezer Bridge and Annis Stone.
1785. Feb. 17.  Jacob Houghton of Bolton and Olive Houghton.
1785. Mar. 22.  Isaac Whitney, Jun'r and Susanna Fletcher.
1785. Apr. 7.   Daniel Knight and Esther Fairbank.
1785. Apr. 7.   America Hamlen and Sarah Parkhurst.
1785. Apr. 12.  Ephraim Fairbank and Lucy Nurse of Bolton.
1785. May 3.    Ebenezer Davis and Sarah Wheeler of Concord.
To be continued - Marriages, Deaths and Births - Harvard - 1732-1800. Part 3. p.504.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard,  Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S.
Nourse, Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J.  Coulter, Printer.
Part 16.
Marriages, Deaths and Births
Harvard - 1732 - 1800.
                                 Part 3 - Marriages.
1785. May 10.   Samuel Sampson and Mary Farnsworth.
1785. June 1.   Jabez Keep and Lydia Parkhurst.
1785. June 2.   John Warner and Mary Piper, - he took her without any estate.
1785. June 26.  Onesimus Newell of New Ipswich and Sally Knight.
1785. July 7.   Levi Worster of Littleton and Sarah Whitney.
1785. Sept. 29. Eliphalet Pearson of Andover and Sarah Bromfield.
1785. Oct. 11.  Jonathan Haskel and Hannah Robbins.
1785. Dec. 15.  Oliver Barnard and Martha Atherton.
1785. Dec. ___  Jonas Hosmer of Walpole and Betsey Willard.
1785. Dec 29.   William Knight and Lydia Cleverly.
1786. Feb. 6.   Peter Atherton and Zilpah Pollard.
1786. Apr. 13.  Europe Hamlen and Dorcas Stow.
1786. May 3.    Ephraim Chaffin and Sarah Hill.
1786. June 11.  David Atherton and Esther Atherton.
1786. July 2.   Jonathan Stone Jun'r and Catherine Willard.
1786. Dec. 19.  Warren Kent and Bethiah Turner.
1787. Jan 2.    Silas Parkhurst and Sarah Merriam.
1787. Apr. 5.   Caleb Sawyer of Bolton and Relief Fairbank.
1787. May 22.   John Wilder of Templeton and Mary Holland.
1787. July 3.   Phinehas Houghton and Sarah Knight.
1787. Nov. 29.  Abel Houghton and Sarah Fairbank.
1787. Dec. 10.  Jason Meeds and Silence Atherton.
1788. Mar. 30.  Israel Whitney and Susanna Garey.
1792. Oct. 2.   Nathaniel Page and Anne Wetherbee of Boxboro.
1792. Nov. 6.   Isaiah Davis and Sally Hamlen.
1792. Nov. 6.   Samuel Stearns of Leominster and Sarah Daby.
1792. Nov. 3.   Benjamin Sampson and Molly Atherton of Bolton.
1792. Dec. 18.  Elijah Houghton Jun'r and Lucy Haskell.
1792. Dec. 26.  William Walcott of Stow and Mary Whitney.
1793. Jan. 1.   Jacob Priest and Rhoda Warner.
1793. Apr. 8.   Asa Cole and Anna Goldsmith.
1793. June 25.  Ephraim Pollard and Rachel Phelps.
1793. July 9.   Nathaniel Butler and Dorcas Adams of Bolton.
1793. Aug. 11.  Joshua Davis of Groton and Sibyl Patterson.
1794. Jan. 1.   Joseph Sawtell Jun'r of Groton and Lucy Farnsworth.
1794. Apr. 3.   Benjamin Atherton of Bolton and Miss Lucretia Hudson.
1794. May 22.   Phineas Stone and Sarah Mead.
1794. July 2.   Jonathan Sawyer and Mary Priest.
1794. Oct. 2.   Kiah Bayley, A.B., and Abigail Goodhue.
1795. Jan 12.   Nathaniel Allen of Weston and Mary Garfield.
1795. Feb. 1.   Israel Reed and Anna Park.
1795. Feb. 19.  Amory Pollard and Phebe Atherton.
1795. Mar. 22.  Samuel Dudley and Patience Atherton.
1795. Apr. 26.  Amos Fairbank Jun'r and Rebecca Whitney.
1795. June 18.  Simon Daby and Betsey Whitcomb.
1795. July 2.   Reuben Whitcomb of Boxborough and Mercy Priest.
1795. Aug. 4.   John Geary and Sarah Merriam.
1795. Sept. 22. Joel Stone of Waterford and Lucinda Parkhurst.
1795. Oct. 6.   Thomas Legate of Sterling and Polly Farwell.
1795. Dec. __.  John Dennison Huse and Rebecca Parker.
1796. Jan. 11.  Daniel Forbush and Ruth Forbush.
1796. Jan. 20.  John Conn and Lucy Sawyer of Boxborough.
1796. Jan. 26.  Abel Wetherbee and Sylvia Pollard.
p.505                        MARRIAGES.
1796. Mar. 20.   Francis Nurse and Abigail Puffer.
1796. Apr. 13.   Henry Parker and Mary Grosvenor.
1796. Apr. 14.   Benjamin Stow and Lucy Emerson.
1796. June 19.   Cyrus Whitney and Asenath Harris.
1796. June 23.   Ephraim Warner and Mercy Houghton.
1796. June 27.   Josiah Haskell, Jun'r and Rhoda Fairbank.
1796. June 28.   Phineas Barnard and Eliza Willard Whitney.
1796. July 3.    Asa Daby and Eliza Houghton.
1796. Oct. 10.   Elias Haskell, Jun'r and Lucy Priest.
1796. Dec. 15.   James Haskell Jun'r and  Mercy (Sarah) Pollard.
1796. Dec. 20.   James Richardson of Sterling and Lucy (Phebe) Merriam.
1797. Mar. 14.   Francis Dickenson and Mary Bowers.
1797. June 11.   Leonard Whitcomb of Boxborough and Hannah Sawyer.
1797. July 3.    Willis Sampson and Mariah Houghton.
1797. Aug. 24.   Timothy Wood and Sarah Hapgood of Acton.
1797. Sept. 13.  Josiah Stone and Sally Daby.
1797. Nov. 23.   Oliver Hill and Molly Goldsmith.
1797. Nov. 28.   Elijah Dwinel and Hannah Cutting.
1797. Nov. 30.   Luther Sawyer and Achsah Burnam.
1797. Nov. 30.   Thaddeus Pollard of Bolton and Achsah Atherton.
1797. Dec. 6.    John Hapgood and Molly Haskell.
1798. Jan. 1.    John Munroe Dodge and Mehitable Dwinel.
1798. Jan 18.    Samuel Sprague and Lydia Whitney.
1798. Feb. 5.    Jonathan Worster of Henneker and Mary H. Whitney.
1798. Apr. 22.   Thomas Davis and Mary Gates.
1798. May 3.     Nathaniel Turner of Leominster and Susanna Baker.
1798. Sept. 1.   Theodore Goldsmith and Merry Hapgood.
1798. Oct. 4.    Luther Turner and Abigail Geary.
1798. Nov. 28.   Aaron Pollard of Lancaster and Anna Taylor.
1799. Mar. 14.   Jabez Wood and Abigail Stone.
1799. Apr. 4.    Cyrus Houghton and Sarah Gates.
1799. May 9.     Thomas Hammond and Patty Laughton.
1799. May 16.    John Pierce and Dinah Sawyer.
1799. Aug. 4.    Ethan Wetherbee and Betsey Robbins.
1799. Aug. 18.   Luther Stearns of Leominster and Lucy Warner.
1780. Apr. 24.   Samuel Finney and Rhoda Park.
1780. June 29.   Peter Atherton of Lancaster and Phebe Daby.
1780. Dec. 5.    Peter Stickney of Shirley and Eunice Carlton.
1782. June 18.   Jonathan Atherton and Nancy Bridge.
1782. Nov. 28.   Thomas Williams of Hancock and Sarah Reed.
1784. Mar. 21.   Joseph Buffum of Fitchburg and Sarah Haskell.
1784. Aug. 21.   Tubal Stone and Pegg Colburn of Lancaster.
1784. Dec. 12.   Jonathan Lewis and Hannah Turner.
1785. Dec. 13.   Thomas Willard and Sarah Fletcher of Concord.
1786. Aug. 24.   Michel Richards of Lunenburg and Lydia Davis.
1786. Sept. 28.  Jonathan Davis and Sarah Warner.
1786. Nov. 30.   Jonathan Willard of Lancaster and Lydia Munroe.
1787. Apr. 12.   Joshua Phelps of Lancaster and Elizabeth Whittemore.
1787. Dec. 21.   William Willard of Lancaster and Sarah Haskell.
1788. May 28.    John Pratt and Rebecca Darby.
1789. Jan. 1.    Jonathan Rand and Mercy Taylor.
1789. June 16.   Reuben Baker of Shrewsbury and Betty Maynard.
1789. Dec. 10.   Jonathan Reed, Jr. and Lois Conant.
p.506                  HISTORY OF HARVARD, MASS. - MARRIAGES.
1789. Dec. 30.   Gladwin Chaffin and Eunice Farwell.
1790. Apr. 22.   Davis Foster of Attleboro and Sabra Atherton.
1790. May 19.    John Gibson and Lucy Reed.
1790. May 23.    Simon Hartwell of Littleton and Rachel Atherton.
1790. June 20.   Levi Buttrick and Rebecca Willard.
1790. Sept. 8.   Francis Meeds and Molly Crouch.
1790. Dec. 16.   James Hill of Stoneham and Elizabeth Crooker.
1792. Jan. 2.    Joel Willard and Polly Haskell.
1792. Feb. 23.   Samuel Worster and Relief Johnson of Lancaster.
1792. Mar. 31.   Ephraim Stone and Ame Haskell.
1792. June 20.   David Barnard and Polly Emerson.
1792. Sept. 6.   Moses Haskell and Sarah Willard.
1792. Oct. 20.   Benjamin Wyman and Hannah Boynton.
1792. Nov. 16.   Elisha Knight and Lydia Farnsworth.
1792. Dec. 27.   John Goldsmith and Moriah Houghton.
1792. May 22.    Simon Whitney and Polly Welch.
1792. Sept. 22.  John Crouch, Jr. of Boxboro and Lucy Willard.
1792. Dec. 2.    William Merriam and Ruth Fletcher.
1792. Dec. 18.   Paul Willard and Martha Haskell, both of Lancaster.
1793. Jan. 24.   Silas Willard and Hannah Hawks, both of Lancaster.
1793. Mar. 7.    John Joy of Ashby and Eunice Godfrey of Lancaster.
1793. Sept. 18.  Benjamin Locke and Eunice Bardean.
1793. Sept. 16.  Abel Morse and Polly Park.
1793. Nov. 7.    Salmon Willard and Rachel Whitney.
1794. Mar. 5.    Israel Longley of Shirley and Lucy Conant.
1795. May 26.    Thomas Hammond and Betsy Hapgood.
1795. July 2.    David Lesson and Louisa Robbins.
1795. Aug. 23.   Daniel Bardean and Nabby Cooper.
1795. Sept. 15.  Scripture Frost of Shirley and Sarah Sprague.
1795. Nov. 2.    Aaron Davis and Hepsibeth Priest.
1796. Apr. 7.    Nathaniel Williams and Dinah Davis.
1796. July 3.    Moses Wares and Polly Foster.
1797. Jan. 8.    Joseph Ballard of Andover and Sally Parker.
1797. Feb. 23.   Joel Cutting of Fitchburg and Eunice Carlton.
1797. Apr. 5.    Ivory Longley of Shirley and Lydia Munroe.
1797. Oct. 15.   James Willard of Lancaster and Anne Atherton.
1797. Nov. 5.    Samuel Walker of Leominster and Betty Farrington.
1797. Dec. 11.   Samuel Stillman Parker and Rebecca Thomas of Lancaster.
1797. Dec. 17.   Abel Willard and Eleanor Bowles.
1798. Jan. 14.   Stephen Farrar and Lucy Davis.
1798. Jan. 23.   Francis Barnard and Sarah Hammond.
1798. Apr. 5.    Levi Hill and Sabra Barnard.
1798. May 27.    Josiah Brooks and Eunice Willard.
1798. Sept. 30.  John Haskell and Lucy Harris.
1799. Jan. 2.    Jesse Willard of Lancaster and Nabby Farnsworth.
1746. Nov. 27.   Jonathan Whitney and Sarah Holt.
1747. Aug. 25.   David Whitney and Olive Sawyer.
1748. Mar. 31.   Isaac Willard and Hannah Farnsworth.
1748. Nov. 21.   Oliver Atherton and Rachel Godfrey.
1749. Oct. 31.   Benjamin Mead and Abigail Willard.
1750-1. Mar. 5.  Daniel Houghton of Bolton and Experience Willard.
1751. May 29.    Moses Warner and Eunice Whitney of Stow.
1751. Sept. 26.  Joseph Houghton and Ame Haskell of Bolton.
1752. May 26.    Robert Powers of Littleton and Anna Wetherbee.

To be continued - p.507 - Part 4 - Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Note: These records are not filed chronologically by year because they are the returns
of ministers, Justices of the Peace, Public Officials - so dont read down by year.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard,  Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S.
Nourse, Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J.  Coulter, Printer.
                              Part 4.
1752. Nov. 16. Joseph Atherton and Sarah Hutchins.
1753. Feb. 6.  Stephen Gates and Dinah Mead.
1753. Aug. 2.  Joseph Moffett of Ipswich, Canada & Dorothy Priest of Stow.
1754. June 1.  Elisha Coolidge and Sarah Boutelle, both of Leominster.
1754. Oct. 24. John Pratt and Mary Hall.
1755. May 21.  Thomas Wright and Moriah Houghton.
1756. May 26.  Peter Atherton Jun'r and Betty Atherton of Bolton.
1757. Jan. 17. George Peirce of Lincoln and Deborah Tarbell.
1757. Oct. 6.  Benjamin Hale and Mary Taylor.
1757. Oct. 12. Jonathan Clark and Mercy Hapgood.
1757. Oct. 12. Gording Hutchins and Dolly Stone.
1757. Nov. 17. Asa Robbins of Petersham and Hannah Russell.
1757. Dec. 8.  Richard Holden and Dorothy Adams.
1758. Jan. 8.  Edward Hazen of Shirley and Sarah Willard of Lancaster.
1758. Feb. 2.  Abijah Frost of Shirley and Sarah Laughton.
1758. Feb. 2.  John Atherton and Hannah Cole.
1758. Mar. 14. Jonathan Sampson and Mary Oak.
1758. Apr. 20. Richard Harris and Phebe Atherton (widow of John).
1758. May 30.  Nathaniel Haseltine and Patience Whitcombe.
1758. June 28. Jonathan Farwell and Eunice Hazen of Stow.
1758. Oct. 19. Ebenezer Knight of Lancaster and Prudence Church.
1758. Nov. 23. Benjamin Cutter of Lexington and Elizabeth Buttrick.
1759. Jan. 11. Elkanah Keyes and Elisabeth Warner.
1759. Feb. 22. Benjamin Barnard and Mary Hunt.
1759. Mar. 24. Samuel Nichols and Lydia Willard.
1759. Mar. 3.  Abijah Cole and Sarah Kent.
1759. Mar 17.  Micah Stone and Mary Whitney.
1759. Dec. 19. Jotham Houghton and Esther Taylor, both of Petersham.
1760. Jan. 15. Silas Farnsworth and Lydia Platts.
1760. Jan. 29. Nathaniel Wheeler and Mary Tyler, both of Westminster.
1760. Jan. 17. Timothy Haild and Elizabeth Byham both of Narragansett No. 6.
1760. Dec. 11. William Willard and Mary Whittemore.
1761. Mar. 31. Jeremiah Bridge of Lexington and Sarah Buttrick.
1761. Dec. 31. Ephraim Houghton and Lois Rogers of Boxford.
1762. Jan. 18. John Farwell and Eunice Snow.
1763. Mar. 11. Oliver Wetherbee and Rachel Willard.
1762. Apr. 26. Jonathan Oak and Abigail Rand.
1762. Apr. 29. Silas Parkhurst of Pepperell and Sarah Atherton.
1762. Sep. 8.  Ephraim Farr of Westminster and Elisabeth Cobleigh of New Braintree.
1762. Sep. 13. Thomas Sawyer of Templeton and Prudence Carter of Bolton.
1762. Dec. 30. Oliver Stone and Lucy Willard.
1763. Dec. 6.  Elisha Jackson and Bulah Taylor both of Westminster.
1763. Dec. 21. Josiah Houghton and Abigail Godfrey, both of Lancaster.
1764. Jan. 19. Samuel Hunt and Lydia Willard.
                       MARRIAGES BY ISRAEL TAYLOR, ESQ.
1768. Apr. 5. Thomas Gould of Lunenburg and Elizabeth Willard.
1768. May 5.  Simon Whitney and Patience Haseltine.
                          HISTORY OF HARVARD.
1768. June 28. Timothy Phelps and Sarah Farnsworth.
1768. Oct. 18. Nahum Daby and Susanna Worster.
1768. Dec. 1.  Richard Harris, Jun'r and Lydia Atherton.
1769. Feb. 2.  Jonathan Page of Fitchburg and Esther Willard.
1769. Apr. 11. Ebenezer Burges Jun'r and Anna Fairbank.
1769. Aug. 14. William Miles and Sarah Sanderson.
1769. Sep. 27. Josiah Wetherbee and Lucy Haskell.
1770. Feb. 22. William Farmer and Hannah Holt.
1770. Apr. 23. Nathaniel Hastings and Jemima Bennett.
1770. Apr. 30. Abram Carlton of Lunenburg and Eunice Willard.
1770. Oct. 25. Gibson Willard and Mary Hall.
1773. June 7.  Isaac Holden and Sarah Hale.
1774. May 5.   Jonathan Puffer and Abigail Fairbank.
1774. May 5.   Hezekiah Whitney and Lucy Pollard.
1774. July 27. Elisha Fullam and Mary Willard.
1774. Dec. 19. John Overlock and Molly Bigelow.
1776. Mar. 13. Francis Dickerson of Shelburn & Mary Fairbank.
1776. Mar. 14. James Willis and Alice Adams.
1777. Aug. 10. Jonathan Davis and Alice Whitney.
1777. Sep. 14. Francis Farr and Abigail Haskell.
1777. Sep. 14. Joshua Bowers and Mary Whitney.
1777. Nov. 20. James Farmer and Deborah Stone.
1777. Nov. 20. Lemuel Stone and Martha Fullam.
1777. Sep. 23. Marlboro Kingman and Sybil Haskell.
1778. Jan. 11. Gideon Sanderson and Hannah Dodge.
1778. Mar. 12. Harbour Farnsworth and Lucy Haild.
1778. Mar. 19. Phineas Taylor of Stow and Sarah Haseline.
1778. Jan. 23. Barzillai Willard and Silva Kingman.
1778. Apr. 29. William Safford and Sarah Scollay.
1782. Oct. 14. Simon Blanchard and Elizabeth White of Littleton.
1782. Nov. 12. Israel Hale and Esther Taylor.
1783. Jan. 3.  Thaddeus Brown and Molly Pollard.
1783. May 27.  James Whitney and Rachel Laughton.
1783. Sep. 25. Josiah Whitney and Lois Hill.
1783. Nov. 27. Josiah Maynard and Betty Woodbury.
1783. Feb. 17. Daniel Daby and Abigail Sawyer.
1784. May 27.  Jonas Davis and Abigail Sampson.
1784. June 16. Jonathan Atherton and Mary Welsh of Bolton.
1784. Sep. 23. John Welsh and Ruth Corley of Bolton.
1784. Oct. 25. Elijah Priest and Lois Gates.
1784. Dec. 14. Elias Warner and Abigail Priest.
1785. Feb. 9.  Jeremiah Bacon, Jr. of Dover and Betty Davis.
1785. Mar. 7.  Eli Longley and Mary Whitcomb.
1785. Mar. 7.  Abel Priest and Zerviah Whitcomb.
1785. Aug. 21. Jeremiah Richardson of Newfane and Triphena Whitcomb.
1785. June 6.  Joseph Pratt and Elizabeth Sawyer.
1785. Sep. 26. John Blanchard of Sutton and Hulday Carol of Groton.
1785. Oct. 24. Nathaniel Geary, Jr. and Betty Farnsworth.
1787. Apr. 10. Ebenezer Davis and Sarah Whitney.
1787. July 31. John Conn and Molly Farwell.
1788. Feb. 12. William Flood and Sybil Clark both of Lancaster.
To be continued Part 5. p. 509 - Harvard Marriages - History of Harvard - Nourse.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard,  Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S.
Nourse, Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J.  Coulter, Printer.
                              Part 5.
1788. June 1.  Simon Daby and Joanna Hale.
1788. Oct. 10. Elnathan Polley and Rebecca Warner.
1789. May 12.  John Laughton and Patty Pollard.
1789. May 21.  Oliver Haskell, Jr. and Mary Atherton.
1789. Nov. 17. Benjamin Hoar of Littleton and Abigail Whitney.
1790. Jan. 27. Josiah Davis and Susanna Stone.
1790. Feb. 8.  Stephen Lawrence and Lucy Stone.
1790. Feb. 15. John Falls of Dublin and Flora Whitney.
1790. June 10. Edward Baker of Littleton and Betsy Reed.
1790. Oct. 12. Oliver Davis and Sarah Pollard.
1790. Oct. 17. Hezekiah Hildreth of Tyngsboro and Sarah Davis.
1791. Feb. 1.  Charles Warner and Rhoda Sawyer.
1791. Feb. 15. Jabez Fairbank and Betsy Houghton.
1791. Apr. 19. Israel Taylor and Sarah Rand.
1791. May 11.  Jeremiah Laughton and Sarah Sawyer of Boxboro.
1732. Nov. 29. Eleazer Davis and Sarah Willard by T.W., Justice of the Peace.
1740. Oct. 2.  John Sampson Jun'r and Martha Sawyer by John Martyn, J. of P.
1742. Sep. 23. John Taylor and Mary Bouker - by Joseph Blanchard, Dunstable J. of. P.
1792. Mar. 20. Jacob Fairbank and Sarah Goldsmith, by Rev. Edmund Foster of Littleton.
1792. Dec. 4.  Thomas Reed and Ame Parkhurst, by Rev. Moses Adams of Acton.
1799. Oct. 27. Jonas Merriam and Rachel Parkhurst, by Rev. Edmund Foster of Littleton.
1788. Aug. 21.  Marrett and Sarah Shed of Ashburnham by Samuel Wilder, Esq.
1788. Oct. 29.  Phillip Cooledge of Bolton and Mary Bennett by Ephraim Fairbank, Esq.
1746. Feb. 6.   Amos Brooks and Lydia Bacon of Bedford by Rev. Bowers.
1794. June 16.  Levi Conant and Abigail Davis of Bedford, by Rev. Ezra Ripley.
1754. Sept. 17.  Silas Farnsworth and Elizabeth Bowers of Billerica by Rev. Jno. Chandler.
1761. May 14.    Elias Haskell and Sarah Kidder of Billerica by Rev. Samson Spaulding.
1796. Oct. 25.   Rev. William Emerson and Ruth Haskins of Billerica by Rev. Samuel Parker.
1759. Sep. 19.   Paul Whitcomb of Bolton and Rebecca Whitney by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1760. Oct. 21.   Rev. Joseph Wheeler and Mrs. Mary Greenleaf of Bolton by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1763. Nov. 28.   Phineas Houghton of Bolton and Eunice Rogers, by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1764. Oct 2.     Abraham Scott of Bolton and Mary Kent by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1765. Dec. 23.   Dr. Nathaniel Martyn and Mrs. Anna Townsend of Bolton by Rev. T. Goss.
1767. July 2.    Jacob Holmes of Worcester and Elizabeth Gates of Harvard by Rev. John
                 Whetcomb, Esq.
1768. Nov. 30.   Elisha Houghton and Meriah Pairs of Bolton by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1769. Jan. 12.   Moses Worcester ans Sarah Witt, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1769. Feb. 27.   Phineas Warner and Lydia Whitney of Bolton by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1769. June 14.   Abel Farwell and Hannah Daby, by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1769. June 29.   Samuel Burnam and Hannah Pearce of Bolton by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1770.  ____      Stephen Wilder of Lancaster and Betty Sawyer, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1771. Jan. 9.    John Whitney and Sarah Atherton by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1771.  ____      Jeremiah Priest, Jr. and Rebecca Houghton of Bolton, by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1772. Apr. 14.   Elijah Whitney and Sarah Stearns of Bolton by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1773. May 20.    Silas Houghton and Sarah Wyman of Bolton by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1774. Mar. 24.   William Burgess and Elizabeth Richardson of Bolton, by Rev. John Walley.
1774. Dec. 15.   Jacob Davis and Ruth Atherton of Bolton, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1774.  ____      Job Priest and Martha Butler of Bolton, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1776.  Apr. 30.  Ebenezer Warner, Jr. and Deborah Ball of Bolton by Rev. John Walley.
1777.  Feb. 13.  James Stone and Susanna Fosgate of Bolton, by Rev. Thomas Goss.
1777.  Sep. 12.  Daniel Laughton and Lucy Dutton, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1777.  Dec. 24.  David Stearns and Lois Crouch, by Rev. John Walley.
1779.  Apr. 8.   Simon Merriam of Bolton and Phebe Locke, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1779.  Nov. 10.  Cyrus Fairbank and Mercy Hale of Stow, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1779.  Dec. 9.   Asa Houghton Jr. and Dorcas Moore of Bolton by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1780.  July 5.   Nathan Priest and Mary Bacon of Bedford by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1780.  Aug. 28.  Zaccheus Dudley and Mary Conant, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1781.  Jan. 11.  Samuel Forbush and Mary Warner, by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1781.  Feb. 22.  John Warner, Jr. and Susanna Barrett of Leominster by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1781.  Mar. 5.   Nathaniel Longley and Keziah Fairbank by John Whitcomb, Esq.
1781.  Mar. 5.   Thaddeus Pollard and Mary Fairbank by John Whitcomb, Esq.
To be continued - Part 6 - p.511 - Marriages.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard, Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S. Nourse,
Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J. Coulter, Printer.
                                  Part 6.
1781. Aug. 29.   Jonathan Barrett and Phebe Warner, by Rev. John Walley.
1781. Oct. 31.   Jacob Houghton of Bolton and Lucy Houghton, by Rev. John Walley.
1783. Aug. 11.   Daniel Robbins and Elizabeth Townsend of Marlborough, by Rev. Reuben
1786. Jan. 12.   Phineas Samson and Rachel White of Bolton, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1787. Nov. 29.   Calvin Warner and Anna Houghton of Bolton, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1788. Oct. 2.    Joseph Atherton 3rd, and Anna Wheeler of Bolton, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1788. Nov. 13.   David Stone and Lucy Samson by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1788. Dec. 23.   Manassah Sawyer and Mercy Mead, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1789. Apr. 22.   Israel Whitney and Abigail Puffer, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1790. Dec. 26.   Capt. Thaddeus Pollard and Mrs. Elizabeth Atherton by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1791. May 19.    Thomas Sawyer, Jr. and Hannah Whitney, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1791. Sep. 19.   Abel Sawyer and Polly Cutting of Boylston, by Rev. Phineas Wright.
1794. Dec. 11.   David Nurse and Lois Brown of Boxborough by Rev. Joseph Willard.
1766. Aug. 5.    Isaac Haild and Sarah Bowers of Cambridge, by William Kneeland, Esq.
1764. June 19.   William Stearns of Littleton and Elizabeth Burt, by T. Whiting, Esq.
1766. Feb. 28.   Josiah Whitney Jr. and Mary Wheeler of Concord, by Ephraim Wood, Esq.
1798. Dec. 20.   Jonas Bateman and Abigail How of Concord by Rev. Ezra Ripley.
1783. Nov. 13.   Seth Gould and Margaret Craige of Dedham, by Rev. Jabez Chickering.
1787. June __.    David Kendall to Hannah Rider by Rev. David Kellogg.
1737. July 5.     Joseph Bridge and Elizabeth Atkinson of Groton.
1742. July 15.    John Farwell and Sarah Sawtell of Groton.
1747. Apr. 20.    John Darby and Elizabeth Holden of Groton.
1749. Oct. 4.     Joseph Fairbanks and Abigail Tarbell of Groton.
1759. Mar. 1.     John Dudley of Groton and Sybil Russell, by Caleb Trowbridge, Esq.
1760. Mar. 11.    John Houghton and Esther Tarbell of Groton, by Caleb Trowbridge, Esq.
1767. May 5.      Jonathan Farnsworth and Hannah Farwell of Groton, by Rev. Samuel Dana.
1772. May 11.     Jonathan Wetherbee and Abigail Farwell of Groton, by Rev. Samuel Dana.
p.512                                   HISTORY OF HARVARD.
1773. Mar. 18.    Jonathan Stone and Jemima Longley of Groton, by Rev. Samuel Dana.
1778. Feb. 19.    Nathaniel Whittemore and Lydia Stone of Groton, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1780. Jul. 4.     Ebenezer Farnsworth of Groton and Martha Haild by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1781. Nov. 1.     William Park, Jr. and Eunice Stone of Groton, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1782. Nov. 27.    John Hill and Sarah Davis of Groton by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1785. Oct. 18.    Africa Hamlen and Susannah Stone of Groton, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1789. Apr. 16.    Richard Briant and Mary Whitney, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1789. Aug. 20.    Moses Stone of Newburyport and Polly Hayden, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1792. Jan. 3.     Nehemiah Ramsdell of Groton and Polly Farnsworth, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1794. May 27.     Timothy Stone of Groton and Lydia Farwell, by Rev. Daniel Chaplin.
1784. Nov. 24.    Zadock Barnum and Sarah Haven of Hopkinton by Rev. E. Fitch.
1760. Mar. 3.     Joseph Worster, Jr. of Littleton and Mrs. Sarah Adams by Rev. Daniel Noyes.
1769. Feb. 16.    Matthias Farnsworth of Groton and Sarah Farnsworth by J. D. Noyes, Esq.
1769. June 7.     Ephraim Proctor of Littleton and Dorothy Burt, by J. D. Noyes, Esq.
1780. Feb. 5.     William Farr and Lucy Hadley of Littleton, by Jonathan Reed, J. of P.
1781. Aug. 21.    James Daniels and Betty Robbins of Littleton by Jonathan Reed, J. of P.
1783. Feb. 27.    Manasseh Stow and Molly Whitcomb of Littleton by Rev. Edmund Foster.
1786. May 18.     Peter Wright of Littleton and Esther Reed, by Rev. Edmund Foster.
1787. Jan. 9.     Lysias Blanchard and Esther Warner of Littleton by Rev. Edmund Foster.
1790. Apr. 4.     Simon Hartwell of Littleton and Rachel Atherton, by Rev. Edmund Foster.
1794. June 29.    Jacob Whitney and Mary Patch of Littleton, by Rev. Edmund Foster.
1732. Oct. 12.     Seth Sawyer and Hepsibah Whitney by Rev. John Prentice.
1732/3. Mar. 9.    Joseph Sawyer and Abigail Foskett by Rev. Joseph Wilder, J. of P.
1739. Nov. 29.     Oliver Stone and Maria Priest of Bolton by _________.
1758. Feb. 2.      Elijah Woods of Lancaster and Mrs. Mary Godfrey, by Rev. Timothy Harrington.
1758. Jan. 5.      Phineas Willard and Rebecca Willard by Joseph Wilder, J. of P.
1758. Oct. 5.      Simon Willard of Lancaster and Elizabeth Willard, by Rev. T. Harrington.
p.513                                     MARRIAGES.
1763. July 21.      Samuel Hancock and Abigail Snow of Lancaster by William Richardson, J.P.
1765. May 19.       James Godfrey of Lancaster and Mrs. Mary Pratt, by Rev. T. Harrington.
1769. Oct. 12.      Lemuel Haskell and Lucy Green of Lancaster by Rev. T. Harrington.
1766. May 2.        Abijah Warner and Elsea Fuller of Lancaster by Josiah Wilder, J.P.
1778. Jan. 12.      Ephraim Munroe and Mrs. Mary (Mercy) Atherton of Lancaster by Rev.
Timothy Harrington.
1780. Apr. 23.      Benjamin Kimball and Anna Wilder of Lancaster by Rev. T. Harrington.
1783. May 13.       John Munroe and Lucy White of Lancaster by Rev. Timothy Harrington.
1785. Jan. 17.      Levi Page and Martha White of Lancaster by Rev. Timothy Harrington.
1785. Dec. 21.      Thomas Houghton, Jr. and betsy White of Lancaster by Rev. T. Harrington.
1788. Oct. 14.      Orsamus Newell of New Ipswich and Lydia Meed by Rev. T. Harrington.
1797. Jan. 2.       Sampson Worcester and Phebe Wilson of Sterling, by Timothy Whiting, J.P.
1797. Mar. 17.      Tristam Sanborn and Abigail Knight by Timothy Whiting, J. of. P.
1798. Oct. 25.      Caleb Willard and Rachel Perry, by Timothy Whiting, J. of. P.
1746. Oct. 3.        Aaron Brown of Leominster and Rachel Reed, by Rev. John Rogers.
1770. Oct 7.         John Colburn of Leominster and Anna Daby, by Rev. John Rogers.
1773. Oct. 28.       Jephtha Richardson and Abi Nichols of Leominster.
1777. Feb. 13.       Nathaniel Farnsworth and Mary Collins of Leominster.
1747. June 15.       James Johnson of Lunenburg and Susanna Willard by Thomas Prentice, Esq.
                 They were the famous Indian Captives during the French & Indian Wars.
urname: JOHNSON
Source: History of Charlestown, NH  Fort No. 4 by Rev. Henry
   H. Saunderson
Children of Capt. James Johnson and his wife, Susannah
(Willard) Johnson:
l. Sylvanus b. l/25/l748 m. Susanna Hastings dau. of
   Capt. Slyvanus and Jemima (Willard) Hastings.
   Their children were:
   l. Betsy Johnson b. l/l2/l77l d. 6/26/l849
   2. James Johnson b. l2/30/l772 d. 2/l9/l795
   3. John Johnson b. l778 d. 4/22/l854
   4. Phineas Johnson b. l78l d. ll/l8/l823
   5. William Johnson b. l782 drowned 4/6/l804
   6. Susannah Johnson b.l784 d. l2/29/l862
Sylvanus Johnson was 6 yrs old at time of capture and was
kept by the Indians in Canada.  He died in Walpole, MA
in l832 age: 84 yrs., an honest upright man.
2. Esther Johnson b. l2/23/l749 d. l750
3. Susanna Johnson b. l2/l9/l750 m. Capt. Samuel
4. Mary(Polly) Johnson b. l2/8/l752 m. Col. Timothy
   Bedell of Haverhill, NH. orig. from Salem, NH
   and became a prominent citizen of Haverhill, NH
   He served in the Revolution and then was Maj. General
   of the 2nd Div. of NH Militia.  He was the ancest-
   or of Gen. John Bedell of the Union Army
5. Elizabeth Captive Johnson (born in captivity and so named)
6. James Johnson was born at Quebec in Dec l756 and
   d. same day.
7. James b. at Leominster MA 3/l2/l758 died
   following year (see John Hastings Jr.)
Thomas and Mary Johnson Ch. Michael, b. 7/5/l785
Joseph and Mary Johnson Ch.
I.   Seth Johnson b. 4/23/l786
II.  Bulkley Johnson b. 2/l7/1788.
III. Josiah Johnson b. l0/6/l789
IV.  Joseph Hunt Johnson b.l79l
V.   Emma Johnson b.l793
VI.  Mary Jane Johnson b. l795
Joseph and Anna Johnson. 
Ch. Polly Johnson b. l797
Jeremiah and Thomazzen (Gibson) Johnson
I.  Mary Deusbury Johnson b. l789
II. Ichabod Johnson and wife, Ruth(Grout) Johnson.
Ch. Silas Johnson
Keene NH 8/l4/l800
Henry C. Johnson (son of Ira and Diana (Downer) Johnson
b. in Thetford, Vt. ll/4/l827 m. l855 Lucinda C. Dear-
born, daug. of David and Abigail (Eaton) Dearborn b.
in Corinth, Vt. l/29/l830.
Ch: l. Rollin Johnson b. l858
at Corinth Vt.
2. Fred Johnson b. Eden Vt. l86l;
3. Betsy Johnson b. Albany Vt. l865 (Mr. Johnson settled in Charles
town MA l869.)
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth.
Subject: An Account of the death of Capt. James Johnson
by Deacon Thomas Putnam of Charlestown, NH
Source:  History of Charlestown, NH by Rev. Henry H.
Saunderson 1876
"This is to certify whom it may concern that the bearer
Lieutenant James Johnson, inhabitant in the town of
Charlestown in the Province of New-Hampshire in New Eng-
land, who, together with his family, was taken by the
Indians on the 30th of August, 1754, has ever since
continued a steady and faithful subject to his Majesty
King George, and has used his utmost endeavors to re-
deem his family and all others belonging to the Province
aforesaid that were in the hands of the French and Ind-
ians which he cannot yet accomplish, and that both him-
self and family have undergone innumerable hardships and
afflictions since they have been prisoners in Canada.
In testimony of which, we, the subscribers, officers
in his Britannic Majesty's service and now prisoners of
war at Quebec, have thought it necessary to grant him
this certificate and do recommend him as an object
worthy of aid and compassion of every honest Englishman.
Signed          Peter Schuyler
                Andrew Watkins
                William Martin
                William Padgett
Quebec, Sept. 16th, 1757.
James Johnson, his wife, Susannah Willard (dau of Lieut.
Moses Willard and Susannah (Hastings) Willard) together
with her sister, Mirriam Willard, Peter Labaree and
Ebenezer Farnsworth were taken prisoners Aug. 30, 1754
by the Indians and carried to Canada.
Mrs. Johnson with her two youngest daughters and her
sister Mirriam Willard after remaining in captivity
eighteen months, were conveyed in a cartel ship to
England and arrived in New York on the 10th of December
She met her husband after his release in Boston, at
two o'clock in the morning Jan 1, 1758 (and in her own
words, "I again embraced my dearest friend. Happy New
A few days after this meeting James Johnson set out for
New York to adjust his accounts in Canada.  On his this
journey he was pursuaded by Governor Pownal to take a
Captain's commission and join the forces bound for
Ticonderoga, where he fell at the breast work on the 8th
of July 1758 in the battle that proved also fatal to
Lord Howe.   His commission was dated at Boston, March
30th 1758 in the 31st year of reign of His Majesty, George
the Second (England).  He was commissioned to be captain
of a company in the batallion of light infantry, to be
formed out of the forces then raised by the Governor
for a general invasion of Canada, commanded by Colonel
Oliver Patridge.
Thomas Putnam of Charlestown, NH, afterwards Deacon
Thomas Putnam, was in his company as a sergeant, and
gave the following account of the manner in which he was
"On the 8th of July, 1758, Capt. Johnson's company was
ordered on the left wing of the army, and we arrived
within gunshot of the breast work, when the enemy fired
upon us.  We in turn fired at them, whenever we had a
chance to get sight of their heads above the breast work
till we had discharged a dozen or more shots, at which
time the firing appeared to cease on the part of the
enemy.  Immediately the enemy hoisted a flag, which was
supposed by Capt. Johnson and others, to be a signal
that they were about to give up to our army.  A part of
his company being still at some distance to the left,
Capt. Johnson ordered me to go immediately to the left
to have those cease firing, saying with joy "The day
(or battle) is ours."  I immediately set out climbing
over brush, trees and logs, lying eight or ten feet
from the ground; when stepping on a tree some rods
distance from where I left Capt. Johnson, there was a
full volley fired from the enemy. 
I escaped from being wounded, a ball only grazing my hat. 
I let myself down as soon as I could and made the best way
possible to escape their fire.
 I soon found some of my companions
that were with Capt. Johnson, who gave me the melancholy
tidings of his being shot through the head and of his
having expired instantly on the spot where I had left
him.  His body was left on the ground, but his arms and
equipage, together with some of his clothing were brought
 I was acquainted with him from my youth, knew him
in the former war when a Lieutenant under the command of
Edward Hartwell, posted at Lunenburg, Townsend and
Narragansett, Fort No. 2, etc.  He was universally be-
loved by his company and equally lamented at his death.
He was the soldier's friend and a friend to his country,
was of easy manners, pleasant, good humored, yet strict
to obey his orders and see that those under his command
did the same.  The loss to his wife and family was
irreparable.  His acquaintance also lost an agreeable
companion, a valuable member of society as well as a
faithful and valiant Soldier."
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Part 6  continued.- Marriage Records of the Town of Harvard, Mass. by Nourse
p.511 cont'd.
1755. Jan. 28.   William Dodge of Lunenburg and Elizabeth Salmon, by Rev. Daniel Stearns.
1764. May 9.     Jacob Gates and Elizabeth Gibson of Lunenburg by Edward Hartwell, Esq.
1770. May 1.     Rev. Daniel Johnson and Betsy Lee of Manchester by Rev. Benjamin Toppan.
1758. Jan. 19.   Isaac Woods of Pepperell and Anna Houghton by Rev. Joseph Emerson.
1785. June 9.    Shubael Conant of Pepperell and Rhoda Boynton by Rev. Joseph Emerson.
1786. June 1.    John Park Jr. of Groton and Lydia Hamlin by Rev. John Bullard.
1791. Jan. 18.   Jacob Haskell and Sally Boynton of Pepperell, by Rev. John Bullard.
1747-8. Mar. 17.  Edward Powers and Mary Nourse of Rutland, by Rev. Joseph Buckminster.
To be continued p. 514 - Part 7.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Marriages Recorded at Harvard, Mass.
Source: The History of Harvard, Massachusetts, 1643-1732, by Henry S. Nourse,
Clinton, Mass. 1894. - W. J. Coulter, Printer.
                                    Part 7.
                                   SHIRLEY, MASS.
                               Marriages to Harvard People.
1763. June 16.  Joshua Peirce of Shirley to Eleanor Safford by Rev. Phineas Whitney.
1794. Sep. 25.  William Longley, Jr. of Shirley to Rebecca Munjoy, by Joshua Longley, Esq.
1798. Mar. 24.  Thomas Hazen of Shirley to Nancy Crooker, by Joshua Longley, Esq.
1798. May 9.    Silas Rand, Jr. and Betsy Farnsworth of Shirley, by Joshua Longley, Esq.
________         Nathan Taylor of Shrewsbury and Sarah Hale by Rev. Ebenezer Morse.
1762.  Dec. __.  Charles Willard and Mrs. Sarah Scollay of Stoneham by Rev. John Searl.
1766.  Mar. 25.   Hezekiah Willard and Azubah Wood of Stow by Henry Gardner, Esq.
1767.  July 16.   Abraham Whitney of Stow and Sarah Shedd, by Henry Gardner, Esq.
1771.  July 25.   Jacob Willard and Rhoda Randall of Stow, by Henry Gardner, Esq.
1778.  Feb. 3.    John Whitney of Stow and Mary Farnsworth, by Rev. Jonathan Newell.
1778.  Feb. 16.   Jonathan Crouch and Elizabeth Skinner of Stow, by Rev. Jona. Newell.
1780.  Dec. 7.    Peter Conant of Stow and Elizabeth Fairbank, by Rev. Jona. Newell.
1780.  Dec. 7.    Ephraim Whitney of Stow and Sarah Burgess, by Rev. Jona. Newell.
1782.  Apr. 4.    Jacob Priest and Mary Stone of Stow, by Rev. Jonathan Newell.
1782.  July 27.   Peter Houghton and Marcy Whitney of Stow, by Rev. Jona. Newell.
1787.  Jan. 30.   Jonathan Fairbank and Hannah Hale of Stow, by Rev. Jona. Newell.
1792.  Feb. 6.    Thomas Fairbank and Lydia Wolcott of Stow, by Rev. Jona. Newell.
1792.  Apr. 20.   Nahum Smith of Stow and Mary Stone, by Jonathan Wood, J. of. P.
1778.  Mar. 26.   John Farwell and Sarah Warner of Townsend, by Rev. Samuel Dix.
1733. July 12.     Benjamin Robbins of Westford and Ann Johnson by Rev. Willard Hall.
1747. June 25.     Amos Russell and Sarah Hildreth of Westford, by Jonas Prescott, J. of P.
1789. June 3.      Eleazar Hamlin and Mrs. Hannah Fletcher of Westford by Rev. Matthew
1736-7. Mar. 7.    Rev. John Seccomb to Mrs. Mercy Williams of Weston, by Rev. Wm. Williams.
1741. Dec. 23.   Daniel Peirce and Sarah Buck of Wilmington.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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