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City of Harrisville
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Mikado & Northern MI

Flowing Wells & Water Supplies -
1906 by Frank Leverett and others --

History of Michigan Horticulture -
Being a Part of the Seventeenth Annual ...
By Theodatus Timothy Lyon 1887

A History of Northern Michigan and its people
Perry F. Powers & Harry Gordner Cutler 1912

"The Last Good Land at a Low Price"
1915 Phamplet

A Short History of Alcona Co
Alcona county was first laid out in 1840 and was first called Negwegon, after a well known Chippewa chief. It was afterwards named Alcona, meaning, "A fine or excellent plain" and was organized as a county in 1869. It is one of the eastern tier of counties and is located towards the northern part of the Lower Peninsula. The total land area is 435,247.34 acres, of which 105,000 acres are in farms, producing good crops. The population is 5,703 (1910 census). The valuation of taxable property is estimated by the state board of tax commissioners in 1911 as $2,021,885. The county has a large lake frontage, being bounded entirely on the east by Lake Huron.

There are 43 schools which were attended by 1,557 pupils last year, requiring the services of 48 teachers. The county has telephone, telegraph and rural mail service, 3 banks and 2 newspapers. One paper is published at Harrisville and the other at Lincoln.

Harrisville, which is the county seat, has a population of about 500 and is located on the main line of the Detroit, Mackinac Railroad, on the west shore of Lake Huron in Harrisville township, about 200 miles above Detroit, 100 above Bay City and 34 miles south of Alpena. There are Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist churches, new six room high school, court house, agricultural hall, good hotel, roller flouring-mills, creamery, contract seed house, electric lighting plant, a bank and one newspaper.

The other principal towns are Lincoln and Mikado, both located on the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad to the southwest of Harrisville — each having a bank and churches of different denominations, hotel, flour-mills, etc. The principal transportation facilities of the county are the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad and the Au Sable & Northwestern Railroad.
Source: Alcona's Bowen's Michigan State Atlas 1916 (B.F. Bowen)


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