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Allegan County, Michigan


Cemetery - Location - Township

Allegan County Poor Farm/Brownell/Fairfield - Section 5, on east side of 33rd Street, north of 122nd Avenue.  Allegan 

Baseline/Union Burying Ground - Section 34, 1 mile west of Eagle Lake on the Van Buren County line.  Cheshire

Bentheim Cemetery

Blackman - Section 1, 111th Avenue, Allegan.  Trowbridge

Bradley Indian Mission - Section 28, 128th Avenue.  Wayland

Brookside/Dunningville - Section 27, M-40, Hamilton.  Heath

Burnips/Salem - Section 15 and 16, 30th Street.  Salem 

Chicora - Section 8. [Site obliterated].  Cheshire

Crane/Hutchins - Section 1,124th Avenue/M-89, Plainwell.  Ganges 

Diamond Springs/Old Settlers - Section 35, 136th Avenue.  Overisel

Dorr/East Dorr - Section 15, 142nd Avenue,   Dorr

Douglas Annex - Sec15, 130th Avenue, across the street from the Douglas Cem, Douglas.  Saugatuck

Douglas - Section 22, Wiley Rd. and 66th Street, Douglas.  Saugatuck

Dowd - Section 2, 38th Street.  Heath 

East Holland - Section 2, off 108th Avenue near I-196, Holland.  Fillmore

East Martin - Section 20 and 21, 8th Street, M   Martin

East Saugatuck - Section 20, 58th Street, south of 142nd Avenue, Holland.  Fillmore

Ellinger/German Methodist/Lakeview - Section 17, 22nd Street,   Hopkins

Elmwood Cemetery

Fennville Cemetery  

German Lutheran/Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran - Section 19, 24th Street,  Hopkins

Germond Cemetery

Gibson - Section 27, 66th and 138th Avenue, Holland.  Laketown

Graafschap - Section 6, south side of 106th Avenue at 60th Street, Holland.
See also Holland and Park Townships in Ottawa County. Fillmore

Gun Plains - Township Section 29, N. 8th Street, Plainwell.  Gun Plains 

Hamilton/Riverside - Sec 6, 47th St, Hamilton across from Christian Reformed Church.  Heath

Hicks Cemetery   

Hill Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Hooker - Section 27, Kalamazoo Street, Wayland.  Leighton

Hopkinsburg/Round Andrews/Ingerson - Section 26, 15th Street, Hopkinsburg.  Hopkins

Hudson Corners - Section 22, south side of 118th Avenue, east of 30th Street.  Allegan 

Immanuel/Swedish Lutheran - Section 31, 22nd Street.   Watson

Indian - Section 20, 44th Street, Bloomingdale.  Cheshire

Indian - Section 2. Site obliterated.  Heath

Ives Section 20, N. 8th Street, Plainwell. Gun Plains 

Jewett - Section 5, north of 122nd Avenue and west of 33rd Street. Site obliterated.  Allegan

Jones - Section 3, 17th Street, Moline.  Dorr

Junction/Woodcock - Section 13, 50th Street, New Richmond.   Manlius 

Lee Township - Section 22, 105th Avenue and 53rd Street, Pullman.  Lee

Lindsley - Section 22, 104th and 41st Avenue, Bloomingdale.  Cheshire

Loomis - Section 11, 122nd Avenue,  Ganges 

MacDowell/McDowell - Section 18, 107th Avenue opposite Casco Methodist Church.  Casco

Mallery/Mallory - Section 8 and 9, Grant Road/M-40.  Trowbridge

Manlius/New Richmond - Section 21, Old Allegan Road, New Richmond.  Manlius

Maplewood/Ohio Corners - Section 15, 17th Street at 130th Avenue,   Hopkins

Memorial - Section 7, south side of 146th Avenue, east of 60th Street. Fillmore

Messer - Section 35, 124th Avenue.   Wayland

Mill Grove Cemetery

Miner Cemetery    

Mountain Home - Section 14, 15th Street, Otsego.   Otsego 

New Overisel/Overisel - Section 18, 143rd Avenue.  Overisel

North Dorr/St Mary's Catholic/Visitation - Sec 6, 22nd St, Catholic Church  Dorr

Oak Grove/Whitemeyer - Section 3, 52nd Street and 122nd Avenue, Fennville.  Clyde

Oakland/Overisel - Section 11, 39th Street.  Overisel

Oakwood Cemetery

Old Overisel - Section 18, 142nd Avenue.  Overisel 

Pearl - Section 21, E. 117th Avenue, east of Pearl, Fennville.  Clyde

Pearson/Pierceson - Section 30, 104th Avenue, Bloomingdale.  Cheshire

Pine Creek Section 21, 19th Street,  Otsego

Plummerville - Section 7, 70th Street,   Ganges

Poplar Hill Cemetery - Sec 28, 30th St.  Monterey 

Richter/Tanner - Section 32, 22nd Street and 138th Avenue,    Dorr

Riverside - Section 3, Washington Avenue,  Saugatuck

Round Family - Section 26, 15th Street, Hopkinsburg.  Hopkins

Rowe - Section 4, 42nd Street north of 110th Avenue,   Cheshire

Sacred Heart Catholic/Saint Mary's - Section 8, 20th Street.   Watson

Selkirk/Selkrig - Section 28, 127th Avenue.  Wayland

Shreur Farm - Section 18. [Site obliterated]. Allegan Salem

South Martin - Section 31, 10th Street,    Martin

Sproat/Sprout - Section 13, 14th Street,    Dorr

St Cyril and Methodius’ Catholic, Sec 13, 130th Ave.  Wayland

St Joseph's Catholic Section 1, 146th Street just west of Patterson Ave., Caledonia.  Leighton

St Margaret's Section 23, M-89,   Otsego

St Mary's Catholic Church of New Salem Section 1, on 146th Avenue just west of 24th Street to the west and north of the church.   Salem

St Stanislaus' Catholic Cemetery Sec 33, 136th Avenue, St Stanislaus Catholic Church, Hilliards.
Dorr Sts. Section 33, 55th Street, Grand Junction.  Lee

Stephenson/Stevenson Section 28, west side of 66th Street between 102nd and 104th Streets.  Casco

Stullar/Stuller Section 2, just south of 111th Avenue on 64th Street.  Casco

Taylor Cemetery

Trowbridge Methodist

Valley Township Section 6, 48th Street. Allegan Valley

Van Dam Family Cemetery Section 3, 147th Avenue and 42nd Street Overisel

Woodcock/Woodside Section 20, E. Miller Road, Plainwell.  Gun Plains

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