Alpena County


Four of the condemned Men sentenced to Prison for Life
Alpena, Mich., July 22 – Jacobs, Fuhrmann, Vogler, and Repke, who were convicted of the murder of Albert Molitor, have received their sentence. When asked by Judge Kelly if they had anything to say all of the prisoner's expressed themselves as not being guilty. Repke was the only one of the four who broke down. The judge then sentenced them to imprisonment for life at hard labor at Jackson prison. They will arrive at Jackson on Monday.
Transcribed from The Quincy Morning Whig, July 23, 1893

Bay City, Mich., July 22 – Judge Albert Miller, the oldest pioneer in northern Michigan, and the founder of Bay City, was stricken with paralysis and is dying. He is 82 years of age. His daughter, Mrs. C. L. Collins, with whom he lives, was attending the World's fair and was notified by wire.
Transcribed from The Quincy Morning Whig, July 23, 1893

Menominee, Mich., July 22 – The Ladington, Wells & Van Schaick company's dry kilns, containing about 100,000 feet of lumber, were destroyed by fire. Loss $35,000, partly insured.

A stranger about 55 years old, who gave his name as Wilson, was found dying under a tree three miles west of Monroe, Mich.
Transcribed from The Quincy Morning Whig, July 23, 1893

Fifteen Refugees From Metz Cremated When Their Relief Train turned. Alpena, Mich.—Every report revived Friday night from the forest fire-swept country to the northwest of this city increases the extent and gravity of the fire situation and the death list which started Friday with the cremating of 15 people In the Metz relief train, Is steadily growing. Presque Isle and Cheboygan counties are all aflame and 75 miles between this city and the city of Cheboygan are reported to be almost a solid mass of fire. Alpena county is a blaze in every direction. Reports of fatalities are coming in from many places but It has been Impossible as yet to compile anything like an authentic list of the fire victims in the burned district. From Metz township Friday night the cremation is reported of Henry Kemps, his wife and two children In their farm house, with a third child missing and probably burned to death In the fields. Bolton, South Rogers and Metz are among the destroyed villages. La Roque Is threatened and It Is expected that it will be destroyed before morning. Only one church Is left at Cathro and It is crowded with refugees. A report brought In from Alconia says a strip 20 miles wide from Hubbard Lake to the Au Sable River Is burning. More than 50 farms are reported to have been swept by the fires Friday and their buildings destroyed. Both Cadillac and Traverse City report that the fires In the northeastern part of the state have started again with great force and are threatening those cities. The fire Is only a quarter of a mile away from Traverse City on the southwest. From tho upper peninsula come reports that the fires In Chippewa and Houghton counties are very dangerous and spreading rapidly.
Transcribed and Contributed by Barb Z. from the Alma, Wabaunsee Co., KS Oct. 23, 1908 Pg 2