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Antrim County, Michigan


Cemetery - Location - Township

Antrim-Old Antrim City Cemetery
Atwood/Holland Section 17, Church Road, south of Barnes Road, Antrim Banks

Bay View Cemetery
Boss/Ellsworth Section 14, 1.7 miles north of Ellsworth on Atwood Road, .6 miles south on Eaton Road. Banks

Brown Cemetery
Section 12, 7.8 miles west of Elmira on M-32; .4 miles s. on Marsh road at Stanek Road, East Jordan. Jordan

Bryden/Brydon Cemetery
Sec. 24, .8 m. e. of Bellaire on E. Cayuga; .9 m. n. on Fairgrounds/Derenzy Rd; 3 miles east on W. Eddy School Rd (620); 1.4 miles south on Shumaker Rd, Bellaire. Kearney

Calvary/Saint John's Nepomucene/Settlement Cemetery
Sec. 3, 9.7 m. west of Elmira on Bricker Rd/M-32, East Jordan. Owner: St. John Catholic Church. Jordan

Catholic Cemetery
Section 24, 1.7 miles south of Atwood on US-31 north of Essex Road, Atwood. Banks

Chapman/Custer Cemetery
Section 21, 2.3 miles west of Mancelona on M-88, 3.3 miles west on Alden Hwy. (618), .8 mile south on Lake of the Woods Road, .2 mile east on Elder Road. Custer

Chestonia Township #1 Cemetery
Section 10 off Penny Bridge Road, north of the Pinney Bridge, Alba.
Site no longer exists. Chestonia

Chestonia Township #2 Cemetery
Section 30 on Cedar River Road, Alba. Site no longer exists. Chestonia

Densmore/Dunsmore Cemetery
Section 28, 4.7 miles east of Central Lake on Old State Road/Old County Road 624,.1 mile north on Scenic Overlook, Central Lake. Echo

Eldred/Morey Cemetery
Sec. 32, 1.1 m.s. of Bellaire on M-88, 1.2 m. e. on ShantyCreek Rd, Bellaire. Kearney

Fairview Cemetery

Flewelling Cemetery
Section 8, 3.8 miles east of Central Lake on Old State Road (624), 2.1 miles south on Derenzy Road, .8 miles east on Ritt Road, Bellaire. Kearney

Helena Township Cemetery

Indian Cemetery
Section 11, .1 miles west of Kewadin on Cairn Highway, Kewadin. Behind Kewadin United Methodist Indian Mission. Milton

Jordan Township/Trojanek Cemetery
Section 10, 10 miles west of Elmira on M-32, .4 miles south on Saint John Road, East Jordan. Jordan

Lakeview Cemetery

Maple Hill Cemetery
Section 23, 1.3 miles west of Elmira on the south side of M-32 about .7 miles east of US 131, Elmira. Warner

Maple Grove Cemetery
Milton Township Sec. 26, 3.6 m. s. of Kewadin on Cherry Ave. & County Rd 593, Kewadin. Milton

Morehouse Cemetery
Section 10, 11 miles east of Central Lake on Old State Road (624),4.3 miles n. on M-66, 1.5 m. s. on Kidder Rd, .4 m. w. on Schroeder Rd, East Jordan. Echo

Mount Bliss Cemetery
Section 8, 12 miles east of Central Lake on Old State Rod (624), 2.8 miles north on Mount Bliss Road, East Jordan. Jordan

Pesek/Saint John's Nepomecene Pioneer Cemetery
Section 4, 11.7 miles west of Elmira on M-31,  .5 east on Pesek Road, East Jordan. Antrim Jordan

Rock Elm/Rockery/Morris Cemetery
Sec. 26, 8.9 miles west of Elmira on M-31, 2.5 miles south on Adams Rd, .9 miles south on Morris Road, East Jordan

Russell Cemetery
Section 2, 5.5 miles south of Eastport on US-31. Private cemetery well hidden in bushes on right side on highway next to driveway at 484 S. U.S. 31.

Torch Lake Cemetery

Sacred Heart Cemetery
Section 11, .3 miles west of Kewadin on Cairn Highway across from north end of Elk Lake, corner of Birch Lake Road, Kewadin. Elk Rapids. Milton

Saint Anthony's  Cemetery
Section 17, .4 miles west of Mancelona on M-88 (State St.) .4 miles south on W. Limits, Mancelona. Mancelona

Southern Cemetery

Star Cemetery
Township Section 19, 7 miles east of Alba on Alba Highway/County Road C 42, Alba. Star

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