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Barry County, Michigan


Cemetery - Location - County - Township

Assyria Cemetery
Section 22, Assyria Road/M-66, Bellevue.  Assyria

Banfield Cemetery

Barnum Neighborhood Cemetery
Section 24. Barry Carlton

Barry County Poor Farm/Potters Field
Section 27, County Road 430, Hastings.   Hastings
Barryville Cemetery
Section 32, M-79, Nashville.  Castleton

Bell Cemetery
Section 26, 14501 S, Wing Road, Bellevue.  Assyria

Bowen's Mills/Bowerman  Cemetery
Section 10, 9580 Bowen Mills Road, Middleville.  Yankee Springs

Brethern/Coats Grove/Old Dunkard Cemetery
Section 3, off Coats Grove/County Road 440, Woodland. Castleton

Brown  Cemetery
Section 32, 9020 Lindsey Road, Martin.  Orangeville

Brush Ridge Cemetery
Section 9, 4975 Wilkins Road, Hastings.  Hope

Cedar Creek Cemetery

Charlotte Dewey Grave
Section 32, Hickory Corners.  Barry

Checker/Checkered Cemetery
Section 31, off 5970 Woods Road, Battle Creek.   Assyria

Cheney Cemetery
Section 12, Brown Road/County Road 446, Carlton Center.  Carlton

Coman  Cemetery
Section 4, 10750 Shaw Lake Road, Middleville.  Yankee Springs

Cressey Cemetery
Section 33, 10220 Cressey Road/County Road 400, Doster.  Prairieville

Culver/Iden/Johnston Cemetery
Sections 27 and 28, 1900 E. Hickory Road, Battle Creek.  Johnstown

Dillbahner/German Evangelical/Old Evangelical Cemetery
Section 9, 7545 Bivins Road, Nashville.  Maple Grove

Dowling Cemetery
Sections 21 and 22, 7325 S. M-37 and 2150 Tebo Road, Dowling.  Baltimore

Duffy/Jesuit Catholic Cemetery
Section 34, Sager Road/County Road 428, Delton.  Yankee Springs

East Hickory/Mills Cemetery
Section 27, 3545 Boyes Road, Hickory Corners. Barry

Ellis Cemetery
Section 9, 7940 Lacey Road/County Road 412, Bellevue.  Assyria

Falk Grave
Section 20, Herbert Road, Hickory Corners.   Barry

Farr Grave
Section 28. Site obliterated. Barry Baltimore

Freeport Cemetery

Fuller/German Cemetery
Section 2, 2751 Eckert Road/County Road 446, Freeport.  Irving

Fuller Cemetery 
Section 24, 4400 N. Charleton Park Road/County Road 583, Hastings.  Carlton

Hastings Cemetery
Township/Sponable/Valley Home Section 27, 2475 McKeown Road, Hastings.  Hastings

Hickory Corners Cemetery
Section 28, 4301 W. Hickory Road/County Road 400, Hickory Corners.  Barry

Hill  Cemetery
Section 11, Bowen Mills Road, Middleville.  Yankee Springs

Hosmer Cemetery
Section 23, 9520 State Road/County Road 436, Nashville.  Castleton

Indian Cemetery
Sections 24 and 25. Site obliterated. Barry Assyria

Ingraham Grave
Section 34, W. State and Wood School Roads, Middleville.   Irving

I.O.O.F./Oddfellows Cemetery
Section 23, 803 E. Main Street; The Mount Hope Cemetery is on the east of this cemetery next to each other, Middleville.  Thornapple

Orving Cemetery Cemetery

Jordan/Mauch Cemetery
Section 4, 7905 E. Brown Road/County Road 446, Lake Odessa.  Woodland

Joy/Union Cemetery
Section 31, Butler Road and North Avenue/County Road 583, Dowling.    Maple Grove

Lacey/Lacy Cemetery
Section 12, North Avenue/County Road 583, Lacey. Site obliterated.  Johnstown

Lakeview/Nashville Cemetery
Section 36, Gregg Street, Nashville.  Castleton

Lapham/Old Quaker/Quaker Cemetery
Section 26, 8495 Guy Rd, Nashville. Maple Grove

Lawrence-Fargo Family Graves
Section 27, Brooklodge Road, Hickory Corners. Site obliterated.  Barry

Leach Grave
Section 32, Broadway Road/M-43, Hastings. Carlton

Lindsey/Wait Cemetery
Section 5, 10010 Lindsey Road and Pine Lake/County Road 412, Doster.  Prairieville

Mallett Farm Grave
Location unknown. Barry Woodland

Maple Grove/Wilcox Cemetery
Section 22, 8625 E. Cloverdale Road/County Road 420, Nashville.  Maple Grove

McAllister Graves
Section 19, 13998 Wall Lake Road/S. M-43, Hickory Corners. Prairieville

McCallum Grave
Section 7, off Pine Lake Road, Hastings.   Hope

Meyers Cemetery
Section 3, Eaton and 7979 Velte Road/M-50, Lake Odessa.   Woodland

Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Calvary Section 18, State Street/M-37, Hastings.   Hastings

North Hickory/Pennock Cemetery
 Section 21, Kellogg School Road/County Road 603, Hickory Corners.  Barry

Oak Hill/Orangeville
Section 17, off 9 Mile Road, Martin.  Orangeville

Old Catholic Cemetery
Section 7, State Road/County Road 438, Hastings. Site obliterated. Hastings

Parmalee Cemetery
Section 3, Parmalee/County Road 446 , Middleville.  Thornapple

Prairieville Township

Riverside Cemetery
Robbins Section 19, Chief Noonday Road/County Road 430, Bradley.  Yankee Springs

Rutland Township Cemetery

Striker Cemetery
Section 3, Davison Road, Hastings.  Baltimore

South Assyria Cemetery
Section 26. One burial, body stolen.  Assyria

Stony Point/Warner Cemetery
Section 16,Wellman Road/County Road 436, Nashville.  Castleton

Tanner Cemetery
Section 26, Tanner Lake Road at Hall Road, Hastings. Site no longer exists.  Rutland

Unknown Cemetery
Section 27, Green Lake Road, Middleville. Barry Thornapple

Unknown Cemetery
Section 3. Site obliterated. One burial in 1839.  Assyria

Unknown  Cemetery
Section 24, Leinaar and Stuck Roads, Hickory Corners.  Barry

West Carlton
Section 21, Carlton Center Road/M-43, Hastings.  Carlton

Woodland Memorial Cemetery
Yankee Springs Sections 34 and 35, Duffy Road, Shelbyville.  Yankee Springs

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