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Benzie County, Michigan

Cemetery - Location - Township

Almira/West Almira Cemetery
Section 18, Spear Road, Lake Ann.  Almira

Almira Union Cemetery 
Sec 2, Reynolds Rd/County Rd 667, Lake Ann.  Almira

Benzonia Township Cemetery

Blaine Cemetery
Section 24, Scenic Highway/M-22, Elberta.  Blaine

Brundage Cemetery
Section 17, off N. Carmen Road, Bendon.  Inland

Champion Hill Cemetery
Sec 8, N. Marshall/County Rd 679 and Covey Rds, Honor. Homestead

Colfax Township/Nessen City Protestant Cemetery
Sec 34, Nessen Road and Karlin/County Rd 700,

Crystal Lake Twp North Cemetery

East Inland/Old Inland/Inland #1
Section 13, Honor Highway/US-31, Bendon.  Inland

Gilmore Cemetery

Greenbriar Cemetery

Holy Family/Nessen City Catholic/St Raphael's Holy Family Cemetery
Sec 34, Lindy Rd,   Colfax

Homestead Cemetery

Inland #2/New Inland/West Inland Cemetery
Section 13, Honor Highway/US-31, Bendon.  Inland

Joyfield Cemetery

Lake Ann Cemetery
Section 23, Reynolds Road/County Road 667, Lake Ann.  Almira

Lutheran Cemetery
Section 23, Frankfort Highway/M-115 E., Frankfort.  Crystal Lake

Platte Cemetery
Section 8, Indian Hill Road/County Road 679, Honor.  Platte

Thompsonville Cemetery
Front Street

Unknown Cemetery
Section 26, southeast corner of southeast quarter.   Colfax

Unknown Cemetery
Section 26, Wallaker Road, Benzonia.   Joyfield

Weldon  Cemetery
Section 9, S. Pioneer Road/County Road 677, Homestead.  Weldon

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