Michigan Folks mentioned in the
1877 McHenry County, Illinois Directory

[Source: 1877 McHenry County, IL Directory - Transcribed by K. Torp]

ALDRICH, JAMES V., Merchant, Richmond, McHenry Co., Ill.; born in Kalamazoo, Mich., June 26, 1837; came to this county December 25, 1847, at the age of 10; lived in McHenry Co. two years, and worked with father in Owen & Bros'. flouring mill; was once elected Justice of the Peace, but resigned on account of other business. Married Nellie Sackett, November 20, 1870, who died November 22, 1871; had one child, Ella Wray, which lived but two weeks. Married Mary Ercenbrack of Beloit, Wis., August 30, 1873; has one child, Harold Wayne Aldrich. Is now in the mercantile business; never voted anything but Republican ticket; is a Hayes and Wheeler and Lathrop man, and believes he is doing that which is for the best interest of his conscience and his country.

BURGETT, JAMES, Farmer, n. e. Sec. 2; Richmond P. O.; born November 11, 1829, in Steuben Co., N. Y.; came to McHenry Co. December 22, 1854; owns 260 acres; valuation of property, $15,000; School Director six years; was in California four years ; returned 1854 to McHenry Co. Married Edna Ann Harrison, ; January 1, 1855, in Bloomfield, Wis.; she was born in Climax Co., Mich., May 3, 1838; had eight children, five boys and three girls.

CAVENACK, ABRAM, Farmer, Sec. 14; Harvard P. O. ; born in Crawford Co., Pa.; moved to Michigan in 1831, to Indiana in 1833 and came to this town in 1840 ; owns 558 acres of land, two miles from Harvard; has been Justice of the Peace, Collector, School and Road Commissioner, etc. Married Caroline Niemerth, in 1866, who was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1837 ; had three children, one boy and two girls.

CUMINS, A. W., Teacher and Short Hand Reporter; Woodstock; born in Onondaga Co., N. Y., September 22, 1830 ; lived in Lenawee Co., Mich., from 1849 to 1858; came to McHenry Co. in April, 1858; was Sergeant Fifteenth Regt. Ill. Vol. Inf. three years; taken prisoner at Ackworth, Ga., October, 1864, and confined in Andersonville prison seven months; since that time, has been engaged in teaching and reporting; is, at present, President of Teachers Association, of McHenry Co. Married Caroline Mauger, December 6, 1854; she was born in Lenawee Co., Mich., June 22, 1834 ; has two children; Lettie, born November 18, 1856, and William P.. born Jan. 4, 1858.

DICKERSON, MORRIS, Farmer, s. e. Sec. 12; Woodstock P. O.; born in Ohio in 1820; came to McHenry Co. in 1837; owns 120 acres of land, valued at $4,800; was in the army nineteen months. Married Lydia N. Huff, from Michigan, January 14, 1847; she was born in 1829; has three children living, one dead.

FRANCISCO, LUCIAN, Manufacturer of Carriages, Wagons, and Farming Implements, W. McHenry, born near Ann Arbor Mich., July 28, 1827, came to this county in 1847, owns 247 acres of land, and three lots in town. Married Julia Kimball, December 1, 1861, who was born September 19, 1843. Had seven children, six living. Martha Jane, born September 27, 1863, Jason, April 3, 1865, Alonzo Beda, March 12, 1867, Eva October 19, 1869, Rosa Luvilla, September 18, 1870, Willie Guy, September 1, 1872, and Tamason, August 19, 1874, died August 29, 1875.

HOFFMAN, AARON, Farmer, Sec 31, Burton Township; Blivins' Mills P. O.; born in Somerset Co., Penn., October 1, 1824; came to Michigan in 1831, and to this State and present locality, June 6, 1836; owns 433 acres of land; value of property, $30,000 ; has held only local offices; was Captain in the Volunteer service in Colorado, for the suppression of Indian troubles. Married Isabella Cole, June 3, 1854; she was born in Somerset Co., Penn., September 16, 1826; has four children living: Senereta, born September 25, 1854; Mark F., born February 16, 1859; Phillip Gordon, born March 21, 1865, and William Dighton, born April 16, 1872.

HOOF, JOHN B., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sec. 24; Marengo P. O.; born in Lycoming Co.. September 30,1848; came to McHenry Co. in 1868; rents 156 acres of land. Married Emma J. De Yarmond March 9.1873, who was born in Michigan April 10, 1849; has two children- Mattie W., and infant not named.

HUFFMAN, P. M., Farmer and Stock Raiser, w. Sec. 25 and 35; Nunda P. O.; born in Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y., March 5, 1821; came to McHenry Co. November 1, 1838; owns 210 acres of land, valued at $50 per acre; was Constable six years, Town Collector one year, School Trustee six years. Married Alethia Turner, of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., Mich., Dec. 25, 1844; has three children.

McCONNELL, WM. A., Farmer, Sec. 8; Richmond P. O.; born in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pa.; came to Michigan in 1836, and to Richmond in 1837; owns 1,300 acres of land; value of property, $50,000; held the offices of Postmaster six years, Justice of the Peace thirty-five years, County Commissioner two terms, Associate Judge sixteen years, member of State Board of Equalization one term and Member of General Assembly one term. Married Elizabeth Bodine, of Muney, Lycoming Co., Pa., January 18, 1838; has three boys.

PEASE, H., Farmer, Sec. 18; Garden Prairie P. O.; born in Townsend, Huron Co., O., February 24, 1825;. went from Ohio to Michigan, about the year 1838; came to McHenry Co. in the spring of 1844; owns 80 acres of land, value $35 per acre. Married Samantha Morris, of Michigan, March 21, 1854; she was born September 21, 1835 ; has four children, all living. Methodists.

WOODWORTH, JACOB, Dr., Dairy Produce. Sec. 2; Marengo P. O.; born in Steuben Co., N. Y., in 1824; came to this county in 1865; owns 200 acres of land, beautifully situated, high state of cultivation, and with choice improvements ; valued at $70 per acre. Married Ellen Douglas Bird, of Detroit, Mich., April 8, 1850 ; has four children.

RUGH J. M., Farmer, Sec. 23 ; Huntley P.O.; born in Blairsville, Indiana Co., Penn. September 7, 1832; came to Ashtabula Co., Ohio, in about 1845, from there to Kane Co. in 1854, and to McHenry Co. on April 1, 1855; owns 145 acres of land, valued at $7,000. Married Jennie L. Walker, of Webster, Washtenaw Co., Mich., September 22, 1869 ; she was born September 3, 1839 ; has three children, all living.

ROBBINS, JAMES, Farmer and Dealer in Agricultural Implements; Solon Mills P. O.; born in Richland, N. Y., August 1, 1826; came west in 1844; has been Constable three years, School Director sixteen years, Supervisor one year, Deputy Sheriff three years, Justice of the Peace five years, Collector one year, Assessor one year. Married Mary Aldrich, of Michigan, November 1, 1856; had seven children, four boys and three girls.

WRAY, RICHARD, Farmer and Breeder of Blooded Stock, Sec. 10; Richmond P. O.; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1814; came to America in 1833 and settled in White Pigeon, Mich.; lived there three years, then removed to English Prairie, Burton Township; lived there until 1867, then removed to where he now lives; owns 510 acres of land, a part of which he preemted and still owns. Married Jane Archdale in 1841; she was born in Womersley, Yorkshire, England, in 1824; had six children---two boys and four girls; lost one boy.

YOUNG, G. H., Farmer, n. e. Sec. 29; Hebron P. O.; born in Sherburne, Chenango Co.. N. Y., May 25, 1829; moved to Sturgis, St. Joseph Co., Mich., in 1856, and to McHenry Co. October 22, 1869; owns 200 acres of land; valuation of property, $9,000. Married Susan Cook, October 20, 1853, in Sherburne, N. Y., who was born March 12, 1832, in North Goar, Lower Canada; had three children, two living.

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