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He was born in New York May 31, 1824 and died in Florence, WI June 15, 1899. William Edmund Dickinson was a Michigan State Senator 1859 - 1860. Went to Michigan Copper Country (Ontagonan) in 1851, Eagle River, Mi 1856, then to Idaho 1865-67. Col. in Civil War stationed at Fort Gratiot (Port Huron), Came to Ishpeming, MI in 1870 in charge of the New York Mine. In charge of the Commonwealth Mine at Commonwealth, WI 1881-188. Bessemer, MI in charge of the Colby Mine. Superintendent of the properties of the American Mining Co. in Cuba 1890-93. To Florence, WI. in 1894 where he died 15 Jun 99.

First marriage 8 Sep 1853 (or 54 - 1849 according to John Hearding in the Transactions of the Lake Superiod Mining Institute) was to Delia E. Welch at Litchfield, CT - she died May of 1855 -56. They had one daughter, Mary Clarissa Welch Dickinson 9/18/1854 - September 9, 1937).

His second marriage was to Sarah Atwater who died soon after (no date given)

Third marriage to Mary Leet of New Haven, CT but no date known.

His fourth and final marriage was to Elizabeth Sargent in Boston May September 1867 (Rev. John Turner Sargent & Charlotte Sophia White) She was born in Boston 19 August 1844 - died in Minneapolis 16 September 1925.

Children of William and Elizabeth

Charlotte Sophia Dickinson born Stamford Ct 3 April 1869 - died in Iron Mountain, MI April 4, 1957. She was married Otto Conrad Davidson in Bessemer, MI 3 April 1889 (born in Green Bay 28 June 1857 - died Iron Mountain 05 December 1944)

Christine Keadie Swan Dickinson - born Ishpeming 28 May 1874 died Milwaukee 24 February 1956. Married George Pompbriene at Florence, WI - divorced - no dates. Married Frank J. Reynolds 20 August 1900 at Florence, WI - divorced, resumed name of Dickinson. Her children are John Reynolds - Jun 6 1901 // William Edward Reynolds (assumed name of Dickinson) born Florence 9/2/1902, Married near Milwaukee 8/8/1934 to Hedwig (Hattie) Marguerite Kurtz // William John Dickinson born in Milwaukee, 29 Jul 1937 // Hugh Reynolds adopted by Mr. Mrs. Cullen - born in Florence 1904

George Dickinson born in ishpeming, died young - no date

William Walker Dickinson - born Ishpeming 23 Jan 1876 - kidnapped at Commonwealth Wi November 1 or 2, 1881 - all traces lost.

Edmund Sargent Dickinson - born Ishpeming, 14 November 1877 married in Norway, MI 17 September 1902 to Marie Josephine Agnus LaCombe (born in Green Bay September 7, 1872 died in Milwaukee 6 May 1934

... Ruth Marie Dickinson - born in Norway, MI 4 Sep 1903 married 13 Sep 1927 to Warren Webber (8 Mar 1901 - 13 Feb 1962) in Hibbing, MN.

... Helen Margaret Dickinson - Born Norway MI 23 Oct 1904 - married at Milwaukee 15 Jul 1933 to Joseph Moore (31 Oct 1902)

...Dorothea Agnus Dickinson, born Norway, MI 28 Dec 1906 - Married in Milwaukee 11 Aug 1931 to Otto Kenneth Belschner - 10 Sep 1908

...John Edward Dickinson born in Florence, WI 1 Feb 1909 Married in St. Louis 20 May 1932 to Ruth Alice Brown

... Howard Sargent Dickinson born in Florence, WI 5 Sep 1910 married in Milwaukee 7 Jun 1938 Mildred May Piper (13 Sep 1917 Chicago)

From Otto C. Davidson III odavidsonn@sbcglobal.net
Under "Children of William and Elizabeth" the web page mentions my grandmother, Charlotte Sophia Dickinson. "Charlotte Sophia Dickinson born Stamford Ct 3 April 1869 - died in Iron Mountain, MI April 4, 1957. She was married Otto Conrad Davidson in Bessemer, MI 3 April 1889 (born in Green Bay 28 June 1857 - died Iron Mountain 05 December 1944)" I'm quite confident that my grandfather, Otto Conrad Davidson, died in December of 1943 not 1944. I went to Iron Mountain almost every summer thru 1944. I remember missing 1943. (I had gone to a seven week boys camp.) When he died in December 1943, it left me very sad that I'd not seen my "Grand Davy" the previous summer. I've saved the last letter he wrote to me.

The second error is one of omission. There was another child of William and Elizabeth - Lucetta. (spelling?). "Aunt Lucetta" and grandmother (Charlotte Sophia Dickinson) lived and traveled together from the time of Grandfather's death in 1943 to the time of Grandmother's death in 1957. Aunt Lucetta told me a number of tales about living in Cuba while her father was mining there. So, she must have been born around 1880. She married Guy Burton. They farmed in lower Michigan until he died (1920's? 1930"s?). After that Aunt Lucetta worked awhile for the creator of "Gasoline Alley" comic strip somewhere in Florida. Aunt Lucetta lived in St Petersburg, Florida, during the last years of her life. She died in the late 60's, I think.

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